U.S. Capitol Police officers stand near a car that crashed into a barrier on Capitol Hill in Washington, Friday, April 2, 2021. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)
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By Michael Balsamo and Colleen Long, AP

A man rammed a car into two Capitol Police officers at a barricade outside the U.S. Capitol on Friday afternoon before being shot to death by authorities when he got out of the vehicle while holding what appeared to be a knife, two law enforcement officials told The Associated Press.

Both Capitol Police officers were taken to the hospital, with at least one in serious condition, the officials said. The suspect died at a hospital.

The crash and shooting happened at a security checkpoint near the Capitol as Congress is on recess. It comes as the Washington region remains on edge nearly three months after a mob of armed insurrectionists stormed the Capitol as Congress was voting to certify Joe Biden’s presidential win.

Five people died in the Jan. 6 riot, including Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick, who was among a badly outnumbered force trying to fight off insurrectionists who supported former President Donald Trump’s bid to overturn the election. Authorities installed a tall perimeter fence around the Capitol and for months restricted traffic along the roads closest to the building, but they have begun pulling back some of the emergency measures in recent weeks.

While there was no immediate connection apparent between Jan. 6 and Friday’s crash, the incident underscores that the building and campus remain potential targets for violence. It occurred about 100 yards (91 meters) from the entrance of the building on the Senate side of the Capitol.

U.S. Capitol Police officers stand near a car that crashed into a barrier on Capitol Hill in Washington, Friday, April 2, 2021. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

The security checkpoint is typically used by senators and staff on weekdays, but lawmakers are away for recess. Fencing that prevented vehicular traffic near that area was recently removed.

Capitol Police said that someone rammed a vehicle into two of its officers. The law enforcement officials told the AP that the driver then got out of the car with what appeared to be a knife. It’s unclear which member of law enforcement shot the suspect.

The officials initially said the suspect was being taken to the hospital in critical condition. One of the officers who was injured was taken by police car to the hospital; the other was being transported by emergency medical crews, the officials said.

The officials could not discuss the matter publicly and spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity.

The U.S. Capitol complex was placed on lockdown after the shooting and staff were told they could not enter or exit buildings. Video showed National Guard troops mobilizing near the area of the crash.

Police officers gather near a car that crashed into a barrier on Capitol Hill in Washington, Friday, April 2, 2021. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Video posted online showed a dark colored sedan crashed against a vehicle barrier and a police K-9 inspecting the vehicle. Law enforcement and paramedics could be seen caring for at least one unidentified individual.

President Biden had just departed the White House for Camp David when the incident occurred. As customary, he was traveling with a member of the National Security Council Staff who was expected to brief him on the incident.

UPDATE: KRON.com is reporting that one of the Capitol police officers has died.


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      • Since Jim Crow Gun Control democRat joe and the ho stole the election there has been nothing but a Rat problem. Welcome to the United Socialist States of America…May I see your papers?

        • Funny, Debbie, we didn’t have these problems until you ended Jim Crow. But hey, keep supporting your big government, big war, progressive, anti American Republicans.

        • “Derp demorats, muh crow, muh racism “

          I wish your boomer ass would shut up. Your rambling partisan whining that always includes cries of racism is about as anointing as those from the delusional leftists that never shut up about race.

  1. This article is full of s#$it.. the FBI themselves said their were no weapons in the Capitol during the peaceful protest.. that wasn’t even close to being an insurrection.. I don’t think any of the liberalturds know what the word insurrection means.

    • Not to mention the article gives the impression that the 5 deaths were “because of” the “riot”.

      Already been debunked as not truthful.

    • I expect better from ttag than republishing AP bilge verbatim. I don’t come here to hear progressive media lies uncritically repeated.

      Too much more like this, and I’ll have to look for a better gun place to go. If one exists.

      • Ditto.

        IF you want to quote AP for details, do that. Leave their Liberal propaganda out of it.

        There are other places to get the meager details of these sorts of events without having to include Progressive media editorializing.

        I was just starting to get used to the new format and all of a sudden its just another wire service outlet. What’s up with that?

        Just STOP it.

      • I agree. TTAG is just copying the AP, like every mainstream media outlet. It is infuriating. The AP is profoundly dishonest, and TTAG compromises its own integrity by copying trash AP articles.

        I expect better. Very disappointed, and I’ve been reading TTAG for a decade.

        • It *has* been better until very recently.

          I’ve been reading TTAG since it was just a scrappy upstart blog, right before it blew up. This place isn’t what it was back when RF was writing 8 articles a day all by himself like a crazy man, but I don’t think anybody expected it to remain exactly as it was.

          But there’s been an AP wire reprint instead of real content for every breaking news/public event recently.

          We hardly ever hear from Dan Zimmerman anymore, Jeremy S. is MIA, and the newer stable of writers hasn’t been heard from much lately, either. 90% of the articles are press releases from the NSSF or GOA (which are fine in their way, but not as the major source of content). And then we get AP articles — straight-up enemy propaganda — on top of it?

          I never expected TTAG to be exactly what it was in 2015, but this is weak.

          Used to be that when Dan and Foghorn and whoever else (as recently as a few months ago) reported something like this on TTAG, they reported it. They didn’t accept the fake news framing, much less repeat it word for word; they took it apart and tried to get at what mattered to gun people.

    • I’m not sure why you think it’s not an insurrection unless firearms are involved.

      The goal was to interrupt the certification process and secure and/or destroy the state electors certificates, thereby throwing the election back to the various state legislatures, a plurality of which are Republican and would award the presidency to Donald Trump against the majority vote of the American People.

      Thanks to quick thinking by senate staffers, the elector certificates were secured and removed from the chamber before the insurrectionists were able to gain entry.

      • One leftist terrorist today killed as many people as the entire fiasco at the capitol building, you shill. Proven shill, too. Multiple times.

      • If BLM and antifa killing 50+ people, burning buildings, looting, and rioting in every major city last summer can be “mostly peaceful,” the right wing can be allowed an unintentionally raucous and otherwise innocent election party at the capitol.

      • A copy paste of the same BS fantasy theory you posted back in Jan. Your commissar expects better of you 69er.

        • In what respect am I incorrect about the events of January 6 regarding the insurrectionists’ attempt to disrupt the congressional certification of the state electoral ballots?

        • Adipose, in what respect am I incorrect about the events of January 6 regarding the insurrectionists’ attempt to disrupt the congressional certification of the state electoral ballots?

    • The FBI did not say there were no weapons. One FBI source claimed during a particular statement that “to his knowledge”, the FBI not recover any firearms at the scene that day.

      Plenty of people were arrested by LEOs other than the FBI, and plenty were arrested later and not at the scene. Court records show at least 23 people have been charged with having deadly or dangerous weapons during the assault — including a loaded handgun found on a man arrested on Capitol grounds. He wasn’t arrested by the FBI.

      A quick google search will refute the belief that nobody was armed, but you probably don’t want to know that.

      • You know someone’s a giant douche when they use “fact check” as their handle.

      • Fact is, there were no firearms at the scene. None were brandished or used and none were “recovered’ at the capitol building — because there weren’t any. Some people elsewhere in DC were arrested with weapons, and that’s being painted as OMG armed insurrection when it was no such thing. You’re being lied to.

        • Too bad. Could’ve had a much better nation had they armed up and started it. There went our chance. It’ll never happen again. Ever.

  2. Gettin really tired of “everyone” claiming the January sixth event was a bunch of heavily armed angry Trump supporters bent on murder and mayhem! Got an idea, when and if the FACTS ever come out about this situation, tell the fu**in truth!!!

    • Bent on murder?

      “Hang Mike Pence!”

      You and Trump may think it was a lovefest, with everybody hugging one another.

      But the video proves a very different story and there are somewhere between 3 to 400 rabid Trump supporters who are now dealing with federal charges.

      I’m quite interested in seeing Roger stone go to the pen, he won’t have to advertise for large black man to service him, there may be some volunteers.

      • You pretend that a solid year of leftist terrorism that killed over 100 innocent people and destroyed billions in property never occurred.

        Yet a gang of rednecks manages to have a party in the capital and it’s “the end of the f***ing world.”

        • No, I completely recognize the fact that civil unrest spread across the United States in the last year of trumps presidency.

          But none of those protests included an attack upon the United States capital, during a joint session of Congress deliberating our presidential election in an attempt to disrupt the orderly process mandated by the United States Constitution.

          I’m guessing somewhere north of 200 of the insurrectionists wind up doing time in federal prisons, I’ll probably get a list of the names and mail them all lingerie and condoms.

          You know, just to be helpful…

      • No mention of the Trump guiltine set up by antifies or the time they breached the White House grounds fence from you I see. Guess it wasn’t in the commisar’s memo you got.

        • False equivalence.

          I made no mention of a guillotine set up or the gallows & noose set up either.

          Neither display violated the law, both were expressions of the first amendment.

          The difference was the violent attack and breach of security entrance into the United States Capitol, for the sole purpose of disrupting the joint session of Congress deliberating our presidential election under the rules of the United States Constitution.

          The intentional disruption of the electoral process was a failed attempt to usurp the authority of the United States Constitution and install Donald Trump as an unlawful dictator.

          That’s why we will see literally hundreds of right wing extremists sent to federal prison in the next few months.

          Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    • Absolutely! No more ar14 4dr assault cars – the ones with the fully semi-automatic transmissions. They should have no high capacity engines (over 10 hp) or high capacity fuel tanks (over 10 gallons). That way there would be no more criminals driving vehicles that would harm people. 🤬

      • Ban high capacity range. Banning fuel tanks doesn’t close the Electric Vehicle loophole. Also ban hybrid buttons. Can’t have them switching drive modes.

      • Having trouble with life? Bills to pay, loud mouthed kids, and problems with the wife? Well, there’s a silver lining, things could be worse: Just imagine being the poor geezer what lays down with this miserable, hate filled hag!

    • “and the GOP loses yet another member of its core constituency.”

      Nah, the driver was a YBM and a big fan of your father.

      • Oh, the benefits of organized religion!

        Young, probably schizophrenic, Muslim adherent kills those of another religion.

        Young, probably schizophrenic, Christian kills those who are “tempting” him.

        Young, probably schizophrenic, Louis Farrakhan disciple attacks the US capital.


        • It definitely has it’s similarities Ron. They take it on faith that they must believe all women.* They must “believe in science,” also known as believe whatever your leaders are currently telling you and ignore any inconvenient scientific facts. Their deity is the government. They worship it as well as the power it wields. They think it alone can provide for those in need. Their other idols include child political activists because you aren’t allowed to argue with any nonsense that comes out of their ignorant, indoctrinated mouths. They don’t take kindly to non-believers. They will ruthlessly pursue them, isolate them, and punish them. However, there is a path to salvation. You must publicly humiliate yourself by getting on your knees and apologizing for your transgressions. Then you must go and sin no more by becoming a political activist for The Party.

          *when politically expedient

        • “Oh, the benefits of organized religion!”

          Miner, so in your eyes it was religion and not the individuals? How many Christians and Muslims do you think are in this country? You seem to be using emotion (intolerance) over logic.

        • “They must “believe in science”

          No, it is not a matter of faith or belief, I am convinced by the evidence obtained through the scientific method of research. Just as I don’t ‘believe in evolution’, I am convinced by the evidence for the theory of evolution.

          “so in your eyes it was religion and not the individuals?”

          It is never that simple, these tragic events have many causes.

          More precisely, these mentally ill perpetrators ‘believed’ they were authorized by their particular deity to commit these atrocities.

          While they had no evidence to support this position, their religious leaders had assured them that they should rely on ‘faith’, a belief in things unseen, to base their life upon, rather than objective evidence.

        • “…it is not a matter of faith or belief, I am convinced by the evidence obtained through the scientific method of research.”

          Cool! Then you obviously think it’s preposterous that the government would deny affordable energy to the most vulnerable, including developing nations, because they think it will be the end of humanity if the average temperature increases by two degrees. Especially considering the scientific fact that global temperatures have fluctuated more than two degrees in the past (well before the Industrial Revolution), and there is scientific evidence that human life typically thrived during the warmer fluctuations. Settled science, right?

        • “It is never that simple, these tragic events have many causes.”

          So religion is only an ingredient? Is that your argument? Per wikipedia, the most religious state or territory in the United States is American Samoa (99.3% religious). I guess this sort of tragic event must happen every day over there because science, right? Or are they lacking the other essential ingredient, like say, being a psycho?

        • “affordable energy“

          Ha ha, I live in West Virginia where we know the true cost of so-called “affordable energy”.

          The fossil fuel industries have been very successful in externalizing their costs. Coal is a good example, acid mine drainage and ground water contamination when you mine it, air pollution from sulfur dioxide and mercury when you burn it and ash pond contamination into our rivers and streams when you dispose of the remains.

          Does it make sense to permanently contaminate a communities water supply for a mine that will only be open 8 to 10 years?

          And the cost in human life for this “affordable energy” has proven to be unbearable, Upper Big Branch, Sago, Buffalo Creek.

        • “Does it make sense to permanently contaminate a communities water supply for a mine that will only be open 8 to 10 years?”

          No. You make it sound as if coal is the only affordable energy. BTW you’re speaking to someone that was going to be an environmental engineer at one point. I care about the environment. Coal use has been on the decline. We were able to significantly reduce CO2 emissions without destroying our economy or joining the Paris Climate Accords. This wasn’t celebrated by the Left because their idea was to impose economic hardship in order to reduce CO2.

          Regarding the NASA article, they seem to be saying the tipping point is actually half a degree. The difference from 1.5 degrees of warming to two degrees is nothing but gloom and doom. You know it’s a propaganda piece because there is never a positive effect from warming, which is false. There are pros and cons to both warming and cooling weather. There’s a reason retirees aren’t spending their winters in Maine. Warmer weather means more precipitation, but the propaganda always pushes both droughts and floods from the warming. Two degrees of warming still isn’t to the level experienced during the Roman Warming Period, yet here we are. Good thing those Romans gave up their Suburbans.

        • ‘Roman Warm Period’?

          “The phrase “Roman Warm Period” appears in a 1995 doctoral thesis.[5] It was popularized by an article published in Nature in 1999.[6]

          More recent research, including a 2019 analysis based on a much larger dataset of climate proxies, has found that this putative period, along with other warmer or colder pre-industrial periods such as the “Little Ice Age” and “Medieval Warm Period” were regional phenomena, not globally coherent episodes.[7] This analysis uses the temperature record of the last 2,000 years dataset compiled by the PAGES 2k Consortium 2017.[7]”



        • Yes the Roman Warm Period. It was a warming period prior to a cooling period which was prior to the Medieval Warm Period, which was prior to the Little Ice Age, which was prior to our current warm period. This was was known decades prior to the 90s. One way we can measure past temperatures is by looking at Arctic ice cores. Whether or not vast swings in temperatures happened globally (they did), we know it happened in the Arctic. By the way, Wikipedia in and of itself is NOT a valid reference for anything. Also, if you want to have a discussion, then discuss, don’t just copy and paste.

          I’ll also point out that the propaganda pieces like the one you referenced always begin depicting the Arctic sea ice in 1979. There’s a reason for all things, and that reason is often the narrative. You can completely change the conversation by doing something as simple as altering a start and end date of observations.

  3. Now hold on just damn second.

    “shot to death by authorities when he got out of the vehicle while holding what appeared to be a knife”

    So they put him back into the car after that or did he fall down dead back onto the drivers seat afterwards? The picture clearly shows driver in the drivers seat.

    • Why didn’t they shoot him in the hand? Disarm, defund police! No brutality! Should have called a social worker to talk to him.

    • I hear ya, but that pic was long after the event, the trunk has been opened and the crowd is gone. That’s likely a cop looking for papers, etc.

    • Didn’t Ol’ Joe say something about shooting people in the leg?

      He must have forgotten to Executive Order that one….

  4. The so-called “insurrectionists” who entered the Capitol on January 6 had no firearms, so cut the bullshit. The only person shot was Ashli Babbit, who was unarmed at the time.

      • And using brain dead Progressive logic, we know that since the officer that shot her was of a different race that he was motivated to kill her by racism. Surely the news media picked up on that.

  5. Rams a barricade isolates citizens from their own capitol. Steps out with a knife. An assault knife no doubt. I guess though that if you run over someone, that gives them the right to drop you. That wasn’t exactly a brilliant move on the drivers part. Apparently the communist/nazi party can still keep OUR capitol fenced off with troops around it. They keep rehashing the insurrection lie, keep committing actions of dictators and don’t get it when people have had enough of their s**t.

    • Yeah, our news sources are really sharp. Rams car into barricade, jumps out with a knife and runs at officers, yet no one has even mentioned suicide by cop.

      • “no one has even mentioned suicide by cop”

        Hey Larry, I guess you didn’t get the memo, this is being played as an ‘intentional terrorist attack by a nation of Islam operative’.

        We are supposed to downplay the evidence of crazy talk and mental disturbance of the perpetrator, in order to support the ‘planned Muslim terrorist action’ narrative.

        • No, you intentionally mischaracterize my posts.

          I clearly stated that all of these individuals evidenced signs of mental instability and paranoia in the days and weeks before they perpetrated their crimes.
          And a part of their delusion is that they felt motivated by their religious beliefs to kill these innocent citizens, either because they were “tempted” by them or they thought they were the enemy of their imaginary deities.

  6. “ARMED” insurrectionists? “…who supported former President Donald Trump’s bid to overturn the election…? How about UNARMED voters angered by the obvious theft of their election by the Washington establishment? Riddle me this: Why is burning, looting, raping and killing by Black Lives Matter and Antifa considered “mostly peaceful” protest, and unarmed voters protesting a fraudulent election considered “armed insurrection”?

    • BLM not Trump, Armed Insurrectionist = Trumpistas.
      Never in my life have I seen one party or the media hate a president as much as the Democrats hated Trump.
      I used to not vote, then I started,now I know why I didn’t vote in the first place.
      Oh well I’ll be a fatal car accident here locally.
      Somthing has to be done about these vehicles, they kill 1000’s more then gunms do.

      • “Never in my life have I seen one party or the media hate a president as much as the Democrats hated Trump.”

        There’s a reason for all things. Have you ever seen so many prominent Republicans go after a Republican President? Unbeknownst to Republican voters, but known to those in government, there really wasn’t much of a difference between Republicans and Democrats. The country was on the same trajectory (exfiltration of wealth, needless wars and nation building) regardless of the party in control. Trump had the audacity to point that out and do something about it.

        • Yep, you are right, it’s really strange.

          I mean, after eight years of Obama and the tea party singing ‘Kumbaya’ and kissing and hugging one another, how so many people could turn around and hate a president is just unbelievable.

          Maybe it was the tan suit?

      • You came so close to it , but I’ll be the one to get credit for coining the new phrase… ” WHITE SUPREMASASSINS “. I have a feeling Miner is gonna’ just love it. Remember, you heard it here first !

  7. “a mob of armed insurrectionists stormed the Capitol”

    I guess I missed the Armed Insurrectionist arrests. From what I have seen, there were no weapons on any of the people arrested. They did some really stupid things, but I have never seen an un-armed insurrection.

  8. It’s being reported that one of the officer died. The suspect was armed with a knife. Seems to me laws were broken. I think you’re supposed to obey lawful commands not to mention reckless driving!!!!

  9. Never bring a car to a gunfight. Well, except a getaway car. Or a drive-by car in Chicago. Maybe a van would be okay, but not a coupe.

  10. The “TTAG Contributor” contributor needs to be taken to a woodshed and explained what facts are.

    1. “…a mob of armed insurrectionists stormed the Capitol as Congress was voting to certify Joe Biden’s presidential win.” Facts – The FBI said they did not encounter weapons, like firearms among the protestors. Yes, in Washington DC, Pepper Spray or Bear Spray, is probably categorized as a “Weapon of Mass Destruction”, but in the real world, outside the beltway, it is not.

    2. “Five people died in the Jan. 6 riot, including Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick, who was among a badly outnumbered force trying to fight off insurrectionists who supported former President Donald Trump’s bid to overturn the election.” This should have read, “An Unarmed Veteran was fatally shot by police during the incident and four others, including Officer Brian Sicknick reportedly died as a result of preexisting medical conditions.”

    3. A car is a deadly weapon when used in such a manner and it is perfectly fine for the police to liberally spray the car with bullets and kill the driver. I have no problem with that, but I doubt he stepped out of the vehicle and the word “allegedly” should have been in that sentence.

    4. Some notation that explains that First Reports, are usually incomplete or contain wrong information and we will correct the story, as more information becomes available.

    If you are going to be a Ditch Digger, be the Best Damn Ditch Digger you can be, same goes for writers,

  11. This is too funny it has to be a set up.
    In a time when everything is evil oppressive whitey we get an anti-semite, black supremacists (what Nation of Islam is all about) charging the capitol.

    Don’t worry. I’m sure the feds are coaxing some mentally ill shutin white kid with no self esteem into shooting up something any day now and the MSM will get the story they want.

    I was just wondering what happened to the story about that guy with six guns and body armor in the supermarket. Seems like that should’ve been a bigger story. Then I saw the mug shot.

  12. Geez TTAG quit using AP as a “source”. I guess they can’t help skewing leftard. At least they didn’t spew “ban AR14’s & assault clips”…


    I was right! Not a Whitey! Doesn’t fit the narrative so the MSM will bury it by tomorrow morning. The Feckless Bumbling Idiots are running around looking for “White Supremacists” but won’t touch a follower of Nation of Islam for fear of political ramifications.

    Hilarity and Tragedy at the same time. You just can’t make this s* up!

  14. Single guy armed with a knife… yeah, that’s gonna be lone lunatic regardless of affiliation.

    Someone who really wants to cause trouble has far, far, far better methods at their disposal.

    • Welp, you can forget this story now. Suspect IDd as a non-white follower of Nation of Islam.

      Noah Green “Follower of Farrakhan” on his own social media.

      Memory Hole activate!

    • He was a YBM peacefully protesting the new Georgia election law when his foot slipped off the brake and onto the accelerator. Obviously, it was the cop’s fault.

  15. One person drove a car into a barricade and maybe had a knife in hand: it’s another insurrection at our capitol! Bring back the National Guard! Ahhh!!!!!!!

  16. Licensing and registration are common sense measures that prevent vehicle violence. Thus, this article is likely a hoax.

  17. What happened on Jan 6th was not insurrection. It was a planned riot. One that got out of control. It has resulted in a town full of cowards in control of everything.

  18. Gee since theBiden was elected the muzzle limbs are starting to do their thing again.
    Poor Grandpa, I dont think he’s going to be able to stand the stress. President Harris? Oh no we’re doomed for sure.
    *Waaaaa* I want my Trump back damnit 😭

  19. Hey TTAG, why are you still pretending like the riot on the 6th killed multiple people? The only violent death during the riot was an unarmed woman getting executed by a security guard who walked away with no consequences.

    Please stop repeating propaganda kthx.

  20. So have did the cop die? Seems to AGAIN be “lack of transparency”. The black moooslem with knife? other cops frag him, had heartattack, hit in head with fire extinguisher?

  21. Wow…What kind of bullshit story is this???
    This site is starting to sound like CNN news (FAKE NEWS)

    “Washington region remains on edge nearly three months after a mob of armed insurrectionists stormed the Capitol”

    According to Assistant director of homeland security no firearms were confiscated during the “insurrection”

  22. These damn assault automobiles have to be outlawed and NOW! The AAA must be identified as a terrorist organization and shut down IMMEDIATELY!

  23. President Biden has declared that when one has a knife, they’re unarmed. Also, he feels police should shoot threats in the leg. Apparently, these officers didn’t get the memo.

  24. Morning local news only referred to him as “25 year old Noah Green of Indiana.” Never showed a photo and said nothing about the Nation of Islam ties. Took every opportunity to bring up Jan 6 though.

    No agenda there.

  25. Miner said :”…would award the presidency to Donald Trump against the majority vote of the American People.”

    The majority vote of the American people was for Trump, not Biden, which is exactly why there was an insurrection. DUH !

    Unless, of course, you believe that Dementia Joe got 11,000,000 MORE votes than the most popular democrat president in history, Hussein Obama.
    Sure he did…

    It really is amazing how easily liberals continually fall for such obviously false “facts”, and then crow about their superbly astute mental acuity. No wonder they adore Biden, they’re all in the same mental basement.

    As Forrest Gump so aptly said: “Stupid is as stupid does.”

    You can’t remove the stupid out of idiots, since they all belong to BLM:
    Blind Liberal Morons

    • “In all, chain of custody documents for more than two-thirds – 67.5 percent – 404, 691, of the total 600,000 votes cast via drop boxes have not been provided by county officials.”

      “The 2020 presidential election outcome in Georgia was decided by fewer than 12,000 votes – about three percent of the 404,000 absentee vote by mail ballots deposited in drop boxes and delivered to county registrars where they were counted.”

      Nothing to see here, move along.

      “Throughout the state, approximately 300 drop boxes were used to collect absentee ballots in the November 2020 election. The drop boxes were made possible, in part, by donations to the counties from the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) – a 501 (c) (3) funded by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan.”

      Democrats love corporate money being injected into elections.

      “The drop boxes were authorized under Georgia Election Code Emergency Rule 183-1-14-0.8-.14 approved by the State Election Board in July 2020 (but notably not approved in a statute passed by the Georgia General Assembly, which states that every absentee ballot drop box collection team “shall complete and sign a ballot transfer form upon removing the ballots from the drop box, which shall include the date, time, location and number of ballots.” ”

      Covid was a great excuse to illegally bypass the legislature. It was an emergency! That’s how democracy works!


      • Let us hope all these counties provide copies of the documents that the Georgia star has requested.

        And this Georgia store outfit is interesting, they haven’t even been in business 6 months. so I don’t think they really have a track record of journalistic integrity as of yet.

        “Georgians are about to get a new online news site aggressively pushing a conservative agenda.

        With all eyes on the January 5, 2021 elections in Georgia that could decide which party controls the U.S. Senate, Star News Digital Media, a right-leaning collection of five digital newspapers, obviously sees an opportunity to grab some eyeballs, revenue and influence with a new product, The Georgia Star News.

        “…we are working hard to get The Georgia Star ready for launch later this week!,” Christina Botteri, Executive Editor of the online news sites, told me in an email today (Nov. 16, 2020).“

  26. Haven’t heard a peep about the helicopter landing at the Capitol bldg. shortly after that event. I saw a video that someone sent to me , and it wasn’t Marine 1 or the VH-92 that lights the lawn on fire, also unable to see any legible N numbers on it. Anyone else here seen the video?


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