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Shannon Watts has become obsessed with the NRA. And it isn't pretty.

“NRA Carry Guard proves that for the NRA’s leadership, no idea is too absurd, reckless or depraved. For years, NRA lobbyists have pushed to allow guns for anyone, anywhere, anytime — no questions asked. Now they’ve figured out how to profit from gun owners concerned about being accused of murder. Carry Guard is just more proof that NRA leaders will do anything for money.” – Shannon Watts in NY regulators investigating NRA insurance for gun owners [via]



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  1. The NRA insurance is just the newest insurance. There are several more that have been in business longer.

    I don’t see the issue. Even a justified shooting carries a substantial cost to the shooter. I read somewhere that a minimum of $40-50,000 in lawyers fees even if no prosecution from the criminal Justice system occurs. Not even counting civil actions.

    Shannon Watts and her ilk are mental.

    • Shannon Watts and her ilk are mental.

      Perhaps but not relevant. They are bought and paid for tools of marxist progressive. Activists who hate the US and are out to remake it. To do so disarming America is essential.

        • Isn’t it weird that no one said a word? I would expect at least: “Hey, look – this guy is dead!” But no, apparently they just dug a hole in utter silence, planted them and never mentioned it.

      • To manage your interaction with police and prosecutors so that you don’t say the wrong thing and turn a case of legitimate self defense into a prosecution for assault or murder.

        Andrew Branca, author of The Law of Self Defense, warns against saying very much to the police immediately after self defense. If you can’t control your tongue, just say nothing beyond requesting your lawyer. At most, you should make a minimal statement that the other guy attacked and you defended yourself. Point out witnesses and physical evidence (e.g. his weapon or cartridge cases ejected from it.) Don’t go into details. You will be too stressed out to remember them correctly and an unsympathetic prosecutor can use honest lapses in your memory against you. Wait at least a couple of days to calm down before agreeing to interrogation and have your lawyer present then.

        You need a lawyer who knows how to represent a client in a legitimate self defense case. That’s not something taught in law school. Most criminal defense attorneys only have experience representing criminals. The strategies are very different between the two. In a self defense case, the facts are on the defender’s side and his legal defense is to bring them out. In contrast, the facts will show that a criminal is guilty. It’s his lawyer’s job to suppress them as far as he can and to discredit the rest.

      • “If you aren’t prosecuted why do you need a lawyer?”

        Because you don’t know whether you’re going to be prosecuted until it’s too late.

  2. You can often tell the quality of a website by the type of advertisers in its page.

    Having said that, I think TTAG is great. I clicked on one of the ads and now I know the one simple trick to do before stepping into a casino, and they can’t stop me! I’m gonna be rich!

  3. “…will do anything for money.”

    Who does that remind me of?

    Oh, nice graphic on her sign. A line of puppy-killer “bullets”. LOL.

  4. Actually … she’s kind of right.

    Any given gun sold, unless it’s a licensed NRA commemorative edition or something, nets the NRA nothing. Since they’re a sponsor and booster of Carry Guard, and have booted competitors from their events, I have to think NRA receives either a commission on every signup, a share of the net or gross, or both. (I don’t know for sure but I think it would be a good bet.)

    So, in this one instance, and if my assumption is correct, the NRA would have a direct fianncial incentive to stroke fears and concerns.

    Blind pigs and acorns, I guess, Ms. Watts.

    • Prosecutorial persecution is an inferno that stokes itself. There are plenty of cases we can all cite, including the phony Mueller Russia probe right now, all the way down to some local D.A. in whatever state you live in.

      The NRA is just responding to an abundant, ongoing, and growing need, no doubt making a buck along the way. However, they didn’t start the fire, it was always burning…….well, you know the rest.

      • nice! I’ve always wanted Billy to write sequels to that song, I’d love to see what he comes up with for modern times… no shortage of material!

  5. Banks and credit unions make a pretty good buck selling gap insurance, and other products on borrowers. Whatever. Don’t want it, don’t buy it.

    Referring to such a venture as “depraved” just illustrates how desperate Shannon is to make some sort of progress and keep the money flowing.

    • I’m glad someone has finally mentioned gap insurance, the biggest scam since, well . . . . scams were invented. What gap insurance sellers are essentially saying is ‘We know the car you’re buying sucks & won’t be worth what you’ll owe on it in about a year so we’ll sell you insurance to make up the difference. I’m your friend b/c I want to make sure you don’t get upside down after you buy & finance this crappy product. You’re helping us make money 3 times: 1. On the initial sale, 2. Interest you pay on financing, and 3. The crap-gap insurance we sell you. See how nice I am?”

      • My brother-in-law didn’t have gap insurance on his brand new, fancy, hybrid Honda hatchback (can’t remember the model. CRZ?). He got rear-ended on a freeway on ramp, his car was totaled, and he owed the bank $2,000 when it was all said and done. He drives a Hyundai now. Gap insurance is only a scam until you need it.

        IMO, for a few bucks a month, it’s worth the peace of mind. Of course, I don’t need it myself (my truck is 12 years old), but my wife has expensive taste in automobiles…

        • Sounds like your BIL had 1 or more of the following at work: 1. He overpaid for the vehicle, 2. He paid no or a small down payment, 3. The vehicle’s value depreciated faster than a contribution to the Clinton Foundation after 11-8-16, 4. He didn’t have underinsured coverage, 5. He didn’t sue the at-fault driver for the 2G, and/or 5. He needed better representation.

  6. How about “for years gun control proponents have been pushing the ‘insurance for gun owners’ meme nd here it is.”
    Like screaming children. “Gib’me, gib’me, gib’me!!!” Well, here it is. “I don’t want it! I don’t want it! I don’t want it!”

    • I had the same initial reaction too but the insurance “they” want you to get would be paid to whom ever you shot (or family as the case may be), not you.

      • What they do not mention–or intentionally fail to comprehend–is that no policy of insurance will pay anything if you shoot someone on purpose, which is almost all shootings. Only the few thousand accidental shootings will be covered, because third party liability insurance does not insure the third person, it insures the policy holder against a liability to the third person, and specifically excludes intentionally caused harms (because doing so would promote people doing bad things knowing that they would be insured for any resulting losses). It is not no-fault insurance.Thus, these million dollar policies that some police agencies demand are bullshit and a boon to the industry. Carry Guard and the other similar products insure against the cost of defending both civil and criminal actions, and they too exclude intentional shootings.

        • Ummmm, no. Insurance like USCCA, Carry Guard and Armed Citizen’s Legal Defense Network all REQUIRE you to have shot some intentionally before they’ll pay you. Just like self defense itself, it has to be intentional but justified to be covered. They won’t pay on accidental/negligent/illegal shootings. Homeowners insurance won’t pay for intentional acts, but they will cover accidents and civil liability litigation arising from such acts.

  7. I don’t get it. I thought gun controllers have said for years that they want to see a mandatory insurance program put in place as a prerequisite to gun ownership, but when gun owners voluntarily get insurance they are denounced and have to be investigated?

    POTG just can’t win with these people.

    • Indeed we can’t.

      But it does highlight two things: one, what their end goal really is, and two, that they’ll say anything they think will get them there and to hell with consistency or truth.

      • No one of consequence,

        I have mentioned before: Progressives vomit words, trying to “resonate” with people to support their cause. And their only goal is support for their cause. Thus, anything and everything goes and the end justifies the means. THAT is why Progressives have no interest nor need for their message to be accurate, truthful, righteous, self-consistent, nor factual. They only need their message to “resonate” with as many people as possible.

        And here we have a prime example. This particular Progressive cause is disarming the populace. That means armed civilians who do not have liability insurance are a scourge to society. Of course it also means that anyone who provides liability insurance to armed civilians is a scourge to society. A classic example of “Heads I win, tails you lose!”

        This is why we should NEVER let Progressives frame the debate.

  8. …In speaking about conspiracies…Has anyone heard anything new regarding the Las Vegas incident…? Maybe we should ask Sharon Watts…!?

  9. Libtards in MA and other states have pushed bills FORCING gun owners to have insurance, and then when good people offer it voluntarily they’re criticized for it? Which way do they want it???

    • “Which way do they want it???”

      Progressives want civilian disarmament. That means they will frame everything as “Heads Progressives win, tails People of the Gun lose.” (See my comment above.)

  10. Car insurance used to be optional………( is it my phone, or this comment thing? Somethings buggie, hops all over the place…,,,prob all them ads?)

  11. I love the latent pessimism of the slogan on the podium: “when we stand together we stand a chance.” Stand a chance? That’s not a very motivating battle cry. Perhaps Mrs. Watts knows that her window is quickly closing.

  12. “Now they’ve figured out how to profit from gun owners concerned about being accused of murder.”

    Well, they should be concerned about being accused of murder. Minorities commit most of the violent and property crimes, the sort of events one might defend against with a firearm. Unless you, too, are black and the death occurred during some gang activity, then killing a black person is apt to bring down a crap storm of murder allegations, in the press and in the indictment. That all carries a price.

    Now, it’s illegal to insure an illegal act. So there’s no such thing as “murder insurance.” The coverage the NRA sponsors only kicks in as reimbursement if you are acquitted. If anything, it should be labelled as “non-murderer insurance” or “insurance against wrongful prosecution for murder.”

    To top it off, the bulk of the NRA’s coverage is for civil defense, not crimimal defense. The coverage value is weighted about five to one toward civil defense, depending on program level. So it’s really geared more toward defending against reckless public accusations of murder and wrongful death, claims which go before emotional, easily swayed juries with a lower standard of evidence compared to an actual murder criminal trial.

    So really this is more of insurance against the “He din do nuffin'” mafia of race hustlers and grieving relatives of the dead thug. That insurance is worth every dime, Shannon. It’s unfortunate that such a preventable peril even exists, though.

  13. Shannon and company and company don’t want voluntary purchase of insurance that covers YOU in case of malicious prosecution or law suit, they want mandatory insurance that pays the perp and his family so they can afford good lawyers and medical care. The point is to further victimize the innocent gun owner who dared to use a gun to defend himself and in general raise the cost of gun ownership. What makes Carry Guard so outrageous to them, is that it increases the influence of the NRA and worse, it even puts money in the pocket of their arch enemy.

    • Just like when they tried to sue the gun industry into oblivion im the 1990s, they love being able to destroy gunowners even, in lawful shoot cases, through a financially and emotionally ruinous legal process. Anything that helps lighten that burden for gunowners is a roadblock to these people and their agenda.

  14. Honestly, 10 years ago Shannon lived like 6 miles away from me. I know Dirk may miss her, but I don’t.

  15. Dear, dear Shannon

    POTG need insurance because we don’t have a sugar daddy to pay our bills.

    Then again, we don’t get Weinsteined.

    Warm Regards

  16. For years I have heard from the left that gun owners should be required to have insurance just like car owners. This just isn’t the kind of insurance they were thinking of. So they don’t like it.

  17. The Hysterical Mother’s attention seeking behavior would be cute if she really was a two year old and not just acting like one.

  18. First Million moms march, now March on Washington for gun control. Is it possible she is in it just for those long hikes? (On the top of a shitload of Bloomie’s money)

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