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Various states all across the country participate in something called the Governor’s 20 program, a competition established by the National Rifle Association to recognize the twenty best law enforcement marksmen in each state. Or as the NRA describes it on their site:

The NRA Governor’s Twenty Program was designed to recognize the top twenty law enforcement officers from each state for excellence in Police Combat competition. Each state’s program is administered by the respective league or association. Typically, the top three scores for each officer is averaged, and the top twenty officers ranked and recognized at a banquet at the end of their season. Below you will find the number one shooter from each state.

The competitions are administered by local clubs in each state. Anything that encourages more law enforcement officers to train and improve their firearm proficiency is a good thing, right?

Well, it used to be. One of the participating states is Washington where the competitions were administered by the Washington State Police Pistol Association.

But because the program was started by and is affiliated with the NRA, Washington Governor Jay Inslee has determined that even handing out certificates to some of the state’s best law enforcement officers is utterly beyond the pale.

He had his PR flack send this letter to the vice president of the Washington State Rifle and Pistol Association:

Washington Governor Jay Inslee Governor's 20 Program NRA

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  1. I really wish the governor would participate in a dialogue regarding “common sense gun safety measures”.

    Two can say the same thing.

    • This. To say that they need to avoid any mention or association with the largest gun safety and rights organization in the world in order to have a constructive conversation on gun safety clearly says that they are not really interested in having a constructive conversation on gun safety.

  2. The Governor is not interested in anything relating to training his police officers because of the NRA. Which happens to be the largest firearms training and safety organization in the US. Throw the damn retard out to the wolves. He is critically endangering his officers and the lives of the citizens.

    • Unfortunately, I doubt that most of the people who vote for him see it that way, if they think about it at all.

  3. Governor Inslee, a white male, is so stupid he actually thinks he will be a serious candidate for President in 2020. This letter is simply a virtue signal for the left in the city of Seattle. Luckily for us here in Washington the coming Democratic Party dictatorship next year will give him his most coveted proposal, the carbon tax. They will also throw in some California style gun control laws and repeal the state laws against rent control. The fact that all of these proposals hurt the poor, minorities, and women the most is just one of those things. I think it is called unintended consequences. .

  4. Maybe Washington criminals don’t need to be shot. They just need hugs./sarc

    Seriously, maybe a local group can keep a similar police marksmanship program going. You know… if it just saves one life, it is worth it.

  5. Inexhaustibly petty, partisan, and infantile. A complete and utter empty suit. Crass pandering on parade.

    Damn, it feels good to have a governor here in Texas who I’m proud of. Suck it, Washington.

  6. Inslee & soprano should have a tea party. Set up the kiddie table & chairs & let the adults speak about matters they have no realistic understanding of. Support the NRA & THE 2ND AMENDMENT. Heck support any one that knows what Right from left “wrong ” is. These controll mongers would be ruling with iron fists in the U.S. if we let them. A competition ? How is that a bad thing sir Gov’s ? We can’t allow these nitwits strip us of our rights , try as they are !!

  7. My advice: Keep up the police pistol program without the guv. The NRA can send Ollie or Wayne to Washington each year to hand out the awards. That would be sticking a thumb in somebody’s eye! Ignore the governor and his organization and show him what an irrelevant left-wing boob he is. Nothing cures stupidity like being laughed at.

    • Can’t do that. If you give people access to Wayne outside of carefully controlled press conditions he’ll get questions like “If full auto isn’t protected by the second amendment, why is semi-auto?” or just “Why isn’t full auto protected by the first amendment?”. Especially so when the winner is going to be a firearms enthusiast.

  8. That governor is a sorry bastard, spineless and everything that is wrong with this country. He should no longer be a governor he should ask those who he supports for a job in the tampon industry since it’s obvious they are pulling strings and causing him to grandstand in order to further their agenda. Nothing more than propaganda and regardless of what any coward that wants to take away the publics gun rights better understand they do not supersede our Constitution nor will any verbiage they decide to use

  9. I moved to Washington (from my childhood state of Oregon) back in 1979. Back then it was a paradise for any outdoor enthusiast – hunter, angler, mountain climber, hiker, you name it. I got my shall-issue CPL within a year of moving, and started a nice gun collection.

    I still love the geography of this state, but the politics are becoming insufferable. Since I work from home, I can actually live anywhere, and a move to Idaho is being seriously contemplated. When I went to college in the late 90’s, in Southern Oregon, we bemoaned the influx of Californians and chuckled when we saw the James G. Blaine Society signs about California immigrants (“Gut shoot them at the state line”). Well, that CalVirus has now infected the entire coastline, and unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a vaccine. And you can’t blame just the California liberal immigrants for the desolate state of politics here, either. The thousands of Asian tech workers brought in by MSFT, Google and Amazon are huge drivers here as well – our traditional culture, including the gun culture, is largely lost on them, with a few exceptions.

    • ++++++++++
      I’ve only been in Washington 5 years and it has gone from a gun owners paradise down the slippery slope to CA level f*ckery.

      Inslee, that grandstanding a-hole DA and both US senators are progressive “true believers”. I will move to a more gun friendly state when I retire and don’t need to be near a tech hub. It stinks that most states are controlled by one or two large cities. Maybe that’s where we should be building walls to protect the rest of the state.

  10. “enjoy broad public support”

    well then it’s a good thing we’re a republic and not a mob-rule democracy.

  11. This is not surprising coming from the same progtard who decreed in his first week in office that state publications — administrative code, school policies, and public communications — had to use “first year student” because “freshman” was sexist.

    Caused all sorts of confusion, because a student could be a first-year at any college for a variety of reasons, whereas freshman has a very specific definition in terms of progress toward a degree. So the end result is that the edict was mostly ignored, but in the process a lot of people wasted a lot of time and money that could have gone into something useful.

    It’s just one small example of the cost of progressivism.

    Sure, they’re all about moving forward…but toward what? It’s not actually progress if you wind up driving into a ditch.

    • He wishes he were a prick, actually he wishes he had one and the requisite set of gonads to go with it. Alas, he is one of those dominate Beta males that seem to be all the rage lately and has one of the most punchable faces I have ever seen. If not for my father I would be so gone from here. F this state. I love WA and hate what it has become, destroyed by granola eating watermelons driving their COEXIST stickered Subarus.

  12. Have President Trump sign them or even Oliver North sign them. I would think this would mean more than some liberal/socialist signature.

  13. I live in Washington and thank god I live on the east side of the state. Governor Inslee is all about self promotion, He actually could care less about the residents of Wa. This liberal scumbag is going to make a run for president. He is destroying business in WA. This has been going on for years, three liberal democrat base counties in the Seattle area have the population base and votes to dictate to the rest of 36 counties in the state what will be law. He will now be proposing a state income tax. Many of my friends and I have seriously talked about if this is allowed to happen, we will be selling and moving to Idaho. Washington is a beautiful state, but liberals have turned it into the next California.

  14. Someone should point out that the Washington police are trained by NRA law enforcement instructors and programs, or their derivatives. He should immediately decertify all police and instructors and retrain them with the Everytown curriculum.

    Hurt/don’t recognize law-abiding and law-enforcement people who had NOTHING TO DO with Florida and the rest!
    Next, he will probably welcome Cody (the accused child-sex “rape” – “person”) from Florida.
    Charging documents say Cody paid $500 for sex with a 17-year-old? ….. Personally, I would rather pay the $500 for another gun.

  16. I guess we can take WA off the list for any NRA Conventions.
    Agree with handing out the awards w/o any governor signature on it,
    perhaps a new certificate with Pres. Trump signature?

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