Chicago Police Cicero Shootout Armed Citizen Concealed Carry
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Yesterday afternoon, gunfire broke out between police and a suspect in Cicero, Illinois after a traffic stop gone bad. One officer was hit four times, but a legally armed citizen got out of his car and came to the aid of the officers and engaged the suspect.

Chicago Police Cicero Shootout Armed Citizen Concealed Carry

“We were lucky enough to have a citizen on the street there who’s a concealed-carry holder, and he also engaged in gunfire,” Cicero Police Supt. Jerry Chlada Jr. said outside Mount Sinai Hospital, where Duarte was undergoing surgery Thursday night.

The suspect was hit once and taken into custody, but not before shooting Officer Luis Duarte four times.

The suspect kept running and shooting at the officers as Duarte and his partner returned fire, officials said. That’s when someone sitting in traffic on Cicero Avenue got out of his car and began shooting at the suspect as well, Chlada said.

The suspect was hit once and taken to Stroger Hospital in serious condition, according to Chicago police. It wasn’t clear if the bullet that hit him came from the officers or the concealed-carry holder.

Cicero town President Larry Dominick commended the citizen shooter, who has not been named.

“He got out and started helping the police, which is something I’ve got to be proud of,” Dominick said.

As the number of lawful gun owners and those with concealed carry permits increases, instances of citizens coming to the aid of police is increasing. In the last few years we’ve seen armed citizens saving police officers in Utah, in 2018, in 2017 an armed woman in Georgia saved a sheriff’s deputy and an Arizona armed citizen saved a state trooper. In 2016, armed citizens saved police officers in Florida, Ohio, and in Pennsylvania.

Scores of examples of armed citizens saving police officers before 1996 are recounted in an article published in 1999.

Gun owners and local police are natural allies. Locally-controlled police and populations who trust them can drive crime down.

Contrary to gun controllers’ talking points, the driver who engaged in the gunfight on the side of police in Cicero wasn’t shot by police and didn’t shoot any innocent bystanders. As is usually the case, armed citizens are among the most law-abiding Americans and extremely responsible and judicious in the use of deadly force.

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  1. Naw…It’s best to stay out of it and let the professionals handle it…Just as they always say….Besides the law enforcement agencies/communities in other states would be problably charge and arrest you for interfering in a police action…CCW is ment to be for personal self-defense…Not for heroic deeds, crime fighting , vigilantism , etc…

      • What professionals ? Cop shot 4 times by criminal , or bystander w gun that helped cops take down bad guy ?? 🙂

        • What kind of job do you have that you are risking to be shot 4 times? How many domestic do you respond to? How many traffic stops? How often do you ask people with warrants (who may know it) for an ID? How often do you search for contraband?

      • It seems like the only professional here was the one who managed to land 4 hits while being shot at by three different people.

    • Cicero is a suburb of Chicago and an incorporated town in Cook County, Illinois, United States.

      You are right though, don’t try it in Texas. 😉

      • Booosht. I wouldn’t be a bit concerned in TX, most likely would drive on down the road anywhere in IL. Chicago has been right there with NYC in total prohibition/irrational hatred of guns for 50+ years that I can personally attest to. Nice to hear the nice sounds from chief cop, though.

        • Cops are responsible for enforcing the laws legislators pass. When this video was made (2013) TX leg held that OC was illegal. Since then, licensed OC is legal, along with blades of any length, campus carry, car carry, and probably a few I don’t remember, there are so many, licensing is shorter, quicker, and cheaper, and renewals done online for longer renewal periods. I suspect it won’t be 5 years before TX is constitutional carry, and the leg only convenes every 2 years. Yeah, there are still violations of 2A, but they are going away so fast it’s hard to keep track. If you wanna pick on some laws, try CA. In Texas you’re just blowing smoke.

    • Naw…It’s best to stay out of it and let the professionals handle it
      It is truly a sad commentary on our current society when that is even a viable option. We citizens hire the police to protect us. Not getting into what that means right now, I find it abhorant you would suggest we shouldn’t be there to protect them when they need it. I would be ashamed to act in such a manner knowing I could help. And so should we all.

      • Anyone who says such things can only be one of two things: a frightened sheep, or a criminal themselves. IMO, OFC. My money would be on criminal, because of the arrogance on display, as the comment is formed from the attitude of: “I know exactly what’s correct for everybody at all times. Just do as Public says”.

      • GMan,

        We citizens hire the police to protect us.

        No, not really. We hire police to investigate crimes and capture criminal attackers.

        Protection is our job, not their’s. Investigating and capturing criminal attackers is their job, not ours.

      • I propose that the gun-carriers in each municipality, county and state ask their respective police agencies to take a poll of their officers:

        In the event that an officer is observed to be in mortal danger, would you prefer that an armed citizen refrain, or intervene and attempt to save the officer’s life?

        Once the results of the respective polls are published (and updated from time to time) we will know the sentiments of the officers of the respective agencies. We can make our personal decisions to intervene or not taking into consideration (though not necessarily following their preferences.)

        My objective in making this proposal is NOT the obvious one; i.e., to learn of the preferences of officers in the respective agencies. INSTEAD, it is to inspire our nation’s police officers to reflect on the practice of an armed citizenry carrying and the contribution they might make (or not) to maintaining civil order.

        IF and to the EXTENT officers in a municipality, county or state express a desire for armed citizens to intervene, that will send a strong message to the respective legislatures (or sheriffs).

        ELSE, well, then, we can exercise restraint in accordance with our own self interest.

      • Sure, why not go to New Jersey and try that… Maybe New York City ,or maybe Massachusetts… How about Maryland..Just jump right out of your car, or fly off of your 10-speed mountain bike 🚲, waving your pistol, flashing your CCW/LTC/Carry Permit, and yelling I’m here to the “assist” police! Too many ” want to be’s” with P/D hero syndrome…Best to stay out of police actions…Before a group of P/O’s decide THEY didn’t like YOUR asistance and make an example out of You…NOT worth losing YOUR 2a “privileges” ,YOUR firearms in the process, and becoming a FELON……Just saying…..

      • I am a cop and most people are decent where I work. They trust us, appreciate us, and I am confident there are some good folks out there who would jump in if needed. Not only because of their positive view on law enforcement, but also because these folks are tired of scumbags. I appreciate anyone willing to help in any way, however keep in mind it could also be dangerous for you in the middle of the chaos. If you have to intervene make sure you identify yourself as a good guy/gal however you want to say that, and if it is feasible. I am never counting on anyone not law enforcement to help me, and I simply appreciate and respect people who can handle their lives, have common sense, and obey most laws most of the time. Thanks.

    • “Naw…It’s best to stay out of it and let the professionals handle it…Just as they always say….”

      Your comment sounds like the complaint the families of criminals who get shot in the act of committing an armed robberies like to make—the armed private citizen should have just minded his own business because he wasn’t the one being threatened, should have just let the police take car of things, etc., etc. and their relative would still be alive. This runs counter to long American traditions of citizen involvement in crime prevention. If I saw an officer get shot four times and I was in a position to shoot his attacker my first inclination would probably be to stop the attack.

        • that would possibly depend. If the officer was still under fire and you could see the officer pinned down and the perp was between you and the officer what target presentation do you have…. the perps back, and you are trying to save the officer. By the time you circle around the get a frontal shot the officer may already be dead and the perp if he saw you would then focus on you. Just need a good lawyer to argue the case if, in the worst case the cops did not back you up despite nearly loosing an officer

    • Best… for who?

      This is the *duty* of a responsible citizen IMO. Personal interest matters, of course, but no one of conscience should (or would) stand by (or flee!) when innocent lives are at risk.

    • YOU do realize I was being sarcastic right..? “Professionals….?” 😀👮👮👮🚓🚔🚔🚔🚓🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽

      • Ummmmm, no. You weren’t being sarcastic or else you wouldn’t have followed up your “professionals” comment with the following:

        “Too many ” want to be’s” with P/D hero syndrome…Best to stay out of police actions…Before a group of P/O’s decide THEY didn’t like YOUR asistance and make an example out of You”

        If you’re going to spout off your opinion on a public forum, at least have the cojenes to stick to your “guns”.

        • Well, obviously by your hostile and juvenile response. I’m guessing that YOU must drive round in fake undercover police cruiser with “Wig-Wags” in the front grill and extra antennas hanging off YOUR vehicle…Police “Want-to-be” style…The same kind of DingBats that are fortunate enough to get a CCW/LTC/Pistol Permit to carry and suddenly these morons think THEY were issued a “Warrant Card” or think themselves as town Constables…The same type of perps who go around terrorizing young women driving alone on the highway…Or intimidating and harassing teenagers…My state has been dealing with “police want-to-be’s”…Also known to the law enforcement community as “police imposters…”

    • In law enforcement sometimes criminals have the edge. They can surprise you, ambush you, outnumber you, sucker punch you….Traffic stops are one of the most dangerous activity in this job believe it or not. Sure nowadays you get a lot of info by running the license plate, but that’s not 100% reliable, someone else can be driving or be present in the car, etc. If you judge the cop just based on the fact he was shot, and come to the conclusion he was not professional, that is quite unfair. There are very unprofessional cops who will never get hurt in their whole career, and some great cops with experience, training, proper attitude, etc who will get hurt badly. It is the nature of this job.

    • You have a duty to come to the aid of a downed officer if you are a concealed carry permit holder period. No concealed carry permit info says it is strictly for your personal defense only.

  2. Score 1 for the good guy with the balls to help the police. That’s 1 less criminal on the streets giving good guy’s with guns a bad reputation. These incidents need to be publicized everywhere. Not ignored by demtard affiliated news organizations.

  3. Ideally, we all have each other’s backs. Neighbors, people in the community, family. The more who are armed, the better. Good for this guy, and nice he was praised for it, and hopefully doesn’t yet face criminal charges somehow — from the perp, if no one else. I hope we would all come to the aid of anyone in danger, and yes, the police.

  4. An anti gun city in an anti gun state has a shootout going on between a criminal and a police department of predominantly anti gun cops. I’m probably just going to wait for the light to turn green before I risk my life and freedom by getting involved as a ccw holding bystander. Now if this was in Arizona that would be a different story.

  5. What would you do? I’m sorry, but I have a conscience. There is NO WAY I could fail to act and protect these officers. Yes, one must be very careful getting involved with other people’s business, but when cops are being shot at and need help, shame on you for even thinking about not doing what you can to help. I’m sure we could banter about hundreds of scenarios where the cops end up shooting at you, but come on folks. That’s the libs arguement. It doesn’t take a genius cop to figure out you are shooting at the same bad guy they are. And there are ways to communicate your intentions under such conditions.

      • Perfect example. We have a guy here that is truly anti cop. Name of anarchryst, might of misspelled it. Doesn’t matter, he and his name are unimportant. Like you, andy, he rants against the cops. He also denies the holocaust and says hitler will be vindicated by history.

        I see a consistent theme with you rabid anti coppers. Angry white guys that believe the system is loaded against them cause they’re white. Your life would be more successful if only the system wasn’t rigged in favor of the brown, black, jewish, etc. man.

        In an all white society you would still be a loser. Blaming the cops and others for that changes nothing.

        Now, say for a moment you don’t hate cops for racist reasons. Are you a criminal? Some dude that got cuffed up for beating his mother or not paying child support?

        I can go on and on. But every time a tard like you or anarchyst comments here the normal folks are all thinking along the lines I just described.

        Just so you know how you appear.

    • Gman,

      I have a lot of disdain for police for two reasons:
      (1) They routinely violate their oath to the United States Constitution and state constitutions and enforce (with deadly force if necessary) heinous and unconstitutional firearm restriction laws — in direct violation of our inalienable right to effective self-defense.
      (2) They frequently fabricate reasons to harass (or worse) you and I.

      Case in point for (2): we were returning home from church on a Sunday morning. My spouse was driving at the speed limit on a semi-rural road. County deputy pulls out (almost causing a crash), pulls us over, and claims we were driving 70 m.p.h. in a 50 m.p.h. zone. His accusation was so ludicrous that I (without any thinking or filtering) blurted out, “What?!?!? That is impossible!” A short time later he comes back and says some gibberish about how something must have been wrong with his laser because we did not appear to be going 70 m.p.h. based on his extensive experience evaluating vehicles on the road. In other words he was on a fishing expedition and let us go after determining that there were no warrants for our arrest.

      And while a lot of people might be quick to dismiss that event, one of my children has an emotionally traumatic past and was in tears thinking the police were going to put either my spouse or myself in jail. It took weeks for my child to overcome that event.

      I applaud police who track down and arrest thieves, rapists, and murderers. I abhor police who attack us for travelling on a road or for exercising our unalienable right to effective self-defense (to be armed).

      • Had the same thing happen 20 years ago. Driving in my van on I-57 stopped by a state po-leece jerk. He had a stack of “tickets” ALL registering 77mph. My van NEVER went that fast and I never exceeded 60mph. It was 40 miles from home so I wasn’t fighting it going to court…scum of the earth.

        • My last ticket (also long time ago) was a stop for doing 80 in a 55. The little truck would not do 80. Asked to see the radar numbers (refused). My crime was having New Mex plates a few miles on the wrong side of the border in Friona Texas. Found out later it was notorious as a ticket trap.

      • I’m with you, uncommon_sense. Almost all of what uniformed cops do is morally reprehensible. And it doesn’t even matter if “not all cops” write speeding tickets and enforce laws that are morally wrong – they all have the power to do those things, and so we all must live in fear of exercising our rights to travel, keep and bear arms, keep what we earn, and even to remain silent. Try not paying your rent/protection money to the government (property tax) and see who shows up to steal your property out from under you.

    • Clearly you have never met Wilson. 125 pound Chessie and MY best friend. My gun is there just to put you out of your misery. And he only shits on my son’s bed when he deserves it.

    • My Dogs are pretty good about going potty in their play area in the backyard.
      No real problems having them in the bedroom or other areas of the house.

  6. I bet that the national nightly news never covered this example of a gun carrying civilian aiding the police since it messes up their anti-gun narrative.

  7. I can see most of you ain’t from around here(Chicagoland). Before CC was court ordered in ILLinois scads of cop critters came out vehemently against it. Blood in the streets, public gun battles and the apocalypse. I heard the same from a boatload of cops(mostly at the gym).. As reported by ME last night they hate you. Help the po-leece at your own risk…

      • Foxx is a veteran of the Green…Cabrini that is. She naturally hates cops and CCL holder’s being a ghetto gal.

    • Cops, being people, believe a lot of what they are told. However, it doesn’t take many instances like this to make them seriously rethink the ‘conventional wisdom’.

      It may be that a super majority of Chicago cops hate concealed carry and concealed carriers, but waiting for all of the to be killed in the line of duty isn’t an effective means of changing that perspective. A few CCers coming to their aid in extremis, and enough accounts of CCers having stopped perps the cops know very well rape and murder eventually will change that perspective.

      What you have to ask yourself is, do you prefer petty and ineffective vengeance on those who disagree with you, or their conversion by brave and virtuous action on the part of those you count as allies?

      I think I know, but people can always change.

  8. This story is literally impossible. How did the cops know who the good and bad guy were!? They couldn’t. It’s literally impossible.

    Fake news.

  9. When the Police are only minutes away… legally armed and (hopefully) trained people are all around…let’s make it even more dangerous to be an armed criminal. 30

    • Michael,

      Don’t forget: those police who are minutes away may show up with an unloaded rifle like we just observed in Cincinnati, Ohio.

    • We don’t know this guy was a criminal. The article doesn’t say that he committed any crime to justify the “routine traffic stop.”

      It does sound like he started shooting a little prematurely, I’ll give you that. But when men with guns and unlimited power to do whatever they want to you are after you (for no reason stated in the article), well, some people are going to justifiably fear for their lives.

  10. I wonder what the ballistics report will say as to who hit the criminal? And how many bullets did the police fire vs the CCW good guy with a gun? I’m glad he stepped up to the plate.

    Check the training records of the police and the Good guy. Who has more training? And who has recent training?

  11. Weingarten pored over his freshly-written headline, savoring the clever punchiness of his wordplay, while simultaneously lamenting the unfortunate twist of fate that kept him from achieving perfect alliteration.

    If only it had happened in Peoria…” he thought, taking a sip of brandy from the snifter that had suddenly appeared in his hand, and then wondered if perhaps he should have went with “peccadillo” rather than “gunfight”.

    • I laughed. Also, I wish I had a brandy snifter.

      Many’s the time I’ve succumbed to the seductive siren song of sweet alliteration…

  12. I can easily see the good samaritan armed citizen getting lit up by the cops. Heck, sometimes the cops shoot other cops out of uniform.

    • I had to scroll all the way down (at the time I’m writing this), to find somebody else voicing my concern.
      It’s not the lack of will to help, it’s the fact the cops cannot clearly identify you, neither they specifically asked you for help.
      The moment you get out of your car with a gun they can think you’re the getaway driver of the perp, and start shooting at you.
      I’ve no direct experience on helping cops, but I would do it only if I had the time to shout something like: “Officer, do you need help?”, then have him acknowledge my presence as a good guy.
      Or if there is only 1 of them and he’s clearly incapacitated.
      Getting in the middle of a shootout it’s too much of a gamble.

    • This is a concern, and one that someone should consider. However, the counterpoint is that… it didn’t happen. And when you stop and think about it, how many times has it happened?

      Might it be that the media and anti-gun organizations have ginned up yet another reason why only cops should have guns? Because if regular Joe has a gun, the police will just shoot him?

  13. Had I witnessed the gunfight between the BG and the police, I would have done exactly what cops always tell us to do when we’re in danger.

    I would have called 911.

    Turnabout is fair play.

    • “tell us to do when we’re in danger”

      So when you are in danger, the cops tell you to……call the cops. Now, do the other cops also tell you to call the cops? How many cops and dispatch center do you have to deal with before you get help?

      Hey at least you are honest. You are not bragging on how you would have been awesome in this situation. It is refreshing.

  14. If I’m stuck in traffic and a gun fight breaks out around me, and should I fear that lead is being lobbed in my direction, I would probably be inclined to perform a kinetic response regardless of whether some of the participants are wearing uniforms or not.

    Sounds like the civilian made a good decision.

  15. It never fails. TTAG article about cops, and you get the army of keyboard warriors mocking cops.

    Some here think most (if not all) cops are jerks who hate the public, and abuse authority. Some may be bitter because they cannot get over a traffic citation, or that time they got arrested for a domestic. I think we have a few sovereign citizen as well who frequent TTAG, they obviously have issues with cops because they believe they can drive without a license plate or DL.
    I am lucky enough to work in a very decent community. I know some jurisdictions are absolutely awful, the stress, liability, frustration are insane. The overwhelming majority of your interaction with the public are highly negative to the point it may change your vision not only on the job, but on people and life in general. If you have never worked in law enforcement there are things you will never understand. The same way I cannot speak for a nurse, or that guy who works on construction sites be it 90 degrees or freezing.
    I have very little patience with some kind of folks: Some drunks, junkies, and people willing to hurt are on my list. I give everyone a chance, some folks waste it the moment they open their mouth. I do not have a problem giving a warning on most traffic violations. Sorry to tell you I earn my paycheck, I don’t sit under a tree watching netflix or eating donuts. Most of the other cops I work with are professional and good people. I could tell a few stories of cops in my corner of the state who got hurt badly, some killed, and it is not because they are bad with the tools you need for this job.
    Finally, if you hate us please do not hesitate to not call us. Because the funny thing is we get dispatched for idiots who cannot stand us, know everything better…Yet they need to call 911 because they cannot handle their kids or their life in general. They cannot stand law enforcement yet here you are for their b.s, their civil matters, their lies.

    • while I agree with most of what you are saying I will ask this. Do you realize that licensing and registration of any sort be it business, car, or Arms (2A reference) is just another form of tax and infringement on YOUR liberty? Yes if you are driving in a manner that is unsafe you should be charged same as if you are running your business in a way that is endangering others and same as if you are using your Arms in a way that endangers others. Licensing is simply a way of removing a right and selling it back to you (revenue raising) at a rate they decide which taken to the extreme can be set so that only those who are wealthy have the right to do things such as drive, defend themselves with the most effective means or own their own business. These by the way are just simply a few examples.

      No I am not anti- police. Some of them are good. The problem is the amount of corruption bred by it being big govt run. How much corruption are you inclined to find in the Local Sheriffs department when the Sheriff is elected by the local community? Most that are elected and have to live and work in their own local community will deal fairly and justly and refuse to enforce laws that are unconstitutional. However that changes rapidly if they are appointed by the mayor or a mayors board of directors rather than facing election. State and federal police are no different animals if you change the parameters within which they have to work. The police are nothing more than govt policy enforcers if they do not have to face election by the local community. At the same time those that do the right thing do need help time to time and we in the community that elect them should assist them in any way we can.

      In the end govt across the board needs to be kept very small, mean and lean. By mean i mean with a budget that is almost cutting of the oxygen in any but needed expenses otherwise they will take advantage of it and then want more and more and more.

  16. I would never call a cop. My dog would definitely get shot and my family would probably get shot and then the cop would go on a paid vacation. You must think only cops can solve problems and save the day.

  17. Oh, my God!!! i have never heard such cry-babying and belly-aching in my life!!! Oh, boo-hoo, so some of you got a ticket..big deal….do you know how many times cops have heard the same excuses for bad behavior?? As for the armed citizen shooting the worthless idiot in Cicero, unfortunately the scum is still alive…a head shot would probably have made sure he wouldn’t shoot anymore people!!!
    And my advice to cop-haters…..please don’t call 911 the next time YOU need some help!!! Call BLM…perhaps they will come to your aid!! I wouldn’t give any of you air if you were in a jug!!!

    • I don’t call cops for help because I take care of all problems myself. The only thing a cop can do is take a report after the bad guys are long gone. Shoot, shovel, and shutup.

      • Just like the main character in the movie “Uncle John”…..he used a burn pile instead of a shovel and he kept his mouth shut.

  18. I hope that I can say, without fear of harassment from some here, that I am in favor of responsible gun control and am opposed to the sale of assault style weapons to civilians, but at the same time am OK with concealed carry and applaud the unnamed citizen for stepping up.

    • Eric, a tip of the hat to you for being willing to step into a group of quite strong supporters of gun rights. No harassment from this corner. I hope you stay with us, read, come to understand why we believe what we believe, advocate what we advocate for. And thanks for putting yourself out there. Glad you’re with us.

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