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“The sheriff leading the investigation into the Las Vegas shooting believes the gunman was not acting alone and that he most likely had an accomplice,” reports. “Speaking to reporters on Wednesday afternoon, sheriff Joseph Lombardo said ‘he had to have some help.'” After dropping that bombshell, Sheriff Lombardo admitted . . .

that his investigators didn’t have any other suspects in the Mandalay Bay mass murder. That said, his employees were “determined to find out if there was.”

Wait. What? Does the Sheriff think spree killer Stephen Paddock had an accomplice or not? As some South Africans say, ja nee (yes no).

“You look at the weapon obtaining, the different amounts of Tannerite [explosives] available, do you think this was all accomplished on his own?

“On face value, you’ve got to make the assumption he had to have some help at some point, and we want to ensure that that’s the answer.”

He wants to ensure that’s the answer? Doesn’t the SHeriff mean he wants to ensure that’s not the answer? Let’s assume the lawman misspoke about making the evidence fit a conclusion, shall we?

But no matter how you slice it, Sheriff Lombardo’s speculation places doubt on the official characterization of the homicidal maniac as a “lone wolf.” Based on . . .

In explaining his theory, the sheriff mentioned Mr Paddock’s arsenal of 47 guns and a “plethora” of ammunition, plus his two Nevada residences. He also made mention of his girlfriend, former Australian resident Marilou Danley, who has been named as a “person of interest” in the investigation.

“Maybe he’s a super guy that was working this all out on his own, but it would be hard for me to believe that,” the sheriff said.

“Here’s the reason why: Put two and two together. Another residence in Reno with several firearms, electronics and everything else associated with large amounts of ammo, a place in Mesquite, we know that he had a girlfriend. Do you think this is all self-facing? An individual, without talking to somebody, just sequestered among themselves? I mean, come on folks.”

Come on sir! How about you simply follow the evidence and stay stum before reaching an official conclusion?

You don’t have to sit next to Alex Jones for an hour to know that this kind of speculation gives credence to all kinds of conspiracy theories, from ISIS inspiration to an Antifa plot.

What we need is the truth. Which we may never know. But official speculation based on a “common sense,” rather than cold, hard facts, isn’t helpful.

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  1. My money is still on some alt-left association. Betcha his suicide note will shed some light on the issue.

    • I think antifa is probably the 2nd most likely motive, after being just crazy.

      But if he is a left winger, for as meticulously planned as this appears to be, I wouldn’t bet on his suicide note clarifying that fact. If anything I almost expect it to say the opposite.

      • Antifa, perhaps.

        Over a month ago, strych9 made a prophetic statement:
        ” It’s not a long jump from “punch a Nazi” to “shoot a Fascist”. So, for me, alarm bells are ringing. “

      • Crazy doesn’t track. It’s hard to be both crazy enough to do something like this while being clear minded enough to do the meticulous planning necessary to pull it off. In addition, the timing of his gun purchases is interesting. He started binge buying after Trump was in office, while everyone else took a step back breathing a sigh of relief. It smells like ANTIFA shooting “fascists”. Someone like that thinks he’s a revolutionary. He’s not going to try to hide the motivation for his glorious jihad. I smell a team effort where his accomplices chickened out at the last minute. The reports of a woman screaming “you’re all going to die” 45 minutes before he opened fire are telling.

        • I beg to differ. My maternal grandmother covered up the fact that she was a dangerous lunatic until she was 78.

          Later we realized that she’d been a nutbar since my mother was a child and probably had been nuts before that.

          Smart people can cover up a lot of crazy.

        • “Smart people can cover up a lot of crazy.”

          Unfortunately, I gotta agree on that one. It can be a very fuzzy area between wicked smart and bat-shit crazy.

          And remember, Strych, some of her DNA is in *you*.

          You have any brothers-sisters? Notice anything odd in them?

        • Due to my mother’s medical issues with hypertension I’m an only child.

          I’ve been evaluated mutliple times for multiple reasons with no findings of instability but those reports contain phrases like “martial arts interest suggests capacity for violence… ruthless… highly intelligent… capable of acting without empathy… extremely logical, may ignore emotion… tendency to react quickly under stress… reactions may be inappropriate or overly aggressive… doesn’t always consider the needs of others” etc etc.

          I try to keep an eye on myself because of that. While I have no problems “thinking like a BG” the day I start thinking those ideas are good ideas is probably the day I either turn myself in to mental health or just save us all a lot of time and eat a bullet.

        • strych9, I think you’re right. We probably would have a good time.

          (Re: I’ve been evaluated mutliple times for multiple reasons with no findings of instability but those reports contain phrases like “martial arts interest suggests capacity for violence… ruthless… highly intelligent… capable of acting without empathy… extremely logical, may ignore emotion… tendency to react quickly under stress… reactions may be inappropriate or overly aggressive… doesn’t always consider the needs of others”)

        • “I’ve been evaluated mutliple times for multiple reasons…”

          Why… am I not surprised? 🙂

          *Fist-Bump* & *Snicker*

        • You’ve obviously never heard the joke about the guy with a flat tire outside the insane asylum.
          While he’s changing the tire, a semi sped by, lifting the hub cap in which he’d put the lug nuts, strewing them into the weeds, where he knew he’d never find them.
          One of the inmates saw him, and said, “Take a nut off each of the other wheels, and use them to hold the spare on the car long enough to get to a parts store.”
          The guy looked at the inmate and said, “How did you figure that out?”
          To which the inmate said, “I’m crazy, not stupid.”

          People who are criminally insane are often able to pass among us undetected.

        • I don’t know how “meticulous” the planning was. After all, it never occurred to him that all that gunsmoke would set off the room’s smoke detector and reveal his location? He made no effort to disable it or prevent smoke from reaching it.

          Aside from that, the bulk of his planning was to roll up with numerous suitcases for one person (a huge potential red flag, if anyone cared to notice) full of guns and ammo, then to post a few remote cameras. Big whoop. That reflects about 60 seconds of thinking.

          Finally, there are different types of “crazy”, many of which are unrelated to someone’s capacity for planning, but that can still grossly distort one’s weltanschauung.

      • The record-holding mass shooting by an individual was committed by a Right Winger who hated Liberals and, as a result, set out to murder Liberals and the teenage children of Liberals.

        These shooting attacks, outside of the religiously motivated attacks by Muslims, are most often committed by individuals on the political right of the spectrum.

        The Lafayette movie theater shooter was a politically Conservative individual. So was the guy who shot up the church in TN that performed gay marriages. The GOP baseball practice shooter was a Liberal. But that is less often the case. And he wasn’t “Antifa”.

        Radical Islamist terrorists are on the Right of the political spectrum, btw. They are extremely socially conservative. They hate liberalism, Feminism, and homosexuality.

        • Usually don’t waste my time pointing out the obvious but it seems you have come to a pro 2nd Amendment with an agenda….

          *Registered Democrats*

          Orlando Shooter
          Charleston Church Shooter
          Ft. Hood Shooter
          Columbine Shooters (All parents)
          Virginia Tech Shooter
          Colorado Theater Shooter
          Connecticut School Shooter
          Congresswoman Cathy Giffford’s Shooter
          Last but not least, the Congressional Baseball game shooter was definitely targeting Republicans

          Some would suggest we do need gun control for Democrats but people around here are smart enough to know that it would not stop there.

        • Actually you’re dead wrong, the worst mass murderers(s) in history were the furthest left you can be Stalin, Mao, their henchmen and obviously Hitler who was the leader of the national socialists party.

          They shot, hung, burned, gassed, starved, tortured, worked more people to death than you can imagine. BTW Lenin hung more innocent people that opposed his politics than all the ‘right wing’ shooters you can list combined

        • For a lot of reasons, I have stopped thinking of politics being divided by left and right. Violence will most often come from those that are on the bigger government/more control over humanity side of things. There are exceptions of course.

      • First off, quit jumping to conclusions that conveniently fit your world view and politics without direct evidence. Second, given Antifa is pretty much a college age movement popular among people eating Ramen everyday because they are broke and aimed at far right groups like neo-Nazis, I find it very hard to believe an wealthy 64 year old man opened fire on a crowd at a music festival based on an Antifa connection.

        Finally, I’m sure there were plenty of liberals and moderates at the concert. While the majority of country fans are conservative, lots of Democrats are big fans too. Everyone in my family probably voted for Hillary. They all spent a good chunk of their summer going to see country and classic rock bands. This is pretty typical in the rural Midwest where the population is generally majority Republican but the remainder is still about 40% Democrats (that is based on actual data from the 2016 election).

        • Antifa is …aimed at far right groups like neo-Nazis,

          That was fun.
          Tell me another one before I stop laughing in another five to ten minutes…
          Or maybe we can just compile a list of the far right extremist groups they’re pitting themselves against:
          1. Trump voters.

        • “popular among people eating Ramen everyday because they are broke”

          Actually, a lot of those kids are from wealthy families (remember Bill Ayers?) and, to them, Antifa events are like travel vacations are to normal people. They do it for fun, camaraderie, sex, lulz, thrills, and to preen their virtue. Most of them are dumber than posts, and their “beliefs” are just echoes of what their peers “believe.”

    • I haven’t seen from any source that he left any note or even an electronic footprint on the internet. If there is a “note” (and if there is evidence of an accomplice) then it will be on the videos he shot while committing his crime. I don’t get the Sheriff’s thing with the three houses. The guy was a multimillionaire. He was a gambler. One house was in Reno, one in a new retirement community (where there used to be casinos before the last recession), and one house was in Florida where he has family. That all seems pretty normal to me. He was a rich guy, and there is no limit in Nevada–or even California for that matter–as to how many rifles you can buy at one time or per month or anything. So he bought one gun a month for the last year–ok, how many people on this forum do (or have done) the same?

      Now I did here that NPR reported that he’d recently visited Dubai, and they were trying to make something of that, but to me, if a guy wasn’t terribly religious, a short visit to a gambling mecca in the desert isn’t enough time for a revelation and an impulse to become a warrior for Allah. Just not buying it.

      And by the way, the girlfriend was worried that his $100,000 gift was a nice way of breaking up with her. (Well, it was a sign of the impending end of their relationship, but for different reasons.) She had no clue what he was up to.

  2. Wow. Well. Regardless if there was a conspiracy or not… the cats out of the bag now. Law enforcement making unsubstantiated claims like this is REALLY bad. Everyone needs to keep in mind that there’s some real sick fuckers in this world, who do the evil things they do for no other reason than they simply want to. Personal amusement. It’s very possible the guy mowed down hundreds because he’s always had a fantasy of doing so, regardless of politics. Same with rapists, child molesters, and serial killers. There’s no goal. No political motivation. No desired outcome other than filling some deep, dark hole in the very pit of these demented people’s soul.

  3. I’m willing to say the sheriff misspoke. He clearly hasn’t been getting much sleep.

    As for the accomplice, he seems to have actually had some form of tactical awareness most mass-shooters (even the Fort Hood one, the only one who we know was trained in firefight tactics or had professional firearms training to any degree) have obviously lacked. The contrast between him choosing an elevated position and using a bipod (so either prone or bench) and utter lack of planning in even long-term premeditated attacks like the Virginia shooting (standing position in an open field allowed him to get pinned down and shot with a handgun). If this was just him being smarter (he was a great deal richer) or if he was trained by ISIS is still up in the air.

    • “in even long-term premeditated attacks” – Most mass shooters planned their attacks well in advance.

  4. He is ISIS or ISIS set him up broke in his room did the shooting then made him look like he offed himself after the shooting and left during the hour it took swat to get there.

    • Your evidence?

      Not saying it didn’t happen that way, but all else being equal Occam’s Razor suggests otherwise.

      • The crime scene photos are suspicious. There are four pristine 5.56 casings lying in the pool of blood from his “suicide”. Blood spatter doesn’t work that way. In additon, there’s an AR proped on a bipod over his leg. Against not consistent with somebody who died from a self-inflicted GSW

        • Here’s more gas for the fire. In all the online photos originally released (the older one) paddock has the number 13 tattooed on his neck. Look at his death photo, no tattoo…

    • So I guess that explains the videos he shot of himself shooting out of the windows…And you blood spatter argument is specious. Large pools of blood form under bodies after they are shot; the blood spatter may have been on a wall you did not see. And the rifle? Who knows. Again, maybe his videos will show “the moment of truth.” On the down side, I don’t thnk they will be releasing those to the public any time in the near future.

      • The way the body is positioned. Any blood spatter would be visible and some would be on the casings. Instead, they are pristine. Again, not consistent.

        • I’ve seen them. You can see the spatter trail from the alleged suicide weapon to the body. The casings should have blood on them, I don’t see any.

      • The casings could have been moved around be the feet of the swat team that entered the room. If he had been dead for the hour he was no longer firing then the pool could maybe be dry enough that the casings didn’t pick up any blood when they rolled into it.

    • This is the stupidest fucking conspiracy theory ever. When has ISIS tried to cover up their atrocities? They post beheadings and immolations on youtube. If they did this there would already be videos online of them pulling the trigger. The ONLY source of power is fear through heinous acts, if they setup a patsy they’re throwing that all away and gaining nothing through this.

      • ISIS is already claiming credit, which the FBI is calling BS. ISIS would want the evidence that they were responsible. They’d have the ahole make a confession video beforehand that they would post later with their claim of responsibility.

  5. If he is as rich as I’ve read, he could have bought all that stuff in a day or two. Not a problem.
    I negotiated an estate sale that had 57 guns in it. 2 hours, start to finish.

    • Agreed … and for the rest of it, in our Amazon-trained society, you can get most anything to your door in a couple-three days.

      • The real tell here is the Mandalay Security Guard who was shot as he came out of the stairwell on the 32nd floor, from a room down the hall.
        How can one man be shooting out the window at the crowd AND watching his six down the hallway at the same time? /sarc/ Did he have an extra pair of hands and eyes on tentacles or something? /sarc off/

        • No, but he did have a camera set up in the hall that he could remotely monitor from the room. (Jeez people, is this the best you can do?)

        • He ordered room service and when they left the cart there, he hid a camera in it and put the cart in the hall…

  6. Wow, this is a hard one to comment on, let alone to think about. However… What he did, didn’t sound like it required a lot of training or hard-to-acquire skills, just forethought and intent. Fundamentally he went after a soft target from an unguarded position.

    I won’t comment on the quantity of guns and ammo, or how he got them into his room, except to say he probably didn’t buy them using cash below a bridge somewhere, and he also likely didn’t get them into his room by rappelling up the side of the building. No need for a second person there.

    For the rest of it, compared to other relatively recent terror attacks, well … all this shows is that this is someone who didn’t rely on TV physics and “strategies” from “NCIS Los Angeles” but did study the police response to recent events (e.g. Pulse debacle). And let’s face it, the hard part for something like this would have been the exfil plan, which it seems he didn’t want to have.

    This could very very easily be one guy. What he did was … audacious, I suppose is the best word, but I don’t want to imply any admiration whatsoever … but not especially hard to implement once he settled on it. No, for most people the hard part would be getting to the point where you make the decision to do something this execrable.

    • Very, very, DIFFICULT for this to be done by one man.
      A Mandalay Bay Security Guard was shot as he came out of the stairwell on the 32nd floor, from a room down the hall.
      How can one man be shooting out the window at the crowd AND watching his six down the hallway at the same time?

      • My theory is that the security guard hit the team as they exfilled. By the time SWAT got there, the shooter was already dead.

      • The security guard did not come out of the stairwell. The shooter had blocked the door of the stairwell, so the guard had to take the elevator. The shooter saw him approaching down the hall via the Webcam he had placed outside the door. He shot through the door and hit the guard, who then radioed for help. When the cops showed up a few minutes later, the shooter fired 200 rounds through the door at the cops. The shooting then stopped, so the cops waited until SWAT arrived an hour later to breach the door. Doesn’t require but one homicidal maniac if you follow the developing story.

  7. By his own words and the way he is dancing around questions and obliquely answering some of them, the sheriff is clearly holding back a lot of information. He seems to deliberately saying things by not saying them, and implying that they already know about his motives, affiliations, and accomplices (if he had any). He may have acted alone on Sunday night, but I don’t believe he was a “lone wolf”.

  8. By his own words and the way he is dancing around questions and obliquely answering some of them, the sheriff is clearly holding back a lot of information. He seems to deliberately saying things by not saying them, and implying that they already know about his motives, affiliations, and accomplices (if he had any). He may have acted alone on Sunday night, but I don’t believe he was a “lone wolf”.

  9. Come on ! This incident reaks of a conspiracy theory ! More questions than answers! And it just so happens that this event has polarized the Civil Disarmament franchise leading the way to continue dismantling the 2nd amendment! Thanks to this incident, It has been gaining a new follow of low information voters to help strip themselves, and others of Our Liberties ! By mob rule, and knee-jerk reactionaries! This is like inviting the Chinese government over to take Government control and cure us all our evil capitalist ways! No! There is something wrong with this event from the get-go! I say, “The Deep State…” It’s Definitely aimed at moving along Globalist Agendas to Collapse our Bill of Rights….I certainly haven’t seen any President Trumps 2nd amendment reform In my state…And after this incident, Our state “Liberal representatives” , knowing What’s good for us “citizens” will move forward with more restrictions to curtail 2nd amendment liberties! Coincidence, I bet NOT!

  10. Having seen one of the clips, it wouldn’t surprjse me. It definitely sounded like two different guns were being fired at the same time, so either A) there was an accomplice or B) he was firing two rifles at the same time (since one was probably a bumpfire, I find this scenario dubious)

    • The sound is the echo from the bursts. The pitch is distorted, but the pacing is identical. He’s basically shooting into an artificial canyon. However, that doesn’t preclude a team effort to set up the event.

    • Just the ones I don’t think anyone would argue with, though admittedly without looking into it: 3, 7, 16, 19, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 27. There are more I would argue haven’t been “infringed,” but others might.

  11. Fact: Paddock had a sizable bank account (at one time). This allowed him to purchase his homes, guns, ammo, range time to practice, and other various things.

    Fact: Paddock didn’t do this because he “snapped”. This attack took extensive planning, work, and resources (see above). He had to have been planning this for months, perhaps he thought about this style of attack for years waiting for the right time and venue. People think of bad things they could do. This disturbed person PLANNED HOW TO DO IT.

    Fact: Given the amount of work needed to facilitate his plan and that the longer it took to set it up meant a greater chance of getting caught, it is not unreasonable to think that he may have been aided in some way to carry out this attack.

    Fact: There are groups in the US that hate people they disagree with. Some have even resorted to violence, some of the violent ones have been caught, some haven’t even been detained. If you get away with something you enjoy doing, chances are you’ll do it again, Antifa has gotten away with a lot of violent assaults. Is it unreasonable to speculatate Paddock could have had sympathies for left wing causes and decided to ask for assistance?

    • FACT: Steve Paddock owned a hat shaped like a vagina and wore it to various far-left rallies and carried signs protesting President Trump.

      FACT: Steve Paddock did convert to Islam before going on his rampage.

      Take a wild guess as to why he decided to target a country music concert?

      • Him converting to Islam isn’t even remotely fact. The only support for that is a claim by ISIS, who have a history of claiming anything and everything that makes them look dangerous or powerful. While possible, there is currently zero corroborating evidence so far.

  12. I don’t buy the lone gunman scenario BUT it’s not hard to educate yourself nowadaze. Internet how-to,Darkweb and who knows what. I’m also of a quite similar age as the alleged shooter AND pretty much everything I know about guns and shooting I got from reading-books,magazines and interwebz. It helps to be OCD. It REALLY helps to be rich!!!

  13. I like Serge’s idea that the shooter bought more guns expecting accomplices who chickened out at the last minute.

    That said, the shooter was smarter than most of the population (a retired accountant with millions in the bank who ran his gambling like a business and made money doing it), so it is within the realm of possibility that he planned his crime on his own, practiced for it, and committed it without outside help. Just because the sheriff isn’t smart enough to do it doesn’t mean others are not. In fact, reading that he had tannerite, I’m surprised he didn”t park his car in the area the people would funnel to. Several hundred pounds of tannerite in a car would have killed way more people.

    • Where is the broken window on that second floor?

      Is the second floor high enough to shoot over trees, trucks, canopies, and other obstacles?

  14. I do definitely think there’s more to the story than we know. 64 years old, never any incident, no political or religious ties, no motive at all?

    Sometimes people are just plain crazy, but usually there’s some sign of it.

  15. One thing I’ve learned from a career in R&D is to try to keep an open mind while gathering facts. A pre-existing bias can lead to an incorrect conclusion.

    Another thing is to try to disprove your conclusion after you formed it. Make a strong effort to find alternate explanations, and see what fits the facts better. If you do that well, you either wind up with a much stronger case for your conclusion, you realize you were wrong, or you realize you can’t say for sure with what you know.

    All I’m saying is, keep an open mind until we know more. Given what it might mean if there were accomplices, it’s important to be sure.

  16. Here’s a way to tell if there was a 2nd shooter. There are videos of the shooting, aren’t there? Are there muzzle flashes coming from both windows at the same time?

    • A cell phone camera in low light has crappy resolution and a lot of digital noise. And the guy was probably back a couple of feet from the window. Which would restrict his field of fire, and in part explains why he broke 2 windows around the corner. I think it’s highly unlikely that a cell phone camera would pick up muzzle flashes from 500 yards.

  17. A man without a father due to him being a bank robber and general bad guy, doesn’t have a relationship with some of his brothers because of abuse and personality differences, divorced 2 times, no kids, appears not to have any friends, essentially pays for companionship, lives secluded most of the time, was on drugs, seems not to have much of a relationship with his other family members who he funds.

    He seems like a guy who could easily be disgruntled about how his life turned out. There are stories of him being controlling of the people he gives money to. His brother says he didn’t love his life as a gambler. He had to live in Nevada to make money for his family so they could be successful.

    Did he really end up hating his life in Nevada to the point he wanted to kill those who enjoy coming to Vegas?

    Was he an evil genius? Some kind of Army of One? A maniacal man who wanted to spark a political frenzy in a divided country as his last major success?

    Buy a lot of 100 round Surefire mags, a dozen bump fire stocks for “full auto,” bipods, red dots, scopes, flash hiders, muzzle brakes, numerous scary black rifles, pounds of tannerite, thousands of rounds, etc. He forgot the suppressor — maybe he didn’t have the time to wait for the paper work. He already had 40 something guns yet he bought one more black rifle the day he checked into the hotel. He also left 50 pounds of tannerite in his car.

  18. They’ve had days to review surveillance footage. Vegas hotels are some of the most camera-ridden places on earth. If he had accomplice, they sure as f**k know it by now, and not just because of the sheer volume of gear.

  19. The Sheriff has a problem. It is called the media. The other politicians don’t exactly help, either. He has to feed the 24 hour news cycle or else the media and people from whatever political party is his opponent will jump on him as incompetent or managing a cover-up. He also has a media mole in his employ i.e. whoever allowed the Bild photographer into the crime scene. This is a serious problem in the investigation of all major crimes.

    I would love this to be an Antifa conspiracy, but sadly, it may be that a deranged but highly intelligent nut was able to plan and execute the crime himself. The nutcase in Aurora was no less audacious and intelligent, just a lot more crazy and unable to control it toward the end. Fortunately he did not bring bombs or, I hate to say it, a bumpfire weapon to the theater, another perfect soft target where the shooter had all the advantages and spray and pray would have been even more effective at the shorter distances. He did have his apartment rigged with explosives. The nutcase DC snipers eluded the police for weeks, and as I recall the victims were chosen deliberately to throw the police off track. If the guy had not fallen asleep at the rest stop and gotten out of the area, those crimes might never have been solved, and he would have been off on another spree elsewhere.

  20. as Jeff said I’m surprised that anyone can make $9248 in four weeks on the computer . you
    see more…

  21. so many people fall victim to The Appeal To Common Sense logical fallacy. i guess its hard not to sometimes.

  22. I guess there’s no IQ test to become a county sheriff, eh?

    First off, if there was an accomplice at the hotel at any time, he wouldn’t need to speculate, because they would have video footage. Vegas hotels have security cameras EVERYWHERE.

    Secondly, a rich guy owning two houses is evidence of an accomplice in the shooting? What the goddamn fuck kind of logic is that? And it doesn’t take a team of people to buy a lot of guns and ammo. If I had the money, I could go buy 47 guns in one day if I wanted to.

    It’s entirely possible that this shithead had help. But nothing that idiot sheriff said is evidence of that.

  23. If you were planning a mass shooting as what happened on your own, would you take 19 guns with you? That’s unless you have some accomplices that are coming to join you who may for one reason or another, not been able to make it.

    • Where would you draw the line? Maybe that’s how many he could fit into 2 big suitcases.

      Maybe HE’S the accomplice and the real shooter got away?

  24. What I find mind boggling about this event is the slow response and the lack of a counter sniper over watch by law enforcement after a credible threat to The Strip was made by ISIS. That threat could well have planted a seed.
    My gut reaction to this whole event is some degree of skepticism.
    Why would a multimillionaire spend thousands and amass a bunch of guns and ammo to commit this act when he already owned two airplanes.
    From McCarren airport, the Strip is visible and all he would need to do is take his plane off, bank onto the Strip and corkscrew into the crowd.
    It’s a good thing he had easy access to guns or the death toll could have jumped into the thousands.
    No, better to get that pesky 2nd amendment out of the way before we then throw up our hands and say ” we have to get used to certain level of violent terrorism” like mayor Khan of London recently declared.
    This is a convenient and excellently timed event that is evolved into a major political vehicle. It’s a good thing I don’t believe in conspiracy theories. Or coincidences.

    • I can imagine that this event and tragedy would greatly degrade police and emergency response times. And how many sniper teams would you have to deploy to cover all of Las Vegas strip? That alone would take dozens of people, at an astronomical cost. You would have to cover the whole strip too, because there’s something going on there all the time that would be attractive to terrorists. If you had only a few sniper teams, you’d have a whole department committed to covering all the different events at all the different places, and still fail to stop all of the bad guys. I’m not convinced that more police is the solution here. Perhaps each hotel should have some personnel on staff to counter this type of threat.

      “Why would a multimillionaire spend thousands and amass a bunch of guns and ammo to commit this act when he already owned two airplanes.”

      My response. Probably because he planned on using one or both airplanes to escape. Maybe the thought of crashing the airplane into the crowd was too “personal” or intimate, meaning he’d have to get too close to his victims. Maybe the airplanes were grounded for repairs, or were in use by someone at the time. Maybe his goal wasn’t to kill the maximum amount of people, but to terrorize/frighten the maximum number of people. Maybe he didn’t think he could go through with crashing on purpose. Who knows what his reasoning was?

  25. Paddock might — might — have had help, and if — if — he did the helper could have been completely innocent of any wrongdoing. He or she could have been just a dupe. That’s happened before.

    Or Paddock may have acted completely on his own. A determined man with no regard for life can cause a lot of harm with no help at all.

  26. It’s not that hard to carry up several firearms, and ammunition at one time in luggage especially if you’re using a cart.
    Maybe they know something they’re not telling us?

  27. One man couldn’t do all this himself? Why not? Seems rather simple too me, albeit time consuming. Paddock had plenty of money, appeared to be mobile and he took a long time to prepare (to include several days of moving weapons/ammo into his hotel room. As for the actual shooting again, not very difficult for someone somewhat experienced with firing the AR15 – rather like shooting ducks in a pond – a very big pond with a whole lot of ducks crammed in together. Pretty simple. I don’t mean to take away from the horror of this act – I merely mean to demonstrate it wasn’t as difficult as the sheriff seems to think – I don’t agree that there must be an accomplice.

    This was the most horrific mass shooting in US history and Paddock was CLEARLY mentally whacko. I predict he’ll be found to have a brain tumor or he was a far left anti-gun nut who martyred himself for their cause OR he was both. Maybe he DID convert to Islam and pledged allegiance to ISIS. I bet his suicide note reveals some clues. Regardless, I feel awful for the victims and the families of the victims of this homicidal maniac. I wish Paddock had been caught before this happened and none of those fine people had been killed or wounded. But let’s not exact typical punishment on law abiding gun owners by punishing everyone for the acts of one OR by overreacting, which is also typical of politicians after an event like this. Let ATF do its job – personally, I was shocked that they didn’t regulate bumpfire stocks – who in the hell uses bumpfire anyway? We don’t need new laws to regulate firearms – enforce the ones on the books. No doubt bumpfire stocks will disappear and become NFA items very soon.

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