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Slide Fire’s home page tells the tale. The company has suspended sales of their bump fire stock. There’s little to no doubt that they’ve done so due to demand outpacing supply, rather than any moral or political consideration. Given legislative support for a federal ban on the devices (next article) . . .

the company is racing against the clock before they’re out of business, bump fire stock-wise. Time is also running out for Americans hoping to buy a bump fire stock before Uncle Sam wields the ban hammer.

More worrying for those gun owners: Senator Feinstein’s bill would outlaw possession of a bump fire stock. If they go for it, Congress isn’t likely to amend the bill to restrict it to sales of new bump fire stocks. So . . .

Would the feds demand Slide Fire and other bump fire manufacturer’s customer records and send owners letters/emails demanding surrender of their privately-held personal property?

In that case, would Uncle Sam abide from the Fifth Amendment’s “takings clause” and pay for the confiscation and [presumed] destruction of bump stocks? Would that set a precedent for a taxpayer-funded federal “gun buyback”?

It may get even worse . . .

I know it sounds crazy, but the FBI could decide that ownership of a bump fire stock is sufficient cause to launch an investigation. Crazier still, our good friends at the ATF might consider a bump fire stock dangerous enough warrant a no-knock raid.

Watch this space.

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      • Amen brother. This Ryan character he’s a real asshat. And what’s up with Trump? Where is all the pro Second Amendment stuff he promised us at the NRA convention?

        • Wait, did you think the pathological liar who supported gun control up until he decided to run as a Republican actually cared about your Second Amendment rights? Bruh.

  1. They’re really going to ban physics? With all the DIY and no tools needed bump methods out there this is absurd to the highest order.

  2. Hopefully the proposed measure won’t pass. Gun control votes are usually on party lines, and most Reps in the house have “R” next to their name.

    However, I’m still writing my congressmen to oppose any and all gun control bills.

    Banning such a device is a JOKE. They are ridiculously easy to make with common hardware store materials.

    • Apparently at least a few Republicans in Congress have already come out in favor of banning them. The sad thing is, they’ll still get re-elected.

    • It really needs to be pointed out that the use of those bumpfire stocks prevented the use of the telescopic sights that were mounted on the same rifles. Why the focus on the bumpfires? The optics can be used to improve the accuracy of the rifles, enabling someone to put a bullet through a persons head from hundreds of yards away.

  3. Own a 3D printer or have a friend who does?
    Grab this quick before thingiverse deletes it.
    It’s small and is fairly quick to print and actually worked when I tried it.
    I have no need to run through ammo that fast so it was given away afterwards. Make sure to read the comments so you see how to use it.

    • I have a 3D printer, but I wouldn’t recommend doing this. I’ve toyed with the idea of 3D printed shockwave brace before and I ultimately decided that it wasn’t worth the risk since it doesn’t have an official ATF letter saying it’s legal. Any LEO can look at and claim it’s a stock, and you’d have an uphill battle to defend yourself without a letter.

      I would feel the same way about any bumpfire accessory. Especially considering what just happened. No local LEO is going to care what constitutes an automatic weapon, they will show up ready to party because someone called in automatic weapons fire, and when they see that the gun has been modified they will arrest you on the spot. Even though we should be able to point at the law and say, “see, this is legal” there’s no guarantee that a prosecutor or judge are going to agree, especially if it’s an election year and they want to appear tough on “gun nuts” in their community.

        • That’s different, maybe not to you and me, but to them that’s taking an affirmative action to modify the weapon with an additional part to simulate automatic fire. Without an ATF letter to defend you, local courts can interpret the law anyway they want. For now, it’s safer to use your belt loop.

      • Not so JOELT1.

        The ATF reviewed the bump stocjk and issued an opinion that it was not covered under any act for reporting/taxation or control.

        Largely centered around no mechanical function of its own, no internal moving parts, and no universal fit. And the gun alone cannot , in concert with the bump-stock, create an auto fire situation (needs a HUMAN)

        So this is one on the few times your fears are unfounded. As to the merit of owning one. Burning up 20-100 rounds in a mostly inaccurate fashion provides a thrill in direct inverse proportion to your AMMO bank account.

        And you could replicate one in 3D any time you want–legally as of today.

      • Also, if a Feinstein’s bill does go into effect, there is a chance that it could be considered a taking under the Constitution in which you are entitled to fair compensation for the item. They’re going on gun broker for a several hundred dollars right now. If the bill passes, I’m buying a 3D printer and printing a ton of these things. (The current language is “after the date that is 180 days after the date of enactment,” so we’d have a while to produce a ton of them).

    • Thanks for mentioning this… I have taken the liberty to report this content as it violates the site’s policies, which includes parts for making weapons.

    • Looks like it is gone now; I would suggest that anyone who did manage to download it take action to make it available publicly. If it meets the licensing requirements (especially if it has the developer’s info so you can contact them and ask), uploading it to the fosscad git repo would not be a bad idea;

      Offering it up on torrents wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

      • it’s not gone, it’s considered “NSFW” so you have to create an account, verify email address, log in, then click that you actually want to view the item.

  4. I’m fortunate enough to live in one of the few GOP controlled house districts in Illinois. Already called Roskam’s office to support SHARE and reciprocity while opposing any gun or accessory control bills. It may even help.

    • Holy crap! My posts are showing up when I actually post them now, not 2 Hours later like they have been for the last couple of years. Hooray TTAG for the fix!

  5. Sounds like Defense Distributed needs to get some 3D printer plans out on the web quick. Congress can ban all they want, won’t mean a thing once anyone can print one anytime they want.

    • There are plenty of 3D printer plans online already. Homemade 3D printers have a huge following and a very active community involved designing and building them. Just don’t mention what you intend to print. People who own 3D printers, like myself, are afraid of Congress regulating their 3D printers. It’s a real concern. Like anything that gets too popular, government feels the need to do something about it…. for the children.

  6. I don’t own any bumpfire stocks but have fired several types of rifles and a few shotguns with them installed. I find they are much more controllable than real full auto and a lot of fun. Screw any ban. They wouldn’t exist if building a full auto weapon was still allowed. We as gun owners have had way to much taken from us over the years. We have a constitutionally protected right to arms. It specifically states it shall not be infringed. I won’t stand for any more infringement period and neither should anyone else. It’s never been enough for the globalists and the end game is total disarmament of any people who have the ability to fight back. Gun control is as much about public safety as red light and speed enforcement cameras are. Total BS.
    Year to date Chicago has 10x the number killed in Vegas and about 5x the wounded. Where is the 24-7 outage from the usual suspects?

    • I’d be willing to treat bumpfire stocks like machine guns if the registry was open and the NFA got a federal preemption clause added for NFA items.

      • And nix the $200 tax stamp. That’s just there to limit ownership to the rich. Fortunately, they didn’t think about tying it to inflation back then.

  7. The notion of an outright ban and buyback is another reason to support simply moving them to NFA. A buyback would set a really, really bad precedent for confiscation.

    • Only way I would agree moving them to the NFA is if the machigun registry was reopened and there was a federal preemption clause added to the NFA.

    • You laugh, but they might regulate the crap out of 3D printers. They’ve already started doing it overseas. Mere possession of a 3D printable file for a banned part is enough to land you in jail.

      • ” Mere possession of a 3D printable file for a banned part is enough to land you in jail.”

        Secure encryption.

        Oh, and make damn sure you drop a text file with some random text in it in the folder with your 3D CAD file before you zip it up .

        Don’t let them bust you for an MD5 match…

    • Personally I’m already looking at making my own knock off of a slide fire stock using folded steel. It’ll be heavier, but it’ll work. And later on I’ll just keep evolving the design. I also intend to strait up make it open source. As much as I could use the money, I’d rather stick it to the state’s ability to regulate stuff.

  8. Well, there is always all out war against Democrats as a last resort.
    Round ’em all up and arrest them for violating their Oath of Office for not supporting and defending the Constitution.

  9. I am with Geoff, it’s time to arrest the communist in our gov’t and put them in jail where they belong. as I said this last incident happened because of stupidity and a total lack of security. I hope cooler heads preval and the bumpfire will still be around. and no new anti gun crap gets passed. start blaming the planners of the event and the hotel management for their stupidity in the planning of this event in a well know terrorist envirement.

  10. It totally makes sense that the government should be the only ones with fully automatic weapons…right? If there’s ever another civil war…wouldn’t want to even the odds!

  11. RF,
    Not everyone is like you or thinks like you.

    They may actually be concerned.

    You should just report the facts, not conjecture.

    You have made an ass of yourself a few times over the last few months.

  12. Sellouts! Pussies! 1st, They came for YOUR SLIDE FIRE Bump-Stock , because ONLY mass murders use those…2nd, Then they came for YOUR high capacity magazines because ONLY Law Enforcement/Military/Government should ONLY be trusted with THEM! 3rd, Then THEY came for YOUR semiautomatic long arms (Now, declared “Assault weapons” by a group of politicians written memos. Just like Massachusetts last year. Per the Angry , man-hating Dike AG.)Ban by decree…Because ONLY mass-murders use them… ONLY the Government/Law Enforcement/Military can be trusted…Let’s keep riding THAT Slippery slope of Creeping incrementalism …. By the were done, We should all have “reasoned all our CIVIL Rights away !

  13. These shootings are so tragic. They stir up emotions in us all. So senseless. I’m not convinced that more gun laws are what we need. In the spirit of that debate, I imagine if a drunk driver took the life of my loved ones I’d want alcohol to be banned. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims & families.

  14. So does this mean they are going to band rubberbands? I can take a rubber band that is 1/4 inch wide and accomplish exactly what a bump fire stock does. Wake up people !!!!


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