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Gov. Andrew Cuomo (Darren McGee/Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo via AP)
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I hope you’ve heard about Governor Cuomo’s plan to deal with the New York City COVID-19 crisis: grab ventilators and personal protective equipment (PPE) from up-state hospitals and ship them to NYC.

If Cuomo can get away with taking equipment — which he’s said “the entire state of New York” needs — to benefit New York City, what else can he rationalize? Be sure to check out his garden hose analogy.

Cuomo says his house is on fire. So he’s sending National Guard troops — wait…where do demographics show most NYNG troops come from? — to steal said neighbor’s garden hose because his own house is engulfed.

But it’s all good, because he promises to pay for the hose later if he doesn’t return it (how do you return used, contaminated PPE?). Too bad about the neighbor’s burnt-out house and the dead family inside. At least their hose will be paid for.

Now, we all know that Fredo’s big brother isn’t exactly a friend of the Second Amendment. Suppose he were to apply this same rationale to firearms. Imagine him declaring the rising NYC crime wave to be another COVID19-related emergency.

Using the ventilator and PPE precedent, he could sign another executive order directing any surviving Guard units to confiscate firearms from upstaters and other unfavored deplorables (the ventilators and PPE are private property in private hospitals), to better arm NYC law enforcement as they deal with the city’s “unmanageable” crime.

By Cuomo’s standards, that isn’t even an uncompensated taking, because he’s promising to return them at some vague, undefined future time when the guns are no longer needed. That, or pay for them. Maybe. Eventually.

If the courts allow Cuomo’s medical gear grab, there is absolutely nothing he can’t appropriate for the state. And if he follows through on the move, no Vegas oddsmaker will make book on his chances of survival if one or two up-staters die for lack of an stolen ventilator.

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    • A couple of days ago, TTAG posted an article about BB guns. Check this out from our friends across the pond:

      So, in typical British tabloid fashion, the subject of the story boasts about her (rather meager, compared to American prepper standards) stockpiles, poses for photos with them, and then states that she’s bought a BB rifle to protect her stuff from looters, and has already “brandished it through the window” for neighbors to see. Um, okay.

      Good luck with that. I have a feeling that brandishing a rifle of any kind through a window will get you a quick response from Cuomo’s henchmen in NYC.

      • Forgot to mention the third “prepper” showcased in the article. For those who enjoyed the robust arguments about the BB guns, at least they’re better than what this gal has lined up to protect herself, lol:

        “I keep a rolling pin and saucepan handy by my bed in case someone tries to break in during the night…”

        • “…a sharp stick, and a bucket of rocks…”
          In the homes of certain school administrators and anti’s across the nation.

          But not Nancy, Bloomturd, or Feinstein; they have guns, AND thugs to run ‘em.
          Guns for me, but not for thee…

    • If he put as much effort into securing ventilators as they do taking our guns we would be in a much better position.

      • Epidemics/”Public health crisis” (where have we heard that term before?) allow state and federal governments a certain amount of dictatorial power you won’t find in any other circumstances. In California it’s outlined in the 120100 sections of the state Health and Safety Code. It’s a blank check to “state and local Health Officers” to issue “directives” in the name of public health. The blank check allows for very intrusive violations of the 1st, 4th, and 5th amendments and makes it a crime to disobey the Health Officer’s edicts. It’s absolutely jaw dropping what it allows and I encourage everybody to read their state’s version of these codes.

    • As much as I hate to defend FUAC (and believe be, it is painful) I must step in here under the spirit of intellectual honesty. I firsthand familiarity about this issue (and I won’t say how); but FUAC’s executive Order only waives legal restrictions on the transfer of these items between healthcare systems allowing unused ventilators to be moved around the state. Any ventilators that are being transferred are either unused, not needed in the reasonably foreseeable future as determined by each healthcare network, and are being offered up VOLUNTARILY. The only thing the National Guard is doing will be acting as a transport service for these devices that the hospital systems offer up to be transported downstate (devices I might add that can be easily sterilized and reused, as that is what happens with them now….they are not a “one and done“ devise and are habitually sterilized and reused)

      So as much as it pains me to come to FUAC’s defense, this issue has been blown out of proportion and has been over-sensationalized.

      Now excuse me while I go puke for having to publicly defend FUAC…..🤢🤮

  1. Kuomo said he’s “sharing” not seizing lol
    So he’s gonna share y’alls guns. Not his fault NYK didn’t prepare and y’all did.
    Oh man this is rich lol

    • I brought this up on a different website 2 days ago. And got jumped for not understanding the Constitution. By People who have and do claim to be 2A supports. Taking other people’s,companies,private hospital property without Due Process. Is a clear violation of the Due Process Clause of the 5th Amendment. Regardless of Crisis or Intent. This same tactic was used after 911. To adopt the Patriot Act. Which includes many parts in clear violation of the Constitution. But it was ” For the Greater Good” of society. Now We are seeing the same type of actions being taken. Freedom is and has always been a slippery slope. give a little here for the “Greater Good”. Give a little there. Unfortunately what is given is Never Returned.
      “The Urge to Save Humanity is at Most…Always Only a False Face for the Urge to Rule IT.
      H.L. Mencken.

      • Well, there’s a few things at play there.

        Eminent domain, that is taking private property for public use, requires “just compensation”.

        Generally the previous clause is understood to mean deprivation of life, liberty or property in relation to a criminal or civil legal proceeding.

        Then there’s the issue of “due process” that you bring up. Most people think that means a court case, but that’s not necessarily true. In a more general sense, it’s a procedural respect for any and all rights afforded to a person. So in the case of eminent domain there doesn’t necessarily need to be any hearings in a court unless the person having their property taken by the government wishes to challenge the taking as not meeting the standards of “public necessity/good” or wishes to challenge the compensation as being unjust.

        Barring those challenges being brought up eminent domain already follows the due process procedures of being a bill passed by a legislature, signed into law, passing Constitutional muster etc. so there really isn’t a de jure due process on that front.

        So, under the Governor’s plan here, the real questions are what he’s offering to pay (if it’s just under the circumstances) and if he can legally “gladly pay you Tuesday for a ventilator today”.

        Based on previous eminent domain cases I’d suggest that paying later, but within some “reasonable” timeframe probably is legal provided that the price paid per unit is “just” and follows state and federal statutory law. Proper payment might be a hangups though since how do you calculate the price that object at this point?

        Considering the outcome of Kelo v. City of New London (2005) and the fact that Cuomo has the state treasury to finance this, he’s probably on safe legal ground unless he lowballs the hospitals on the payment or violates statute on this topic.

        • The latest ‘good news’ on this end is that folks who go on a ventilator, only 20 percent get off them alive.

          Warms the spirit, doesn’t it?

        • Well, with this disease if someone ends up on a ventilator, honestly they were probably fucked from the jump.

          Yeah there’s some people with a odd susceptibility to this but that’s any disease. Preexisting conditions are the real issue. Look at the data on New Oreleans. A huge percentage of the dead had unmanaged or undiagnosed T2 diabetes because they were obese.

          I honestly hope this serves as the wakeup call for people that the 42.7% of the country that’s obese needs to change their ways. The 31.4% that are overweight do too. All people with diabetes need to take that shit really seriously, which currently 80% don’t. Not much you can do about getting old but you can take care of yourself along the way.

        • Is there any just compensation in this case? It seems pretty hollow to pay a hospital $20,000 even now since ventilators cannot be had on the markets.

          It’s like draining someone of all their blood but promising them a nice check for it.

        • Freedom is not decided by Governments or Courts. Freedom is decided by Citizens. They choose to be Subjects to the Government or they choose that the Government is Subject to Them. When those in Government decide the Rights of the Citizens interfere with Their Agenda for Good or Ill. The Rights of Citizens are never more in danger. Once taken a Right is rarely if ever restored willingly. It was by the blood of Citizen/Patriots that Our Rights were Established. It may well be that Our Rights will once again require the blood of Citizens/Patriots to Protect and in some Places Restore. How one chooses to Live says more about. What kind of person they were. Than how they died. Keep Your Powder Dry.

        • Dark:

          Sticking to pure free market economics at the expense of your countrymen’s very lives is a pretty sure way to make sure the free market disappears entirely, forever and with the blessing of the masses. At that point freedom will die to thunderous applause.

          This entire thing, worldwide, is a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation. If we completely compromise our principles we’re fucked. But if we stay entirely rigid and lots of people die because of it we’re equally, if not more, fucked.

          This requires exactly what most people despise these days: Extremely careful thought by adults who eschew dogmatic thinking. Pure free markets are not going to save us and neither is Socialism or any other “pure” form of thought. Reality just doesn’t allow for it any more than it allowed me the luxury of dogma 17 months ago. The choices were: Accept reality with all its warts included or die.

          This is very likely going to drastically reorient the entire world, US included, politically and economically in ways we cannot yet see. That might create improvement or we might go back to the Dark Ages in certain respects. Anyone pushing really rigid thinking is, intentionally or not, pushing us towards the latter. I don’t think that’s a good idea.

          As I pointed out to a hardcore Lefty a few weeks back during a debate on welfare: Welfare can be coercive if the system is designed that way or if the system is poorly designed but the notion you can ever get to zero coercion (his goal) in the system is simply false. Ultimately the constraint and the coercion come from the reality of hunger and starvation which are not things a political ideology can do sweet-fuck-all to change. We can make them worse, certainly, but we cannot change the base reality and if we try the outcome will be a disaster.

      • Somewhere I read “The government ‘lets’ you have a constitution”. You think you have a 2nd amendment? If congress says you don’t, what are you going to do? Sue them? We aren’t the anti-fa crowd. We have something to lose if we fight. Example: Politicians get away with murder, unless they’ve fallen out of favor with THEIR leader. We go to jail. Sure, they can steal our stuff. Are you going to jump in front of their truck? Only good judges can stop this. That’s why it’s so important to vote for constitutional scholars, and good people for the court.

        • Judges did not win Our Freedom. Judges cannot preserve Our Freedom. For they are appointed by both those who work. Both for and against Freedom. Thus dividing the courts. As they have the populace. It was/is the Duty of Citizen/Patriots who believe in Freedom. To both Protect and Preserve Our Freedom. By all means necessary. Even if that means bloodshed. Will your last breath. Be that of a Free Citizen or a Subject. What will you leave for your family? Freedom or Servitude. Many have willingly died in the name of Freedom. Many more have died under the yoke of Servitude. Keep Your Powder Dry.

        • I won’t need to jump in front of their truck, damn thing won’t run anyway with all those holes through the engine block.

        • Victoria- A high powered rifle round is what is menat to be used if any government employee tries to deprive a Citizen of their rights under color of law. It is the exact purpsoe of the 2nd Amendment.
          You are comparing patriots, who would do their duty to protect the Constitution by invoking their Second Amendment on tyrants, to antifa. Please do not move from Illinois and ruin one of our good states with your indoctrination to a corrupt government. The cops in your state, are exactly who the 2nd Amendment is meant to say no to with force, yet y’all comply like cowards, because you prefer wealth over Liberty.

  2. As a former WNYer, I foresee a lot of ventilators and PPE in my old stomping grounds being lost in boating accidents in the immediate future…

  3. Cuomo, the self-appointed dictator. That’s what dictators do; take what is NOT their’s. Those not under his “command” have no rights.

    • That is why the 2nd Amendment was added to the Constitution. If Cuomo can attempt this, then the “citizens” of New York become “subjects”. Get the distinction! Reminds me of an old saying that goes something like this, “Your failure to prepare does not justify your taking of my equipment so you can have it.” Also, reminds me of a parable in the Bible concerning the bridesmaids who did not get enough oil for their lamps. When the bride groom came in the middle of the night, the bridesmaids who did not prepare asked those who DID prepare to give them some of their oil. They refused because to do so would mean they wouldn’t have enough. Result: the unprepared bridesmaids did not get to enter the bridal feast. Tell Cuomo, “Life is tough, get over it….go buy your own equipment.

      • Well, actually, that parable was not so much about prepping, per se, but about those who do *not* have a saving relationship in Jesus Christ trying to ride on the coattails of those who do when He raptures his own to be with Him.

        But otherwise, your point is taken.

      • Bad translation. It was not the bridesmaids’ *lamps* which the oil was to be used for, when the bridegroom came to visit them in the middle of the night. I thought everybody knew that.

    • Well the old “Literally Hitler” meme is pretty old and worn. Perhaps “Literally Mussolini” would be more apropos?

  4. Didnt everyone know that NYC is the only city that matters in New York?

    The US?

    The World?

    Just ask Don Cuomo, he’ll tell ya. That arrogant bastard will steal whatever he needs to keep benefactors….errrrr….citizens safe.

  5. The courts may well rule his grab illegal. But it always takes time for people to make their case before a judge and the judge finally issuing a ruling. Are Hospitals inclined to stand in the way of someone coming to get their unused ventillators?

    This isn’t over yet.

    • If the TX gov made such an announcement, he would know, for sure, that most everyone with a loved one on a ventilator, anywhere in the state, would be sitting beside that ventilator prepared to literally shoot anyone attempting to take it. What a fool. Also what a state full of fools to tolerate such a turd.

  6. Oh, he can try to confiscate guns.

    The New York National Guard has 2,380 members. Not exactly a large fighting force.

    He could add approximately 5,000 NY State Police.

    7,380 against how many patriots?

    How many showed up a Bundy’s Ranch?

    • The thing about this emergency- and it is one- is that its very nature makes organizing difficult.

      People are not going to want to show up for a mass gathering right now.

    • III% of this country’s current population is about 10 million people.

      And Hannibal, we will be showing up.

      • I hear this a lot but the revolution hasn’t happened yet. It has made me think that I should treat such claims as suspect when made on the internet. Especially when one person writes as “we”.

        • Who’s this “we”, Ke-Mo sah-bee?

          He is right that, if revolution befalls us, 3% of the population will likely show up on our side.

          The citizenry and the Founders, in many the decades prior to April 19th, 1775, endured much greater depravation of rights and severe maltreatment than anything we are experiencing now.

          Thanks to the Founders, we have multiple tools at our disposal to protect our unalienable rights from abusive government that they did not have at their disposal.

          The most effective way to gaurantee protection of our rights is to convince a majority of the citizenry that protecting those rights is of utmost importance.

    • NY NG is approx. 10000. Puny still.

      “Cuomo says his house is on fire. So he’s sending National Guard troops — wait…where do demographics show most NYNG troops come fror?”

      NOT from urban hives. Traditionally higher % from rural areas.

      • If Cuomo keeps it up, everybody will move out of rural New York.

        I guess then he will no longer have a National Guard.

  7. To all those new, first time gun buyers out there. This is why you bought a gun. To resist the animals coming to take life saving supplies away from you and yours to give to theirs.

    The math gets no simpler than this.

      • Of the WEEK😃After Coooo-moe(my best Jessie Jackson impression) refused help from Remington. POS…

        • That impression was soooo funny. You should take it on the road. First stop? An all black neighborhood. Let us know how it pans out.

        • That’s a Rush Limbaugh bit princess. You know Jessie “down with dope up with hope” is a poverty pimp didn’t you karen er princess?!? My black wife and brown kid’s love my humor. And my sainted mother-in-law(who loved me)was pastor of a westside of Chicago church. RIP. Trying for troll status?

  8. How many NYNG members will refuse that illegal order? Will the hospitals coordinate with local pd and sheriff’s to tell Fredo to FOFF?

  9. Seems rather obvious to me, hospitals don’t object and revolt when thugs take their supplies. It will be quite different when some schmuck with his friends in uniform think their going to take your weapons.
    They fail to remember history. We’re Americans, not sheep. We don’t lay down and quit.

    It’s never much fun when those who refuse to follow commands SHOOT AT YOU.

      • And they got away with it. They should have know the law. Their boss knew.
        She probably still has nightmares about it.

        • “She probably still has nightmares about it.”

          Her nightmares were eased by the 500,000 dollar check she got from it…

      • I do remember that . Actually, that patient died and the the supervisor got demoted and cop was fired and the nurse got a payday of 1/2 a million.
        Oh and the fired cop, he’s now working at a jail in the medical dept, but not as a jailer nor does he have any law enforcement duties.

      • I felt so bad for that nurse. She got cashed though so that’s good. And that prick LEO got canned. Rare justice.

        God is going to high five her right before he tells her to proceed inside.

      • I bet you money she was not armed.

        BTW, John. you can’t pronounce HMFIC, you need a promotion to CHIEF HMF WHAT’S IC, or CHMFWIC, pronounced “chumifwick”. OK?

  10. There isn’t a single case I have been able to find of someone being denied a ventilator in NY or anywhere else in America . Cuomo is a wannabe dictator using this situation to justify being one.

    • Cuomo’s the Ventilator Quartermaster.

      Perhaps we can get our ventilators back by offering jeeps or pallets of wine in trade.

  11. American “progressives” are actually old-style fascists and Cuomo is behaving very true-to-type. Most people don’t know that during the 20’s and 30’s progressive leaders were very much influenced by Italian fascism, their very puplic love affair with Mussolini only ending with the start of WWII. Modern progressivism is still built on the economic models developed in that period. It therefore comes as no surprise that Cuomo is so readily embracing authoritarianism and property confiscation as a solution to NYC’s problem. The guy’s a fascist.

    • Garrison,

      “The guy’s a fascist.”

      Yup. That is why the Dems like him to replace Biden on the ticket. Watch for the brokered convention.

      This election will be about Fascism vs. Freedom. Very much a repeat of 2016.

      • I can see that coming, but I gotta see how they manage to get it done. There is not a possibility of the normal version of a brokered convention with only 2 candidates, one of them has to have more than 50% of delegates (and that will not be Cuomo!). But face it, somebody has to do something, or Joe will be the end of the entire party.

      • And may the fate of the great fascist Mussolini befall them.

        Perhaps some photos of Mussolini’s body hanging at the gas station will get their attention.

  12. This is why the anti-2A people always try to frame their “gun policy” in terms of a “public health emergency”.

    When a “public health emergency” is declared, the gubmint gives itself broad powers, like forcing you to stay at home, etc.

    • d: Nope. I was listening to a lecture on CSPAN the other day by Kermit Roosevelt (great grandson of President Theodore Roosevelt), who is scholar on the founding documents of the United States, among other things. In answer to a question, he suggested that the Second Amendment was written as a protection for states rights against a potentially tyrannical federal government. And it has only gained the personal right-to-self-defense meaning that we attach to it today since the Civil War, when states rights went down to defeat, while the Second Amendment has remained in the Constitution.

      I know that won’t be a popular view around here, and I’m not necessarily defending it, but I can see his point when I remember the clause, “A well regulated militia being necessary to the maintenance of a free state…” A lot of things were changed by the Civil War, which war Kermit Roosevelt referred to as the Second American Revolution.

  13. Who remembers. What the most needed item in New York after 911. It was P.P.E. (face masks). What is the most needed item Now? Face masks. Nothing Learned. Recently a large shipment was sent out of the National stockpile that were dry rotted. With an expiration date of 2010. Ventilators have been shipped that didn’t work or had dead batteries. States aren’t prepared for even a Local crisis. Much less one on a Nation wide scale. Why. Because it isn’t a vote getter. Not like Free This and Free That. Immigration Reform,Open Borders, LGBTQRSTUV Rights, and Criminal Justice Reform. It’s the same Old Gamble. Betting Lives against Costs. Companies due It. Just like Governments due It. What’s the (ROI) Return on the Investment. With Companies it’s about Money. With Government It’s about Votes. Lives are just the price of doing business. If anything comes of this in the End. The People need to Stand Up and Say No More Playing with Our Lives. For Profits but, even more Importantly for Our Votes. Continue to Be Safe Out There, Maintain OP SEC and as always Keep Your Powder Dry.

  14. Fortunately for Fredo, ventilators are usually kept in medical centers, gun free zones. It’s safe to send in troops to medical centers to seize their property.

    Going door to door to take people’s guns is a completely different matter. Convincing people to go get shot at by pissed off Americans is probably not nearly as easy as convincing them to load up some medical devices from empty plastic surgeon offices.

  15. The entire country at the level of every governor and the current and previous several Presidents have completely screwed the pooch on pandemic preparedness. They’ve all talked about it, there have even been bills proposed and multiple studies paid for.

    The US Govt paid about $14 million to develop a low cost ventilator with thousands contracted to go to the National Strategic Stockpile. Instead, the manufacturer took the design the taxpayers paid for, added more advanced features and markets two higher cost models while completely ignoring the government orders they were supposed to fill. Meanwhile, the President ignores the situation and fails to enforce the contract or invoke the Defense Production Act now.

    The state governors are no better. They have all had numerous warnings for years, there’s nothing new about that. They could have acted long ago to establish statewide systems of purchasing, warehousing of supplies to combat a pandemic. Cooperative agreements to pool the buying power of hospitals and doctor offices, and distribute from state supplies where and as needed. Instead of hundreds of hospitals and thousands of doctors all bidding against each other, it should be a simple thing of requisitioning from the stockpile they already paid their share of.

    Instead, we have chaos. Federal chaos from the White House downward, State chaos from the Governor’s Mansions on down.

    Yeah, the NY Governor should not be making threats to raid upstate and western NY hospitals. What he should be doing is leading, and thru that leadership getting everyone on board with pooling resources and sending them where needed. Not saying he’ll send in the infantry.

    Yet more stupid incompetent crappy leadership that will later work its way thru the courts, perhaps to the Supreme Court, to define the powers of all levels of government in an emergency.

    Last time that sort of thing came up, laws were passed to reinforce the rights of gun owners in event of disasters.

    • If there is an increase in crime he an de Blasio are the ones releasing felons from prison. Also both would have more funds to spend on citizens Health is they had spent to much on illegal aliens as sanctuary state and city

      • Possibly. I do believe that we have long overdone it on very minor offenders. Shoving an 18 year old in with hardened criminals over a small amount of pot for example, well now that’s crazy expensive and just plain stupid. Have to wonder how many could have been reclaimed using more creative approaches than sending them into the “State University of Crime”.

        • How often does that happen?

          What I mainly see is people,going to jail for selling pot, pills, and meth.

          “Small amount” is a relative term.

          My po baybeee, he just had a little…….because he had sold most of it.

        • They specifically said releasing violent felons this week. When Obama had his amnesty moment befor leaving office he decided that drug dealing was not a violent criminal act. Tell that to someone who was gunned down over a drug deal or a family that lost a child to drugs

        • You guys understand that, in order to prohibit sale and ingestion of alcohol, we passed a Constitutional Amendment, right? Because in the early 20th century we understood what “Constitution” meant? Do you recall any Amendment giving government the authority to outlaw pot? Cocaine? Heroin? This is how we make government ever bigger and more powerful.

      • I’m thinking they WANT an increase in crime. That fits nicely with their agenda. Take away the guns of people NOT committing the crimes. If it save one child…blah…blah…blah.

  16. One hopes the upstate Sheriffs have some backbone and resist such attempts with whatever force is required. Recruit citizens to help you. These are the type of acts that led to April 19, 1775. As the patriots that day did, have a rifle behind every tree, every house, every rock, etc.

  17. The confused governor of Oregon put in a request to the feds for 100 ventilators. As soon as they got here, she shipped them off to NYC.
    Her and Cuomo are now twitter buddies.

  18. I hope Cuomo goes for it. When the Dems replace Biden, and now it is Cuomo against Trump, Cuomo’s dictatorship will be a great topic of debate. “Govenor, why did you rob ventilators from your constituencies upstate, who had planned well and had made adequate preparations? Did you mean to indicate that your voters in the NYC area are worth more than those upstate who typically do not vote for you?”

  19. Not being a NYer, I’ve only the reports other’ observations to the situation on the ground there. Door to door confiscations will be costly to whomever attempts it, although it might be easier in densely packed populations than suburbs and rural areas. What it really illustrates is that Fredi and Guido need to go. NYers need to take back their communities and State.

  20. “If … Gov Cuomo Can Use National Guard Troops to Grab Ventilators, Why Not Guns?”

    Good luck with that.

    National Guard Troops would be successful initially simply because they would have the advantages of surprise, numbers, and organization. At some point the populace would organize and have the advantage of surprise, numbers, and organization.

    • He can grab certain ventilators but there are “Ventilators” that SHOOT BACK!
      Only a person with a “death wish” should try and take Our Guns.

      God Bless America and President Trump!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • They did it in New Orleans. I’m wondering how many houses they actually went to. Did they do it for days, weeks? When did they stop? Did the expensive ones “disappear” before they were returned? I never read anything after it went on national news.

      Dan: Did you every have an article on that?

  21. I would like to point out one simple fact. In the medical/healthcare field. You don’t have medical equipment that are not in use currently. They’re called BACK UPS. In the event that a device being used on a patient were to fail, you switch it out immediately with the back up device. So if Coumo takes any unused ventilators, then he is risking the lives of patients who are already on them as well as those who may need them in the near future.

      • That’s apparently true, because NYC’ers are typically Democrat, while upstaters are not. Steal from Republicans… The equipment to keep them alive, to save your voter base.

  22. It’s New York, they steal things there. Most likely they stole that equipment while letting items in their warehouses rot.

  23. Here is a bit of info for the mill….Cuomo was told some three years ago by his own pandemic task force that he needed to buy 16000 ventilators. Because he ignored his own task force he is now going to steal from people who won’t vote for him, to give to people who always vote Democrat.

  24. Cuomo just gave gun owners a huge gift. Everyone understands that their own life and the lives of their loved ones might depend on access to a ventilator. This confiscation scheme will be interpreted as a lethal threat. Upstate New Yorkers will want to resist. The local sheriff’s will welcome the support of armed citizens guarding their hospitals.

  25. “You don’t need 10 rounds to kill a deaaarrr.” Now it’s, “Upstate NY don’t need Ventalaatooors.” Typical incompetent dirty diaper democrat always pitting one group against another. Big Rotting Apple.

      • Nah. She’s trying to reproduce the New Yauk “broad A” accent. She doesn’t miss by much. I know; I’ve got relatives that moved there years ago and picked it up over time.

  26. I learned about Andrew through his little brothers BIG mouth way back in his early ABC days. Chris enjoys flapping his gums, but Imo, Andrew is dangerous. They need to get him back to managing a fast food joint or high school basketball team asap. “Rudy” can pull some strings and get it done.
    ; )

  27. Ventilators don’t shoot back^. , I’ve heard whiskey nelos a human from contracting covid19.. 90 proof seams to be working as I am feeling fine and a couple more bottles really don’t care ;>}

  28. The possibility of seizure of medical equipment brings the following to mind. Hospitals and or other institutions that own and legally possess medical equipment might well lack the will, the guts, the capability to defend their property.

    Obviously, we might well be looking at an entirely different story with respect firearms, and the ordinarily law abiding owners thereof. The best policy with respect to hornets nests is to leave them alone, something that some in government may not have realized or have forgotten.

  29. Big difference between seizing ventilators and guns. The medical equipment will probably be taken from medically related locations. These are unlikely to offer resistance.

    Guns would be seized from individuals who quite possibly may be ready to die as the first citizen soldiers in a Second American Revolution and who as a result would also be willing to TAKE lives in such effort.

    I can’t really speak for NY, but try that crappola in Tennessee and you’re gonna take casualties. Especially considering the fairly high density of veterans.

  30. I’m guessing probably because he knows that not only his but his entire bloodline’s lives would be demanded of them.

  31. The fifth amendment allows it, assuming they are eventually compensated.

    However, the Second amendment prevents such action against of the fifth, as ventilators do not have their own very specific protection against seizure, as firearms do.

    • It depends how it is done, 4th Amendment, search and seizure….this applies to individuals and property in general. But I am sure commie Cuomo already has a plan to get around that obstacle. He probably hasn’t been working really hard to save lives, but to screw the Constitution you can count on his kind to stay up all night if needed.

  32. As this goes on, all you guys are going to have to decide if you’re going to give up your guns or SHOOT the National Guard/State Troopers and/or local police.
    We’re not far from it and the gun grabbers are salivating at declaring a national emergency.
    You better think hard and believe me, high tech is already identifying people on the Internet saying they will fight gun seizure. iPhones will give your location even if location services are turned off.
    After 9/11, the federal govt added over 850,000 people to make us “safe”, per PBS Frontline. What do you think, they are all TSA agents? The Patriot Act allows no habeas corpus if the govt wants. Welcome to 1984, a little late but not by much.

    • I think the cops, feds, national guard, etc have other things to do than asking Apple or service providers to give the location of some internet conspiracy dudes.

  33. True and I proved it to a friend once not long ago. He went through a bitter divorce, his x has a sister in the county courthouse and they ramped up all sorts of heresy against him behind his back. A little truth and lots of BS and he got on a watch list and his phone was not only tracked, but being monitored. He was oblivious to it, but I noticed it right away, because everytime I got in his vehicle with him to go somewhere, especially in town. Out of nowhere LE vehicles averaging one to three would show up out of nowhere and simply monitor him. I was more curious about his phone, so we did some fake/rehearsed discussions just to see if someone was listening. I cant say anymore, but sure enough someone was, as these fake conversations surfaced. It’s already happening on a small scale via the mental health agenda, no restraining order and red flag is already in use under these types of clauses that judges use via social services, mental health and court services. He was so stunned when he finally realized what was going on, that he couldn’t even visit his stepdaughter on a college campus without being monitored by a uniformed officer at fifty ft. Now hes decided to move out of his home state for good. Sad to see him go, but hes being stalked, no doubt about it.
    When a trooper, a DP and city PD are all within a stones throw of you when you travel and stop and watch you when you stop. Makes one scratch ones head doesnt it? The man doesnt even have a DUI on his record.

    • I think your story involves a decent level of paranoia. Troopers, deputies and city cops usually avoid messing in each others playgrounds unless it involves a hot pursuit, active shooter, and other unusual, crazy situations. I cannot think of a single state, other than maybe Alaska due to its size and low population density, where state troopers would handle this kind of task. If it’s in a rural area then sheriff deputies are on it, if it’s within city limits it would most likely be the city PD although deputies usually have jurisdiction in the cities located within their county. Due to the events, your friend probably became a lot more aware of law enforcement presence in the area, while he didn’t really pay much attention before.

      • M. You must be a cop, currently? Im former LE and could tell you true stories that I witnessed and you would call me a liar and that’s fine with me.
        Plus, obviously you never lived in a small rural college town where everybody knows everybody’s business. Not everything is done by the book. I may be wrong about the judge, but I’m spot on with the LE. Wake up and dont ever use the word “paranoia” in my direction again. You dont have enough information. I’m not afraid to verify anything. My cousin puts all the computer electronics in state LE vehicles for the state he lives in and he would make you paranoid if you knew what he does. Wth do you know about todays digital and off the record surveillance? Seriously.

        • I neglected to mention that in this digital age, they dont have to ask a phone manufacturer for permission for your 20. All they have to do is “ping” your phone, on or off. My dad died five years ago in mid winter and no one could find him, so my family called county LE and they pin pointed his position within 3 yards, as he was dead buried deep in a snowbank behind the barn on his property. He had pulmonary embolism while carrying a car battery at an old age. He died instantly and still had the battery in his hands when they dug him out of the snow. Lets talk about emails and texts now. How do you suppose these things from current to years back that are supposed to be private end up on Entertainment Tonight or TMZ, etc, without anyone’s consent or a judges? Paranoia? People make big money collecting digital information, just ask Zuckerberg. Why did Hilary choose to have a private email server? Ever heard of digital military encryption codes? I got out just as this stuff was coming on strong in the 90’s world and just riding along with a buddy, I could sit in a hwy patrol vehicle way back then and listen to four different types of analog communications all at one time. That’s squat to what can be done today in lightning speed. It’s even more simplified today. I have a friend in on the east coast that goes to private militia meetings and he says if your caught with any time of digital device including your vehicle having GPS you will be “deleted” from the militia, pun intended. Maybe you can call them paranoid and get away with it, but I stick to what I know and try to keep an open mind. This isnt like purchasing a new car and then all the sudden seeing the same type wherever you go, that’s called “familiarity” and it’s not a form of mental illness. My original point was about people like Coumo bucking for rank and using their modern tools and power for their own agendas whether publicly or privately. This behavior has been going on for thousands of years.

  34. NY chitty needs to be its own, independent “state,” and build the wall around it. Then we can watch live Escape from NY when the libtards are trying to run away.

    • Then the state will miss out on the vast majority of its tax revenue. Upstate would rival Appalachia in its poverty.

  35. Cuomo is an idiot. It’s one thing to disagree about abortion, it’s one thing to disagree on gun control but if you start taking respirators from people’s grandparents and parents in rural areas you’re talking about risking the boogaloo. It’s proving every conspiracy theory (no matter what aspects are true) of how people in blue areas value the lives of people in red areas.

    Someone’s gonna get pissed that Gradma didn’t get a respirator and go to a NYC Hospital looking for it. Mark my words.

    Not only that but you’re going to wind up having rural state counties that get pissed. Real pissed. Pissed enough that if this thing calms down and a bunch of their citizens wind up dead they’ll create their own militias as to keep their medical supplies by force need be. He could have single handedly just thrown gasoline on the embers of the militia movement in the US. At the least there will be civil actions about the deaths of the members of their county and possibly even criminal charges immunity be damned.

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  37. I’m not fan on Cuomo but in the face of criminally deficient response from the federal government he has to do something.

  38. Every Emergency Powers Act/Law/Proclamation contains a Section on confiscation (for gov use) and denial of private use; regarding Private Property belonging to individualsor businesses. People subjected to such confiscations can file claims for losses including revenue and damages.

    So thay can Constitutionally seize and confiscate your guns if they are going to “use/supply” their designated LE/Guard/militia but they can’t take them for some bullcrap reason like public/LE/martial law safety issue.

  39. Take notice too of how the U.S. government says it will seize shipments of PPE supplies during this virus crisis so they can be redistributed where needed. That would work for shipments of firearms too except there would be no plan to redistribute them.


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