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I had the picture above taken, and wrote the story about it a month ago. It seems to have hit a nerve, because Moms Demand Action stole the picture and tried to use it to further their propaganda. It is one of the reasons that I copywrite these articles and allow for use *if the attribution line is included*.  MDA didn’t include the attribution line, and now their use of the picture is backfiring on them (so to speak) . . .

Brandon at noticed the Moms’ post on their Facebook page.

As we start reading through the posted comments, we quickly realize that some MDA followers seem quite violent. These aren’t things that we would ever promote, and find it insanely ironic that a follower of an organization such as MDA would promote such violent acts.

It’s interesting to find that there are people who want to kill me, simply for exercising my First and Second Amendment constitutional rights. Linda Andrew Hunsicker wrote:

“If I see a guy carrying a big gun like this while I’m shoping, I have to assume he’s a bad guy and shoot him.  It doesn’t make sense to wait to see if he shoots someone else first. He’s got a gun in Kroger, I feel threatened, so it’s my duty to shoot him first.”

I wrote about a prominent TV anchor in Phoenix who expressed the same attitude:

Mark Curtis, 12News:

“Someones carrying a gun, and they’re with their children, and they see a man walk into a Starbucks with a rifle on his shoulder. What would stop them from blowing your client away?

Marc Victor, attorney :

Well, the fact that the law prohibits that unless there is an imminent risk of deadly physical force, or….

Mark Curtis, Anchor 12News:

You don’t think that a man carrying a rifle in a Starbucks, after what we have seen in Aurora, Colorado, would be enough reason for someone that is carrying a gun to think that they are in imminent danger?

It appears that Linda Andrew Hunsicker has expanded the “big gun” category that you can be sumarily executed for, to include such mundane handguns as a GLOCK 17. Next people will be wanting to kill their fellow man because they drive an SUV, or maybe because their house is bigger than average.

It would not be the first time.

©2014 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice is included.
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    • I like the gusto they bring to the “shoot first” theory of operation. After all, if somebody does look menacing, its probably best to at least muzzle them a little bit.

      • I’m still trying to workout how somebody that thinks you are within your rights to shoot anyone you see in possession of a firearm deals with the logical conclusion that by admission they themselves have a firearm and are therefor subject to the same summary execution. Does she really think the only reason she isnt being shot at the grocery store is that she isn’t packing? Does she also believe that she is mercifully opting out of killing you by not carrying herself? Does she assume that when two carriers meet each other in the store a gunfight just naturally breaks out?

        That is the textbook cognitive dissonance. The mind boggles!

        • This one took some thinking for me too. I finally distilled the argument as this:

          An open carrier is probably violent. Concealed carry is non-violent. Therefore, a concealed carrier should shoot a single open carrier, who probably will kill many people.

          Yes, it’s a terrible argument, but it’s comprehensible.

          However, if this woman does not carry in a concealed fashion, then the whole thing would still be truly mind-boggling.

        • The pith helmet makes sense. He was, after all, on an armed photo safari. It looks as though he may actually have bagged a Copyright Violatorus. I’ve long thought MDA should get stuffed. Gives new meaning to the notion of Shannon as a Trophy Wife.

      • My wife gladly agrees with my discreet or open carry of firearms. She has expressly forbidden me from wearing a pith helmet. It is apparently a fashion faux pas everywhere except on a safari in Africa. So be it. I am happy the author has the freedom to do both even if I’m a little jealous.

    • The dumbing down of America to form a subservient race of man. Bloombugger loves power and he knows that dumb people can be made to do his bidding, in this case mom demanding all that action… Profit Bloomy moving the pawns.

      • I disagree. I don’t think people are any different now than in the past.

        The same people who put 3rd generation Americans of Japanese heritage in internment camps are the ones breathlessly having murder fantasies about open carriers.

    • Here is a primer:

      Raging Against Self Defense: A Psychiatrist Examines The Anti-Gun Mentality
      by Sarah Thompson, M.D.

      In summary:

      Defense Mechanisms
      1. Projection
      2. Denial
      3. Reaction Formation

      The common thread: rage.

      In addition to an insightful analysis, the author also provides a number of techniques for communicating with anti-gun people.

      1. Anger and attacks don’t work
      2. Be gentle
      3. Reverse irrational thoughts
      4. Defusing emotional reactions
      5. Corrective experiences

      Her conclusion:

      “By better understanding advocates of civilian disarmament, and by learning and practicing some simple techniques to deal with their psychological defenses, you will be much more effective in your efforts to communicate with anti–gun people. This will enable you to be more successful at educating them about the realities of firearms and self–defense, and their importance to our liberty and safety.

      Educating others about firearms is hard work. It’s not glamorous, and it generally needs to be done one person at a time. But it’s a very necessary and important task. The average American supports freedom of speech and freedom of religion, whether or not he chooses to exercise them. He supports fair trials, whether or not he’s ever been in a courtroom. He likewise needs to understand that self–defense is an essential right, whether or not he chooses to own or carry a gun.”

      • you will be much more effective in your efforts to communicate with anti–gun people

        And why in god’s name would I want to have anything at all to do with anti-gun people? I’d rather share a bathroom with an Ebola patient.

        • I was raised in an anti-gun city, in an anti-gun state.

          Brainwashing was immense.

          Used to consider handguns as evil and bad, and frowned on hunting.

          After moving to a free state, honing my critical thinking skills and having exposure to some very fine gun people, I am now a fierce supporter of the 2nd Amendment.

          No one is beyond hope.

      • [From Raging Against Self Defense]
        [q] Why these techniques do not always work
        You should remember that you will not be successful with all anti–gun people. Some people are so terrified and have such strong defenses, that it’s not possible for someone without professional training to get through. Some people have their minds made up and refuse to consider opening them. Others may concede that what you say “makes sense,” but are unwilling to challenge the forces of political correctness. A few may have had traumatic experiences with firearms from which they have not recovered.

        You will also not be successful with the anti–gun ideologues, people like Charles Schumer and Dianne Feinstein. These people have made a conscious choice to oppose firearms ownership and self–defense. They almost always gain power, prestige, and money from their anti–gun politics. They are not interested in the facts or in saving lives. They know the facts and understand the consequences of their actions, and will happily sacrifice innocent people if it furthers their selfish agenda. Do not use these techniques on such people. They only respond to fears of losing the power, prestige and money that they covet.(31)

      • “your efforts to communicate with anti–gun people”.

        Life is to short to waste it in tilting at windmills or “engaging” in a mental war with morons. They have a lifetime of experience as a moron and you likely have a comparatively short time in the business of moron conversion. They will “win.

        • I was raised in an anti-gun city, in an anti-gun state.

          Brainwashing was immense.

          Used to consider handguns as evil and bad, and frowned on hunting.

          After moving to a free state, honing my critical thinking skills and having exposure to some very fine gun people, I am now a fierce supporter of the 2nd Amendment.

          No one is beyond hope.

    • What’s wrong with them?

      They’re full of ignorance, paranoia, and innate fear, coupled with an inability to exercise self-control and restraint. In their intolerance, they harbor perverse fantasies of using deadly force against someone they neither understand nor agree with.

      In other words: what’s wrong with them is everything that they project on us.

    • I don’t know but he should sue their sorry asses and get some of that good Blumy money! It could pay for more ammo for testing and advertising!

      Stealing a copyrighted pic: Stupid but free

      Using that pic in and ad: Still stupid and free unless caught

      Getting sued, losing, giving up some of that Blumy money, and having the other side spend his money to promote the 2nd? Priceless!

    • Amazing how the people who are so “liberal” are willing to shoot someone legally carrying a gun. They are for anything so long as that anything is what they want. No guns, no SUVs, no killing of animals, no cutting of trees if it endangers a beetle or owl. If someone who is considered conservative is anti abortion then they are wrong for not allowing someone to kill an unborn baby but at the same time these same people do not want a convicted murderer to be executed.
      They are so mixed up, they really have forgotten how to think and reason. Just my thoughts.

  1. Blood thirsty bunch. They should have their children taken away from the violent environments of their homes.

    After all, it’s all for the children.

  2. And that’s why I carry in the shower – can’t be too careful with all the ninja terrorists around these days.

  3. How is it NOT ironic that Demanding Mothers threaten the very Gun Violence that they are pretending to be against? But then, I’m applying logic instead of sheer emotion or “commonsense.” Nevermind.

    • Well, they think everyone around them are violent nutbags precisely because they themselves are violent nutbags, as has been discussed on these pages before. Maybe it’s confirmation bias on my part, but I keep running into example after example.

      • I strongly agree. I can’t count the times I’ve heard some opinion such as this: “I wouldn’t trust myself with a gun when I fly into a rage or I’m high, so why should I trust other people?”

        The anti’s must have a very difficult time when they reflect on the large U.S. military. “How can anybody be trusted with a nuclear submarine or tank when they fly into a rage or get high?”

      • Eh. I know some people who would put comments like that and they’re not violent, just self-rightous arrogant trolls. I know that’s not exactly a scientific survey but I happen to believe that’s most of what’s going on here… a smug Rachael Maddow kind of snark they think is powerful.

  4. so wait ur going to shoot a guy who’s open carrying cuz u don’t know if he’s a threat or not? but ur against ppl owning guns?

    • Which would also raise the question, if they truly have the courage of their convictions, why they would have a gun with which to shoot the open carrier in the first place.

    • R u rly sving any time bi lving out ltrs n mispeling evry wrd? Itz hrdr 2 rite lk this than 2 use nrml grmr n syntax.

  5. Watch your ass Dean. If you’re at Kroger, and you see a woman clawing at her oversized purse and struggling to find her trigger-lock key, you’d better take cover behind the canned beans and call 911.

  6. “If I see a guy carrying a big gun like this while I’m shoping, I have to assume he’s a bad guy and shoot him. It doesn’t make sense to wait to see if he shoots someone else first. He’s got a gun in Kroger, I feel threatened, so it’s my duty to shoot him first.”

    Considering she is probably a complete hoplophobe, what is she going to shoot him with? Also, she may “feel” threatened, but he is not threatening her. If she shoots him, we’ll be seeing her in about 20 years.

  7. Speaking of the “Moms”, did they ever have anything to say about that shootout in the “nightclub” where the 11-year-olds were hanging out at 1AM? Haven’t seen anything about it anywhere since I saw it here.

      • This. . . . . Jose doesn’t have the same sympathetic ring to the RACIST SHANNON WATTS as Joey does. Just saying.

        • Maybe a lot of Hispanic Americans should start naming their children typical white names. The confusion on the media about whether or not to beat the story to death would be amusing.

        • @ misnomer: Yeah, they kind of ran into that dilemma when a guy named Zimmerman who shot a black teenager turned out to be Hispanic. So he became a “white Hispanic”.

        • …Maybe a lot of Hispanic Americans should start naming their children typical white names…

          There are a lot of southeast asians in my area. Had a couple present their i.d.’s to me at work. I kid you not, I just met Vinnie and Daisy Nguyen (pronounced ‘win’), said so on their I.D.’s. They had a laugh when I asked if this was a Nguyen/Nguyen situation.

      • Actually I don’t think anybody was killed, amazingly enough. But your point still holds, I’m sure.

  8. Sure, threaten an armed person and post evidence of it on social media for everyone to see…these people are friggin geniuses…

  9. Wait?!?! What is Linda Andrew Hunsicker doing in Krogers armed? So we have gone from the Pot calling the Kettle black to now the Pot shooting the Kettle because it is black.

      • I actually had one of those, wore it to go blueberry pickin’ and such. It got mashed up in one of our too-frequent relocations.

      • Dean, I have this image of you strolling around Kwajalein Atoll in that outfit waiting for the next inbound MIRV interceptor test…

        • A few years back I worked with a young woman who earlier worked for Southwest Research Institute (SRI) on Johnson Atoll (About 1500 miles from Hawaii) on a contract incinerating the US stockpile of really nasty chemical weapons.

          She described the work (HIGHLY automated) and the living conditions out there.The extent of the recreational activities were (and in no particular order) fishing, scuba diving, getting drunk, and screwing. I imagine Kwajalein was a similar environ.

          So, of course, I applied to SRI. Never heard back from them. Drat.

  10. Have you filed a copyright complaint with Facebook? I don’ know their policy, but Youtube just automatically removes the content on receipt of a such a complaint as a matter of policy.

    • why get it taken down? It points to the evidence that their followers are pyschopaths. . . . without the pictoral evidence for all to see, then how do we point out their personal shortcomings?

  11. “If I see a guy carrying a big gun like this while I’m shoping, I have to assume he’s a bad guy and shoot him. It doesn’t make sense to wait to see if he shoots someone else first. He’s got a gun in Kroger, I feel threatened, so it’s my duty to shoot him first.”

    Unless, of course, he has a badge. Then there’s no threat at all…

    Maybe I’ll get one of these next time before I open carry:

      • Only if Cody’s planning on selling completed lowers. He’s only selling the machinery for you to complete your own receiver, which shouldn’t cause him any trouble. If they went after him, they’d have to go after every Harbor Freight, Home Depot, Sears, Lowe’s, etc, for selling routers and drill presses.

  12. Two things (I think this everytime I see an article like this).

    1) What is being done to remedy the copyright infringement? If this is something Dean can go after them for then do it!

    2) the death threats and threats to make phony 911 calls, I hope they are being reported to the authorities. That kind of stuff makes my blood boil, and they are going to keep doing it unless someone reports them and they are punished for it. Fact… it is completely legal to carry a gun in Kroger, other fact… it is illegal to threaten to kill someone who is legally going about their business.

    • Re the copyright infringement. I just finished a discussion with an anti that I caught flat-footed in plagiarism twice. The idiot then claimed he would only give references (and credit to the author) if he was writing a book, not as an anonymous poster on Youtube. Which means he must figure theft is legal if the thief wears a mask.
      I’ve come across quite a few of the gungrabber ilk who are mighty free and loose with other people’s words and ideas, and like to give the impression it’s their own original thought. I’m not a bit surprised to hear MDA figured they could do anything they want with the property of others without the even the consideration of an attribution line.

  13. Plenty of environmentalists DO want to kill or maim SUV drivers, and if not that, at the very least destroy their property. Hence the guy who got his new Hummer H2 burned, and the burning of Hummer dealerships.

  14. I like how the response to seeing someone carry a gun was to shoot them.

    Wait.. wouldn’t that mean she’s carrying a gun too?

  15. I would like to know how she is going to shoot first when she is pushing to ban firearms from places like a supermarket. I think they are a bit confused.

  16. I was Walmart this past weekend when I noticed a guy open carrying a Glock in kydex OWB holster. I casually approached and asked him if it was a 19. He said it was and we started talking. He was shopping w/ wife and kid. I discretely showed my CZ P-07 in a Gote IWB holster under my polo shirt. The earth didn’t stop spinning and the pit of hell didn’t suddenly appear in the men’s clothing section. He told me about his AR and I told him about my plan to build an AR pistol in 300 blackout in the near future. We parted ways and I went to checkout. Pretty boring, huh?

    • I chatted with a real nice guy in Krogers the other day in the frozen food section. I could tell he was carrying because his belt loop of his IWB could be seen at his 4 o’clock.

    • Typical conversation in AZ when I OC. Interestingly, I do not OC that much because everyone wants to have a friendly chat. 🙂 Life is good.

  17. I believe that a lot of these idiots’ paranoia about armed citizens stems from their projection of violence on to the CC person and great, possibly PTS level, personal insecurities.

  18. If this is the same Lisa Andrew Hunsicker (facebook profile pic matches Brandons screen capture) then I guess no surprise that she’ s a Progressive. Wait…also a Rachel Maddow fan. Clearly she hasnt gotten that memo.

    Who is the “Gun Bully” now, Lisa? Shoot an older guy in the back, for completely legal open carry?

  19. “You don’t think that a man carrying a rifle in a Starbucks, after what we have seen in Aurora, Colorado, would be enough reason for someone that is carrying a gun to think that they are in imminent danger?”

    The same way that a woman can see you as a rapist because you’re properly equipped?

    • The same way that when I see Shannon I see my greedy and selfish ex-wife who I ran thru the legal ringer and ensured she got almost nothing in the divorce and had to spend the small amount she got on her lawyer? Yeah, like that.

      • Remember the Chapelle skits that were “Great Moments in Hookup History”, I think this one counts for Great Moments in Divorce History (if divorce can have great moments, no experience in the matter)

        • not to brag about my legal skills, but I represented myself in the divorce. I was an executive at a fortune 50 company. For 2 yrs of marriage, she only got $5,000. That’s right – FIVE THOU. 🙂

  20. By their “logic” they should feel threatened and preemptively kill anyone they run into anywhere, because anyone could be carrying concealed, legal or otherwise.

    It’s as if they think things don’t exist unless they can see them. Kind of egocentric.

    • That’s called “object permanence” and most humans develop it by about two years of age. But, given the other critical thinking skills on display by some of these “moms”, I’d say that’s about the stage of mental development they’re at. Stamping their feet and throwing a tantrum when they don’t get what they want – sounds like a toddler to me.

  21. The hat is way too dweebish for me. You look like the kinda guy that if I said “hello” to you I’d regret it a second later because you wouldn’t STFU.

  22. I always find it so funny that they want to shoot armed people (who have done nothing wrong) with their (nonexistent) guns while wanting guns to be banned.

    That’s a fallacy, isn’t it?

    • Au contraire, it is precisely consistent; for you see, any insane fantasy they have concerning gun control ends the same way, with the violent deaths of the non-compliant. Whether it is at the hands of a goon squad or their own guns (that are suddenly not so icky anymore), the idea is that THEY pull the “trigger.” It’s precisely the same kind of irresponsible violent fantasy they imagine we engage in on a regular basis. And I bet they engage in it for the same reason they imagine we do (small cocks.) 😉

  23. I wonder if this is how the woman thinks too:

    “If I see a guy with a penis while I’m shopping, I have to assume he’s a rapist and shoot him. It doesn’t make sense to wait to see if he rapes someone else first. He’s got a penis in Kroger, I feel threatened, so it’s my duty to shoot him first.”

  24. Interestingly while Moms Demand Action make death threats on their social media sites, I have yet to get one of the members to go on the record supporting armed violence to enforce gun bans, licensing or registration laws. Do they really think no one will notice their calls for violence on their Twitter and Facebook pages?

  25. I’m surprised about Mark Curtis, he’s a long term resident I know he has to have seen plenty of people OC here as it’s still done to a certain degree. Although I now know I’ll never watch the local NBC news again…… Bloody hypocrite.

    • Mark is an idiot. Hard leftist. I have a friend who is close friends with him, and he has to occasionally rein in Mark on some of the trash he talks.

      • Wow considering how conservative or libertarian this state is you gotta wonder how he can keep quite.

        • This state (Arizona) will be blue before too much longer. The number of people moing from the midwest and from the north east is going to wind up turning us into the next Colorado. My plan is to wait until they’re all here, and then we go to their old states and take over. They can have the 6 month summer, who needs it?

          If you read Curtis’ bio it list protecting children from predators and violence. I wonder how he does it?

  26. I don’t find it ironic at all. MDA’s mission is to curtail people’s rights. The denial of rights is generally accomplished by force, sooner or later. Unprovoked aggression is perfectly in line with their aims.

  27. I wore one of those funky hats during basic training at Lackland AFB. I hated it and swore I’d never wear one again. It’s just too Ramar of the Jungle for me.

      • Pay attention to the headband. Piths can be pretty comfy, but yeah, panama’s for the win! Disclaimer: my only connection is as a happy customer.

  28. Could it be the same Linda Andrew Hunsicker on Facebook here,
    judging by same profile pic as the screen shot captured by Brandon.

    Likes “Forward Progressives”. (check)
    Rachel Maddow Show. (check…wait, doesnt she know Radical Madcow is a gun lover?)
    Targeting Target…(check)
    “Stop Telling Lies about Liberals…” (check)

    So, a self-acknowledged and proud Liberal is now advocating shooting an older legal OC citizen,
    apparently in the back, at the cash register, Linda?

    Because of ….”feelings”…? Who is the “gun-bully” now? Linda?


    • If it is, then I’m upset that she is from Hickory, NC. On the other hand, maybe I should just be happy that she doesn’t live in NC anymore.

  29. You should sue them for unauthorized usage of your intellectual property. A friend of mine had a photo used the same way and she won her suit against the website who stole it. Do it just to prove the point.

  30. There is a single ginormous problem with the gun grabber sentiment that they are “justified” killing any person they see who they claim has the obvious ability to kill. That problem: every fit male between the ages of 15 and 50 has the capability to kill someone with their hands and feet. Thus, if gun grabbers were true to their “reasoning”, they should kill every fit male they encounter who is between the ages of 15 and 50.

    • Taking that idea further — every member of that group (young males) also has the “member” needed to commit rape. So they ought to kill them on sight as potential rapists.

        • I think it’s rooted in George Bernard Shaw”s ( ?) observation that every woman has the equipment necessary for prostitution.

  31. Dean, I hope you are suing for the copyright violation. My wife is a part-time professional photographer who has had fairly expensive images stolen before, so I appreciate it when someone stands up to these [alleged] thieves. Second, being a fellow Arizonian who may happen to shop in the same stores on occasion, if I happen to be there, I got your back. On another note, I cannot believe these anti-2nd amendment folks would [allegedly] conspire to commit murder while online for everyone to witness. At the very least, I bet a prosecutor could make a case of Aggravated Assault against some of these people.

  32. Useful nut bags at Mommies Demanding Some Action..
    So, are you hunting for the elusive trophy wife, Shannon Watts?

    • Note to mommie demanding some action, sorry, married 24 years, no plans to change. I expect the watts trophy to be gathering dust in a pawn shop 6 months after harvesting.

  33. “Next people will be wanting to kill their fellow man because they drive an SUV, or maybe because their house is bigger than average.”

    That has already happened, when the whole global warming myth started, people in SUVs were targeted by the Eco-terrorists. Ridiculed, threatened, and actually had their property damaged by these mentally deranged lunatics. Gun control supporters share the same attitude (don’t agree with me and I’ll be violent towards you) and, in many cases, I’m sure ARE the same people. They think they have some moral high ground and because you don’t agree and they don’t really have a valid argument, they resort to name calling, property damage and threats.

  34. I personally agree that Dean should have been shot. For wearing that pith helmet.

    If I’d have been there, you would’ve been citizen arrested for a fashion violation.

    Pith helmets when not in Africa on actual safari dtive me nuts like socks and sandals.

    I saw a Muslim guy at the mall yesterday in his white dress, beard and all. Socks and sandals.

    It took all I had not to let it out.

  35. The thing I find amusing is the fact they have not the balls to say something in person. I could see comedy ensuing should they try this tact in real life. For example: Grabber- You are carrying a GUN in PUBLIC! You should be shot, like yesterday! Open Carrier- (hands them either a BUG or a primary) Do it, let’s see you get your own hands dirty.
    Such a shame such an exchange will never happen though, the look on the grabbers face would be priceless.

  36. I can agree walking around with a long gun is not the best idea anyone ever had EVEN THOUGH in many places it’s COMPLETELY LEGAL ! Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. A pistol is almost always enough to make the bad guys run away pissing them self’s ! Yes if I were in a coffee shop and a man or woman walked in with a long gun over their shoulder I’d watch them carefully and be ready to act if they did something stupid but if they did nothing I’d just simply watch em. By all means have a ”rainy day” stash of trigger happy at home. But when you leave your house your keys, phone, wallet or purse, a pocket knife, compact pistol with 1 extra mag is really all you need !

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