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“Such measures (such as the Hearing Protection Act) must be blocked, but the gun-control movement also needs to push for action on reducing the number and kinds of weapons that Americans can possess. Creating a nationwide registry of gun owners and their firearms would be a start, along with enacting federal laws that prohibit more than one handgun purchase per month . . .

Three percent of Americans already own 50 percent of the guns and can let loose military-level assaults on any venue they choose: concerts, malls, elementary schools. Background checks wouldn’t have stopped Paddock, Mateen, Lanza, Holmes, or Loughner. All those guns were purchased legally. But why were they allowed to be sold?”- George Zornick in Stephen Paddock Bought 33 Guns in 12 Months. That Should Be Illegal. [via]

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  1. Another fascists blaming the innocent for the actions of the guilty. This is the kind of guy that would machine gun and burn a whole town because he couldn’t figure out who the resistance members were.

    • Last time I checked the most guns that one person can shoot at once is two and it’s usually half that number. The Vegas shooter could have bought 33 million guns in 12 months and it wouldn’t change a thing.

    • I might ordinarily be inclined to agree with your assessment, but having kept an eye on The Nation and the homicidal scum who write for it, you should know that they’re thoroughly, dyed-in-the-wool communists.

  2. somebody knock that glitter farting twinkle toed commie out. Seriously I’m tired of all the bloody shirt waving bullsh*t from these idiots. Your feels end where my rights begin, don’t like it? Tough, you don’t get to remove other peoples’ rights because you feel unsafe and that you don’t have enough control, find something else to worry about like the number of rabid squirrels roaming our cities.

  3. Admission that background checks don’t work and no mention of an AWB.
    Seems no matter how deluded the anti is sooner or later reality begins breaking through. Like a man falling off a ladder they frantically grasp for any rung within reach. In the end though they’ll still end up on their ass.

  4. No, he would remove the rights of an entire population and then genocide the ones that disagree because obviously God made him omnipotent and all powerful. We should all bow and bask in this man’s glory for he is here to save us all from scary things that go bang, if we would just listen to him and give up all our rights and all our guns to his glorious governance we would indeed be in a world without crime, famine, and disease.

    Just in case it needs to be said THAT was SARCASM.

  5. That would be good for the gun-control Fanatics, however, a gun registry is ill legal.

    • Currently. But because that is a law and not a Constitutional provision, it can be changed. Not that it would matter. There are 350-400 million guns out there already and no way to register them all. Most states do not have gun registries.

  6. I have no idea what a “George Zornick” is, but I can say this much, at least: I have nothing against the horse he rode in on.

  7. While we’re doing this why don’t we also pass a Federal law that makes it illegal for idiots to spout off at the mouth about things they know nothing about. If the 2nd doesn’t mean anything to these people then the 1st doesn’t either.

  8. I did Nazi that coming.

    Actually, yeah, I did. The “normal” totalitarian wants unarmed people.

  9. yeah this guy is another one of those I don’t want to go outside a meteor could fall on my head kind of s***. I’ve had my feel of these ignorant sumbitches that think they can decide what freedoms I’m allowed to participate in. How many children die just in the State of Florida in rivers and canals swimming pools Lakes and the ocean? It’s a hell of a lot more than how many children get shot and killed every year and I don’t see them Banning Rivers streams lakes oceans and estuaries. These people get so emotional it’s almost like they had family that was killed. Just so much crap going on right now everyday I see this political correctness I want to feel safe crap that it makes me want to throw up. I agree with the fellow that says this is the kind of guy that will machine gun an entire town just to find out who the resistance people were.

    • They don’t want to ban swimming pools, lakes, rivers, hammers, bats, cars, trucks, etc., because none of those things can be used to secure Liberty against a tyrannical government. A gun can be used by a citizen to prevent theft. Even theft by GOV…

      • And notice that they never mention the many guns that surround the Clintons, Obamas, Bloomberg and family, most of Hollywood’s pretend talent, and maybe even the manicured metrosexual whose photo we see above. Why is that? Perhaps because they know THOSE guns protect people they like while OUR guns protect people they consider to be their inferiors? I think so.

  10. I believe it’s time to repeal or better yet modify the 1st amendment. Journalists should have to use papyrus and quills. No modern technology or improvements in communication for them. It’s making their jobs too easy to report all this fake garbage non news.

    • Nothing in the 2nd->1st Amendment is above “common-sense” and “reasonable restrictions”. I think a $200 article tax, fingerprints with a 9 month waiting period to make sure he’s not a Russian agent trying to manipulate us…

  11. After every high profile shooting, the Liberal “Intelligentsia” come crawling out of the woodwork with their modern and evolved concepts of their Utopian society.

    Go away.

    • They are progressives, not liberals. Our Founding Fathers were liberals, the conservatives fought for the King.

    • “Intelligentsia”? You should read the comments to the article. One guy wants to start banning at the top (hydrogen bombs), and work down until we get to 50 mm automatic weapons. Another thinks that the shooters second amendment right is infringing on the first amendment rights of the people in the crowd, little recognizing that since the shooter was not a government actor, there was no violation of first amendment rights. Idiots. The rest of the comments (the few that there are) demonstrate a complete absence of firearms knowledge.

      But I am not surprised. My anti-gun wife was appalled that the shooter had over 1000 rounds of ammunition in his car, as if this was some HUUUGE (and of course unreasonable) stash. She did not want to hear that the last time I went out with the “kids”, the five of us went through over 1000 rounds in a few hours. (“Well, that’s five people,” she said.) I toled her that I shoot 200 rounds when I go to the range, so 1000 rounds doesn’t last very long. I didn’t tell her that I have more than thrice that amount in a cabinet in the garage (I know I know, not enough, but money is tight.) At least she admitted that her reaction to the number was purely emotional and comes from someone who knows nothing about guns.

      • UPS just delivered 1,000 rounds of Federal M855, the box is 12″ X 6.5″ X 5.5″. The shipping weight says 29 pounds. Other than the label, and the weight, no one would guess what’s in it.

        • The last 1000 round box I received (of many) was labeled from the manufacturer as cartridges, M855 Ball Ammo with the required hazard emblems all over it.

  12. Personally i think its time to make most democrats illegal. And limit how often they can talk.
    Cause the feels. My feelings trump your freedom of choice and freedom of speech.
    See what i did there you moron? I turned your argument around on you and since feelings are more important now than rights, i win.
    Bless your heart.

  13. If there was a law I could buy only one handgun every three months, then my troglodyte brain might think I SHOULD buy one EVERY three months. I’m ok with that, I bet it would be better for gun sales than Obama.

  14. For us gun owners who consider the 2nd Amendment sacred, I’ll quote from a comment I made yesterday to a different post. It relates to making most guns illegal: “I had to place some orders with suppliers today and I heard from one lady taking my order that maybe it’s time to consider modifying or eliminating the 2nd Amendment. I had heard the same thing the day before from someone else. And both of these people would be classified as “conservatives”, not bleeding heart liberals. Both voted for Trump. I’ve never heard people voice this sentiment before, outside of grandstanding politicians and city liberals. The scary part is, there are now more non-gun owners than gun owners, more city people than non-city people, and more liberals than conservatives. Remember Hillary actually won the popular vote. A few more idiots like this killer in Las Vegas will ruin it for the rest of us. And I do expect some copy cat incidents to follow this one. A sad day for all gun owners.”

    • I’ve never understood why city dwellers should be anti-gun. They are more at risk than their rural counterparts. Four-legged predators only want food. Manage your food storage and garbage properly and they won’t be interested in you. (Doesn’t apply to farmers who raise animals.) It’s the two-legged city predators that will kill you for your property or just for the hell of it.

      • It is called lack of experience. They have never handled much less fired a gun, their friends don’t own guns, and so they have this mindset that guns are unnecessary and dangerous. I was once one of those people. I still remember the first day I handled a real pistol, a .38 snubbie in a gun store. I was terrified.

  15. All dictators, from Stalin to Mao, from Hitler to Hussein are leftists. They believe that only government can control and dictate what is good for the populace. Ask Castro if a platform based on less government and more freedom was conducive to his complete take over. First create an enemy – in this case guns, anti LGBQTDJEICE(whatever), the wealthy, Trump, etc – violently protest about how anti violent you are, convince people to feel guilty about everything to get your leftist politicians in place, then regulate and ban everything that supports or defends freedom.

    • I don’t know why people always say that Hitler was a “leftist.” They are misled by the inclusion of Socialist Workers in the party name. Instead, Hitler was a far right extremist:
      National Socialism (German: Nationalsozialismus), more commonly known as Nazism (/ˈnɑːtsɪzəm, ˈnæt-/),[1] is the ideology and set of practices associated with the 20th-century German Nazi Party, Nazi Germany and other far-right groups. Usually characterized as a form of fascism that incorporates scientific racism and antisemitism, Nazism’s development was influenced by German nationalism (especially Pan-Germanism), the Völkisch movement and the anti-communist Freikorps paramilitary groups that emerged during the Weimar Republic after Germany’s defeat in First World War.

      Nazism subscribed to theories of racial hierarchy and Social Darwinism, identifying the Germans as a part of what the Nazis regarded as an Aryan or Nordic master race. It aimed to overcome social divisions and create a German homogeneous society based on racial purity which represented a people’s community (Volksgemeinschaft). The Nazis aimed to unite all Germans living in historically German territory, as well as gain additional lands for German expansion under the doctrine of Lebensraum and exclude those who they deemed either community aliens or “inferior” races. The term “National Socialism” arose out of attempts to create a nationalist redefinition of “socialism”, as an alternative to both international socialism and free market capitalism. Nazism rejected the Marxist concept of class conflict, opposed cosmopolitan internationalism and sought to convince all parts of the new German society to subordinate their personal interests to the “common good” and accept political interests as the main priority of economic organization.

      The Nazi Party’s precursor, the Pan-German nationalist and antisemitic German Workers’ Party, was founded on 5 January 1919. By the early 1920s, Adolf Hitler assumed control of the organization and renamed it the National Socialist German Workers’ Party to broaden its appeal. The National Socialist Program was adopted in 1920 and called for a united Greater Germany that would deny citizenship to Jews or those of Jewish descent, while also supporting land reform and the nationalization of some industries. In Mein Kampf (1924–1925), Hitler outlined the antisemitism and anti-communism at the heart of his political philosophy, as well as his disdain for parliamentary democracy and his belief in Germany’s right to territorial expansion.

      But of course, once you get to either extreme of the political spectrum, the fascist policies become indistinguishable from one another.

  16. I’m honestly rather (pleasantly) surprised that he considers 12 handguns a year acceptable!

    I have to wonder, though, considering the massacre was committed with rifles, how would handgun limitations have helped matters?

    • They wanted to follow the Canadian model- some nutbar shoots people with a rifle, so they ban .25 and .32 pistols. Maybe they’ll be smarter than the politicians up here, because they accidentally banned all the olympic competition pistols in the process (and had to quickly draft an exception).

  17. “Creating a nationwide registry of gun owners and their firearms would be a … great way to identify and neutralize anyone who opposes Progressive notions of utopia.” — There, I fixed that for him.

  18. “Three percent of Americans already own 50 percent of the guns and can let loose military-level assaults on any venue they choose: concerts, malls, elementary schools.”

    Almost anyone could let loose a massive, deadly attack on concerts, malls, elementary schools, etc. without a single firearm. There are plenty of readily available alternate methods for injuring and killing hundreds of people.

    Spending huge amounts of our limited resources trying to prevent the next mass attack is a fool’s errand. And eliminating rights in a desperate attempt to prevent the next attack is just plain wrong.

  19. As a french man living in Belgium, I can say: registration => confiscation.
    Year 1 => for your security, you have to register your gun.
    Year 1 +X => for your security, you have to give the gun we know you have.

    They proceeded like this here, and you see where we are now.
    Everything is registered and requires a governor permit (and this permit is only for 5 years) , even for a single shot carbine in 22lr… You have to justify to go at least 10 times per years to the shooting club (very easy when you start a business, are hill or have a newborn). Of course, you can not have a CCW, unless if you have some well placed friend….

  20. His whole article ignores the fact that the murderer owned two airplanes. Take away the guns (and he didn’t need all of them for his murder), and he could have just used a plane.

    It’s almost as if the murderer was the problem, rather than what he used.

  21. “The Nation”???

    Oh yeah, the ones who published an article in the ’80s “debunking” Stalin’s genocidal terror famine in the Ukraine.

    Ah, THAT “The Nation”…

    • He writes for “The Nation”. Gun control isn’t 1/10,000 of what he wants.

      For him and those of his ilk, gun control is only a means to an end.

      If you want to know what that end is, Google “Kolyma” and “Katyn”.

  22. How about we stop putting people on lists in general? Lists get abused, especially by ass hats like this guy.

  23. Notice his registration scheme is labeled “a start”? Not too challenging to figure out where it ends.

  24. It’s a sad state of affairs when a large portion of our nation’s supposedly “adult” population is so naive and childlike in their problem-solving paradigm.

    First, a typical person with good morals would think, ‘Gee, what a terrible tragedy. There must have been something that could have been different that would have stopped this.’

    While on the surface this is a natural response. However, myopic minds cannot expand their perimeters or expound upon their potential solution. They lack the basic level of dynamic creative problem solving to identify the problem. They simply look at literally the most simple reason to the carnage, and look no further.

    Ever since the beginning of time, we’ve been devising better ways of killing each other. Unfortunately, it’s in our nature. Since most of these individuals pushing for these measures are so detached from humanity, it’s easiest to latch onto an inanimate object or tool. This is, in their minds, the easiest “solution.”

    Though, history proves otherwise. A disarmed populace would further embolden such attacks. Granted, nobody stopped it with a gun, but any hunter out there with decent aim and his scoped rifle in his rig could have stopped or at least pinned this asshole down.

    They fail to recognize that in this act of terrorism (and it was terrorism), there were dozens of failures, and our current gun laws (or the apparent lack thereof) don’t factor in at all.

    It’s interesting how hoplophobic so many humans have become. Instead of seeing people as the threat, those psychologically who have become so detached from humanity itself must blame the instrument(s) of the event as they lack the capacity to grasp the abstract that is the human mind. This fallacious conclusion is a dangerous, slippery slope. Simply tossing aside the Socratic Method on an emotional whim is something only children used to do.

    I say instead of settling on what was used or how it was used, we need to focus on the real questions on how this thing could have been stopped. People don’t live in a vacuum. How did this guy plan all this out (supposedly) by himself without tipping off anyone to anything suspicious? Also, since 2001, we’ve known the Las Vegas Strip was a soft target for those who would want to wound our nation. At least a dozen times we’ve been warned about an attack there.

    Why didn’t the city and/or event planners at least consider security for this event? Preliminary reports show it was a joke with a few guys in t-shirts. I’m not talking about having a squad of Rangers waiting in the wings, but maybe having one or two as consultants in the planning of said event might have mitigated quite a few vulnerabilities.

    Military and Civilian emergency planners have to play devil’s advocate and think “worst case scenario” when planning for any specific thing. How could the event planners not have caught how tempting and easy a target they were making? I’m not saying people should have canceled the event. This is America, our way of life is ours and we shouldn’t have to compromise that.

    But, open air? Few exits? Nobody with a rifle (at all) within reach to shoot back or pin this guy down? Why not start sticking up gunshot detectors? The military has been using them for years. Suppressors wouldn’t matter since they measure the supersonic crack of a passing bullet and follow it back (sonic-ally) to the source.

    72 minutes for the cops to make entry? They should think about changing their slogan from “protect and serve” to “We wont act until it’s totally safe for us.”

    And finally, what was going on in this guy’s head to lead him to this point? At what point did he justify and rationalize to himself the killing of as many random and innocent people as he could? It’s difficult to understand why. But trying to hide from the “what” can be dangerous too.

    There is evil out there. And the only way to fight it is with the knowledge that there will always be evil out there, and that they will always want to harm others with violence. The only way to fight that is with eternal vigilance and a resolute mind–an adult mind, capable of seeing past inanimate, mundane objects. Blaming the individual or individuals involved in this tragedy either directly or indirectly responsible is the only way forward.

    I realize the internet wont fix our divisiveness, either. If anything, it may add to it. But at least those of us who genuinely want to prevent future situations like this can have a dialogue to constructively brain-storm ways to mitigate harm to human life…without eroding our liberty in the process.

  25. God this has been bothering me and need someone to explain it to me, what difference does it make that he had 20 guns up there? Shooting a person with gun A and another with gun B isn’t worse than shooting both with gun A. They don’t issue commandos 100 guns each to make them more lethal. We all have 2 hands and can only use 1 at a time. If anything toting around 20 guns is a hindrance to their cause, money spent on a single gun purchase is a few hundered/thousand rounds that can’t be purchased and it costs the shooter time and energy to keep track of everything.

    • I agree, with you, but the other question remains: why did this guy haul all of those guns up to his hotel room? Did he anticipate that he would have enough time–hours– to fry all the barrels through automatic weapons failure? He could not have. He had to have known that even with chaos occurring down below, the number of available targets would rapidly shrink as people fled, and that his “spray an pray” bump fire stock equipped rifles would become useless if he actually wanted to hit anything.

  26. So then, how did Timothy McVeigh mass murder without firing a single round? O yea a big truck and anfo!

    • Murray Federal Building: 168 dead, over 680 injured. No guns.
      Nice: 68 dead, 458 injured. No bomb, and the pistol barely counted.
      Kabul: I don’t think anyone has kept count. It is thousands. Baghdad the same.

      It is amazing the carnage that can be inflicted with a truck, with or without the back packed full of explosives. And without automatic weapons.

  27. End Game: To thoroughly annihilate the First and Fourth Amendment, the Second Amendment must first be completely eliminated.

  28. How EZ is it for a rich POS renting a bigazz truck?!? Bring it on leftard. WE have most of the firepower…

  29. Little Georgy is just a blood dancing, fear mongering kind of guy. He does not even require gender re-assignment surgery to be a genuine Hysterical Mother.

    “When you ain’t got nothing, you got nothing to lose”. Extremist anti-civil rights bigots like this are reveling in their new found freedom. They openly call for the elimination of 2nd amendment rights precisely because they have no political power. They no longer get invitations to the White House for photo ops, the grass roots movement they attempted to manufacture is non-existent and they are toxic to the democrats running for re election next year.

  30. The Nation is a communist rag.
    People used to denounce communism for what it is and has done. Hopefully such clarity will return to our discourse.


    I can spout stupid and dangerous shit too. Here:

    It’s time to arrest and jail George Zornick and his family and friends. His assets need to be seized and distributed or destroyed. People need to wonder where he (and every notice of him, and his) went. People need to speak in whispers and hushed tones, with furtive glances, when they refer to him. When he and his eventually pass from this short, bleak, and tortured, life, no record of where they are reposed should be found.

    And, if that MF has any ‘guns’ whatsoever, he deserves to be beaten half a day with a wet flip-flop.

  32. “Three percent of Americans already own 50 percent of the guns.”

    Does he have a source for that claim? Unless he is counting Trump in that 3% and including the guns owned as being commander of the military there is no way that claim is true.

    • I have seen that several times…
      I own about 60 guns…
      Some folks own MANY more…like Charlton Heston…he had hundreds, if not 1,000 or more.
      3% of 100M is 3M gun owners…those top 3M may indeed own 150M-200M guns…easily


    Forgot about the Slippery Slope already, no? And maybe the enjoinder of G. Santayanna, who truly outdid EVERYTHING the doomsayers & conspiracy theorists when he penned: “He who does not remember the past is condemned to repeat it”? Remember Prohibition? (Or at least the chapter on it in your history book?) It was supposed to prevent drunkenness and crime…and exacerbated it no end instead.

    What about us COLLECTORS, the folks who prize the history, design and mechanical beauty of these firearms…even the usually-maligned “Black Rifle”?!? Why must you punish the responsible amongst us for the actions of a looney-toon few? The FURTHEST I could/would DARE contemplate ANY regulation is the possibility of limiting how many WHOLE GUNS one could purchase in a proscribed period of time, but what good would THAT do? SERIOUSLY?!??!?!???

    I’m ordering some of their product as soon as I’m done with writing this, but check out the hilarious “infomercial” on the site for Black Rifle Coffee Company! You couldn’t portray the anti-gun libtards and hoplophobes better than they have!!!

  34. Once again we have a prime example of why we need more Ghost Gunner and other such projects. The left and the RINOs will never be be satisfied with the ground you give up.

    As far as I’m concerned it’s time to take that hill and dig in and make it too hard for them to ever dig us out again. Make as many high quality arms off the books as you can get. And even more make that the tooling and gear to keep making them if the conventional supply dries up.

  35. Homeboy only used 1 or 2 guns at most in the shooting. The number of guns he had (orgy of evidence?) up there, not being used, is entirely immaterial. But those gun-control types are incapable of logic. Nothing new there.

  36. I don’t see how the number of firearms he purchased had an impact on what it was that he did. This crime was planned out far in advance and he would have tried it regardless of the number of firearms he was allowed to purchase over any period of time.

    Nevertheless, this is punishing the innocent for the actions of the guilty wicked. Two good reasons that a law like this is ridiculous. All it does is infringe on good people’s freedom, whether or not we would ever even exercise that ability is not even the point (hell, wish I had the means to buy 33 guns in a year).

    • I don’t see how the number of firearms he purchased had an impact on what it was that he did.

      Well, one way to look at it: the number of rifles that he had, and the number with bump-fire stocks attached (all/most of which were reportedly found to be jammed), points to the lack of efficacy of bump-fire stocks in creating a sustained rate of fire that emulates fully automatic rifles – and the inherent lack of design of semi-automatic rifles to be used in a manner that emulates a fully automatic rifles.

  37. LV-guy had bacon and eggs for breakfast at least half the time for the year before his massacre, including that morning.

    Ban the bacon!

  38. He may have skipped class when they covered 2A infringement. You’re not supposed to admit that you want to reduce the number of guns Americans legally own. Remember, the catch phrase is “Nobody wants to take away your guns.”

    You certainly don’t want to offer registration as a means of this reduction. Stick to the script; don’t be a hero. The catch phrase is “Registration only provides law enforcement with a means of solving crimes.”

    If you get these wrong, you risk tipping off gun owners that you intend to use registration as part of your gun confiscation scheme.

  39. the day that democrats get on board with making most ABORTIONS illegal (2700+ a day) and limit how many a woman can have is the day ill start considering the same thing about guns

    guns kill in a year what abortion does in about 12 days

    im not moving one iota on anything gun related until the democrats do likewise on abortion

    oh yeah and ill sleep like a baby doing so because i know the facts



    the people were up against on this issue of guns are the same people that are ok with the death of FIFTY MILLION BABIES

    we have the moral high ground on not only this but every other issue as well

    its high time we started acting like it

    or next time it will be 5 guys in the woods with bolt guns and scopes picking off old folks at a home or kids at a school and then there will be calls to ban any gun thats too accurate and then the same guys who are rolling over now about bump stocks now will be lining up to do the same thing about that

    this is an existential fight the democrats are fighting with us we better serious up fast

  40. action on reducing the number and kinds of weapons that Americans can possess. Creating a nationwide registry of gun owners and their firearms would be a start, along with enacting federal laws that prohibit more than one handgun purchase per month . . .

    Finally. The meat of the conversation. What I can and can’t have.

  41. Know your place, goyim. G-d created you to be our slaves. Set one toe out of line, and we’ll kill you and get away with it like the swine on the USS Liberty.

  42. It would behoove everyone to note who these people are, especially in their local communities.

  43. “…is a good start…” ranks right up there with “I’m from the government and I’m here to help…” as an indicator of someone to run away from screaming.

  44. What they are saying…
    We’ve got to do something about te security of a free state, we’ve got to get rid of those people who might become a militia to oppose tyranny.
    But won’t say.

  45. Is this guy from IMI Systems? The Israeli company? The people I occasionally buy ammo from? WTF!

    • No, IMI Systems is the sponsor of the daily post “Quote of the Day.” Like Vedder Holsters is the sponsor of the Daily Digest.

  46. On “The Nation” site, following the story, one of the commenters (a Francis Szot) proclaimed that our “Techno-Barbaric society” would say a “casual” yes to private ownership of a 50mm semi-automatic rifle. I want one of those 50mm rifles! I would settle for an interrupted bolt action 50mm rifle. My only question is whether any army base would let me use their arty range to fire it.

    Seriously, the comments on sites like “The Nation” really do demonstrate the ignorance of the anti-gun movement. It is sad that so many of the ignorant antagonists are members of the US House or Senate.

  47. Cars kill more folks then guns so put the bill together to ban cars and guns. You cannot own either. This will help the liberals with climate control and show conservatives that there is no hypocrisy in the gun/car control bill. Saving lives is the only thing we are concerned with, right? Ban the assisted suicide laws in those liberal states also. Why should it be illegal for a suicidal person to shoot themselves when we are allowing doctors to do it for them. In fact, if we keep end up keeping cars nd guns, and restrict the amount of ammo a firearm can hold, lets reduce cars to one cylinder engines that only go a max of 25 mph. That way we can again show that we are not hypocrites with the gun measures.

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