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“There’s so many guns on the street [and] there’s no real way to curb it.” – Allegheny County, PA Deputy District Attorney Steven Stadtmiller in Getting an illegal gun in Pittsburgh is easy. Why hundreds of seizures aren’t stopping the problem [via]


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  1. I’ve never seen ANY “guns on the streets.” Not one, nor pictures of thousands of guns just littering the streets… Where I live, most folks keep their guns in a holster, or a safe… Absolutely none on the street, and no “black market” for guns either. The answer, as always, is individual liberty and responsibility. Criminals of all sorts proliferate where their intended victims are helpless.

    • Indeed.

      But government does not think about nor care about supply and demand do they?

      Just declare things as contraband or declare a “war on fill-in-the-blank” and viola! Instant black market.

      Murder, theft, assault, etc. = already illegal. If people want to snort cocaine or buy guns, I’ve got no problem. If they are sober or high or drunk or on caffeine it makes no matter if they then choose to commit any of said illegal acts. Further it doesn’t matter if they’ve chosen a gun or a hammer or a truck or a knife to commit said heinous act.

      No statute or restriction or “law” will ever stop a “black market” or any other market for that matter. Where there is demand there will be suppliers. Period.

  2. And yet, despite a few localized upticks, violent crime is currently at its lowest levels since the early 60s. Perhaps it would behoove our betters to read some criminology (from across the political spectrum) and apply some lessons from the past.

  3. The people possessing and trading in guns “on the street” are felons who would be locked up, if not for the leniency of our court system.

    Until we realize the folly of rewarding sloth and irresponsible behavior with government handouts, and how that tends to destroy the family structure and undermine the foundation of a society, then we will need to build more prisons.

  4. like I’ve said before on other articles; everyone knows that. They’re simply so worried about making it look like they’re doing something in metropolitan areas they’ll literally grasp at straws.

    • I would consider trading in stolen goods, or goods purchased illegally by straw buyers, to be a “black market.”

      See also: Prescription opioid medications, automobile parts, etc.

    • Not that this is the case with guns, but goods sold in such a way as to avoid taxes and tariffs are also considered black market. For example, in states with UBC (like the state I live in; WA), if I were to go sell a gun to someone person-to-person and not take it in to a gun store to act as background-checking intermediary, that would be dodging a sort of tax, and therefore would be black market activity.

    • Black market = an illegal traffic or trade in officially controlled or scarce commodities.
      Google is your friend.

  5. The problem is yer PA people. We don’t have too many in OK, so we don’t maintain yer F’d up jive.

    You’re the problem. The problem doesn’t get to define the problem or to suggest solutions.

    AND we’re over-tired of your “We’re F’d up, we need to fix you” bullshit

    No one thinks you can solve that problem without napalming large areas of your population that you created and fostered.

    When our government says “We can’t protect you unless and until you give up __________________ ” we know that only the first statement is true.

    When our government says “We can’t ______ (anything)” we say we know.

    It is WRONGFUL, not just ‘wrong’ for you to claim that you can protect us from (most things but especially) GUNS.


  6. “Getting an illegal gun in Pittsburgh is easy. . . ” Along with all manner of drugs and virtually anything else that’s illegal. It’s called crime.

    • Exactly…just like prohibition of alcohol…people that wanted it knew where to get it.
      Just like drugs…plenty out there if you really want them…even though they are actually illegal.
      Plenty of criminals get friends/family to buy guns for them, too…already illegal as well (straw purchase)
      bans do NOT work…peoiple find a way to get what they want..,.legal or not

  7. The “problem” with the Black Market in Guns…aka..The Iron Pipeline…described for Philadelphia can be multiplied by New York City, Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles and any other large Metropolitan area where Democrat rule has created enclaves of racially and ethnically isolated poor. MDH is right. It is not a problem with illegal guns because guns aren’t illegal. It is a problem with criminals dealing in guns acquired legally and illegally (including stolen guns) to other criminals and prohibited persons (minor children, convicted Felons, etc.). Criminal activity is involved, but some of it is “criminal” by statute and most of those statutes are in violation of the Constitution in the first place.

    The “Iron Pipeline problem” is really just another symptom of much deeper problems, which are being smoke-screened behind manufactured “issues” like gangs, drug-dealing and The Iron Pipeline. Even if somehow The Iron Pipeline could be eliminated completely, the violence would continue by other means until/unless the deeper problems are rectified.

  8. Pittsburgh, where buying guns illegally is easier than buying guns legally?
    I guess the solution to that would be to make it even harder to buy one legally. At least that’s what the progressives keep proposing, anyway.

  9. I have said this before on The Truth about Guns:

    If someone closes one distribution channel, criminals will open another.

    Shrewd government employees who actually cared about our well being would use their limited resources to encourage better behavior rather than trying to close distribution channels, which is an impossibility.

  10. Pittsburgh doesn’t have a black market or any other gun problem, it has a politician and thug problem. Get rid of both of them and tranquility will rule the streets.

    The problem that ‘burgers are having is telling the difference between thugs and politicians. The truth is, there is no difference.

  11. All of the guns on the street must be long guns. There is no way a pistol could be obtained illegally in PA. Since, we are required to have a background checks on all handgun transfers.

  12. And of those many guns, most never harm anyone. It’s almost like it’s not the gun, but the hand that wields it.

  13. No other civilized Nation on the entire plane permits its citizens to walk out onto the street and sell their guns to the highest bidder no questioned asked and in many States its perfectly legal and where do many go? Right on an express delivery to big cities that have tough laws and right into the hands of nut cases and criminals. Its all totally insane with the biggest nest of maniacs in control of he NRA.

    No other civilized Nation in the world lets people store guns at home without them being required to be locked up in a safe. In the U.S. you simply kick in the door of a gun shop or a private home and take all the guns you want and then deliver them to the streets of Chicago or New York and have cash coming out of your rectum. Its called “LIFE IN CAPITALVANIA”, no civic responsibility, no morality, no civilized way of living and its the Republican philosophy and way of life “Fuck the other guy and laugh all the way to the bank”/

    No other civilized Nation in the world does not vet the purchase of “all gun sales” to keep nut cases and criminals from just buying any weapon they want 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Again pure mayhem and total insanity.

    No other civilized Nation in the world lets people buy guns with a mental background test. In the U.S. anyone can buy a second hand gun, no questions asked even if you just got out of mental institution and many States are still not providing mental health records to the Brady Bill people who can only check when they sell new guns and have no control over “Joe Six Pack” selling second hand guns to anyone who wants one. Again pure insanity.

    • No other civilized nation has armed criminals then, right?
      And since criminals in those civilized nations can’t get guns legally, they just give up crime and find a job. So no other violent crime either! So simple!

    • 1. The Constitution is the law of the land, and most likely was before your ancestors crossed the pond.
      2. Your rejection of same indicates your rejection of the conditions agreed upon by your ancestors on their acceptance as citizens.
      3. Your rejection of said conditions negates your part in the social contract and, therefore, your citizenship.
      4. At least you’ll enjoy living in a civilized nation when you go back to wherever it was your ancestors came from.

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