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“The main feature of the new Kalashnikov rifle will be one-armed man.” No, the Russian gun’s designers haven’t been smitten by The Fugitive. Nor has Google translate gone sideways on Gary Numan’s One Man Army. reports that the new Kalashnikov will offer “the ability to perform any act with the mechanics of the machine with one hand. If a fighter is injured or his other hand is busy with something, he can still perform all the operations with a gun – switch fuse, distort the bolt and even change the shop.” That sounds particularly handy for a Russian gangster’s moll. The Izhmash gunsmiths also promise a 60-round mag, loads o’ calibers and improved ergonomics. That said, the new Kalashnikov will weigh the same as the old rifle ’cause “a sharp reduction in weight can be a negative impact on its characteristics, and in particular the accuracy of fire.” Yeah, like that’s an issue. The Special K’s coming to a third world dictatorship near you in 2012. Ish.

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  1. I always thought that at least the ergonomics of the AR was much better than the AK. From what I have seen in videos, the ergos of the MP44 would be much better than the AK as well. ( At least for me).
    I think the AK is very good, but a little overated.
    Going to a gas piston and a slightly heavier bullet would fix some of the problems with the AR.
    My ideal close in battle rifle would be a Ruger SR556 in .243 Winchester with 100 grain bullets.
    I have noticed Randy Wakeman and Chuck Hawks has actually brought this up on some Internet Sites.

  2. Huge magazines, multi calibers, and 21st century ergonomics? I’ll believe that from an HK, but not from an AK until I see it.

    After decades of flogging a series of failed ‘Five Year Plans’, Izvestia should be wary of over promising undelivered goods. From their breathless ad copy, er, news copy, I’d be angry if the new Kalashnikov didn’t clean my toilet and fold the laundry.


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