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If you’re looking to feed your AR platform rifle or pistol, Brownells has 55gr .223 Remington FMJ ammunition in stock now. 

You can get it in three quantities:

20 rounds – $22.99
100 rounds – $99.99
1000 rounds – $899.99

Don’t let your AR go hungry.

CLICK HERE TO BUY and get it while they have it…because they won’t have it for long.

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    • 90 cents a round bulk. Not a great price, 3 times normal, but until raw materials like brass, lead and copper come down in price, this is what we are stuck with. Remember the government under Obama regulated lead smelters in this country right out of business. All lead is produced off shore. Why would anyone by less than a case anyway, shipping fees alone are big savings over a box of 20….

      • “Remember the government under Obama regulated lead smelters in this country right out of business.”

        One wonders exactly what is the motivation for so many right wingers to lie about Barack Obama and his actions regarding guns and ammo.

        Is it ignorance?

        Is it intentional disinformation to foster a false narrative?

        Is it good old-fashioned Racism?

        Who knows, but y’all are still full of shit:

        “Indeed, while the chain email blames Obama, the EPA’s case against Doe Run actually began decades ago. The St. Louis area failed to meet federal clean air standards for lead in 1987 due to emissions from the smelter, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported in 1989. That was during the Reagan administration.

        Reagan wasn’t the only Republican president who presided over an advance in the national anti-lead effort. In 2008, during the tenure of President George W. Bush, the EPA adopted tougher air quality standards for lead that were 10 times more stringent than the past.

        Doe Run’s primary smelter — a plant that extracts lead from ore — was the last primary smelter in the country. But Doe Run continues to operate as a secondary lead smelter — essentially a recycler for lead contained in other products. That includes — you guessed it — bullets.“

        • Democrat bad! Republican good! Mass shooting fake! Don’t challenge muh world view. can only support 2A is Republican good democrat bad. No rule for gun only for vote!

      • Two thoughts entered my head.

        1. Screw the price gougers! I have a good stash and can switch to shooting 7.62*39, 7.62*54r, .270, or .22lr which I also have a stash of.

        Then my kind heart kicked in and said

        2. Leave it for the people who really need it. If you are desperate, you can pay a dollar a round for it. Maybe this will teach people to plan ahead.

    • I post on different devices at geographically-separated locations, boy.

      What’s your excuse for your pathetically-inept attempts at insulting your betters? 😉

    • >t. Internet stalker

      I don’t think you really understand how both creepy and utterly petulant you are actually being, and the fact that you have a vote bothers me.

    • Hard pass. I can get brass for 65cpr or steel for 50cpr locally but even those are hard to swallow. Unless someone has zero ammo and needs it ASAP who are the fools that buy at these prices? I’ve accumulated about 2,500 rounds of 9mm and 5.56 in the last 12 month but I haven’t payed more than 40 cents for 9mm or 65 cents for 5.56. Just wait to find decent deals.

  1. If you’re sitting on a stash that’s good thinking but if you’re not and you’ve got an empty AR it’s not so cut and dry. At least it’s available.

  2. At four times a reasonable price?

    Nope, I got plenty, not about to pay those gouging, thieving, panic supporting prices.

  3. Cmon man!

    Let’s keep these bloated prices going a little longer……..lmao.

    I’ve noticed the avg 9mm price on wiki ammo is down to about 58 cents. Doesn’t matter if its crappy steel or brass.

    So I am a little amazed that 90 cent plus prices are selling like they are.

    I hope I have enough to weather the storm. Cause I ain’t paying these prices.

  4. Well who would imagine, a dollar a round is what I used to pay for .300 Weatherby.
    I’d probably buy a box or two but I dont do online.
    Nice we got some ammo though.
    At least at those prices it will keep ammunition out of the hands of ” the poors” , which I am one of.

      • IN the gunm shop I frequent I overheard the owner ask a customer if he had any primers he’d sale. Also the owner kinda got put out when I went to the cash register with a Browning HiPower and started to buy it but ask” how many boxes of bullets can I get?” Two, “forget it, I’ve got enough paperweights” I said.

  5. Or you could buy a laser cartridge for about $60 and shoot to your hearts content. Shoot in your home or yard while moving around. Practice drawing from concealment. No ear or eye protection required. I have one in 9mm and one in .45 cal. Several thousand shots fired and still haven’t had to change the batteries. I do shoot a box of 50 at least once a month still. Bought a bunch of 9mm when it was 19 cents a round. :0)

  6. Last time I bought .223 it was .29/ea. I bought a fair amount and intend to make it last. I could use more .308, but that stuff is too pricey now. I’m not set up or learned enough to reload either right now; seems to be a bunch more to it that straight wall cartridges.

    • “Last time I bought .223 it was .29/ea. ”

      Same here, couple styles of Federal with rebates, bought plenty.

      Less expensive stuff on GB now, although there’s still a lot of gougers. Prices coming down a mite.

      • Last time I bought .223 it was only 17¢ a round. That was just over a year ago. Of course it was only cheap Tula ammo for practice.

  7. So government tax on ammo like the tax on cigarettes is unconstitutional BUT tripling ammo prices because of demand is ok? Ok cool, just making sure.

  8. Folks, the days of 50 cent/round 5.56/.223 are in the rear view mirror.

    Manufacturers, facing steeply higher raw material prices (have you looked at the price of plywood lately, for example) have hiked the wholesale price by well over 50%. (52+15=67% in the case of one famous brand name).

    I hate to say it but AR & 9mm ammo in quantity is going to be priced near a buck a trigger pull for some time.

    In fact, it may be the de facto standard price a year from now.


    • Which will cause those calibers to die off, mark my words.

      Expensive ammo will kill off the growing gun culture. Most people simply won’t pay that much to shoot, and if they’re not shooting, they’ll lose interest.

      I predict the higher prices climb one or two things will happen:

      1. Gun culture as we know it dies.

      2. Everyone starts shooting wolf and Tula primarily, should those prices remain low.

      • I think it’ll subsist and there will be a few people who do leave permanently but many will just go into hibernation then hoard during the gluts for the shortages on the next cycle. I know I bought primers when they were low priced and plan on doing such again when things calm down. It’s not like this is a new thing at all, us people who saw 2013 are like “welcome to the party pal.”

        In terms of Tula etc. yeah I wouldn’t be surprised if you see a shitton of it being imported, I also wouldn’t be surprised at some point if the profits involved actually make it where smuggling or otherwise hiding the origins of banned ammo makers happens eventually just to help cope with it.

    • Lead price per pound hit around $1.2/lb in 2018, currently .88 lb.

      I don’t know about brass, but I doubt price has even doubled from 2018. I would be happy to start reloading my own brass at current prices if I had components available.

      I think it’s simple supply and demand, though I won’t disagree these prices (or slightly lower)might be here to stay with current demand. It really doesn’t help the government creating money out of thin air either.

      • Cooter. Thank you for a very reasonable response to John. Personally I was trying to figure out what the price of plywood has to do with ammo. I mean, my reloading bench is made of plywood….but that is about it. Maybe someone needs to explain to him the components of ammunition.

  9. If instead the commodity associated with the price fixing and profiteering was food or fuel, there would be State and Federal Conspiracy and Racketeering indictments flying out of Courthouses nationwide. The reason for this bogus ammunition “shortage” is collusion by manufacturers, distributors, and dealers to hold back vast stockpiles of product. Corrupt manipulation of the supply creating a “shortage” is not how legitimate market driven supply & demand dynamics work in an honest business setting. As long as there are suckers lined up willing to pay 23 bucks for a $7 box of .223 ball ammo, Brownells and Lucky Gunner continue to victimize consumers with 300-600% over full retail markup price gouging.

    • “collusion by manufacturers, distributors, and dealers“

      You mean it’s not an evil conspiracy by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton?

      It’s actually profiteering by corporate interests, taking advantage of effective fear mongering and xenophobia?

      Imagine that…

      • And all the deranged socialist sheep in the People’s Republic Of California will continue to whistle their way past the graveyard as they step over some psychotic homeless bum and into a big fresh steaming pile of $#it that’s now common on the streets & sidewalks of all major left coast cities.

      • It’s collusion between corporations, government, and Democrats, with Obummer and Shillary pulling the strings.

        There Miner, I blamed everyone for you.

        • “Obummer and Shillary pulling the strings.“

          Right, because that is what Q told you.


  10. The Obama shortages ended and I was able to restock my stash. I will not pay those ridiculous prices. I’ll leave them for the new gun owners or the old ones who didnt stock up. This will end too, and then there will be a glut.

    • Same here. I wasn’t properly prepared for the last shortage, but I’m pretty well stocked for this one. Every time I went somewhere with decent prices, I’d buy a box or two. It adds up over a few years.

  11. A quick check of ammoseek shows plenty of in stock 223 Remington at 70-75 cpr across multiple sites. As much as I like Brownells, the price is too high – even in 2021


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