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teen shoots cougar who killed goat

WTF? Revenge? How about, “Teen protects his land, home, family and livestock with a gun.” Awesome, kid. . . . Teen gets revenge on mountain lion that killed goat

After a long, sad day, Streff’s youngest child, 14-year-old Dalton, who fancies himself a hunter, told his mother he was going to go sit in the backyard and await the return of the beast that had killed their young goat. The 5-foot-10, 130-pound, brown-haired teenager, who had previously completed a hunter’s safety course, brought with him his 30.06-caliber Remington rifle he won last year in an NRA raffle.

Lacking a proper blind in which to shelter himself from approaching critters, Dalton opted instead for a Little Tikes playhouse conveniently located in the backyard. There on a chair he sat, scanning the surrounding woodlands for the killer cat.

His mother was skeptical. “He decided he was going to go sit out there until 7, when he had to do milking chores,” Streff said. “He said he’d go back out again at 5:30 in the morning if it hadn’t returned that night. But even though it was a possibility, none of us expected the cat to come back that evening.”

A half-hour later, as the sun began to set behind the Ponderosa pines, Streff heard a single, staccato gunshot pierce the silence of their remote Black Hills home.

I have to admit this story made me chuckle. Ok, I laughed my ass off. What was he thinking? . . . Man Accused Of Illegally Hunting Deer In Popular Staten Island Park

A man was arrested on Staten Island, accused of illegally hunting deer with a crossbow in a popular park used by people and pets.

As CBS2’s Vanessa Murdock reported, Cody Pernice, who hails from Norfolk near the Canadian border, brought his apparent sharp shooting to the wrong part of New York State. On Tuesday, he decided to test his aim at Conference House Park on Staten Island.

An off-duty police officer who was out for an evening stroll with his wife first notice Pernice’s pickup truck parked near the intersection of Connecticut Street and Clermont Avenue. Perhaps the corn filling the bed, used to bait deer, caught his attention.

The officer headed into the woods and found Pernice propped high up on a tree stand, holding a crossbow. It’s illegal to hunt in New York City.

You don’t say.

Man with terminal cancer still hunts

Hunting can be a very spiritual experience.  A form of meditation, since silence and isolation is required. . . . Local man finds relief from cancer when hunting.

In 2016 he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  He tried chemo and all kinds of treatments… But eventually —

“i got tired of running back to hospital and doctors and coming home and still feeling miserable, breathing heavy, not feeling good… So I said, I’m giving up.”

That was two months ago. He was ready to get his old life back. “So far I’m way ahead of the game, beating the odds,” said Teter. He escapes the disease by going out into nature and continuing his lifelong hobby.

He’s been hunting since he was 12 years old, and he plans to keep hunting — despite his diagnosis — until his time is up.

“I bet if I wasn’t trying to get myself in good enough shape to go hunting, i would have succumbed already,” said Teter.

Indiana outlaws rifle hunting on public lands.

Ugh, Indiana your hunting laws now suck even more. . . . Hunting deer with rifles now illegal on Indiana public land

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources is trying to quickly spread the word that hunting deer with a rifle is now illegal on public land. The “firearms deer season” starts Nov. 18.

“What people need to bear in mind is that those center-fire rifles are only legal for use on private property,” said Conservation Officer Jim Hash with DNR District 8.

Hash said the Indiana General Assembly passed an amendment to the rifle statute this year. So hunters can no longer use rifles when hunting deer on public land, which includes both state and federal property.

Feds consider allowing hunting of trumpeter swans.

What do they taste like and where can I find them? . . . Feds’ idea to allow trumpeter swan hunting has some crying foul

A federal notion to allow hunting of trumpeter swans is drawing criticism from some of those who helped restore the bird from the brink decades ago.

Regardless of whether the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s idea becomes reality, Minnesota is unlikely to open a season on the birds anytime soon, and Wisconsin has no plans to do so either, officials from both states said.

But it’s the principle, critics say: The trumpeter swan recovery was an effort funded by bird lovers to bring back a native animal for the sake of the animal and its environment — not so it could be shot and killed.

The idea being explored by the Fish and Wildlife Service would allow states to propose hunting seasons that would allow the targeting of trumpeters. That would be a first for the contiguous 48 states.

They still have fox hunts in New York.

In New York. Yes, New York . . . Tallyho! A Suburban Fox Hunt Endures

The red-coated masters of the Golden’s Bridge Hounds sat high on horseback surrounded by a pack of hyperactive hounds. They were all poised to head out on a fox hunt in the still-misty fields in this affluent town in northern Westchester County.

“We’d like to welcome you all to the lovely foggy morning — we hope it helps with the scent,” said Eugene Colley, 89, senior master of what is one of the oldest fox-hunting clubs in the country and one of a handful remaining in the New York region.

Founded in 1924, the club seems like an anachronism today, full of arcane etiquette, dress and pageantry. It has managed to survive in the suburbs of New York City despite challenges that include the region’s dwindling open land, increasing development and criticism from animal-cruelty groups.

But all that seemed to matter as the club kicked off its 93rd season of the hunt last Saturday was that somewhere out there was a wily fox to be chased.

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  1. Does Indiana make muzzle loaders into “rifles”? Under federal law a muzzle loader can’t be a “rifle” because a “rifle” is defined as a firearm.

    • I live in Indiana and got the “Emergency” e-mail from the DNR last week. Last year was the first year of the “test period” for rifle hunting and rifles were only legal on private property then, so I’m not sure where the confusion set in. Muzzleloaders have always been legal on Public land and are not considered a firearm in Indiana.

    • You should contact that poor teen who slaughtered the wildcat, hes got the look, hard core sociopath, no feelings, you could team up with him now or let him mature (though you might not be able to dominate him then…) and target the next NRA convention to avenge their taking away your 2nd amendment rights… liberty or death and all that… : D

  2. Gee whiz a kid shoots a dangerous predator and gets ragged on. Would the idiot who “fancies” himself a writer be happy if the puma killed a child?!?

  3. North Dakota has had a season for swans for a while now, they’re really only a trophy bird as the yearly limit is one and I’ve heard they taste like the mud they dig their food out of.

  4. Double good for the kid, I can member my first deer, I got buck fever, I can’t imagine a cat at that age. By golly you don’t mess with them people’s goats. And good for the mom on not getting all freaky and hiding in the house with her son. Can do people I say.

    • ^Real Americana right there, that’s what I’m sayin!
      Stay the course young man, you just demonstrated something that most libatards can never begin to understand the concept of.
      Self reliance.
      Get ‘re done! that’s what I say.
      There’s a lot of we POTG that are proud of you and for you.

      And how ’bout that banner at the top of his story?
      Showing the community come together to help Sgt. Colton Levi.

      Yep, there is hope for ‘Merica after all.

    • Kids a blatant sociopath, look at his affect, gets a hard on killing, mom probably taking him in her mouth and/or dad taking him from behind, no Child Protective Services to help him, hes a write off, lets hope he eats a gun before he leaves home and starts hunting humans… all bad, gruesome stuff : (

  5. Allow me to elaborate on my reply to Nanashi’s post. In 2013 or 14 Indiana made it legal to hunt with rifles shooting pistol calibers of a certain case length. .44 magnum. .458 socom, 450 bushmaster were about the only rounds you could get away with. Then sprang up wildcat rounds such as 357 Hoosier and others. In 2016 they decided to allow the 30 cal lot to hunt with rifles as well, ONLY on private property. After reading the Statute again, apparently lawmakers have slid one in under the radar (imagine that) and have decided that rifles shooting pistol caliber rounds will no longer be legal on state land, but 30 cal rifles are fine on private land still. Must be due to the many many deaths recorded during last year’s deer season of which I don’t recall a single one other than the usual falling out of treestand deaths………

    • That’s what I can’t understand. They’ll claim hunting deaths (which are extremely rare) or “population density”. I live in Florida. Population density here is insane yet everyone hunts with rifles here just fine. Though I suppose it had nothing to do with perceived dangers and everything to do with destroying hunting culture.

      • I grew up in FL sadly, highest per capita horror-show lunatics along with Germany, should divert some of the terrorist drones over Yemen/Chad/Djbouti/Afghanistan/Iraq/Niger etc and take out Floridian sociopath hunters (pardon redundancy) terrorizing wildlife…

    • 911, where’s your emergency? …. It’s mah friend he fell outta a tree stand, and I think he’s dead!!! ….. Well first make sure he’s dead. ….. Allright, ( click, click, boom) alright he’s dead, now what?

  6. I could not imagine living in such a draconian state that could just up and ban rifles for hunting out of nowhere like that. What a terrible thing to have happen. I know it’s happened in other states with seemingly little resistance from any pro gun orgs. I would love to see some push back on this stuff to keep it from spreading. Obviously the NRA is worthless now but maybe some decent gun orgs could fight this.

      • Yet the state just up and banned rifles for hunting. That makes it even more scary, if it’s a “top 5 gun rights state” and they managed to do that.

        • Restricting firearms usage for hunting is more about reducing the potential of overhunting and giving the prey a “sporting chance.”

          I’d venture it’s probably more about preserving wildlife than draconian guns laws.

  7. Staten Island holds many deer and some slob bucks . That park is in the Southern most part of the island and at 300 acres is way larger then most farms guys hunt in the state .

    He’s not the first poacher to set up,there , and frankly pretty soon they’re going to have to do,something about the deer . There are areas suited to bow hunting .

    • What will happen is that the State (or the City) will hire some hunters (or some state park officers) to cull the heard. But when the hunters go out to do so, a bunch of anti-hunting agitators will block all the entrances to the park to prevent the cull from happening, just as it did in D.C./Maryland a year or so ago. “It’s for those poor innocent deer!”

  8. I have to assume that Indiana, just like Ohio next door, is practically overrun with deer. Why should they worry about how they are taken, when there have been no incidents, and when the goal is to take as many as possible? (Then again, Illinois doesn’t allow for centerfire hunting either, so I have heard. Or is that herd?)

    • I suppose they ban them for hunting, then they can claim they have no “sporting pourpose” or something, and push for further bans. Like during 2013, all the antis would say ignorant lines like “what do you want an AR15 for, you can’t hunt with it.”

    • Here in NW NJ (yes, NJ), we were overrun by deer 10+ years ago…lots of car/deer accidents. Then the bear population exploded and thanks to a Democrat Gov., there was no bear hunt for eight years. Bears find fawns quite tasty in the spring, and our deer population has greatly diminished. The bear hunt is back on, but ya’ll are welcome to all the bears you want…just come and pick them up!

  9. Not vengeance, just nature. The cat was just trying to survive, but unfortunately it drew the attention of a more apex predator than itself and lost. He was the better predator. Well done kid. I hope you didn’t let that cat go to waste. Put the pelt on your wall, make a necklace(s) or bracelet(s) of its teeth and/or claws,** and naturally eat what’s left of it’s heart to gain its power. I wonder what puma tastes like?

    **I bet you could get the attention of lots of girls with those and a good story to go with it. He could tell them he stalked it for 3 days without rest and then killed it with a knife and his bare hands.

    Maybe he could even go cougar hunting in a few years or so as he has already killed a puma *wink*wink*nudge*nudge*. 😉

    • “Maybe he could even go cougar hunting in a few years…”

      He’s 15, the eponymous rural two-legged ‘Cougar’ will soon be hunting *him*…

      (*Wink*wink*nudge*nudge* 😉 )

  10. The Nebraska Sandhills host a healthy breeding population of trumpeter swans and many winter in the state. I don’t see a season being allowed here.

  11. Bait and shoot was done in a town by me in NY, used cops on OT to shoot and more to shut the park down at night . It ended up costing about $1,000 per deer and the deer soon avoided the bait . For the last idk 15 years they’ve used bow hunters and it’s worked very very , one guy I know got 20 doe one year plus one very large buck .

    My town also does a bow hunt , on the towns ” green space ” , land also,used by hikers and such .Its worked ok, not as many killed as I feel he deer are avoiding the smaller areas of this hunt .

    But we’re 350 miles from NYC , and understand hunting .

  12. Fox hunting is mostly an excuse to tear across the countryside on horseback. One member of the club in my area used to race motorcycles. He claims he gets a bigger adrenaline rush on horseback.

  13. “So hunters can no longer use rifles when hunting deer on public land, which includes both state and federal property.”

    This is one of the reasons why I don’t hunt anymore. They keep making it harder to do and less fun. That is probably the goal.

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