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This video is a nice compilation of all of those videos you’ve ever seen on the internet involving guns that make you facepalm every time you see them. It just backs up my belief that if you’re holding a gun and the guy with the video camera is laughing there might be a problem.

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  1. Something occurs to me while watching this. Most of these IGOTD would never pick up and use a Skilsaw (or other bladed power tool) so casually. Yet a gun is potentially many times more dangerous and deadly.

    Darwin will not be cheated.

  2. Some of those shooters appear to have had legitimate malfunctions.

    I’ve never seen the humor in giving a powerful gun to a new shooter just to get a reaction. Aside from the obvious danger, I would not want someone dropping my shotgun on the concrete. Just saying.

    • Agreed. I have a jackass friend who reloads. He loves to drop a HOT load in mix when we shoot skeet. If he ever does that to me or anyone I bring to shoot, He will have lost a friend.

  3. I posted this one the other day too. You know what occurred to me? The silly cackling laughing of the various cameramen was pretty much the same reaction you Intelligentsia guys have. You love to portray yourselves as serious responsible people, but a video like that just brings out the kid in you, doesn’t it.

    Plus, let’s not overlook the fact that the idiots who do shit like this and laugh about it are probably more representative of gun owners than the rest of you. And you wonder why folks don’t feel safe with you around.

    You know, I’m even surprised you posted that video.

    • You have no way of ascertaining any TTAG reader’s response to this video save the commentary here. It would be nice if you would, at some point, make comments that weren’t based on logically flawed indeed unprovable assumptions.

      • He’s a gun-grabber…he doesn’t know how to do anything else.

        I wonder if mikey-boy wants to ban skateboards because of the myriad “fail” video outs there showing people wiping out and others laughing at them about it. In those videos, people get legitimately hurt. Face it, people laugh when things go wrong and people look silly. The difference is most of us don’t want to invade other peoples’ rights because of it.

        You don’t feel safe? Stay away from guns and ranges. Please.

        • As usual one of you guys is the only one talking about banning anything.

          “I wonder if mikey-boy wants to ban skateboards ”

          I would like the kinds of qualifiers that would eliminate some of the assholes who make videos like that. That’s not the same as “wanting to ban” guns.

        • The problem, for me, is not that your assumptions are different than mine, it’s that I believe they lead to disarmament of law-abiding citizens like me. This puts me and others like me at a disadvantage against those who aren’t law-abiding. That I can prove.

          I’ll give you and your friends the benefit of the doubt and assume you wish to use gun control as a means to achieve a more peaceful, less violent society. I think this is hopelessly naive and I’ll simply point to human nature to prove my point. Watch two small children, not yet old enough to walk, who both want the same toy and then tell me it isn’t in man’s nature to covet what someone else has. Conflict is part of the world we live in and it’s here to stay. We can settle our conflicts peacefully but only if all parties are committed to peace. History shows us how committed to peace people are and how they settled their conflicts, whether with guns, swords or stones.

          If you’re against gun ownership, don’t buy one. You live according to your assumption and I’ll live according to mine. Fair enough?

        • No, Charles that’s not fair enough. My way is better, and for all I know you’d be little or not-at-all affected. But many less responsible and less fit gun owners would be. Isn’t that what we all really want?

    • You can be a serious and responsible and still chuckle at the misfortune of others to a certain degree. Taking excessive pleasure in the misfortune of others is often indicative of a worrying lack of maturity (ie, this person isn’t someone you should trust around you with a loaded firearm), but as it’s hard to gauge such things through text replies on teh intarwebs, perhaps you should withhold such hasty judgment.

    • @ Mike: To be fair, It’s posted on the “Idiot Gun Owner of the Day” page for a reason. It’s supposed to be examples of idiotic behavior. The laughing cameraman included. You sound like you believe the poster is endorsing reckless indifference, rather than calling it out.

    • Also, love love LOVE that your probably is supposed to be accepted as a definitely, but our probably is more like a not at all. Keep flinging double standards, Demmy!

  4. @Mikeb302000…

    I could sit here and flame you but I won’t. That would be counterproductive and not the least bit uncouthe.

    What I will say is this: You cannot prevent situations like this video without seriously and adversely affecting responsible people as well. The background check issue is, as has been said before, a door being opened (and assuming that’s what you’re getting at).

    Most dictators do not come to power on a whim (and before you say it no, I’m not singling out current politicians). Most tryannical regimes do not become so over night. And never do they reach that level in true form. The reprecussions of opening the regulation doors now will be felt years down the road. And if the past is any indicator, not in a good way. Look at how large, onerous and ineffective our current Federal government is now. This became so gradually and steadily, with liberties taken to expand in the name of this initiative, that war, etc. etc. These things happen slowly.

    There are people in this world, and probably in this country, that would take your attitude of “greater good” (and I do think you mean that in its purest form) and bend that to their will. These people have always existed. These people will always exist.

    History has shown this time and again. I’m not going to sit here and accuse you of not being a history buff becuase you may well be for all I know.

    I will say this, to quote Colion Noir: Legislation does not save lives.

    I think it’s nice to want to save people from themselves, but at the same time, it’s ultimately not our place to do so. Some people will be stupid and injure themselves. Some people will be stupid and injure others. You cannot prevent this, try as you might. It is statistically impossible. You may cut back on it with certain policies and laws, but the laws that attempt to do so have been quite an infringement on the rest of us.

    Somtimes, there is simply nothing that can be done. In those instances, attempting to legislate or regulate really doesn’t cut it.


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