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Your scribe had himself a busy day, delivering copies of GunNews Magazine (click to here to download the latest issue) to Guns Save Life‘s Chicagoland distribution team. In the course of my travels across The Land of Lincoln, I spoke with three Illinois gun dealers. The topic was the Springfield Armory and Rock River Arms carve-out from the prospective Illinois gun dealer licensing law and the companies’ political contributions to anti-gun politicians came up at each location.

I got pretty much the same story from each of the shops I visited. All three described how The People of The Gun have chosen to vote with their wallets when it comes to the two companies behind the Illinois Firearms Manufacturers Association.

Dealer #1

I asked if a member of the sales team at a suburban Chicago gun shop and range if they were selling many Springfield firearms. He laughed out loud. “The only people still looking at Springfields aren’t ‘gun’ people,” he said. “We did get a nice pad of flyers to hand out to folks encouraging them to oppose SB-1657 though.” There was no shortage of derisiveness in his tone.

Hollow Point, Inc.

Further south, I pulled off Interstate 55 and stopped at Hollow Point, Inc. in Dwight, Illinois. Located in a small town, it’s a charming little gun shop with some good deals and even better service. Alan, the owner, welcomed me warmly.

“You’ve been busy, haven’t you?” he asked when he saw me walk in with a couple of bundles of GunNews.

“You could say that,” I replied. “You’ve probably heard the news about Springfield and Rock River.”

Shaking his head, he proclaimed, “I can’t give Springfields away right now.”

He wasn’t the only gun dealer to report that, but he was the first willing to go on record publicly.

Retailer #3

Further south at a larger retailer, the salesperson I talked to pointed to the pack of “Oppose Illinois SB-1657” flyers left for customers. “Have you seen these?” he asked me.

The salesperson told me the shop has sold a few Springfields since the news of their political machinations broke, but only to “non-gun” people. “Most people don’t have a lot of nice things to say about Springfield or Rock River.”

He said the Springfield rep came by on Wednesday, May 17th. When the rep learned the person he wanted to see was unavailable, the rep gave the salesperson a Springfield cap. As soon as Mr. Rep left, the cap found its way into the back room’s circular file.

Further up the food chain, we’ve heard rumors that a major distributor is thinking about dropping the Springfield line once they unload their existing inventory. We’d appreciate reports from other gun dealers and customers around the country. Are Springfield Armory and/or Rock River Arms firearms selling where you live?

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    • Not surviving this is needed. It shows every other gun maker that you have to know where your donations are going and who you’re funding as a lobbyist or else the gun buying community will Mozambique drill out of business. Playing stupid when you’re caught is not the way to play it. Hell, if they were remotely serious about redemption, they would move 15 minutes to the west to Davenport, Iowa and kiss Illinois goodbye.

      • If they were really serious about making amends, they would voluntarily pay the fees for their license and for licenses for stocking Springfield dealers.

        But I haven’t heard Reese say that.

        F em.

      • Completely agree with your assessment. I find it unconscionable and stunning that Springfield would betray the American passage of right wherein our Second Amendment rights are concerned by giving aid and comfort to political enemies of this American Heritage that has been our flag since the inception of our existence. Truly, they need to be shut down, forced to close their business and face up to the charges of what they have done, which by the way is a stain on their reputation that will never be forgiven or forgotten.

    • Let’s hope that the bastards go bankrupt!
      We also need to periodical point out the sell outs, l Ike the NRA in 1968. We are still living under the tyranny that they supported and they seem content with not trying to roll it back.

    • Maybe they can sell them to the anti gun city mayors through taxpayer funded gun buy backs. There needs to be law against this but that is a different rant.

    • Hate to say it, but I think some gun makers and even gun rights orgs see profit in gun control efforts. It motivates scared people to part with their money. This time Springfield got caught playing both sides of the fence and they deserve to pay the price.

  1. Not many Springfields on shelves around me anyways. Glocks, 1911s, SIGs, and budget CC pieces seem to dominate the pistol market. For what it’s worth, I know one guy with an XD, which was purchased six or seven years ago, and that’s about the extent of it.

    • Your comment just gave me and epiphany; in my large circle of firearms loving friends, I don’t know a single one that owns a springfield, either. I have a 1911 franken-gun built on a springfield frame, but that is the closest to having one. I guess they’re like Chevy Colorados. They exist, I just don’t know anyone who has one.

    • I know a couple of people with some version of the XD. Not many. The shop owner I talked to last week wasn’t aware of the kerfluffle but doesn’t sell many Springfields anyway. He had sold the M1A he had prior to all this going on but wasn’t planning on getting any more just because they don’t sell well even under normal circumstances.

    • Now that you mention it , your right, My cousin had an XD a couple years ago that got stolen. He didn’t replace it with another SA. I looked at the M1A but went the AR-10 route instead. Maybe they will survive this. It doesn’t sound like they rely that heavy on gun sales. Lol

  2. They might be able to sell the machinery and the building.
    The “Springfield Armory” name is worthless. Their foreign pistol supplier will have to find a new importer for their fine guns.

    • That’s something I hadn’t thought of yet. I really like my XD(m), it’s a solid pistol. And the people who made it are now going to suffer for what Springfield did, when they had no role in the matter. It would be great to see them move their product to another company, but the contracts are probably such that SA would have to be dead and buried before they could do that.

      • Hopefully they just sell Springfudd Armory off to some actual pro 2A people and the freedom group doesn’t aquire it. Rock RINO Arms should do the same…

    • I might actually be more interested if that Croatian handgun was imported under it’s true brand. I picked up a few Turkish guns and they’re not bad at all, but I don’t think I would have bought them if they said “Remington”. Just too much corporate nonsense.

  3. I will take them. You may not like the company but they are great guns. Tell him to call me and I will give an address to my LGS so he can ship them to me.

    A year from now when Springfield is gone and you are paying $100 more for your Glock because they no longer have a competitor to hold their price down don’t complain.

    • The guns are Croatian. If next year I’m buying the same Croation gun from some other company, I probably won’t complain.

      • The guns are Croatian made but the ongoing design improvements and specification are Springfield’s. For the most part, Springfield’s customer base will be buying Glocks, not SiG, Ruger or S&W. And we don’t know if Sig’s entry into the striker fired market will survive Steyr’s challenge. If Sig has to pay royalties they are going to take a bath on the Army P320 contract and it will disappear from the market. Furthermore, nobody makes as good a 1911 for the price than Springfield. There are all sorts unknown negative effects of Springfield going away in this fashion. Be careful what you wish for because you might get it.

        I wonder why Mr. Boch keeps beating this dead horse? Did Springfield puss in his coffee once upon a time.

        • Springfield Armory pissed in all of our coffee the people of the gun will not put up with this one bit and it’s showing in their cells they can’t give their product away I’ve had the same to xd’s sitting on our shelves for six months. They were never a big seller to begin with. Some people like them but most chose Glock or Smith & Wesson M&P. The company is done there will be another importer bringing in the Croatian firearm that they call the XD and the XDM and the XDS. Good riddance

        • I wonder why Mr. Boch keeps beating this dead horse? Did Springfield puss in his coffee once upon a time.

          He’s going to beat the dead corpse until there is nothing recognizeable left and it’s rendered into a pile of spaghetti.

        • FWIW…. I’ve filled my hands with a lot of polymer pistols over the years, and keep coming back to Steyr M9. On the rare occasion I find one used, it’s usually cheaper than anything else (except Taurus/SCCY/Diamondback/etc). I see new ones for at least $50 cheaper than comparable GLOCKs/Springfield’s/etc.

          And recently I had some fun with a new C9-A1…. Yeah, they look funny, but Steyr’s pistols are every bit the equal (at least) of SiG/FN/Walther. It’s just really too bad Steyr doesn’t have a bigger presence stateside….. Though that may change depending on the patent fight.

        • Boch is beating the dead horse because page veiws=$ and controversy=page views. Boch claimed he couldn’t get a hold of the companies to talk about what their lobbyist was up to, so they published the story while RF was literally in the same building as SA and RRAs CEOs. Now Illinios biggest financial supporters of 2a rights might not be there next year, but RF will probably have a new Porsche.

        • I would buy sig, ruger, s&w, and h&k before buying a glock.
          I have 2 springfields now, an xdm and a 1911. Purchased long before this crap went down. Both have been absolutely reliable. Too bad i wont be buying any more.
          The local gun shop has pulled all stock of springfield and rock river firearms off the shelf.
          The owner said he would rather sit on them than disgrace his store with them out.
          Actually not a bad idea really. If they go out of business, he now at least a small amount of spare parts he can sell.

    • And Ruger, SIG, FN and others will simply see increased sales, along with Glock. I really wish both companies would come clean, apologize, and put some money into fighting those dirty bills, but it sure doesn’t look like it at this point. The old country expression is that if you wrestle with a pig, expect to get dirty.

    • Someone will step up to fill the void. The market is there for someone to pickup the customer base of XD folk.

    • Smith & Wesson M&P? Sig P320? FN FNS? Everybody and their brother makes a polymer double stack design anymore. Glock will run out of competition long after the last anti had packed up and gone home.

      • If the M&P were a serious competitor to Glock, Glock would be gone by now. They are $150-$200 less than a comparable Glock. The P320 is in legal trouble and the FNS is niche gun. What makes Springfield the real competitor to Glock and keeps them in check is that it is the only company that makes a fully family of pistols that occupies every niche that Glock does.

        • I beg to differ the Smith & Wesson M&P series polymer Plastic Fantastic guns have come a long way. The grip angle is much better than a Glock the trigger is now fixed in the 2.0 version and is about 10 to 20 times better than it was in the original version. Smith is keeping up with the times with their new release of their performance center M&P pistols you get a pretty damn nice gun for a reasonable price. I would have to say that springfield-armory never ever had any type of competition with Glock. You Don’t See entire police departments across the country using Springfield Armory XDS and for the main reason they want a gun built designed in the USA not in Croatia. Glock has started manufacturing everything here in the US M&P has always been designed here in the US. I think you might be a little mistaken I believe Springfield Armory stuck their foot right in their own ass on this one and let’s face it rockriver that company will be gone like a fart in the Wind period LOL

        • Really? I own exactly ZERO Glucks. Gluck – for users of yahoo and bicycles with training wheels.

    • See, you gave me a better idea. Start hoarding all these Springfields for cheap. At some point, people forget, or amends are made. Think about it this way: do people still buy Rugers, S&W, HK, and Colt? (Colt not so much, but old colts very much so.) yes they do. If I can snag 20 or more SA guns at half price or less, ill resell them at double or triple in a few years. Capitalism is a wonderful thing.

      • I didn’t forgive Ruger until 10 years after Bill died. And that was for the awesome 10/22 takedown (that I eventually sold because it wasn’t threaded.) At this rate I won’t even have the opportunity to give Springfield Armory’s and RRAs leaders the same “courtesy.”

      • Gun dealers are not going to sell Springfield guns for less than their cost. Most dealers will just reluctantly wait out the current storm of controversy.

    • Springfield wasn’t that much competition for glock anyways. The only people that I know that had SAs were the same guys that would buy FJ cruisers instead of jeeps and their phones would be windows based operating systems instead of apple or android. And yes, they could give you a laundry list of why their stuff was better.

      • Not sure what the issue with the FJ is, not my first choice but I would take it over a Jeep product any day. I am not sure how this correlates with Springfield ownership. (Or Windows phones, I have never even seen one) So I own a 4 Runner, Android and two Springfield. Not what category you will stick me in.

        I have an XD subcompact that has been my EDC for 9 years and an XDM. I really like each one, been 100% reliable. However, I won’t purchase any more Springfields.

        In fact I was waiting for my wife to get home so we could to the gun shop to buy her XDS when I first read the story. We didn’t buy one, we won’t buy any more Springfields. Downside, is we are back at square one finding her an EDC pistol.

        I am pretty sure they will ride this out and 9months from now, most folks (with the exception of TTAG readers) will forget this ever happened…….

        • Illinois FFL’s and gun owners will NEVER forget… I’ll make it my mission!

        • Not to worry if you like the l911 platform and want an easy powerful little pistol look at Brownings line of Black Lable 1911-380 handguns, Designed by the master “Browning” built by Americans in Utah. Check them out they shoot good, carry easily, and are dependable backed by Brownings Warranty.

      • The guys who shoot and carry XDs are generally the same individuals who tapcofuck SKSs and hang truck nuts off the tail hitches of their rusted out blazers or rangers.

    • Because Glock doesn’t have to compete with S&W, Walther, Beretta, CZ, FN, Ruger, or Taurus guns at lower or the same price as Glock…

      That is a lame reason to support Springfield, TDI.

  4. Upsets me that those two companies put their workers at the bottom of the list by doing that dirty deal. Now the bottom line will be affected, and that will put people out of work. Of course, as long as the elites at the top get their bonuses and keep their bank accounts padded, that’s all that matters to them.

    • I think they actually were trying to put their employees first — although at the expense of everyone else in the industry.

      If it hadn’t been for those meddling kids at TTAG, they would’ve been in high cotton, and their employees would have been fine. But they were duplicitous and shortsighted, and now everybody in their orbit is paying the price.

  5. “We Can’t Give Springfields away”

    Sure you can, try me. If the price is zero, I will take all you got. Have your FFL talk to my FFL.

      • I wouldn’t see a problem with buying one if a store said, “Hey, we need to get rid of these and we aren’t replacing them, here’s a discount.” In that case, money isn’t going to SA, since the guns people buy off the dealer won’t result in an order for more. Wouldn’t be a bad idea for these shops to clear inventory.

  6. MegaSports had a full cabinet of XD’s and SA 1911’s…don’t know if that means their inventory isn’t moving or if customers don’t like them.

    Didn’t look at any RRA AR’s, as I live in Aurora and don’t need the reminder of what I can’t buy.

    • Seriously? You cant own an ar in aurora?
      They tried to ban them in hanover park. We got that stopped real quick.

  7. I can only speak for myself, in that I absolutely will not buy one of their weapons, not even at fire sale prices.

    • As long as the money doesn’t make it back to them I have no problem buying. Once it leaves the distributor circuit, they receive no profit.

      That said, they have nothing I would want.

  8. They have already been “Colting” for years now what with the scant (and overpriced) offerings of 1911’s and M1A’s. The only real mainstream product they have is the XD line and there is no shortage of plastic fantastics out there.

    They were too late to the AR market and didn’t show up with anything remarkable. Pile on top of that this backstabbing politicing BS and it’s lights out.

  9. I talked to for shops in the Saint Pete Tampa area in Florida and along with our shop.

    We’ve had the two Springfield XDS sitting on our shells since this all started. The only people that have actually asked to look at them are people that have just completed our concealed weapons permit class and are looking to buy a firearm for the first time people that are unaware of what’s going on with Springfield in Rock River.

    This is the same I get from every shop I’ve talked to they say quote I can’t give these things away and a lot of them are telling me that as soon as their supply of Springfield and Rock River is gone their inventory depleted they are going ahead and not caring that line of handguns and rifles anymore.

    The funny thing here is I had made a comment when this all started that transparency is your best policy with anything to tell the truth lead-by-example and instead we have the owner of Springfield Armory wanting to sue the truth about guns for busting open a story that showed them paying tens of thousands of dollars to lobbyists trying to take away our 2nd Amendment rights in this country.

    I had said why doesn’t this owner come on and put up a video and explain to the people that he was worried about his employees and their families that’s why he made this bad decision but instead he came on there and lied to us all with his Shifty eyes and facial tics blaming everybody but himself that is BS.

    You know you could have got out in front of this thing and explained yourself like a normal human being without blaming other people like a spoiled little rich kid and this may have been survivable for your company’s but now darnall in the last Nails in your coffin Springfield Rock River you cheated the people of the gun the people of the gun don’t forget things and we are going to bury you no more purchasing Springfield Armory or Rock River we’ll see how long your ship floats with no money coming in the only people I feel bad about or your employees you should actually give the company to your employees let them run it and you collect a paycheck and get out of that building and leave the gun making two people who love firearms and the freedoms this country gives us take up table tennis or something period LOL

  10. Does anyone actually believe Springfield is the reason this law has passed? We are talking Illinois here – a third world hellhole of Democrat anti-gun, budget busting, massive unfunded public pension, crime infested liberal politician crap infested place. You want to blame someone – look the at Illinoisan standing next to you. They voted to put these Marxists in office and to keep them there. Let those people suffer the consequences. Move those jobs to a place that actually appreciates the business and respects the 2nd.

    Yes, I am buying Springfield, and hoping they bring that plant down south and all the jobs that go with it.

    • Um.. yeah, Springfield and RRA’s are the reason. Their representatives were the last votes needed to push this bill over the finish line. Once these cheese eating Fudds got their carve out, they told their representative they weren’t going to fight against the bill anymore. The entire state isn’t liberal, just most of it.

    • Everything you said about Illinois can be equally applied to California. And New York and Massachusetts and Connecticut and…

      The problem with the “you voted for these anti-2A politicians so this is your own damned fault” argument is that no, I didn’t vote for them. It’s all the ‘progressive’, statist, “government good-liberty bad” sheeple in the coastal areas that vastly outnumber the conservative, freedom-loving people in the inland counties that voted for these gun-control-lovin’ jackasses. And will no doubt keep voting for them (and electing them) no matter how I vote.

      Which then gets me the “well, you should move to a freedom-loving state, and if you don’t, it’s all your fault” accusation. Which is a great idea, unless of course you have things tying you to that crappy state for the near term (like family, and jobs that you and your spouse need to keep for another decade until retirement).

      So that puts me here for the immediate future, outnumbered (but at least not outgunned). All I can realistically do is keep voting for 2A-supporting politicians whenever possible (and my state assemblywoman, Melissa Melendez, is an awesome and staunch supporter of gun rights here in CA) and push back wherever and whenever I can find the opportunity. Until retirement, when I can finally tell this state to go to hell.

      • I think the same. We’re stuck in SoCal because of family needs, job etc. We’d love to move to a more politically rational state, but that mentality does nothing to improve the state of California or return it to the thriving wonderland it once was. Like Mexico, too many hard working people have fled, leaving the crooks, lazy and commies to ruin the government and environment. I say, stay if you can! Continue to work hard and vote out these ridiculous laws and lawmakers!
        Improvise! Adapt! overcome!

      • Excellent comment Dave; am completely on board with your assessment of the situation. This country is in one hell of a mess with our future, grim and grimmer, literally being pushed to the brink of destruction by such nitwit fools as what you so accurately described, thus as you also said, overwhelming and out numbering those of us who still have our wits about us, those of us who still subscribe to such American ideals as God, Country, Duty and Honor, who love this country more than life it’s own very self and who are willing to die protecting it if necessary.

    • Well it probably didn’t help that they gave tens of thousands of dollars to the anti-gunners pushing this bill forward. These anti-gunners their biggest opposition was Springfield Armory and Rock River Arms once they have them on the take it was a walk in the park. If they hadn’t donated the money and played both sides against the middle this Bill had a very good chance of not passing. They just didn’t want to stay on the side of the Second Amendment they wanted to make it so they could continue to make money no matter what restrictive anti-second Amendment anti-constitutional laws they decide to push through. Buy Springfield if you like by Rock River if you like you’re a free American you can do is you well please however keep this in mind you’re supporting the anti-gunners when you buy those firearms.

    • Ever been to Illinois, Buttercup?

      It’s mostly a beautiful place with solid, freedom loving people, except for Chicago, which is a third world hellhole of Democrat anti-gun, budget busting, massive unfunded public pension, crime infested liberal politician crap infested place.

    • From what I remember, yes it did the pass because of them and if you look at the amount of materials they have put out since to try to stop it, they believe that too. I think one vote less and the bill died.

    • This gun bill SB-1657 hasn’t been signed into law yet….we don’t know if the republican governor Rauner will even sign it….he never has been tested on gun issues before(no NRA rating) and unless the democrats completely cave in to his “turn Illinois around agenda” and attach SB-1657 to a balanced budget bill giving Rauner EVERYTHING he wants….then I don’t see him signing it into law since it will inevitably result in lost tax revenue for the state…..the Illinois Senate democrats still hold a super majority and could over-ride his veto….the house dems no longer have that luxury…..should be interesting how it plays out…..better start contacting the governors office.

      • Keep in mind the Dems can table the bill for 18 months — waiting for a Democratic governor to replace Rauner. This thing should have died in the Senate. And it would have but for . . .

  11. This major faux pas committed by Springfield is disappointing on the macro and micro levels. I love my 9mm range officer from Springfield, but when I hold it (or even think about it) I feel that knife in my back being twisted a little bit. I guess it will sit in the safe now. I was looking forward to that 10mm XD that was rumored to be in development as well. Oh well. I’ll set my sites on a Rock Island 10mm instead.

    I have a feeling a lot of Springfield hats are ending up in the circular file – my wife tossed her’s and asked me to find her a new industry-branded hat; one that doesn’t make her feel like a Judas.

  12. Honestly don’t know if Illinois gun shops are selling Springfield’s. And I live in Illinois but have bought all my guns in Indiana and done a transfer.(when needed-amazing how much better Indiana prices & service are). I’ll need to check in my local Illinois transfer dude to find out. Thanks again Boch and TTAG!

  13. About two months ago, I recommended an XD to a 21 year old as her first and maybe only self defense gun. She lives alone, I don’t. We’re both female, and I had found my XD to be accurate, and easy to clean by myself, right out of the box. I have a couple of other guns that aren’t so easy to take down and put back together. I hand those off to my husband, if needed.

    Second reason I recommended a 9mm is because of ammo availability and price. Yeah, sure, .22 is cheaper, but still talking one gun ownership for self defense.

    She’s making her first range trip with us this Sunday. I’ll bring a Shield, a 320 Sub Compact, and the XD, but explain to her the problem with Springfield. The Shield took about three cleanings before I could move the take-down lever myself. Can’t remember a problem with the 320, but I’m sure there was one, at first.

  14. Well, at least if the pistols get another importer we might actually be able to order spare parts like extractors.

    As it is, SAI won’t sell them, they want the slide or gun shipped back to them for replacement.

  15. Sadly, the dealer I bought my new EMP4 from last week didn’t get the memo, didn’t try to give it away to me. Still, I’m very pleased with my purchase, so far seems a quality pistol. Also my XDM. I called their customer service this morning re possible Trijicon sights for the EMP. They were very helpful and didn’t try to push their own products on me.

  16. All I know is that with all the choices out there, as an individual buyer, I have no intention of ever buying either brand after this.

  17. Sorry, but I still want an M1A. It’s not leaving my bucket list. Maybe now’s the time to buy it.

    • There are other companies that make M14 type rifles, Bula, James River, Fulton… just to name a few. They cost a little more but won’t have to go back to the factory for SAIs famous “lifetime warranty” work. Forged receivers are a plus instead of SAIs cast receiver.

  18. I know someone who bought an XD-S the month before this news broke. They left Illinois because of Crook County doing stuff like this. Not a good experience for a first time gun owner.

  19. Got four SA products now, love them. Was going to buy four more over long haul. Can’t now with this hanging over SA. Unless Reese can show evidence that politicians shook him down, I’ll have to hope that he sells company and I can purchase more under new management. I guess they’re pre-scandal collectables now.

    I am curious, though. How much did SA give to pro-gun politicians, and how much did they give to anti-gun pols over the decades they’ve been around?

  20. I have a Springfield 1911 I bought years ago. Slide has made in Brazil rolled on it in smaller font size. Good shooter and I like it, but… will stay locked away for now.

    • I don’t understand this mentality; “it’s a good shooter and I like it, but I’m never shooting it again.” You’re not doing anything to affect Springfield’s sales, as they got your money long ago (if you bought it new, that is). Whatever helps you sleep at night, I guess, but a good gun’s a good gun.

      I’m not going to buy anything new from Springfield, but I have no plans to discard my two XD-s’, as they have both performed flawlessly, and I can shoot them well.

      • Simple really.

        I don’t want anyone to see it, don’t want anyone to know I own it, don’t want anyone to think they should buy one too.

        Depriving Springfield of free advertisement may deprive them of a future sale.

        I’m certainly not going to help them in any way.

        They made their bed…

  21. Is there REALLLY anything antigun related in the Sewer of Illinois that wasn’t going to otherwise occur? NO

    Or did the Illinois gun manufacturers group do anything that impacts any surrounding state or any progun state? NO

    Perhaps further enriched some already corrupt Illinois pols (a given). IF not this shake down it would be a scam on the Washingmachine manufactures assoc or _______________. It’s the Third World. You want to improve something force the down states to drive Cook County/metro area out of the state. Chicraq could become an injun tribe or something and the rest of the US could support them. Just like now and every injun reservation. No not.

  22. I own a springfield XD. It’s been with me a decade. I always liked it even if newer guns coming out had better triggers like ppq, VP, etc.

    That said, I will not and do not endorse anything of theirs to anyone anymore. The company is dead to me, and I’m holding onto my XD as a reminder of what once was (that, and it has still been a good pistol to me and I have no functional reason to sell).

    I also make sure now that everyone I interact with shopping for a gun steers clear of springfield. It’s time for them to die. Maybe another company can figure out how to deal with the Croatians and maybe make some guns without tacky grip zone stamped on it.

    • Damn right. If they’re going to give them away, they can give one to me. I’m partial to the XD/XDm flavor, but I’m not picky.

  23. If someone wants a Springfield on its merits as a firearm (I don’t), it would be fair to offer a dealer exactly what it cost him for a gun he already has in stock and can’t return. That way, the dealer doesn’t suffer because of Springfield’s perfidy but Springfield doesn’t benefit. Distributors should make the same offer to their dealers until their stock is depleted and drop Springfield thereafter.

  24. The people who say they like their Springfield products have a point—and I like my XDS .45 a lot—but I’m going to sell it, and I’ll tell you why.

    If I sell it as a used gun to someone who doesn’t care about the boycott, or doesn’t know, but likes my XDS, I get to deprive Springfield of a sale. Instead of buying a new gun, they get mine, which has already given money to Springfield. And I get to buy a gun from a company with a better 2nd Amendment history.

    That company will probably be Kahr. The CM45 is comparable in every way to the XDS—same capacity, same two tone finish(it’s a thing with me)—but it’s lighter, thinner, smaller, and cheaper with a better trigger.

    Yes, Kahr Arms’ founder is the son of Reverend Moon, but the company has no dealings with the church—and even if it did, who cares? The Moonies were always staunch anti-Communists and supported NIXON, FFS. That’s a pretty solid right wing pedigree IMO.

  25. The last line is what I’m curious about.

    Did these actions actually catch the attention of a significant number of people outside Illinois and it’s surrounding states? I would kind of guess that they didn’t. I’ve asked about this around me and the response has mainly be “What RRA/SA thing? Did they have a recall?”. Anecdotal yes, but kind of revealing.

    The real facts will come out with earnings reports.

    Personally I suspect this is significantly over-hyped in our little bubble of the world. I also think it’s a little stupid. How many people here are willing to boycott every single gun company that has, in the last 25 or so years, done something they don’t like?

    Shall we boycott Sig for selling to the NJSP? How about HK, Glock and host of other companies for selling to LE in those states that are behind enemy lines? What about ammo companies that supply those LE agencies in those states?

    I’d be willing to lay a pretty hefty wager that if you were to look closely at each gun company out there you would find that, were you to be a hardnosed SOB about it, you’d have zero companies to buy from.

    • What earnings report? These are privately owned companies, they don’t make their finances public.

  26. Not buying a new Springfield XD or M1A or 1911 won’t hurt SA. It hurts the LGS. he’s got to sit on his inventory forever or mark it down to cost or below what he paid SA for it. SA already has made their money on the deal. Buy the gun if you want it but tell your LGS that this is your last Springfield and tell him why. If the LGS and online dealers stop ordering, SA will feel the pinch, not the LGS.

    • Yes it will hurt SA if it means the local shop owner will not be replacing that inventory and will spread the news among his fellow owners that the SA brand has become a pariah.

  27. I have mixed feelings about buying a Springfield until they have new ownership. If I was sure it was one my LGS had prior to Springfield screwing the pooch, it was a model I was interested in, and I knew they hadn’t ordered new Springfield inventory, I’d buy it. No reason to punish my LGS for a decision they made before we saw the skunk. However, if my LGS ordered Springfields afterwards, everything they’ve got on the shelf can stay there.

  28. I’ll take one if they’re giving em away.

    Paying more than a transfer fee is a different story though…

  29. Hopefully the SA custom shop will survive… say what you will, they build a hell of a good 1911 no matter what the politics are.

  30. I literally bought a 9mm XDS, checked the internet on my way home and saw the news when it broke. Had I known beforehand I wouldn’t have purchased the gun. I love The XD series and the mag offer pushed me over the edge to upgrade my daily carry. I would’ve went with the Shield had I checked before the purchase

  31. Re: Discussion of the price of Glock after Springfield leaves the market.

    I sat down and did some research. As a Springfield guy who hates Glock my answer to what I would buy if Springfield weren’t there is Glock. And I am probably the typical Springfield owner. Here is why:

    Sig and FN cost more. Ruger doesn’t offer what a Springfield owner wants. Some of us might buy the M&P 2.0 but most won’t. So welcome to the $700 basic Glock and you are still going to have to put in that nwe trigger and new sights.

    • We believe the Ruger American does a fine job of replacing the XD/m. We were surprised at how much we liked it.
      And it doesn’t have some phony-baloney ripped-off name it stole from a serious arms maker.

  32. This is what you get when management has the back bone of a dog, instead of standing up for themselves and protecting their customers they pull a Rugar!
    Wither die on the vine, choke on your own spew! after you go belly up may you never work in the industry again,
    go to work for Soro’s or Bloomberg at least then you can be honest about your true beliefs!

  33. Divide and conquer is the goal of the anti-gun people. They have divided Springfield and Rock River.

    I don’t know the facts one way or another. I’d like to know.

  34. I hope Springfield & RRA both go bankrupt and file chapter 7 liquidation! The last Springfield I owned was a 1903 that I sold last year…..Yea I know that was a different Springfield company. This one can Rot in Hell!

  35. I own a Springfield 1911, and an M1A, both bought years ago, these will be the last, unless I get a good deal on a used one.

  36. What SA and RRA did is not right but you all need to go back 17 years when S&W and Ruger cut deals with Clinton which almost caused the collapse of both companies. The only thing that saved S&W is an American company bought S&W back from the Brits and the only thing that saved Ruger was the death of Ruger himself.


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