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Although there’s no reason to consider the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty a threat to U.S. citizens’ gun rights—yet—the U.N. is certainly no friend to armed self-defense. Professing peace and promoting negotiation, U.N. politicians pave the road to hell by masking the simple reality of politics in “developing” countries: those who have the guns make the rules. Those who don’t are tortured, raped and killed. As conflicts escalate or deescalate, the U.N invariably call for disarming militias, tribes, rebels, insurgents—whatever you want to call them—-while urging armed-to-the-teeth despots and dictators to exercise “restraint.” In this bone-headed bombast the media is complicit . . .

If we can work on taking guns out of the equation, or address the issue of guns and their use, we can begin to help bring peace to the many post-conflict zones around the world where peace has yet to arrive.

CNN’s copy and headline [above] illustrate the news org’s bias against firearms-based security. I mean really, is there any other kind?

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  1. If the hunter is Gun Culture 1.0, and the competition shooter is Gun Culture 2.0, let’s refer to the subject of this post as “Gun Culture Beta”.

  2. “Gun culture” my ass. What plagues South Sudan, and unfortunately most of Africa, is a culture of tribal warfare and murder on a genocidal scale. It’s business as usual, and they do a damn good job of hacking each other to pieces with machetes and converted farm implements when they can’t get their hands on AK-47s.

    Those who have a smug sense of superiority should recall that it wasn’t long ago that Euros were killing each other at an even greater rate, and they did so for over 500 years. So we’ll just have to give Africans a little bit longer to work out the kinks in their social structures, m’kay?

    • Being 3/4 English and 1/4 Arab, I could feel pretty smug about both sides of my family enslaving them for centuries.

      Of course that would be petty and I really hope that their tribal war doesn’t serve as an effective pretext for disarming innocent people. Although it probably will.

    • Those who have a smug sense of superiority should recall that it wasn’t long ago that Euros were killing each other at an even greater rate, and they did so for over 500 years.

      Yes, but at least we are damned good at it. We developed the ability to destroy the world about 70 years ago. The only nukes Africa had went away along with apartheid. When did Euros give up bizarre war superstitions? I know in Liberia they still believe that engaging in cannibalism makes you immune to bullets, see the Vice Guide To Travel – Liberia.

      • When did Euros give up bizarre war superstitions?

        By cannibal superstitions, do you mean like obscure Latin phrases turning wine into blood or a wafer into a person’s body?

        One man’s superstition is another man’s religion.

        • Consuming a effigy is very different from actual cannibalism. Cannibalism due to necessity such as Holodomor is very different from what the Liberians and other Africans do.

        • Consuming a effigy is very different from actual cannibalism.

          No, it’s not, if you believe that wafers and wine turn into actual flesh and blood. And for over a thousand years, Euros have partaken of such flesh and blood prior to going into battle.

        • Whatever, Jesus Christ is not a human, you can eat him all you want, thats not cannibalism.

        • ralph, 100% spot on.

          Ill go so far as to say as long as humans engage in the anachronistic, obsolete practice of worshipping fictional myths living in the sky, humanity will never advance past the dark ages.

          we can be so much better! but we cling to stupid “realities” such as paper money, religion, consumerism, and wars for resources and influence.

        • Why is it that every time there is a discussion that involves religious beliefs it always turns to “Mine is better than yours” type of conversation?

          I am agnostic, and proud, I could care less what you believe. It only effects me if you try to force your religion on me. Which is some of whats happening in Africa and the Middle East.

          So rather that try and regulate the guns maybe the discussion should be about regulating religious bigotry.

      • With China trading guns for oil, it’s only a matter of time before they bankroll a regime with nuclear capability. Make no mistake about it, the next big war will be over Africas natural resources. Technically, the current war is.

  3. Right, because human violence and genocide started with the invention of guns.

    It’s hard to tell whether these people are jaw-droppingly stupid or simply evil. Or both.

    Gotta love the phrase “developing country,” yet another pathetic contribution to the PC vernacular. Yeah, these countries are “developing” the same way gum disease develops. Try helping to fix the root problems rather than slap a feel-good phrase on it and act smug.

  4. I couldn’t care less if they shoot, stab, hack, or AIDS each other to death. I just don’t want the U.N. “fix” here. RF, I think you are wrong about it, but I pray that you are right.

    • China knows you don’t care Joseph, and they are buying up Africa lock, stock and barrel. They are going to clean them up, dust them off, train and properly militarize them, and I promise you’ll care then.

      • thats a bunch of alarmist bullshit.

        1.) there’s not enough energy for china to expand africa in their favor; the reserves that are on the continent are being split up.

        2.) Apparently you havent heard of AFRICOM

        3.) China’s reactions are a result of our actions of encircling them and Russia.

        4.) human civilization is de-industrializing and the economic paradigm effectively toppling, which places us in far more dire circumstances than a Chinafied Africa.

  5. These morons at the UN seem to forget that the last big slaughter in Africa didn’t involve guns, it involved machete’s and knives. The result was 600K stiffs, or thereabouts.

    The problem with modern life is that the essentials of life are so easily secured now (what with 1 farmer able to feed 300+ people), these unctuous twerps who formerly might have been confined to menial labor are able to sally forth into the world, get credentials from various institutions of useless learning (eg, Harvard) and have beshat themselves upon the world bureaucracy, pecksniffing and harrumphing their idiotic blather upon all of us.

  6. With guns, with machetes, with bows, with spears, with rocks, with their bare hands, people will kill each other if they are so disposed.

  7. “As conflicts escalate or deescalate, the U.N invariably call for disarming militias, tribes, rebels, insurgents—whatever you want to call them—-while urging armed-to-the-teeth despots and dictators to exercise “restraint.””

    Well, there you go, the answer is right there, we just need to ask ALL the despots and dictators in the world to exercise “restraint” and world peace will occur 5 miutes later, problem solved. Now on to world hunger…… (LOL)

    • I suppose we’ll begin to hear of serious discussions on how to fund and implement universal hunger insurance.

    • oh but im sure they will behave themselves, since despots and tyrants behaved themselves before the age of gunpowder LMFAO!!!!

      Man, people are stupid. I would have never admitted this, but there’s no hope left for civilization 😉

      • Juan Gomez October 4, 2011 From now on, I’m gonna try and sum up Kate’s date experience in 5 words or less so you won’t have to read trhuogh all that stuff, kind of a condensed Cliff notes. This one is easy:Trent Likes to kill animals, sunk by Facebook. Next!

  8. i see the recurring problem here. seems to be the un. pull the plug on that bunch first and see if you get negative or positive results. as the billboards along rt. 66 used to proclaim, “u.s. out of un.”

  9. Do you think the warlords and tribesmen give a rats ass about the UN. give me a break!
    My father in law worked in the Congo training the insurgent force or some force, it is hard to keep track. Most of what they do didn’t involve guns at all. Bullets are expensive.
    It is a totally pathetic excuse to pass a law that most people wont adhere to and or not even know or care about. It certainly wouldn’t stop the violence in Syria as an example.

  10. oh you mean call for disarmament like how the civilian population was disarmed in Srebrenica, promising them protection by the UNPROFOR???

    I wish people in the UN would at least demonstrate they’re capable of basic problem solving skills.

  11. The universal sign for “Go away” can be found at the business end of any firearm. People generally don’t like it when you try to show them.

  12. Whoever has the guns and gold makes the rules. Always been that way, always will and the UN wants all of both!

  13. I believe the only way to curb violence due to warlords and such is simple: defeat them, and then disarm them, not before. The UN is pretty paranoid because history tells us that guns is the best tool for shaping our history since its invention. I do support ordinary villagers having their own weapons to protect themselves, assuming that they are civilized enough to talk before they shoot.


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