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    • Just like all the leftists on TV. The topic might be as serious as a heart attack, but they always have a $h!t eating grin on their face like they’re just happy to be the turd in the punch bowl.

  1. What’s with the NRA approval message? Isn’t that copyright infringement?

    And to answer the question, Since he was kind of shot in the back of the head, it would have been better if Mary Lincoln had a gun.

  2. Very creative.

    I’d lay a heavy bet that the young lady has never fired a gun or (knowingly) been in the presence of a gun, except perhaps on an LEO’s hip, in her entire life.

    • Well, Lincoln was. Not going to open the JFK and RFK multiple assassin proof here, now.

      Yeah, I can see it now: after being blasted point-blank in the back of the head, Lincoln turned around and shot his assassin in the back of his.

  3. More misguided attempts at making light of the seriousness of the issue. For them, tramping on your rights is something to be joked about only until that right becomes the 1st Amendment. The it’s not so funny. Let’s see her go to Iran and make a musical -dity-happy-funny song about Shiria law and the Ayatollah. A virtual gun control paradise, she woudl certainly approve of. I am sure in Stalinist Russia, they were all about making fun the Communist Party too, or not.

    • Nothing in comparison to the floggings I’ve seen YOU take. Mike do you ever whistle the theme from “Cheers” when your logging on to TTAG?

    • I heard that. People don’t realize it, but Lincoln paved the way for Obama by strengthening the federal government and denying rights to states. Remember, we were supposed to be the United States, which were sovereign. Now we have become Obamanation. ( read abomination)

      • Not to mention that Lincoln’s own personal letters show that he was a power hungry SOB and didn’t fight the war because of any beliefs, he did it because he was furious that there were people who would defy him and not acknowledge his supreme power.

  4. Like the subtitle of Thomas Sowell’s book The Vision of the Anointed:
    Self-Congratulation as a Basis for social policy.
    This minstrelette is absolutely sure how clever she thinks she is.
    What a terrible burden it must be, to be her.

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