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“It’s worth mentioning that the Virginia Tech shooting was far from the only time that survivors heard gunshots and knew they had to react quickly. More recently, in Alexandria, Va., members of Congress were practicing for the congressional baseball game when a gunman opened fire. Those who were there said that they,  too, recognized the sound of gunshots, and knew to take cover in the dugout. Congress should put public safety first and vote against the SHARE Act. Lives are on the line.” – Everytown Survivor Network member Jeff Twigg in Say no to gun silencer bill. I survived Virginia Tech because I heard shots. [via]

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  1. More of that “I’m a victim so I’m an expert” garbage.
    People like this should be forcibly dragged out to a range, placed within proximity of a silenced firearm and wit each pull of the trigger somebody need to shout into his face “did you hear that? Huh? Huh? Did you hear that?!?!?!” in front of at least a dozen witnesses filming it all.

    Otherwise they’ll continue to choose the path of willful ignorance. Lead that horse to water and jam the feeding tube in until he chokes.

  2. Un-armed citizens not able to protect themselves means more victims. Guns and suppressors aren’t the problem. Peoples willigness to become victims does not constitute everyone should.
    John Valdivia.

    • Exactly. The people at Virginia Tech heard shots and KNEW THEY WERE SCREWED. Hearing shots or not hearing the shots, what the hell were they supposed to do?

      • Quick, look for the scissors and other pointy objects, or hide behind the curtains. The latter option is actually the best option.

  3. Hmmm… let’s see. If you are trapped and can’t get out, helpless to resist the attacker in any meaningful way, I’m thinking that hearing a louder gunshot report is not going to be much help. But people like this are certainly free to think that way, of course. They are NOT free to determine any of it for someone else.

    Jeff, just go on practicing hiding under your desk. I’ll go to the range and practice effective resistance to attack. You are quite welcome to the Darwin award any time. Sorry you missed out last time…

    • You got that right, Mama, now that I scrolled down and found your post.

      This guy did not survive because he heard the gunshots, he survived because the shooter was otherwise distracted before he got around to shooting him.

    • Yeah its not like someone with an engineersing degree had anything to do with stuff like cars, jets, medical equipment, packaged food, cell phones, the internet, guns, roads, bridges, farm eqipment, the power gid…because you know that is all pretty much worthless junk designed by idiots.

  4. Correct me if I’m wrong but:
    1. Didn’t the Virginia tech guy chain the doors so victims couldn’t escape (you know like he said he ran)?
    2. I’ve seen the video the people on that baseball diamond got caught in the kill zone and were flat on the ground or hiding in concealment (a cinder block dugout will not stop a rifle round).

    Just what jumps out at me this morning,

  5. One could come to that line of thought if one was a brain dead moron or a loyal Commiecrat minion,wonder which one he is.

  6. I’m going to start carrying around toilet paper so when someone unleashes such a huge torrent of verbal diarrhea (like Jeff Twigg just did), I can just hand them a wad and look at their mouth and say, “Clean yourself up, you’re a filthy mess.”

  7. Won’t hear the shots, so they’re at greater risk of being killed without warning? Seriously?

    For starters, most people who hear the initial gunshots of a spree shooting misinterpret them as anything else but gunfire, including construction sounds, automobiles malfunction, accidents, etc.

    More importantly, a suppressed AR-15 only brings the report (the sound of the discharge) down to about 130 decibels. By comparison, a loud rock concert runs about 120 decibels and a lawn mower hits about 90 decibels.

    If the softball-practicing Congressmen targeted for assassination by that radical liberal Bernie supporter wouldn’t have heard a suppressed rifle, then just consider what dangers they face from the Parks & Recreation Department’s grounds crew or the untalented rabble from the neighborhood garage band.

    The last thing you want to have happen as you’re stealing second base, is to be surprised by a deadly weed eater or some killer guitar riff.

      • The tonic triad interval was banned in church music for centuries and used to great effect by Black Sabbath. It’s certainly different than any of the major/minor chords. Very dissonant and unsettling, even when used as a change and not a chord.

      • The tonic triad interval was banned in church music for centuries and used to great effect by Black Sabbath. It’s certainly different than any of the major/minor chords. Very dissonant and unsettling, even when used as a change and not a chord.

  8. Ummm…still loud enough to hear. Duh😋😋😋😋 Oh and if this doesn’t post I’m taking a break from TTAG.

  9. His head would have had to been so far up his ass to not hear even suppressed gunfire. Personally Im so sick and tired already of this lie that guns are silent with silencers on them. Too much dammed TV and Hollyweird watchers out there.
    If they must use an example. Maybe a 22lr subsonic suppressed gun would fit his bill. Or better yet how about a revolver with a suppressor attached. Yah that will work.

    • …and yet Hollywood archives are filled with films showing revolvers equipped with “Silencers” in assassination scenes. AND they were REALLY, REALLY quiet…like whisper quiet. It all just makes me scratch my head.

    • “how about a revolver with a suppressor attached”

      M1895 baby. I really want a supressed M1895 just because it’s such an oddball.

  10. You know who didn’t survive? The licensed concealed carrier who didn’t have his gun despite protesting to his masters in the university. That should tell you something.

  11. Illegal gun crime is gune crime
    Illegal suppressor crime… Almost doesn’t exist.

    True these facts up and we can have a talk, k?

  12. The VT attack happened late in my college career when I was living off campus. As such my roommate and I had a bunch of guns.

    We discussed the situation in what, to this day, I think was a clear and levelheaded manner. The conclusion we came to was that if a copycat hit out school most of the buildings were designed in a manner that was the shooters friend rather than ours. Panicked students and staff would be funneled “onto the X” in ways that gave the shooter long, straight lines where firing into the group… Well, it would be hard to miss.

    Realistically, with most of the academic buildings on campus the only places to ambush the shooter would be a classroom door. At that point a fixed blade knife was actually an option since you could spring a trap on the guy from ~5 feet or so, but a pistol would obviously be preferable.

    Point being; ignoring the actual facts on silencers, hearing the shots might actually have raised the body count when people panicked and packed into a shooting gallery. Staying put and covering the door was the best option against the shooter and the possibility of being blasted on by the campus cops who would be responding. Of course, covering the door with a weapon you’d actually want would have been a felony in that state at the time…

    • You raise a good point.

      Architecture design for buildings designated ‘gun-free’ should take those considerations into the design as not to give the gunman the advantage…

  13. Jeff is right on the money. I have been a gun owner for 55 years and no Right Wing Nut Case can bull shit me about silencers. You can take an AR 15 and drop in a .22 rim fire conversion kit and put on a good silencer and sub sonic ammo and its not much louder than just the bolt clicking back and forth. Combine this with background noise such as street traffic or the noises large crowds make and a maniac could gun down dozens before they even realized what was happening. You could sneak into a house at night and kill everyone in it and the surrounding homes and the people in them would not hear a thing.

    Now I am not against silencers under the current rules of extreme vetting which prevents street punks from buying silencers and then reselling them the minute they walk out the door of the gun shop. This would be an absolute social disaster. The current Federal Silencer Law has worked well and abolishing it will result in many States outlawing Silencers altogether when the street punks start using them in every robbery and murder they commit. So in the end the new proposed law will do what the anti-gunners have wanted all along and that is to out law silencers altogether but of course Jethro and the rest of the Beverly Hillbillies cannot any see any of this as its way over their heads.

    • If a “street punk” as you call them, wanted to suppress their gun right now, all they would have to do is go to the hardware store, maybe cut some material off the gun and then tack weld or duct tape their new silencer on the gun.

      A “street punk” is not too likely to have a silencer their gun do to the fact it would at lest four inches to the gun (assuming a handgun) making it very hard to mexican carry it. Especially after firing it.

      “You could sneak into a house at night and kill everyone in it….”
      Or you could kill every one in the house with a knife and/or hammer and not have to pick up brass or reload.

    • You attribute way too much planning capability and intelligence to your average mass shooter, most of whom have a limited understanding of how the base gun works in the first place. Besides, in a crowded venue you could get the same effect with a knife and a 20 minute YouTube video.

      Then of course there are the zillion ways to make a bomb. Shall we ban nail polish remover, or heavily license it, so that no one can make TATP? I mean a guy could buy some and then sell it to a bomb maker!!!

      The argument against silencers is stupid. Off the top of my head I can tell you a dozen ways to kill many, many people at once. None require an ID, nevermind a 4473.

  14. Got to give the guy credit for going out in public looking like that. You could fit all the “Ode to the Motherland” lyrics in 12-point font on that forehead.

  15. “The SHARE Act includes the so-called “Hearing Protection Act,” a proposal that was drafted, with help from the gun silencer industry, to gut longstanding silencer safety laws and make it easy for anyone to buy a silencer without a background check.”

    I know his entire schtick is a lie, but I think we all know it, and expect to see that when it comes to liberals and suppressors. But once I got to that “5 Pinocchio” whopper, I just couldn’t subject myself to any more of this guy’s bullshit. TL;DR;DC (don’t care.)


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