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President Obama took a [planned] break from his Martha’s Vineyard holiday to address the situation in Iraq and Ferguson, Missouri. The Commander-in-Chief said he discussed the crisis with Missouri Governor Nixon and Attorney General Eric Holder (who’s headed to Ferguson to fly the federal flag). Obama said he “understands the passion and anger over the death of Michael Brown” and condemned people “carrying guns” during protests. He called for color-blindness and unity: “In too many communities, people of color are left behind and are seen as objects of fear.” As for police militarization . . .

The President called for a bi-partisan review of federal programs that give police military equipment, mentioning radios and Hazmat suits (but not fully-automatic rifles or MRAPs). The President said that the line between police and military should not be blurred. So there.

In his last answer, Obama said “I have to be very careful about not pre-judging these events . . . It’s hard for me to address a specific case beyond making sure that it’s conducted in a way . . . that ends up with a fair and just outcome.” He went on to say “There are young black man who commit crime . . . If they commit a crime they need to be prosecuted for public safety.” But the president warned against “disparities in treatment” in the criminal justice system.

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  1. Curse those people defending their property from mobs while the police were otherwise occupied. How dare they counter the narrative that no one needs firearms

  2. “In too many communities, people of color are . . . . seen as objects of fear.” does this explain why Shannon Watts won’t return my calls?? SHE IS RACIST !!!!

    • I’m sure she thinks you’re scary, bub, but I’m pretty your skin color doesn’t have anything to do with it.

      Hey! We’re “post racial”. She hates us regardless of our race, creed, color, sexual orientation – whatever! What a country.

  3. Not really sure as to why Barry not wearing a tie is relavent enough to put in the title of the article, casual mondays and such;)

    • Because he is the president of the United States, not the manager of a Shakey’s Pizza. And, there are no casual Mondays, or any casual days for that matter, when you’re standing at the White House press podium. It also shows a lack of respect for the office. But then, what else is new?

      • also from what I read on Breitbart, he paused his vacation at Marthas Vineyard to return to D.C.

      • You know i think the biggest problem with Barry is that he just wasnt expierienced enough when he was originally elected back in ’08. But i agree, he should be wearing a necktie. But i do disagree that there are no caual mondays at the whilehouse 🙂

        • I think the biggest problem with Barry, other than his pride, is a complete lack of respect for the foundational principles of our nation. There’s also gross incompetence, scandals, and criminal activity. Don’t forget a multitude of lies told to the American public.

        • I hate to break it to you buddy, but every president has lied to the American people. Every single one, except maybe Harrison because he wasn’t in that long.

      • Is there still such a thing as Shakey’s pizza? now that you’ve brought it up, I’m hungry.

  4. “In too many communities, people of color are left behind and are seen as objects of fear.”

    In what Progressive Fantasy world is this true?

    If I want to see racism I go to Chicago. Not kidding, been there many times.

    In the school my kids go to there are whites, hispanics, and blacks. Hell, we’ve even got a decent number of Asians (Mostly Vietnamese, Koreans, and Burmese) They intermingle constantly as do the parents. If we saw blacks with fear it sure would make it hell for my kids to go to school.

    Those people are members of my community and not seen as “different” or “other”. Some of them are teachers. My kids don’t even comment on it. I barely have any idea what ethnicity their friends are before I meet them unless there is something about their name that gives me a clue. I thought the melting pot was the American way.

    I am so tired of Obama projecting his desire for ongoing racial tensions on my Texas community. I’m tired of hearing how we are a bunch of uneducated racist hicks. I live in a suburb off a major metropolitan area, have a college degree, and work in technology. I personally know one and only one dyed in the wool racist and he doesn’t even live in Texas! Maybe white people in Chicago have a problem with blacks, but quit trying to hang that around my neck, Mr. President.

    • In your community, fine, but if you are white, there are dozens of inner city gang infested black neighborhoods that are unsafe for you in broad daylight. The knockout game is a fact of life, and as far as I can tell, is a game perpetrated by back youths against whites, which to me smacks of racist hatred by these kids against non-blacks. we could argue for days about the causes of these problems and their solutions, but we cannot deny their existence.

      • There are bad white neighborhoods and bad hispanic neighborhoods I would avoid in broad daylight. Bad neighborhoods exist. Doesn’t mean blacks in general are feared or need to be. Funny how the knockout game doesn’t seem to be a thing around here. Probably something to do with a fear of being shot. Florida had CCW before Texas did. Sounds like they need to up their permit numbers.

        • Jesus – Earth to Rob 00- look at the FBI statistics re: violent crime – it’s predominately black on white (with very little condemnation by the media ) and, contra Mike Jackson, it matters – especially if factor into the crime statistics that the FBI considers Hispanics “White.”

          Frankly – If there is genocide going on – it is low level, i.e., POLAR BEAR hunting (and not -The Knock Out Game which is merely the nomenclature of the (R)abbits in the propaghandimedia to avoid an inconvenient truth) by the usual suspects, i.e., he likes of the numinous St. Swisher, a.k.a, St. Bully, and St Skittles. Purple Drank, y’all.

          Don’t believe me? Take a walk in a some vibrant multi cultural enclave near you. TASTE THE RAINBOW – CRACKER!

      • Knock out game is some made up local news bullshit. It’s the latest this thing in your house could kill you! Find out what at 11.

  5. Odd that he would use this situation to address military equipment, since none of it was used to harm a single protester. Or anyone for that matter.

    • Umm, maybe because–just maybe, now–the press has plastered the use of military equipment by the police in Ferguson all over the front page and decried its use?

  6. Black males are seen as objects of fear because, according to the FBI, 1/3 of them will see prison time in their lifetimes. If 1/3 of every lottery ticket I purchased hit the jackpot I’d call that a steady paycheck.

      • Hurmh -have you considered the fact that your progressive ideology prevents you from understanding the world as it is and not, you know, what you want it to be?

        Prove us wrong – take a walk in the local vibro-multi-culti- center of numinosity; heck, it would be just like Shaft in Greenland but, you know, a little bit different. TASTE THE RAINBOW!!

  7. “I have to be very careful about not pre-judging these events .”

    No ” If I had a son, he would look like…” comment this time?

  8. Heard Jay Nixon say something about 1st Amendment Zones in a follow up statement after Obama’s speech…..

  9. Seems like meaningless fluff. Hopefully a bipartisan push to stop filling police forces with military surplus… Besides that, idk.

  10. Here’s what the presumptive Democratic candidate for President said on July 2, 2008:

    “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

    ” The President said that the line between police and military should not be blurred. So there.”

    I think somebody has a case of the Mondays.

    Didn’t Obama say weapons of war don’t belong on our streets? Oh wait,….just in civilian hands,….my bad.

    • Well, he does have the DHS “Police” with their black MRAPs. And the Education Department and other p1ssant Cabinet departmental SWATs. So mission accomplished.

  11. After making his speech, POTUS was so exhausted that he needed a vacation.

    I’m retired and I work more than that jackalope. Then again, maybe that’s a good thing.

  12. A total lack of Mental awareness.

    The Story above says: “The President called for a bi-partisan review of federal programs that give police military equipment, mentioning radios and Hazmat suits (but not fully-automatic rifles or MRAPs).”

    Mr. President, this shows how out of touch you really are. The main issue is the 2nd Amendment and the right to keep and bear arms. So your approach is to take violates members of the Police Department to exercise their 2nd Amendment Rights. WHEN WILL YOU GET IT? Where is your right to limit any person right to bear any weapon? So why debate weapon limits at all?

    • Sorry I could not finish my thought. The Cable guy finally made it.

      Furthermore its not only the 2nd Amendment, its all of my rights and any training of any public servant to trample on or take any of those rights away.

      Is there somehow a limit on the Right to Assembly? What about a limit on what issues you have the Right to assemble involving?

      Time to start putting some money into training and making sure that the MAN understands that his power is limited, and a person not need to be educated of all of their rights for Law Enforcement to respect those rights.

      The training that teaches any persons to take away my rights as a United States Citizen is treasonous in and of itself. Then to top it off the people that are begin trained to take our rights took an oath to uphold our rights. The message quickly becomes; If you want this job and want to keep it, learn to lie, keep your mouth shut and do as your told.

  13. Is it just me, or does our president look indifferent in the middle of all these current events? Guess I’d be too if I had a 2 week vacation in Martha’s Vineyard cut short. Oh yeah, I forgot- I have NEVER TAKEN A 2 WEEK VACATION IN MY LIFE…

  14. Remember when the president couldn’t get EVERY channel to broadcast essentially NOTHING? Sigh…I long for the good old days. BTW has anyone notice how Barry Soetero has aged in the last month? Maybe he needs his vacation…

  15. ..”giving into that anger by looting or CARRYING GUNS and even attacking the police only disserves to raise tensions and stir chaos. It undermines rather than advancing justice”… looting-wrong, attacking police-wrong, carrying guns-what about those who suddenly find themselves in a combat zone. How are those being peaceful (not just protesters-I’m talking about people carrying guns for legal purposes with legal reasons) just get rolled into this?

    • I assume that you are talking about the people carrying guns? To that vein of thinking. Are you saying it ok for the police to have that show of force in light of the young man that got killed by the very training that has caused his killing.

      The people have the right to have the same weapons that the Police may have to bring to bear. That is what keep and bear arms is all about. Equally armed to prevent TYRANNY!

      STOP THE TYRANNY. if I am not mistaken there is an equal protection clause in the Constitution of the United States. OH, SORRY I forget. In an TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT there is one set of rule for those who are in power, and another set of rules for those GOVERNED.

      Now try to grasp this concept. THE RIGHT TO GOVERN IS GRANTED BY THE PEOPLE!

      Now all you libs get your panties up. Stop whining and follow the rules if you want change. OH SORRY the rules that are to be used in the process of GOVERNANCE ARE NO LONGER FOLLOWED EITHER!

      Arbitrary and Capricious DICTATORSHIP. That is where the President has to look to see his history reported. The Great decline of the Moral Fiber of the United States of America.

      Hey Mr. President. Freedom of religion was NEVER intended to be extended to any other religions than the Christian and Jewish Faiths….. Smoke some of that Barry!

      • I apparently didn’t articulate correctly. The quote is from the POTUS speech. So I am making the point that CARRYING GUNS is rolled up into the other wrongs the POTUS is saying of the situation. If I were there I most certainly would have my gun given the state of, as they say “unrest”. And yes I will admit that I am taking this quote slightly out of context, but absolutely at face value.

      • I wouldn’t open that “Freedom of Religion” can of worms if I were you. Saying the Founders only intended for Christianity and Judaism to have Constitutional protection uses the same logic as those fruitcakes who try to say the Second Amendment was intended to only protect our right to keep and bear muskets.

        • I agree, Lucas.

          When people talk about “putting prayer back in schools” or “putting God back in schools” my first question is “Which one?”

          They always assume it’s going to be the prayer they say on Sunday to their god, and no one elses’.

          But open that can of worms, and the muzzies are going to demand a seat at the table. The year after that, they’ll demand the head of the table. The year after THAT, they’re going to be the only ones at the table. For example, look at the school situation in that place where Great Britain used to be. No matter how much the Brits bend over backwards to accommodate the muzzies, it’s never enough.

          Anyone thinks they can put their particular religious beliefs in a public school is living in a dream world.

          • There is only one true and living God. The God of Abraham and Moses. Find me one place where any other God was shown to have been worshiped by any Founder of this Nation. Look to History. You will quickly see that you have been brainwashed if you believe that our Founders intended the United States to be populated by any other faiths than the of the Jewish and Christian people.

            Again, find me any history to support your argument Freedom of Religion was EVER intended to extend to any other faiths than that of the Jewish and Christian people?

            Your thinking is just what was needed to have this Nation overthrown from within. We were One Nation Under God. Only the True and Living God of Abraham. End of History lesson.

            As for a seat at the table. Renounce Mohammad and proclaim Christ, then you may be able to become a Citizen of the United States.

        • Sorry,

          I will not apologies for my faith, my family values, the TRUE principals that this Nation was established upon, or the Constitution.

          Like I have said; This President will be remembered for the decay of the moral fiber of the United States.

          The problem is, the Christians were the only ones who ever believed that the Crusades ended. Look where that got U.S.

          And the President brought that topic to the table in true Obama fashion.

        • @ bobby
          “The problem is, the Christians were the only ones who ever believed that the Crusades ended. Look where that got U.S.”

          one of the real problems is religious fanatics like yourself. dividing people with arguments about who’s flying invisible father figure with whichever book of mandates needs to be pushed on everyone else. if u wanna talk about the country needing morals thats one thing, but it doesn’t have to stem from any sort of “faith”. I for one am very glad that separation of church and state is fundamental to our government. if you want your kids taught religion in school or to have prayer time send em to a private school.

          “As for a seat at the table. Renounce Mohammad and proclaim Christ, then you may be able to become a Citizen of the United States.”
          as for that mouth fart… how about you renounce zombie jesus and we’ll let you keep your citizenship eh? no? doesnt seem like a good way to handle it?
          (just in case it wasn’t clear im not asking you to apologize for your “faith”, just keep it to yourself.)

        • Oh yeah, and “one nation under God” was added to the Pledge of Allegiance in 1954.

          Sorry, Skippy.

        • So, your “History Lesson” consisted of restating your own opinion a second time, only WITH fewer SHOUTED WORDS, and without knowing anything about the deity I do or don’t pray to, you instantly assumed I’m Muslim.

          Yeah, hate to say it, Bobbo, but you sound a little bit like a LUNATIC.

      • “As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion,—as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquility, of Mussulmen [Muslims],—and as the said States never entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mahometan [Mohammedan] nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries.”

        -Treaty of Tripoli, 1796

        Today’s history lesson is on me.

    • Now the Government is attacking Freedom of the Press. Anybody surprised? I’m not.

      Jefferson said in order for Liberty and Freedom to be sustained, we must have a revolution every 20 years. How far behind have we gotten? How long will it take for American’s to wake up?

      From internet reports;

      “It was another episode of chaos and unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, on Monday night and early Tuesday as two people were shot and 78 people arrested — including several journalists — during clashes between police and protesters just hours after President Barack Obama called for calm and Gov. Jay Nixon lifted a curfew in the hopes that National Guard troops could maintain order.”

      I just don’t buy that the Government that was formed to be Limited in its power is to use that power to limit the Freedom and Liberties we are granted in the Constitution. Yet, if we choose not to exercise our muscles we lose them. Just like or Freedom and Liberty. We have relied upon lying, cheating politicians to keep their oaths of office to protect and defend our Freedom and Liberty. Our voting machines use privately owned copy right protected software, leaving no transparency in our elections. That results in no Faith in the Election process. We the People for too long have not exercised our rights. Now look at what the Government is doing to those who attempt to stand on their rights, even members of the press.

      If you believe that the words in our Pledge of Allegiance are real, look at the actions of the Government. All those officials took oath to protect and defend the Constitution. They can not be trusted as their actions speak loud and clear. Try to exercise your rights, get shot, go to jail, or worse, get killed.

      I so look forward to my Lord calling me home for I shall then be free from this corrupt world and pass to the incorruptible. There is no Justice in the United States. End of Story until more details of the actions of the Public Authority come to light.

  16. In his last answer, Obama said “I have to be very careful about not pre-judging these events . . . It’s hard for me to address a specific case beyond making sure that it’s conducted in a way . . . .

    Same guy that said “Now I don’t have all the facts, but that cop was an idiot” right?

    • He doesn’t want the “high school students” to tear down the arch and sell it to a scrap dealer.

    • Yup. One thing gun folks don’t have to worry about is that rank and file police officers will ever be fans of Obama after they see the way he assumes cops are always in the wrong when it comes to interactions with black men.

  17. The fact is now in, the attacker was high on dope , (weed) and the police had to shoot to stop him, The police were in the right…

    • Yeah, everyone knows that someone using weed gains the strength of ten lazy slackers. I’d cop to the possibility that he was high on something, but if it was marijuana he’d have been too busy sitting at home, stuffing his gob with Cheetos and laughing at reruns of The Banana Splits to commit any strongarm robberies.

      • Power of ten impulsive idiots, maybe. Perhaps this all started when he went for the officers’ donut? You’d think he’d have stolen Cheetos instead of stogies, though.

  18. I don’t want the president meddling with a local and state issues that are this granular. If he wants to talk about race, that’s fine; but don’t start talking about how the National Guard should be deployed by a governor or start pulling the “If I had a son” crap again.

    Where’s the justice department when someone gets caught in the crossfire from a gang shootout in downtown Chicago? Are they canvassing the neighborhoods then?

    • Hannibal, a good point that can never be repeated too often…read the comments in the DC article about Jason Riley, for the heart-breaking story of a 16 year old A student, shot in front of her home, by a black gangbanger ‘by mistake’ passing by. 1 of seven shot over the weekend in black on black crime, but never a peep, about her, not a thug, not a strong arm robber, choking an elderly person for a box of cheap seegars…

      Its an upside down Alice in Wonderland world now on the black progtard plantation. And like anyone facing constant cognitive dissonance between the facts their eyes can see, vs the narrative preached at them by the high priet of the Democratic Party, some of these protesters are literally at risk of going mad…

  19. Look, I don’t give a$hit that Obama is black, or if he’s in the closet, as some speculate. What I find tragic, and infuriating, is that he broke his promises in 2008, squandering the opportunity to truely become the first post racial POTUS and help heal the dysfunction in the black community, among urban youth culture, by speaking the truth, as only he could have. But he lacked the ethics, and moral compass, to move beyond simply hustling the community organizer racial divider schtick, and worse, to continue to perpetuate it, and others in the divide and conquer Alinskyite tactics that informs the practical infrastructure of Progressivism2.0.

    These self evident truths are dismissed as racist by default coming from anyone, like me, an OFWG, but listen to this, from Jason Riley, a reporter at WSJ, in his near rant of frustration with Obama once again spinning, and failing to be honest, in service to the black youth who so desperately need male role models, to teach them how to be men, and accept personal responsibility.

    My point earlier about protesters, and regular poor folk in Ferguson, telling them to get out, and the “epic rant” by the bmw black guy, is once again validated, here:

    If for some reason that doesnt work, go here and scroll to the third story.

  20. “In his last answer, Obama said “I have to be very careful about not pre-judging these events . . . It’s hard for me to address a specific case beyond making sure that it’s conducted in a way . . . that ends up with a fair and just outcome.”

    Gee, I don’t remember President Feckless being this even-handed and non-judgmental during the George Zimmerman – Trayvon Martin investigation and trial. (Remember “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon”?)

    Maybe this calm approach is due to the fact that all of the state/local politicians involved in this, from the governor of Missouri down, just happen to be Democrats? Nahhhh, that can’t be it.

  21. “Rarely have I seen a piece of writing filled with more hyperbole and hysteria and complete lack of foundation. Really, professor? You base this on what? You ignore that maybe it’s the other way around, maybe the police have been given all these new military toys and see a need to use them or lose them. A country in which the rights of the population are judged by the convenience of the police is called a police state.” Wayne Warf

    Now you know what a Police State is for those of you who had question.

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