Illinois Attorney General Candidate Robbed in Broad Daylight in Chicago
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Criminals rule the streets in Chicago, otherwise known as Murder City USA. A Democrat candidate for Illinois Attorney General, Aaron Goldstein, had this bitter lesson reinforced in broad daylight Thursday afternoon. While taking promotional photos with some of his staff, a trio of armed predators robbed the group of cameras, wallets, phones and other valuables. The Chicago Tribune has the sordid story:

A candidate running for Illinois attorney general was robbed at gunpoint while he was taking promotional photos for his campaign Thursday afternoon in the Northwest Side ward where he’s also the Democratic committeeman, according to his campaign manager and authorities.

Aaron Goldstein, 42, and several members of his campaign team were in the middle of taking publicity shots when the robbery happened, according to Goldstein’s campaign manager.

The robbery took place about 3:25 p.m. in the 4600 block of North Albany Avenue in Albany Park, when three men in their early 20s approached them, according to a law-enforcement source.

One of the men flashed a handgun and demanded the camera equipment and other personal belongings from the team, according to police.

Of course, in this group of Democrats, not a single one had a concealed carry firearm with which to defend their lives. Those robbers could have just as easily taken lives in addition to property.

While most people would express outrage at Chicago levels of violent crime, Windy City residents seem numb to it all. So, just how dangerous has Chicago become?

Chicago had more homicides in 2017 at 675 than New York City and Los Angeles, combined. NYC and LA have four and a half times more population.

In the past four years, Chicago carjackings have skyrocketed 209 percent.  Robberies in the tourist mecca downtown area have jumped 132 percent in just three years.

Homicides have spiked northward 41 percent in the last four years. As we reported earlier, the clearance rate on homicides for all of 2017 stands at 12 percent. Yes, a killer has an 88 percent chance of pulling off a homicide without getting caught in Rahm’s paradise.

It’s surprising Chicago has not become a destination for murder tourism. Just sayin’.

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    • The chances of him recognizing the citizens civil right of self defense? Before, probably zero. Now? Maybe .01%, after all, he still needs votes and can’t risk alienating the sheep constituency.

      • He will probably just see it as proof that the city needs more gun control and will use it in his campaign. I mean if the criminals didn’t have guns they couldn’t have done that right?

    • He’ll blame it on the gun, “too many guns on the street bla, bla, bla,” Poor ethnic yoots bla, bla, bla. if they didn’t have guns, he wouldn’t be robbed bla, bla,bla, We need more midnight basket ball programs and more gun control. there ya go.

  1. I spent time in Chicago in the 1980’s, and I always liked it (as far as big cities go). It is really sad how bad it has been there in the last few years.

    • Remember what Margaret Thatcher said about socialism? Eventually you run out of other people’s money. That’s the situation Chicago is in. They have borrowed money until they’re running out of lenders. Chicago and its school system have terrible bond ratings. There isn’t any more money for police, prosecutors or jails. Their “justice” system produces career criminals with mile-long rap sheets all too eager to train the next generation of thugs. The downward spiral continues.

    • As much as I hate to say anything even remotely nice about Chicago, my understanding is that most of the city is actually extremely safe. Most of the violence either occurs in or stems from a relatively small geographic fraction of Chicago. Which is indicative of an even more impressive failure of Democrat policies. Now, I wouldn’t live anywhere where my right to self-defense isn’t recognized, and the fact that such a thing has been allowed to happen speaks volumes about the cowardice and weakness of Chicagoans. But most of the city is quite nice

  2. It’s amazing I live downtown in this city 2 blocks from Navy Pier and actually had a shooting in front of my building on the Fourth of July at 6:00 pm in the afternoon. I look down from my window and it was as if nothing happened on the street…people were still eating at their outdoor cafes. 15 minutes later….police cars arrive with sirens blaring. the doorman said 2 groups of inner city kids got into a scuffle on the street and someone pulled out a gun

    It was amazing the stupidity of the people on the streets who didn’t duck and cover. The final straw for me to get my conceal carry license was watching a group of middle eastern people looking at anti american videos on their lap top in a Starbucks on Michigan Ave.

  3. I can only assume that he is unfit for the job of attorney general. Otherwise he would have known to ask to see the robbers’ FOID cards. That would have made for a pretty awkward moment if they didn’t have them on them.

    • He is a Public Defender. Probably knows the perps and can’t turn them in because of attorney – client privilege.

      Former Mayor Daley had a crime reduction program. He put jail prisoners on a bus to Springfield when they were released. Crime in Springfield is way up.

      I lived at Springfield 45 years ago. Armed robberies and shootings are up 500% from back then.


    Ok now that I’ve changed pants (p*ssed myself laughing). There is no way in hell now they can deny they have a crime problem. When your AG candidate is robbed in broad freakin daylight while taking pictures YOU sir have a crime problem in your city! Really there is no way to whitewash it as anything other than a severe crime problem sorry Rahm (not really) but now you have to pull your head from your fourth point of contact and smell the covfefe, Chicago is a 3rd world sh*thole wait no actually I’d feel safer in Baghdad than I would in Chicago so it’s worse than a 3rd world sh*thole and the blame rests entirely on your p*ss poor leadership!

      • All immigrants from terrorist countries should be relocated to Chicago or Berkley and fitted with electric shock collars that activate if they venture outside the cities. If these liberal politicians want more immigration and fewer civil liberties for citizens, they should be required to bear the consequences of their folly.

      • Hey I’d support that policy. Really though that’s more of an observation of the differences in the two populations and my comfort in dealing with either. I’d rather deal with a population in a third world country that may or may not want me dead due to religion than to deal with a population in a modern city that wants me dead because I’m white, conservative, have nice things, or any other myriad of reasons. Least in Baghdad I know where I stand with the people. That and they have some amazing prices on slightly used Russian military equipment like T72s, BMPs, and AKs. Go over with a herd of goats come back with enough of an arsenal to declare my own country.

      • Perhaps Thedonald could broker a deal to swap Chicago for Port-au-Prince.

        Although I can’t imagine the Haitians being dumb enough to take that deal.

    • ATFAgentBob >>> When your AG candidate is robbed in broad freakin daylight while taking pictures YOU sir have a crime problem in your city! Really there is no way to whitewash it as anything other than a severe crime problem sorry Rahm …

      The teenage son of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was attacked and robbed outside his family’s home on the city’s North Side late Friday, according to police.

      Police told that Zach Emanuel, 17, was walking outside the house shortly after 10 p.m. local time when he was grabbed by two men. Authorities say the men went through Zach’s pockets and grabbed his cell phone before taking off. As of Saturday night, they were still at large …

      On Saturday night, MyFoxChicago reported that an unmarked police car was parked in front of Emanuel’s house.

      According to a Chicago Police Department Crime Summary Map seen by MyFoxChicago, there have been 17 robberies in the same police district as Emanuel’s home between Nov. 20 and Dec. 13 …

      • Boy I bet his security detail caught the a$$ chewing of a lifetime Saturday morning and to top it off bet they weren’t allowed to watch Looney Tunes.

        • As a candidate is he really important enough to rate a real security detail? He’s only a Democratic ward committeeman right now. Only special people are allowed to defend themselves or have armed security.

      • That report was from 2014.

        Emanuel’s son was rumored to have not been completely innocent in that mess. Something about buying dope if I recall Second City Cop’s reports.


        • Yeah, the real story has never fully come out.

          Allegedly, he wason the phone, talking with his high school guidance counselor (or something completely perfectly nice and decent like that), out side of his house, at 10:30, on a Friday night.

          Word among the boys in blue was that he was trying to conduct a transaction that went sour but that got buried pretty quick.

          They never seemed to be too anxious to provide additional details…

  5. A liberal democrat politician getting robbed. Oh my. He was probably saying “Sure, take it. You need it more than I do”.

    • They only say that with tax payer money. “Here, you need to vote for me more than they need the money they earned.”

  6. Candidate running on Gun Control platform gets what he deserves. Violent criminals may be dispicable, but they are smart enough to go after self-disarmed anti-gun people, rather than freedom loving Americans who are more likely to defend themselves.

  7. Oh this is priceless. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving scumbag. I wonder if he realizes that he got a taste of what his party has been doing to Illinois taxpayers for decades?

  8. Sadly, this will probably just increase his resolve to get all those evil guns off the streets.

    And I have to wonder if this was a false flag operation to generate publicity.

    • ^ This.

      In the twisted mind of a gun control advocate, this underscores the need for more laws to get all these guns “off the streets.” Goldstein will harp in the “permissive” gun laws in Illinois and, if elected, will continue to handle Chicago’s thugs with an abundance of mercy, forgiveness and revolving door justice, just like his predecessors.

  9. Goldstein is as leftard as they come…I wouldn’t put it past him that THIS was staged. BTW missing from Boch’s analysis is this is Tiny Dancer° Rahm’s neighborhood. Didn’t stop young ruffians from beating up his marajuana smokin’ boy…😏

  10. Ok so I totally agree that Chicago is enjoying the fruits of their ridiculous labor, and that cities should not be violating or 2A rights. However I have a policy question. The author states that Chicago had more murders than NY and LA combined. Do those 2 cities have restrictive gun laws? I’m asking because I’m not sure but I think NYC has restrictive laws and I am pretty sure CA does. I’m not trying to argue against CC I firmly believe in it, I’m just trying to learn in case I bring this up to someone and they try to counter with that. Maybe it doesn’t matter since their populations are so much larger.

    • Chicago has less restrictive gun laws than LA, NYC or pretty much anywhere on the upper right or left coasts.

      Since 2014, Illinois has had shall-issue concealed carry licenses with state preemption. No magazine limits, no hollowpoint ban, no “approved” firearms list. Pretty much anyone who is not a thug or a psychopath can legally tool up in Chicago.

      I have been hammering on this for years here, and Mr. Boch doesn’t seem to get it. When we ridicule Chicago for its violent crime rate, we play right into the liberal narrative since other large cities with more restrictive gun laws have significantly less crime.

      • Mr. Boch keeps saying that you don’t reverse generations of the cultural effects of strict gun control with the passage of a piece of legislation.

      • CC is most effective in high crime demographics (poor, black, etc.) and women.

        It is difficult bordering on impossible for poor inner city people in Chicago to get a CC permit.

    • both are very restrictive however I think Chicago has a much larger gang population. As evidenced in the demographics of their murder cases (most are military aged African American males). Although I still cannot explain the discrepancy between the murder rates I’d have to guess that it may boil down to the types of people the cities attract. NYC and LA seem more affluent and the LEGAL immigrants come from countries in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East (yes I know the M.E. immigrants are a crap shoot but not all will take up arms) while the Midwest seems to attract LEGAL immigrants from African nations like Somalia and the Congo which see violence as the best tool to use for every situation. Of course LA sees more illegal latin immigrants than Chicago and NYC.

    • NYC had 2400 murders with the same gun laws that they have now. Gulliani started broken windows policing and brought the crime rate down. Despite his rhetoric De Blasio maintains the practice. Gun laws have nothing to do with it.

      • I agree, gun laws have nothing to do with it. Yet here we are, on a gun blog, talking about Chicago crime as if it’s a gun rights issue. It’s not.

        • Support for gun control is highly correlated with anti-police attitudes. They don’t see the contradictions. Put more police on the streets and enforce the law and crime rates go down. Who would have thought that? NYC has 3x the number of police per capita than any other major city.

          Another unmentionable factor in the decline in NYC crime us gentrification. See Heather MacDonald’s latest.

      • very good point. The reasons for the differences in murder rates between the 3 don’t boil down to just gun laws, it also encompasses how law enforcement polices the city as a whole, the socio-economic conditions in the city, and the demographics making up the city. The gun laws are just the lowest hanging fruit on the tree of tyranny that the democrats can throw a soap box on to preach to the masses.

      • btw TDIINVA thanks for the very interesting subject to study. fascinating stuff this broken windows policing methodology. I do see where it could contribute to lessening crime but I can also argue that some of the cause could also be the downfall of the traditional family unit.
        While anecdotal I can provide the following example from first hand observation. I have a blended family (I.E. stepchild) with MRSATFAgentBob. I have and continue to discipline my step son just as I do my son and our daughter, the result is I have 3 children that (for the most part) behave and have never just wantonly destroyed anything once they started being able to understand the concept of play vs just destroying crap. Meanwhile my brother in law has had 2 relationships similar to mine, he has not married and he has no children of his own but he does date divorced women with their own children, in these relationships he was expected to be a male role model for his “step daughters” however he was/is not
        allowed to discipline the children in any way aside from using a harsh tone. The results I saw and have seen are children that have no flippin clue how to respect property or behave in most situations. The first relationship’s stepdaughter was an absolute nightmare. In and out of trouble, complete lack of respect for anyone and anything, no concept of right and wrong, and very prone to physical violence. The second relationship’s eldest step daughter (the youngest is 6 months old so therefore not applicable to this subject) is following in the footsteps of the first. She is 3 years old and has absolutely no concept of right and wrong. This child will use physical violence as a means to achieve whatever goal she wants such as getting a toy from another child, she is often violent with pets, and will destroy any object she plays with. Yes my family has lost numerous toys, mementos, and books to this child when they have visited and have since had no choice but to ask that they no longer come visit as a result. Now anecdotal as my example is I can say that given a strong set of parents working in cooperation in all things a child will grow to become a decent human being while children raised by a single parent or parents where child related obligations like discipline are not shared will grow to have a proclivity to physical violence against people, animals, and property that is not theirs.

  11. The thugs stole a few hundred bucks worth of equipment by using a gun. Politicians steal millions by using a pen.

    I don’t know who to root for.

  12. Without bothering to get into the gun policy issue on this, every time I hear of a politician getting to know their fellow citizens in such a personal fashion, I cheer.

  13. Seeing as no one got hurt, nothing wrong with gloating about such ironic karma hahahaha couldn’t have happened to a nicer fella.

  14. I was reading a related story over on “GunWatch” about lack of reporting of justifiable homicides. Related because in Chicago and the level of violence there. You may be a gang banger involved in illegal activities but walking down the street with your “illegal” gun, you still have the right of self-defense so I am wondering how many defend and flee shootings there are in those “s—hole” areas where there is no other evidence other than a dead body and a no snitch culture? Thus ruled as murder homicide.

  15. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving group of people. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing a bunch of Anti 2A liberals being rewarded for all their efforts. I am glad no one was harmed physically. Hopefully for them this will be a learning experience in the need for the ability to protect ones self from the evils of the world. Living a life of denial of those dangers and the refusal to protect ones self. Could have ended in a far more deadly way. Keep Your Powder Dry…

  16. I’m surprised our “former president” hasn’t issued a statement on the need for reasonable gun control. After all it is his home state. Or was that Kenya?

  17. After all is said and done, Who actually voted to put these people in office? Now lets ask ourselves …

    “In what direction do we point the finger(s) ?

  18. “three men in their early 20s “…no mention of ethnicity/race/color…hmmmm
    all wearing masks and gloves so as not to reveal details?
    they said men…so I assume no masks…


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