US capitol fence razor wire
The Capitol is seen through razor wire at sunrise in Washington, Friday, March 5, 2021. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)
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From the Associated Press . . .

Police locked down the U.S. Capitol on Friday afternoon after a report of gunshots in the area.

U.S. Capitol Police say all Capitol buildings were being locked down “due to an external security threat” and staff members were told they could not enter or exit the buildings.

A law enforcement official says officers were responding to a report of a possible shooting on a street near the Capitol complex. It wasn’t immediately clear if anyone was injured.

The official could not discuss an ongoing investigation publicly and spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity.


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  1. Gunfire? In Washington DC? Impossible! Washington is mostly peaceful with a very low crime rate and excellent governance.

    • Yep. No competition here with Chicago or NYC to have the most accommodating streets to the criminal element.

    • Ralph – My first thought, exactly. Grew up there in the ’60s and ’70s. Returned every so often to visit family. A day without a shooting in DC was a day of the week that didn’t end in a “Y”.

    • Gunfire, fired by the police. Someone blocks away heard the gunfire, and called for a lockdown. The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing, it seems. There was only one incident, with some fool using a car and a knife, no guns.

      • Maybe the right hand and the left hand are acting in concert…with the House Speaker?

        • with the House Speaker?

          Yeah this guy was allegedly a follower of “Nation of Islam” Isn’t Madam Speaker good buddies with Farrakhan?

  2. Hmmm. The shots heard may have been the Capitol Police shooting at a car that hit two of their officers and crashed into a barrier.

  3. Gunfire “near” the Capitol will be just the excuse needed to keep the fences up and the Guard at their posts. Isn’t it about time to put up a barracks?

  4. Suspect in custody, rammed car into two Capitol Hill cops and a concrete barricade… BAN ALL cars… Oh wait Beijing Biden is working on that… WELL, for the unwashed masses anyway…

    • “Suspect in custody”

      Don’t you mean “Racist suspect in custody?” 😉

      • Don’t you mean “Racist suspect in custody

        Uhhhhhhh, yeah….. yeah, that’s what I meant…

  5. Let me get this straight, in a city with a very high rate of gun violence and super strict gun laws, gun fire was heard. I you sure that was reported right. Let me also get this straight, the police felt the need to lock down the capitol, the one with a high security fence, you know like the kind we have been asking for on the border, and sets a huge perimeter,? What are they trying to lock in down from?

    One last thought and I would appreciate a “hell yeah” if you are like minded. It occurred to me our fearless, authoritarian leaders put that fence up to keep us out and from threatening them with peaceful demonstrations, well that same fence that keeps us out CAN ALSO KEEP THOSE SOBs LOCKED IN. No food. No water. No electricity until they put the well-being of the United States of America and its people FIRST. Just a thought. Keep’em in cages!

  6. Bad guy brought a knife to a gunfight (dumbass) and got shot (shocked face)… Another argument FOR post natal abortion…

  7. OMG, theBiden may have been in danger.

    Gunmshots heard, Ban The Gunms, well the noisy ones anyway

    • The fence will be coming down soon…. the weather is getting nice enough to start construction of a 200 foot wide moat ,stocked with alligators and piranha , with year round heated water and a drawbridge defended by missiles ,that King Dribble-cup ordered and paid for in one of the last multi-trillion dollar “stimulus packages”.

      • And electrified razor wire, armed motion sensing drones and a 28 foot wrought iron fence on BOTH sides of that moat with gates at both ends of the bridges that are opened individually and cannot be opened simultaneously…

      • Biden has a stock of ready made 30ft fence/wall panels down on the Mexican border. Already bought/paid for and the dumb SOB isn’t going to use them in Tx. Bring em to DC.

  8. What do you expect?
    Its ran under democrats. Plus this is normal democrat behavoir to overreact to push thier agenda.

  9. In the video footage FOX News broadcast a short time ago which they then apologized for due to “graphic content”, the individual in civilian clothing being wheeled away on a stretcher who was bloody (appeared to have been shot) and was receiving chest compressions- did not appear to resemble the typical “right-wing domestic terrorist”.

  10. DAMN, I wish this site supported emojis! It’s posts like this the are a constant source of amusement about politics in DC.

  11. One man with a knife scared Pelosi and her henchmen enough to lock down the Capitol ????

    I thought it was already locked down ?

    Hahahahahahahaha….. Total bunch of wusses.
    One of these days it will be for real, and they will have to shovel the huge amounts of shit that squeezed out of the brave representatives underwear… 🙂 🙂

  12. Reports are a police officer died and the suspect was shot. Another officer injured.

    DC National Guard Quick Reaction Force deployed. I see most just have riot gear. A few appear to have sidearms.

    If National Guard needs to be deployed to counter a security threat, they should be carrying more than a few handguns among them.

  13. enuf said: “If National Guard needs to be deployed to counter a security threat, they should be carrying more than a few handguns among them.”

    The answer is simple. Pelosi and her henchmen are ALSO afraid of the National Guard.
    They are afraid of everything…

    • It is why they need a “politically reliable” paramilitary and internal security force. You know, something like the KGB.

  14. “….with the House Speaker?”

    Just musing in the corner. Maybe the Speaker demanded a call whenever shots are fired anywhere in the city, as an excuse to “lockdown”, and prove the barbed wire and troops are essential, forever; the capitol under perpetual attack.

    But, who knows?

  15. Single perp, non-white, NO MAGA hat, follower of Farrakhan (one of the biggest RACISTS on the planet who actually called for killing cops in 2015)… After the msm tried ALL afternoon to make it all about Jan 6 then boom, move along folks, nothing to see here… FAIL #4….

  16. It was a black guy who pledged allegiance to the Nation of Islam. Ran over a cop with his car, crashed into a barrier, started a knife fight with a second officer that had a gun. Went about as well as expected for the perp. This story will go away faster than it came up, there is a narrative to push. And it ain’t this one…

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