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“In his initial statement after the scandal broke, Weinstein [offered] to atone for his transgressions by going after the NRA. Even for Hollywood liberals, that was too pathetic. It wasn’t virtue signaling so much as an attempt to buy an indulgence from the Church of Liberalism.” – Jonah Goldberg in Binders Full of Asininity [via]

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  1. “Buy an indulgence from the Church of Liberalism”

    That is an expression we are going to have to remember and throw back at them at opportune moments in the future.


    And again.

    And again.


    • Again!

      Additionally, I would change “Liberalism” to “Leftism,” as there is really nothing at all “liberal” about today’s left.

        • People hear “progress” and think “improvement”. Much stock is put in a name and that is why progs can get so much support – because the masses incorrectly believe that their name signals that they are seeking and working towards improvement.

          However, the correct definition of “progress” is: “incremental advancement along an anticipated trajectory towards an intended goal”

          Well, now we’re getting somewhere. But what is the progressives’ “intended goal/target”?
          Woodrow Willson told us:

          In essence, he said that the socialists and progressives of his time wanted the same end result, but the progressives realized that neither the government nor the populace were ready for socialism. And so we end on the conclusion that the end goal of progressivism is socialism. And the end goal of socialism is…… (anyone? anyone?… anyone?….)

        • As for the end goal of socialism, I’m not completely sure — but I know the end result.

          We’ve all seen what happens when any place goes full socialist, and I do NOT want my country to go there.

        • Ing:

          He’s referring to a quote attributed to Lenin which, IIRC, goes:

          “…The goal of socialism is communism.”

    • 16 days ’til the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Who is the progressives’ Martin Luther, I wonder.

      • We must remember Ladd Everitt, voice and face of CSGV, who once stalked and harassed a 10-year-old female competitive shooter online to the point where he got his group’s Twatter account suspended for two weeks.

    • “I have only ever made one prayer to God, quite a short one. Here it is: ‘Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.’

      And it was granted.”


  2. Why in the world are we (POTG) giving so much attention to this cretin? That smug expression makes me want to gag.

    I’m almost as sick of seeing this monster’s face as I was of Hitlery when she was all over every news story. I’ll be glad if I never see either one of them again.

    • Agreed. However…

      The media spotlight has to be glaring somewhere, and it’s a conserved quantity of attention. This much attention on a human dung beetle means other recent events are already starting to fade, which overall is probably good for civil rights. (Not that said event didn’t stall some great advances, I’m just hoping we don’t backslide too much.)

    • Because he’s the perfect distraction to beat the left over the head with and distract the proles. We can associate being anti-gun rights with being pro-serial rapist. By going after the NRA, this piece of garbage couldn’t have done us a bigger favor.

      • 100% correct. He’s the one who picked the fight with gun owners and the NRA. We couldn’t have asked for a more favorable opponent. Hollywood and political types are falling over themselves trying to put distance between themselves and Weinstein, so any cause he associates himself with is going to be tainted with his rapist stink.

        Unfortunately, I think it will be a short-lived battle. The heat is on him, and it’s only a matter of time before some ambitious DA decides to jump on the bandwagon and charge him with some serious shit.

        • “… it’s only a matter of time before some ambitious DA decides to jump on the bandwagon and charge him with some serious shit.”

          Already happening, and the best part is, it’s an *international* hunt for dirt.

          I’ve heard noises the UK may be interested in charging him for rape.

          US prisons aren’t known for being pleasant. I have heard the UK prisons are far less pleasant…

    • It’s a change of subject from Las Vegas. The media needs to yell about something, let it be Harvey Weinstein and the sins of one of their own.

  3. Yeah, still waiting for results from the last time he said something about demolishing the NRA…

    • Five years ago he said he’d make a film that would destroy the NRA.

      Well….we’re waiting!!!!

      • Weinstein did not have enough time to finish the movie, what with spending so much time and energy trying to molest so many women in show business.

  4. Oh the Weinstein “saga” will NEVER be over. And it’s LEFTARD…yes the disgusting slob is only the most prominent anti-gun slob. Plenty more that need to lose their privilege.

  5. Its not like Harvey the Shvantz wasn’t already doing everything within his powers to humiliate the NRA and vex gun owners. The libs didn’t buy into his pathetic final offer because it wasn’t anything new. And they also knew he was out of money, the sine qua non of politics these days.

  6. Weinstein is going to stay in the news for some time, because they are going to charge him with at least some of the rapes he committed. The only thing that would shorten his cycle would be for him to kill himself. The best thing he could do to stay in the news would be to run somewhere he couldn’t be extradited from, like his buddy Polanski.

    • Not to mention, he’s not the only one. Not by a long shot. There are many, many more who will be outed by women (and men) coming out of the woodwork. Those who were afraid are no longer afraid. This is about to explode.

      Same thing if the jack-booted thugs ever attempt gun confiscations. The cowards among us will surrender, at first. Until one or two.fight back. Then many of those cowards will find courage they never thought they had. 3% is all it takes and it doesn’t even take that.

      • I read just this morning that the head of Amazon’s programming or media or development, whatever, department, had to resign on Thursday over sexual harassment allegations, too. Now, I don’t know whether the claims are true; I don’t even recall his name. It could be anything from that, to rapes, to just has-beens and toss-aways getting revenges with exaggerated stories. Who knows? Whatever the truth, the whole theme of casting couches in Hollywood is a real thing and, I agree, is going to be a prominent story for a considerable time.

        Maybe now we can quietly pass national reciprocity and just as quietly kill bump stock ban bills. Kind of like I suggested in the days following the L.V. massacre.

      • If there is a big shakeup in Hollywood, I’m guessing the leftist sexual predator scumbags get replaced with another leftist front group who will continue the assault on individual liberty unabated. I’m betting on 3rd wave feminists. And if anything, they’ll be just as vehement about civilian disarmament, but more likely to use the word “patriarchy.”

  7. Anyone who has spent time on Hollywood film sets in any capacity knows that executive entitlement, corruption, control, coercion, abuse, and cruelty are the coin of the realm.

    Go to work on a film in just about any capacity, and within 5 minutes of arriving on set, someone will question you about your politics.

    The film industry is a completely corrupt, tightly structured, closely controlled left fascist hierarchy where each successive tier is completely dominated and controlled by its immediate higher up, with producers, studio execs, union bosses, and directors each exercising absolute domination and control over their respective domains at the highest levels.

    Anyone who wants a preview of what society would be like with the left in complete control only need look to the current structure and practices of the film industry.

  8. So some guy that sexually attacks women wants to redeem himself by making it easier for women to be attacked. I encourage all women to get trained for defense against swine like this a-hole.

  9. Harvey Weinstein is a good example of why everyone needs a CCW. Given that how many out right sexual predators are running around in that cesspit know as Hollywood.

  10. Oh. Another in a long line of Hollyweird rapists and shit heels wants to disarm his victims.

    This is my shocked face.

  11. The logic of it:

    A lot of Hollywood are extreme leftists and anti-gun.
    Harvey Weinstein, likely serial rapist, was an extreme leftist and anti-gun of the Hollywood profile.
    Therefore: A lot of Hollywood are likely serial rapists based on similar profiling.

    Think about it. Rapists are anti-gun because firearms are the one tool that would allow a woman to overcome/overpower a man. That, to me, is the ultimate woman’s right to choose. The right to choose to not be a victim.

    Also, rapists should be castrated (in only 100% slam-dunk convictions).

  12. Famous Harvey Weinstein quote: “I’m going to make a movie with Meryl Streep that will make the NRA sorry that they’re alive. Now excuse me while I grab this girl’s ass.”

      • Ha! Me too.

        Well, no, I wouldn’t go that far…I’m just sorry she still has a career in Hollywood after all the ridiculously unwatchable movies she’s starred in. I’d settle for never seeing that hatchet-faced harridan on a movie poster or a news article ever again.

  13. Oh no, a powerful liberal taking advantage of women. This has to be the first time this has ever happened. /sarc

  14. Back in the years of my youth a dirt bag like Harvey Swinestein wouldn’t have had to worry about the legal or public consequences of his actions. His problems would have been handled in a much more personal way. Let’s just say the MEN of the area would have thrown a little party for him. At which time his fate would be decided in a much more physical form. Usually ending if he was lucky having the ability to leave the country. Never to be seen again. If not just never seen again.

  15. Seriously? Does this pompous ass REALLY think all of us gun owners/NRA members are going to take him seriously? The left/liberals/progressives in Hollywood and everywhere else really have a serious accountability problem. Mr. Weinstien may become the abused by a not so friendly fellow inmate rather than the abuser real soon. It is going to be interesting to see how this plays out in the land of Fruits and Nuts!

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