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Illinois Rep Kathleen Willis supports fingerprinting every gun owner in Illinois. (courtesy Illinois Carry and Twitter)
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On May 21st, the Illinois state House Judiciary Committee voted 12-7 to pass House Amendment 1 to Senate Bill 1966.  While it has not yet been scheduled for further action, the House may take it up at any time.

HA 1 to SB 1966 would impose various gun control schemes in Illinois, such as criminalizing private transfers and increasing the cost and red tape for a FOID card. Please contact your state Representative and urge them to OPPOSE HA 1 to SB 1966 which would:

  • Criminalize private transfers, with violations being punished as a Class 4 felony.
  • Require the recipient of a firearm gifted by a family member to call into Illinois State Police within 60 days to run a background check on themselves, even though they must already hold a FOID.
  • Allow for the indefinite delay of firearm transfers.  Currently, federal law allows a licensed firearm dealer (FFL) to release a firearm after three business days if they have not received any additional correspondence after receiving a “delay” when conducting the initial background check for a firearm transfer.  This safeguard prevents the potential shutdown of sales via endless delays and allows law-abiding individuals to take possession of a firearm in a timely manner.
  • Mandate FOID applicants submit fingerprints, including for renewals, which would not add anything of investigative value.
  • Increase FOID processing time from one calendar month to thirty business days, which can span more than six weeks.
  • Reduce the duration of the FOID from ten years to five while also increasing the application fee from $10 to $50, resulting in a 1000% increase in the cost to maintain a FOID for the same amount of time.
  • Require FOID applicants pay all costs for fingerprinting and processing the background check, totaling around $150 on top of the application fee.
  • Allow courts to direct law-enforcement to seize firearms from those who have their FOID revoked.
  • Prohibit those with a revoked FOID from transferring firearms to someone in the same household, which would create confusion in determining the owner of the firearms and would take away the right to self-defense from individuals due to the alleged actions of someone else in their household.
  • Require the owner of the seized firearms to petition the court to have them transferred to a third party.​

Again, please click here to contact your state Representative and urge them to OPPOSE HA 1 to SB 1966.

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  1. Hilarious…MY so-called representative’s are all dumbocrats. They hate me and my “right’s”. This is just another moneygrabbing scheme from the party of slavery & jim crow😡

    • No, they don’t hate you personally, they hate you more in the abstract, as a symbol, because they hate your ‘rights.’ Give up your ‘rights,’ and they will love you unconditionally so long as you accept their benevolent guidance with the full understanding that they are legislators and know far, far better than you what is good for you–‘you,’ of course, in the abstract sense, as they could not care less about you personally.

      Just agree to love them as much as they love you in the abstract, Citizen, and you will prosper–to the extent that they will allow.

  2. It would be great if this could get challenged and elevated to the supreme court and they ruled all firearm application fees unconstitutional… Let me dream

    • Like the NFA? $200 per item.. Imagine if you needed a $50 FOID for each firearm and had to wait not 6 weeks, but 12 months, for it to come back….

      If it’s unconstitutional to mandate a FREE ID CARD for voting, why is it not unconstitutional to charge $50 every 5 years for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms?

      • Silly man! Because. . . GUNZ!

        Everybody knows that.

        Your question was rhetorical, wasn’t it?

        Sorry. . .

      • In NJ you already have to wait as long as they so deem it necessary, they stall the process for getting an FOID card as long as possible, it cost a woman her life a year or so back. You are lucky, your cards are good for 10 years, in NJ you have to get one for every purchase and once you get the card you have 30 days to make your purchase or you have to go through the hole thing again. Lucky I got out of there when I did. New state is trying to do what NJ does now. Luckily the gun owners in DE stand up for our rights.

    • It’s not just the fees.

      It’s all of the documentation, the ‘self-reporting,’ the ‘If you are gifted a gun, you have to get another background check run even if you already OWN guns AND have jumped through all of Government’s hoops prior to getting THIS gun.” It’s the ‘permission slips’ in the form of an FOID.

      It’s the entire concept of a citizen who may own one, or two, or ten, or a hundred operational modern firearms needing the Government’s permission AGAIN, and ANOTHER background check, to see if that citizen is worthy enough to obtain his second, third, eleventh, or 101st firearm. . . “Yep, I didn’t go all schoolyard/courthouse/church homicidal maniac with the other guns I already own, but THIS one?! Yeah, THIS one is the one that’s gonna light my fuse!”

      Rather like the loon in Las Vegas: The first 12 semi-auto rifles didn’t set him off, but that THIRTEENTH one certainly did. Maybe if he’d just skipped the 13th one, and gone right on to #14, maybe something with a nice wood stock and polished bluing, maybe with a bolt or lever, he would never have snapped.

      You just never know.

  3. She needs to read Murdock v. Pennslyvania, 319 U.S. 105 1943 and the line where the court says the cannot charge a fee for people to enjoy a right guaranteed by the Constitution. Every local, county, and state government needs to read that.

  4. I’m retiring in 2021. Then, the People’s Democratic Republic of Illinois will look great in my rear view.

    • Good for you. We won’t be too far behind you and we are looking at south east Tennessee which is opposite of Illinois in so many ways.

  5. Anytime you give the government money it’s a tax. No matter what they call it and a liberal sociocrat never met a tax they didn’t like. If it suppresses 2A rights it’s a twofer!

    • you mean the party of let’s give errybody free shit isn’t actually giving their shit away for free? Color me Shocked!!

      • It’s free for the recipient and it isn’t their shit. It’s our shit their giving away.

        • In reality it isn’t free for the recipient either. They just don’t realize what it cost them.

  6. It is just the start of things to come for us in Illinois. The Illinois Commiecrats can push anything they want through the House and Senate in Illinois with their super majorities. My representative in Illinois will not respond to anything I write asking them to oppose gun control. This last election cycle only made it worse here in Illinois. Just waiting for the final blow from the Illinois Supreme Court to see the FOID Card Act as unconstitutional also like the Illinois Circuit Judge has already ruled FOID Card Act as unconstitutional twice. Making the FOID card unconstitutional is our only hope right now.

    • Don’t look to any of the “pro-gun” groups in Illinois to save you. Richard Pearson from ISRA, the NRA state affiliate, helped recruit Otis McDonald for attorney Alan Gura’s lawsuit against the city of Chicago handgun ban that went to the Supreme Court, then signed off on Duty to Inform in state Rep. Brandon Phelps’ “NRA backed” concealed carry bill in 2013.

      Valinda Rowe from (southern) Illinois Carry personally negotiated the Duty to Inform with the anti-gun IL Chiefs of Police in 2010-2011, along with John Boch. The DTI language was supplied by NRA contract lobbyist Donald Todd Vandermyde. The same old tired cast of losers and hicks will sell out every gun owner in Illinois to the police unions just like they sold out Otis McDonald in the carry bill. All they do is bow down to cops and lose. With friends like these, who needs enemies?

      • Actually in Illinois the law states Duty To Inform IF ASKED. I was taught in my CCL class that you should hand over your DL and CCL if pulled over. My class was taught by off duty cops and when they run your plate they know if you have a FOID and/or a CCL. I know from personal experience over 10 years ago that they knew back then if you have a FOID, I was pulled over far from home and was let go because the Illinois State cop that pulled me over because “I was a good citizen, I had a FOID which he never saw. It came up on his computer when he ran my plate. The main problem with HA 1 to SB 1966 is the fingerprinting requirement. If you thinks it sucks to pay for a constitutional right, well the FOID has been around since 1968. It’s been unconstitutional since before I was born. The fingerprinting requirement is a huge overreach to exercise a right.
        Actually this proposed bill will more then likely be the deathblow to the FOID, it is so unconstitutional that instead of being Sheeple it has gotten the word out on Willis and the gun grabbers. She said a lot of things that are just downright stupid, for a State Rep she makes Forrest Gump look like Stephen Hawking. When being quizzed by other IL State Reps here are some of her quotes:
        Representative McDermed asks if any consideration has been given to the Constitutionality of these fees.
        Rep Wills answers “Nope”.
        Now Rep Bryant (?) says they were assured this is not about fingerprinting and that fingerprinting is not acceptable to her caucus.
        Willis is not concerned about the civil liberties of firearm owners, and says she would be ok with fingerprinting every citizen if it makes the state ‘safer’.
        Representative Parkhurst says she finds this bill Constitutionally offensive, saying its the same thing as required a fee to vote.
        Female rep missed name says, Aurora killer was going to kill whether he gets a gun or not.
        Another is saying, feels like bill is “Never let a good tragedy go to waste”, and that this bill doesn’t seem to fix anything that happened in Aurora, but more a wishlist for gun grabbers.
        Rep Wilhour says he look forward to to filing suit if this become law, and is a Hell No!

        To sum this up: Willis did NOT write this bill, she is the scapegoat that was chosen to present it. She’s a patsy that is too stupid to realize that it is blatantly unconstitutional.
        I say it never gets voted on in it’s present form. If it does get voted on and passes these people are too stupid to realize it will be the end of FOID once and for all.
        BTW: ISRA has our backs on this one, as for the NRA, Rowe, Boch and Vandermyde not so much. The NRA, Boch and Vandermyde only care about money and Rowe helped write the Illinois snitch bill.
        When somebody questioned if the Illinois Carry website was actually run by the Illinois State Police that got a bunch of members panties in a bunch. Every time someone brings up the snitch bill Valinda Rowe is able to explain it in great detail, never explaining that she knows because she helped write it. Yet John Boch defends her actions.”There are some good peeps at Illinois Carry among those 150 members. Including a few with incredible dedication.” – John Boch
        Sorry I don’t care for snitches or loonies.

        • Richard Pearson from ISRA is useless, he did nothing whatsoever to promote citizen carry in Illinois for at least twenty years, but after he helped recruit Otis McDonald for the Supreme Court lawsuit McDonald v. Chicago, he now thinks that concealed carry was his idea all along.

          Pearson was not personally present in the room when the rest of the gun hicks negotiated Duty to Inform with the IL Chiefs of Police, but he signed off on it. 95% of ISRA members are old people who live in all-white small towns and think the police are your friends. Like Pearson they are stuck in 1962.

          Valinda Rowe also helped recruit Otis McDonald for Alan Gura’s lawsuit. She was in the room with the IL Chiefs of Police lobbyist in 2010-2011 to personally negotiate Duty to Inform. Rowe lives in far southern Illinois and like Pearson is too stupid to understand that DTI is a license to kill for police criminals, like Philando Castile in Minnesota. Valinda is a nice lady, but she is basically a housewife, and she does not have the brainpower to go up against professional politicians like Speaker of the House Mike Madigan or professional lobbyists lIke Donald Todd Vandermyde.

          Vandermyde’s former job was lobbyist for the Intl. Union of Operating Engineers local 150 in Countryside, the largest construction union in Illinois. His boss William Dugan was convicted by U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald in 2010, after which Vandermyde disappeared from the 150 union and became the full-time NRA lobbyist. Vandermyde is lying scum with a criminal record, that’s why NRA fired him in October 2017.

          John Boch was also personally present in the room along with Valinda Rowe and Donald Todd Vandermyde to negotiate Duty to Inform with the IL Chiefs of Police. GSL started as a county offshoot of ISRA, the Champaign County Rifle Association. Boch has no job, but has now adopted the same title of “executive director” as his old enemy Richard Pearson. All of these losers combined could not punch their way out of a paper bag, and have made a business out of selling out their own members to anti-gun police unions. The “gun rights” movement just provides a job for these people.

  7. I would support the reduction of the FOID to five
    years, as well as the increased fee to $50.oo bucks.

    The rest of the write up bill, are an absolute NO.

    • Firearm. Owners. IDentification card.

      “To legally possess firearms or ammunition, Illinois residents must have a Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card, which is issued by the Illinois State Police to …”

    • its the same as when a woman wants to exercise her 14th amendment right
      she has to fill out a form pay a fee pass a background check wait for a period of months and then the government will inform her she has legal permission to kill her unborn baby
      just like that

  8. To charge a fee, unreasonable or not, to exercise a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT, is illegal! A poll tax to exercise your CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to vote, was found to be illegal!

  9. All because one city is liberal run, yes it’s Chicago and when you let one city dictate how a whole state is run then that spells disaster for the whole state overall.

  10. Seems to me that Illinois is run by the same bunch
    of liberal socialist as New York and California. These
    dumb ass politicians need to have a running knowlege of the Constitution before they can run for office.

  11. Why these people have escaped rope burns for so long reflects on the people of this communist crap hole mostly Chi Hole.

    All Democrats are treasonous communist and should be dealt with like the Tories they are.

    Its pass time…..

  12. Didn’t a judge just rule that FOID cards are unconstitutional in Illinois , what am I missing ? If I’m right about the judge doesn’t this make Illinois House members look Arrogant condescending A-holes.

  13. These House Committees are so much more intelligent than out Designers of the Constitution. They make one proud to be a Communist/Socialist/American Tyrant. ***sarc***

  14. They are just trying to get this nonsense passed before they aren’t in power anymore. There is already the issue of the fingerprints, today they capped the cost at $30 and lowered the price of the FOID to $20 for 5 years. When I took my CCW class it was $70 to get printed. I’m sure there will be another issue with the fingerprint vendors having to cap the cost at $30, most wont do it for that amount. They cant be forced to so they just will go out of business. Really being fingerprinted to be able to have a gun or ammo in your house? This nonsense gets thrown out in court. The fingerprints go WAY TOO FAR to exercise a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT. No court upholds this IF it gets passed.

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