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“While it is important to act in a thoughtful manner, we must not allow a timely and empathetic response to be side-tracked yet again by studies or reports.” Massachusetts Congressman John F. Tierney, Time to take stand on assault weapons [via]

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  1. we must not allow a timely and empathetic response

    Notice how those pesky facts and laws that would actually accomplish something have no place in his mind.

    • This is a glimpse inside the mind of the typical Politician we are up against. Facts and logic aren’t going to work because they have no interest in facts or logic. They don’t fight fair.

    • So really what he is saying is this… Please note I am paraphrasing his thoughts, not what was actually captured by a microphone.

      “Haazah! We have a tragedy. Quick everyone while the kids dead bodies are still warm, lets ram down some draconian citizen disarmament while folks are in shock and grieving. Lets wave bloody shots and distract them to the unconstitutionality of all this. We are pushing our agenda, and people want something to be done right!
      I know I know we won’t change a thing, but it looks great and people will donate to our re-election! I mean really, do people think that by banning a gun in which there are millions in circulation we will change anything? What a bunch of idiots, but useful idiots they are!”

      Is that about right??

  2. “While it is important to act in a thoughtful manner, we must not allow a timely and empathetic response to be side-tracked yet again by ‘pesky constitutional amendments’.”

    fixed that for you.

  3. Thinking and reasoning is hard, but squalling like a toddler is easy. So lets all beg daddy to take the scary objects away.

  4. In the immortal words of Indiana Congressman Earl Landgrebe (R) “Dont’t confuse me with the facts.”

  5. In the balloon over Tierneys head you can read his real thoughts, “cool, we can finally convince these useless eaters and breeders to give up thier guns, we are the only ones who can be trusted with that kind of power”.

  6. Might their rush itself be a good place to attack?

    After all, have a look at TARP, too-big-to-fail bailouts, and Obamacare to see what rushing to act has wrought. The argument won’t work on many, but in a strongly divided society such as ours, winning is a matter of convincing the middle. They might see the danger in the rush.

    • The Ruling Class doesn’t care about the Middle Class, or for that matter any class other than themselves.

      Cute how some of you guys think this is going to be a fair fight. Scary, but cute.

      • Fair fight, no. That was not my point. We have to remember that the fight being waged in Congress, and statehouses all over the country is a proxy fight. And it is the middle 5 or 6 percent that elect the deciding proxy votes. I’m not talking about the middle class.

        It is also naïve to seek only to fight viciously. I sense that we are largely hearing only the shrill, dirty, and dumb of the staunch opposition. However, there is a fight for the hearts and minds of the thoughtful middle that we must wage, too.

        • Sorry Keith. Amend my comment: instead of “Middle Class”, insert “Middle”. My point remains the same, the Ruling Class don’t care about the wishes of the Right, Left or Middle. Relying on the Rulers to consider the desires of the Middle 5 – 6 % is wishful and naive thinking. Again, these people don’t fight fair. The America as we knew it, when fights were fair, is gone.

      • We know it won’t be a fair fight… Obamacare passed with 60% of citizens against it… along with the statements to the effect of you have to pass it to see what it contains.

  7. This. Is. Just, the dumbest thing I have heard. Regardless of political party, how can anybody who says something like that ever get elected or stay elected? What he is quoted as saying is even more idiotic than what some things I have heard uttered while I was in the Army.

    • If it was a republican making such comments, ya know the media would be all over it to make him look like a buffoon… at least around election time.

  8. “Facts are meaningless, you can use facts to prove anything that’s remotely true!” – Homer J. Simpson

  9. I checked the original statement to see if this was contextually accurate, and it appears to be. I also decided that you really have to admire the writing. I know it’s not new, but in the full, fairly short statement, he used “common sense” four times in 761 words, and “reasonable” once. I’m really tired of the words “common sense.”

    While the Brady Act directs federally licensed dealers to run background checks, those purchases made at gun shows, online, through newspaper ads, and more are not held to the same standard.

    That line does a skillful job of making it sound as if any and every gun purchased at a gun show and online is part of the nonexistent “gun show loophole.”

    I will be working…to urge the task force to move these common sense policies, while also seeking new ideas that might strengthen our effort to get more assault weapons off the street.

    So, “these common sense policies” that he already listed are a new AWB, universal background checks, and better NICS reporting, and he still wants more. If he got what he wanted with a new AWB, where do you go from there? What is more? Just more evidence they will never stop.

    • There is no end other than complete confiscation. What happens when these laws fail to prevent the next horrible thing? Something Else Must Be Done! And so on and so forth. They’ll never admit that the policies themselves are wrongheaded and ineffective, that’s just impossible. They simply haven’t found the magic combination yet.

  10. “We’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact-checkers,” Romney pollster Neil Newhouse said at a panel organized by ABC News. Ahhh yes, enough stupidity on all sides to keep us from getting to meaningful solutions to serious issues.

    • I’m sure he meant fact checkers as far as those belonging to the MSM. Still, both candidates sucked. I agree, more than enough stupidity on both sides.

    • Furthermore, that is the number of people killed by any kind of rifle, including hunting rifles, not just killy black rifles.

  11. “Let us not allow facts demostrating the futility of rash action and the lack of effectiveness of prior legislation influence our need to do something, and to be seen doing it.”

    This just shows that they are not blind to the facts, they just refuse to allow the facts to hinder their idea of progress. You know, progress. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    • Well that’s the whole point isn’t it? To be seen doing it? The currently proposed legislation is akin to putting a wig on a chemotherapy patient and saying “There, all better.”

  12. The anti-gunners better understand that there is a line in the sand! After that we all know what comes next!

  13. Proving once again that our Senators and Congresspeople care more about their image and getting reelected than doing what’s good for the country. From now on, Senators and Congresspeople are senators and congresspeople. They no longer deserve the distinction of a capital letter.

  14. The Founders wrote the Second Amendment to give us the means to protect ourselves from a government comprised of despots like him.

  15. In 2010, Tierney’s brothers-in-law were indicted for running an illegal gambling operation and Tierney’s wife helped them. She pleaded guilty. As for Tierney, one of his bro-in-laws claims that Tierney “knew everything that was going on” and had “sat in the boxes with bookies at Fenway Park.” Nevertheless, Tierney was reelected by the intellectually gifted voters of Massachusetts.

  16. “While it is important to act in a thoughtful manner, we must not allow a timely [rushed and unread law that must be passed so that we can know what is in it] and empathetic [emotive knee jerk] response to be side-tracked yet again by studies [facts] or reports [reality].”

    [Translation in brackets]

  17. I think Massachusetts politicians are just as sleazy and dumb as Kaliforians politicians. Shows there is no logic in a AWB except the National Socialists want to to have out right power over American people.

    Remember to unit to defeat these scumbags.

  18. Judging by the nonsense coming out of his mouth, I would say that the wine glass on the podium is more likely to be filled with vodka than water.

  19. In other words, lets shoot first & ask questions later. You gotta admire a man that won’t let common sense get in the way of mindless hyperbole, Randy

  20. It’s something we have all known for a long time, I’m just surprised he was stupid enough or something to say it straight forward. It has come up again and again where it’s made clear that their whole argument relies on stirring up emotion and/or their own irrational fear of an inanimate object.

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