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“In our own context, the fascists’ correct understanding that culture is a critical site of struggle—of war—has allowed fascism to spread. The right has both its digital brigades and its street brigades—it has music, movies, and visual arts. But more importantly we see it dominate in areas of martial resources: gun shows, hunting, contact fighting, sports, and so on.” – Everywhere a Battlefield [via Red Guards Austin]

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    • If they were ashamed or concerned about repercussions they wouldn’t post riot selfies or carry their phones to demonstrations.

      The masks are simply because “masks are cool.” Just dressup larping shit from children who are obsessed with comic books and video games.

    • So they don’t face social censure for their commie cosplay. I would think calling for violent revolution might be illegal as well but leftists usually get a pass, so beats me.

    • Easy enough to call out, but we see the exact same tactic/behavior from law enforcement.

      They are always wearing full balaclavas and other types of face masks.

      And with good reason, I guess, just look at what happens to people who participate “openly” in something – they get called out on social media and then doxed, fired from their job, etc.

      So yeah, if one’s gonna perpetrate hate and commit wanton violence it looks like the thing to do is cover ones’ face for anonymity’s sake.

    • How kind of these communists F*CKS to paint convenient bull-eye on their face.

      Serious, communism killed about 100 million people, and we’re supposed to be just find with these ambulatory piles of filth running around LARPing about the ‘revolution’ on their iPhones and on Facebook. All while the same piles of garbage run around demanding that we tear down every single stature that offends them like their the left wing version of ISIS.

      Yeah, have your fun commies, but if you start a war it’s a bullet and a mass burn pill for you.

    • Hmm! I just suddenly realized I could totally make a ton of money selling images of these masked and armed Communists as range target.

      One again: the free market DESTROYS communism. |3

    • I’ve been told most of them cover their faces so their parents won’t kick them out of the house or ground them….. 😂

      Seriously. America has too many 20-30 year old children running around.

    • Correct on Mao, he was a mass murderer, the worst in recent history.

      I will give you Lenin too, since he was one of the ones responsible for the Red Terror during the Russian civil war, even though that wasn’t nearly to the same scale as people like Mao, Stalin, and Hitler.

      Marx though, not only was he not a mass murderer, but he wasn’t even alive during the 20th century.

      • If I could go back in history and kill one man, I’d strangle Marx. 200 million people murdered by their own governments in the 20th century, and it all goes back to the poison pen of Karl Marx.

        • Is it ironic that most Marxists and Communists would regard Karl Marx as too liberal, even bourgeois?

          History is a lesson lost on those who don’t want to learn.

  1. Can somebody explain to me how a bunch of insurgents can walk around with firearms out, faces covered, and waving a banner supporting genocide? There’s a difference between free speech and open rebellion. When somebody claims to be inciting a violent revolution, you take them at their word.

      • Sorry, he was.
        First, there is nothing in the Constitution that mandates capitalism and bans communism as the economic engine of the country. The constitution is a system of government, not an economic system.
        Second, the first Amendment protects everyone’s rights to believe as they choose, whether that is atheism, democracy, Buddhism, or anarchy.
        Third, for most communists of the era, very very few were interested or engaged in activities to violently overthrow the United States government or were working as agents for the USSR. Rather, they were intellectuals engaged in exploration of political/social justice theory, the same as socialism is today. The Russians had real professional for those other tasks, many with diplomatic immunity or cover, and to suggest that they believed there could be a cultural revolution/civil war that would bring the communists to power is just silly. Rather, the Russians were simply trying to undermine American power and prestige, and in stealing as much of our technology as they could along the way, activities partially explained by an ingrained paranoia thaof invasion by outside forces and the death and destruction that would bring. Nothing has changed much in the last 70 years. Consequently, all that McCarthy and his witch hunt accomplished was to ruin the lives of many people who had committed no criminal offense.
        Fourth, the Russian state was not truly a communist state. It was an authoritarian state which flaunted the communist principles, not of Marx but of Lenin, as a way of justifying its authoritarianism and the slaughter of not just the nobility but the country’s intellectuals and business leaders as necessary to gain and maintain power. Now it is just an authoritarian state. Why the Russian people put up with this is anyone’s guess; one friend of mine thinks that this is simply the end result of thousands of yeas of peonage. It isn’t too hard to convince people who have lived in poverty for their entire lives to follow a group that promises social justice and economic equality. (False promises to be sure, but the peonage weren’t educated enough to know that they were being used.)

        The current crop of useful idiots is no different. They see social injustice, and are persuaded that communism is a remedy. They are idealists with no real world experience; and when they gain that, their politics will surely change, unless they remain bound to the low earnings of the industrial/retail sectors. Notably, so very few are over forty….

        To be fair, communism, i.e. a community sharing its gains and losses, does work–in small, tribal social groups where everyone is related. Beyond that, it is a failed economic system that ignores the principle forces of greed and self-interest that are the core of the capitalist system and its success. Communism is a system that does not reward individual effort, creativity, and willingness to accept risk, the very driving forces of the modern economy. In fact, Marx essentially assumed that we had reached our industrial developmental peak and that therefor there was going to be no further development that required the existence of a capitalist class/society. He was wrong, and his logic flawed.

        • “First, there is nothing in the Constitution that mandates capitalism and bans communism as the economic engine of the country.”


          And you call yourself a lawyer?

          Never mind about that clause in the Fifth Amendment about “…nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor be obliged to relinquish his property, where it may be necessary for public use, without just compensation….”

          That whole “just compensation” clause would put a pretty big roadblock to communism in this country.

        • Try again. Socialism, the precursor to communism, hadn’t even been thought of when the fifth amendment was written. The Communist Manifesto wasn’t published until 1848. and Leninism has nothing to do with either.
          And we are talking about economics, not government. If the people want to vote in a communist government, there is nothing in the constitution that prevents them from doing so. Finally, there is nothing inimical to the original socialism with paying the entrepreneurs for the use of their capital that built the factories that are then sold to the workers. Seizing the factories for “the people” was a later invention by Lenin and Stalin, copied by other failed states elsewhere. Meanwhile, though, even Communist Russia had banks. As I commented, the failure of the communist ideology is its predicate presumption that further development, and thus the need for investment and entrepreneurs, had passed.

        • @Mark N. — Sorry, but not only was McCarthy incontrovertibly right, but it’s actually oh-so-much worse than even he could have ever imagined. Enlighten thyself.

        • Socialism is alive and well in America. I am always amused by people who rage against the Red Menace, but will gladly collect their Social Security checks.

  2. From their article: “A hungry, deindustrialized people, robbed of a communist party to lead them” speaking about being “robbed” of a communist party here in America. The good news here is that the battle lines are being drawn clearly. The worst thing that can happen is……..nothing. There’s enough Anti-American, Liberal Terrorists™, socialists, communists and those that are violently attacking our nation’s sovereignty by endorsing, advocating or participating in illegal immigration, for us to finally begin the Restorative War. These vermin pose an existential threat to our Constitutional Republic and must be eliminated if we hope to restore our country to what our Founders intended.

    • Basically, these groups are telling their stories to themselves. I don’t think they quite understand that their “public actions” played a significant role in getting Trump elected president. They continue to convince Americans out in “flyover country” that liberal/left politics is antithetical to their interests. If these loons weren’t around, Trump would have needed to out and hire people just like them to do what they do.

      • Everyone knows that liberalism, socialism, communism, and globalism are POSsand wrong, and that none are a system to “help” people collectively or otherwise. They are a mad power grap and a vicious ruthless scramble to get to the top of the period with a thousand multiple of what those have at the bottom.
        Republican capitalism COULD BE the same thing, except you have a much higher percentage of CONSERVATIVES and CONSERVATISM, and we don’t deny each other the right to serve their GOD (whose Son is named JESUS, and whose Spirit is called HOLY, cause some of you are f’d up about that); and the RTKABA, because ecery now and then the FING evil scourge of POS communists and their liberal, progressive, socialist, greeney, and globalist MFn minion scourge rears its ugly head, and we gotta chuck the whole fing thing and hunt and route and stack them like wood before we can get back to the prosperity and bounty of Capitalism UNDER GOD.

        Communists f-up all that is right and good and just (and the examples don’t even need to be investigated and studied, you just need to look at them, becuse there are NO CONTRA-INDICATIONS) and the purveyors of it are satans evil blue house of POS (D), and they all need to eat sh_t and live.

  3. The picture up top was obviously photo shopped, but the article was written by someone well versed (brain washed) in communist ideology. The are out in the open now promoting government overthrow; where is the FBI? Oh, I forgot, they are infested by progressives too.

    Is it a coincidence that something like this comes from an American university, especially one in a very liberal city such as Austin, Tx. Progressives keep saying “Texas is turning purple” and they may be right. Convert Texas into the Red column and we are lost.

    Where does this end… (un) civil war?

  4. What concerns me isn’t that the left is discovering guns, it’s that revolutionary Marxism-Leninism is becoming increasingly popular. Just the other day, Bill de Blasio said that he would like to largely do away with private property.

      • Like all leftists who play with Communist fire, he’d like to do away with your private property, but he imagines that somehow he’ll get to keep his.

      • ActionPhysicalMan,

        What DeBlasio specifically meant is that he wants to do away with private property for the working class. The political class will definitely keep their own private property — which will include all of OUR private property that the ruling class swindled/stole from us.

        • POS DeBlasio can suck it (through NY’s a_ _)

          Private property can just be another thing on the burgeoning MOLON LABE list.

      • Being a communist isn’t a crime. So why shouldn’t commies be allowed to hold jobs down at the DMV? On top of which, all that they did was to repeal a law that hadn’t been enforced for over fifty years. I don’t care if they are commies any more than I care if they are gay, or Muslim, legal immigrants, or, God Forbid!, democrats.Unless they commit an actual crime, they have the same rights as anyone else to hold public employment. Personally, I fear far more the invasion of the education system by the social justice warrior class that indoctrinate our children with the “wonders” of socialism.

        • Socialism is a larval stage of communism. Communism is not a crime, but overthrow of our Constitution is, and communists profess to want to convert our Republic to communism which would require an overthrow of our Constitution.

          So, yes. Kill a MF commie for Mommy. She’ll thank you (if she ain’t one).

        • Oh, bull hockey! That which is illegal is the violent overthrow of the government (although that is what the Founding Fathers had done). If the People want to call a Constitutional Convention, write a new one overthrowing the current order to replace it with something else such as communism, and 3/4ths of the states agree to do so, then that would be perfectly legal. Indeed, one could argue that the violent overthrow of the existing government, which is a servant of the People (as the Constitution was originally written), is perfectly legal also, according to the Declaration of Independence. “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

          And this whole bit of violent overthrow of governments finds its origin with Lenin, who believed that unless the existing structures were torn down by fire, and the elite and the bourgeoisie completely destroyed, could a “true” communist state succeed. Stalin effectuated most of this “cleansing.” Mao tried the same thing with his Cultural Revolution. They failed; they murdered millions, but merely succeeded in replacing one set of elite rulers with another, just as corrupt as before. And their economic systems failed as well, and always will fail, its idealism confronted and overcome by the reality of the human condition.

        • Pretty sure they’re not claiming they are overthrowing anything [ARE THEY? you let me know] or people would hunt them and their supporters.

          Yes, there are prescribed ways to perfect a change in governing systems, and yes, one of them is violence. Let me know if that’s what’s being proclaimed, because it looks like death by a thousand cuts, while all along they’re proclaiming it ain’t.


          A G A I N, Kill a MF commie for Mommy. She’ll thank you (if she ain’t one).

  5. “Antifa”, meaning anti-fascist is just Newspeak trickery. They’re the fascists. They’re the thugs.

    They’re the ones imposing their will through violence, threats, and intimidation. They, the liberals, are the ones forcibly silencing and suppressing the opposition.

    They are the fascists who escape that rightful label by wrongfully slapping it on others.

    • Right. Fascism is a form of socialism. Reviled by communists and socialists because private property is allowed but is controlled by a one-party state, fascism is the “right-wing” of the left-wing.

  6. There’s a lot of photo-shopping going on in that photo.

    Unfortunately, there’s little going on when I click on “Notify me of follow-up comments by email.”

  7. The U.S. has already sworn to the destruction (not just defeat) of communism (to include its larval stages of “liberalism”, “progressivism”, “socialism”, “globalism”, and the various “green-isms”). And the U.S. has dedicated untold blood and treasure to do it.




    Better dead than communist-anus-red !


  8. They hide their faces so Daddy and Mommy won’t know what they’re up to and kick them out of the basement…

    One has to wonder how many of those “guns” are Air Soft with the red barrel tips painted black…

    “Revolution as Theater”? Maybe, but take a look at the “ANTIFA MANUAL” found at Evergreen College:

    Imagine if a bunch of people posed for a similar picture dressed as NAZI’s, displaying a large swastika banner, “guns”, photos of Hitler and suchlike. Oh…wait!…NAZI’s don’t usually hide their faces…

    Maybe they are just American Kids doing what we think the Founders intended and proposing to overthrow what they perceive as a corrupt, tyrannical Government…DANG! I think we have a corrupt, tyrannical Government!

    I’ll agree with “pwrserge” (above) maybe we should take them at their word {and respond accordingly}.

    • That Antifa Manual “can’t” be real. It MUST be satire. It’s so outrageous as to not be believable. On the slim chance it is real, and the left has truly lost their collective minds (which I agree is possible), then I can only say- those that truly love America, IMPLIED THREAT DELETED. For me personally, I have no problem with that.

      • It could well be the “ANTIFA MANUAL” is some sort of hoax, though some of the stuff in it seems to align with what they are saying elsewhere. I do not see ANTIFA (or anarcho-communists, as they really are) as “aligned” with even the Far Left and Radical Left in then U.S.. Even ‘Pocahontas’ Warren and Bernie Sanders aren’t Radical enough for ANTIFA.

        I probably should have put some sort of disclaimer in my original post. I have been trying to verify it by comparing to other “reported” statements the American anarcho-communists are making. Still working on that.

      • Antifa, as a thing, always closely aligned with the Communist Party, has been around for almost 100 years. Hitler was one who sought to crush it, as was Mussolini (whose political party, the Fascista gave us the word “fascist”) was as well.

        • W T F ?

          We get ‘facist’ and ‘facism’ from the Latin “fasces” which is a symbol (or actual objects) consisting of a bundle of sticks with an axe.

          It was a symbol of magesterial power, with the understanding that the holder required acquiesence of all others, but that power could be enforced individually. With the other understanding that there are power hungry MFs out there that can’t wait to lord themselves over others with tyranny, and they all need to go away like Pompeii.

  9. If you go carrying pictures of Chairman aint’ gonna make it with anyone anyhow.
    Don’t you know it’s gonna be all right…?

  10. “The right has both its digital brigades and its street brigades—it has music, movies, and visual arts.”

    Oh yeah, those gosh-darn conservatives have such a powerful stranglehold nowadays on mass entertainment and pop culture, don’t they?


    Man, it has gotta be nice when you can just make up any bullshit you want to support your views; it’s literally the only thing that I envy about the Left.

  11. Yeah losers you’re VASTLY outnumbered. “Good” to see the leftards out their true agenda. Lock & Load 😡😡😡😡😡

    • former water walker,

      Vastly outnumbered doesn’t matter at all. What matters is how well organized, committed, and ruthless an entity is.

      The population of the British Isles vastly outnumbered the Viking row boats that trudged upstream and raided villages. Nevertheless, those Viking raiding parties operated for decades/centuries with impunity because they were extremely well organized, committed, and ruthless.

      We know for a fact that our state and federal governments commit heinous wrongs on We the People all the time. And yet rarely does anyone hold those government agents accountable. We are in the midst of a soft tyranny already which seems to have no end in sight. The only question is whether or not the likes of Antifa (and their supporters) replace the current ruling class. And that boils down to which of those two are more organized, committed, and ruthless. Time will tell.

  12. I just don’t understand the “logic” of opposing one totalitarian, anti-freedom, anti-individualism ideology with another totalitarian, anti-freedom, anti-individualism ideology.

    It’s a waste of time to argue about whether fascists or antifas are worse. The real threats are totalitarianism, authoritarianism, tribalism, and hive mindedness.

    Come at me with with swastikas, or come at me at me with hammers and sickles and you’re equally my enemy. Anyone who tries to force me, under threat violence, to live according to their own world view deserves a bullet.

    • Any you hit the nail on the head. Both extremes stupid, why would you want to follow Stalin and Mao or Hitler and Mussolini? Can’t we try to follow Washington and Lincoln or FDR and Ike? What we really need is a good civics lesson in this country on the value of moderate values? I know they aren’t all sexy and unified for one radical or extreme cause for the disaffected to get behind, but you know something like respecting others and having civil discourse instead of waiving torches and guns around seems like a much better way to go about things to me.

      • Hint: Probably don’t want to use a president who put US citizens not guilty of any crime into concentration camps based solely on their race as an example.

    • I agree. What I see is more and more extremism on both the left and the right–what happened to the middle ground? IN a world full of extremists of a multitude of stripes and belief, is a cleansing war far behind? Where will it be? (Europe is my first choice, here the last. Americans are too fat rich and lazy to go to war against each other, they’ll just riot and loot a little bit.)

  13. As a visual artist, I have YET to see the “digital brigade” of visual artists that cater to politically Right patrons/viewers, course I “live” in California, so there’s that. If anything I see the brigades of politically Left artists who are nearly oozing with contempt for the Right, who you can’t even discuss politics with if you want to flirt with them (it’s 90% women in art courses these days, but their a ton of sjw compatibles), you gotta glide on the surface of discussion topics and rare is it to find one that you can dive deep into conversation with and pick their brain.

  14. I know it took me 3 years shooting 100 rounds twice a week before I was any good and didn’t flinch. I am sure that most readers here have a similar story.

    If it comes down to a shooting war, how many of those hidden faced cowards have done that much practice? How well will they be able to shoot? In a drug deal gone bad around here recently that happened at bad breath distance the perp fired 7 shots and hit his victim once. Still killed him but only one hit at that range.

    I see no problems other than the inherit problems in a shooting war in us winning.


  15. This is PhotoShop fake news stuff but if it were real, do understand that Orwell was right when he equated communism with Nazism. Get “The Black Book of Communism” from Amazon for the gory details…

    The U.S. Constitution.. never veer away from it!

  16. I’m always amazed at how white homosexuals and white socialist progressive communist, use Black peoples historical racist oppression to justify their actions.

    First the left has never supported individual gun civil-rights. In their long winded statement they don’t use the full name. It called, the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense. They didn’t wear a mask when they openly carried guns. I know the white left likes the Panthers because they used Mao’s Little Red Book for fund raising.

    But no white person in the Left has used the Deacons For Defense and Justice as an example. First off by their name they are Christian men with guns. Not all of them were Christians and that doesn’t matter. Also they were much more popular nationally among the Black community, than the Panthers were. The black civil rights leadership didn’t like either of them. The founder of the DFDJ stated in an interview he was for capitalism, because socialism was just as racist as Jim Crow.
    There were chapters in at least eight states. Hundreds of guns were mailed to them from all over the country. Back then the Postal service did this everyday without any complaints.

    The Deacons were effect. The FBI never went after the Deacons. But the FBI did go after the Black Panther Party for self-defense.
    Because of changes in the law there will be no COINTELPRO type FBI operation against todays masked Left, like that was used against the Klu Klux Klan and the BPFSD in the 1960s.

    A masked left winger with a gun is the same as the liberal progressive Klu Klux Klan, masked with guns. And the two stupid masked open carry fools walking into a police station in Michigan, are the same as well.

    Open carry works best when you are polite to others. This is something the free speech freaks don’t understand.

    • Could be that the difference is that the Deacons For Defense and Justice committed no crimes of violence to anyone’s knowledge. Meanwhile, the Black Panther Party did — to include kidnapping, torture, hostage-taking, extortion, witness intimidation, and assassination. For starters. They’re also loudly and proudly racist.

      That’s probably why there was no FBI probe of the former and there was an FBI probe of the latter, as well as the KKK ’cause they were into all of the same shit (but on a much grander scale and for much longer) as the BPP.

      Just sayin’.

      • The progressive democrat has always been attracted to the racist. First the Klan. Then the Panthers.

        There is one other big reason the Deacons For Defense and Justice, are not talked about. It was money. Blacks all across southern America were taking up arms in self-defense. This didn’t help in fund raising from white Jewish socialists and the white progressive in the northeast and west coast.

        All white liberals prefer blacks be disarmed, before they donate any money. Anyone who says the civil rights movement eschewed armed self-defense, is either a liar or is miss-educated on the facts.

        The Deacons killed cops. Just like the Panthers killed cops.

    • If there is a COINTELPRO type operation now or in the near future, it will be used against us (meaning patriotic, non-racist Americans who only want to defend the Constitution anyhow, anywhere) every bit as much as any communist revolutionaries, if not more. The government only wants to preserve its own power.

  17. They cover their faces, because what they do is crime.
    Open carry supporters, etc. do not, because they are supporting the 2nd Amendment- the law.
    Very soon, they will pick on one concealed carry person too much, and he will open fire.
    Then, a true culture war may ignite.
    Thankfully, we have more guns than they do.

  18. Time to start the Mordecai Anielewicz Gun Club, motto Never Again. Since apparently the only thing the Nazis and Commies share is anti-Semitism so fight both of them.

  19. Wonder when season opens on em. Anybody know? I’m dialing in a good 300m load for my rifles and needin some target practice.

  20. At some point the government has to take people shouting revolution serious. Them bearing arms is not a issue, they can do that under the constitution, but doing away with the constitution that garants said right is kinda questionable. One might even say shootable. They can have guns, but we cannot allow it that they use them for crimes such as destroying our freedom and rights that are garanted by the constitution.

    • The Constitution does not “grant,” “give,” or otherwise “bestow” rights. It affirms and (ideally) protects from government overreach those rights.

      Also, as long as they aren’t shooting anyone that doesn’t need to be shot (or committing any other crimes), they can tote their eclectic collection of hand-me-down shootin’ sticks to whatever protest they like.

    • Let us know if and when that actually happens, and we’ll explore the circumstances leading up to it and suss out whether or not they’re actually patriots.

      Until then, all we’ve seen so far is leftist NEETs LARPing as Marxist revolutionaries; thinking like, speaking like, and acting like the fascists they claim to hate.


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