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Although TTAG has been reporting on the civil disobedience brewing among gun owners in New York to the ironically-named NY SAFE Act, the story is now spreading enough such that even elements of the mainstream media are unable to ignore it anymore. NPR reported on Friday that “it appears that many gun owners are refusing to comply with a key provision that requires the registration of so-called assault weapons.” Imagine that . . .

“I think this law was so incredibly repressive that it drove people to the point now that they’re basically saying we’re not going to abide by any more laws,” says Brian Olesen, the owner of American Trade and Goods and several other outdoor stores around Albany, N.Y., that stock a wide range of guns for hunting and self-defense. Olesen says his customers overwhelmingly oppose the New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act — or SAFE Act, as the 2013 gun law is known.

The law has some of the nation’s toughest regulations on guns and ammunition, including a ban on the sale of so-called “military style assault weapons,” like the AR-15 style long rifle used in the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. It also requires New Yorkers to register the assault weapons they already own with police.

Critics of the law see registration as the first step toward confiscation. And some say they just won’t do it.

“I just don’t see there’s any need to,” says Joseph Fuller of Cohoes, N.Y. Fuller says he owns several guns, including at least one that he’s required to register under the SAFE Act. But he hasn’t.

“I don’t pay attention, to be honest,” says Fuller. “I have friends out in the boondocks. They won’t register their guns either. And they told me … don’t even bother. Don’t worry about it.”

No one knows exactly how many so-called assault weapons there are in New York. But the number is likely far more than the 45,000 that have been registered so far. The New York State Police released that number recently, but only after being ordered to by a court.

“[The SAFE Act] still may be law, but the people of New York state have repealed it on their own,” says Tom King, president of the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association. “They’re just ignoring the law….”

[T]he law’s opponents show no signs of backing down. They’ve been especially loud in upstate New York, where hunting is a big part of the culture. Among them are many elected county sheriffs.

“When I prioritize what I need to do as a sheriff, the SAFE Act comes in at the bottom of that list,” says Christopher Moss, the sheriff in Chemung County, a rural area near the Pennsylvania border. “I do look at it personally as an infringement on Second Amendment rights.”

Although it may not seem like it to the people taking the action (some of which are motivated by principle, and some of which, I’m sure, are motivated by inertia,) civil disobedience is a brave step. According to the obfuscatory language of the ironically-named NY SAFE Act:

A person who knowingly fails to apply to register such weapon, as required by this section, within one year of the effective date of the chapter of the laws of two thousand thirteen which added this paragraph shall be guilty of a Class A misdemeanor and such person who unknowingly fails to apply to register such weapon within such one year period shall be given a warning by an appropriate law enforcement authority about such failure and given thirty days in which to apply to register such weapon or to surrender it. A failure to apply or surrender such weapon within such thirty-day period shall result in such weapon being removed by an appropriate law enforcement authority and declared a nuisance.

In the grand scheme of things, one year in prison doesn’t sound like much. As a colleague of mine is fond of observing, however, even a small time in jail can be a life-changing event. People can find themselves out of job, behind on their house payments, divorced, and with a perfect storm of ‘all of the above,’ homeless after serving just a month or two behind bars. (Don’t forget, too, the inevitable, “So…why did you leave your last job?” question at the next interview.) All else being equal, you really would be better off avoiding any extended all-expenses-paid stay at the county jail, no matter how short it seems.

For that reason, people who are willing to stand up to an oppressive law passed in the (proverbial) middle of the night by demagogues and self-interested politicians acting in the heat of the moment deserve our respect. They are doing far more than most of us have ever done with our printed words and monetary donations, and angrily-written Facebook posts. They are actually putting their freedom on the line for their rights and ours — regardless of whether we reside in the Empire State or not.

The NPR article goes on to report that some GOP members of the legislature are still trying to repeal the ironically-named act, and that a federal appellate court is expected to rule on the constitutionality of the law later this year. Watch this site for more details.

DISCLAIMER: The above is an opinion piece; it is not legal advice, nor does it create an attorney-client relationship in any sense. If you need legal advice in any matter, you are strongly urged to hire and consult your own counsel. This post is entirely my own, and does not represent the positions, opinions, or strategies of my firm or clients.

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  1. That “knowingly fails to apply” seems like a pretty big window to crawl through. Unless you signed a registered letter from the state notifying you of the law I don’t see how they can prove that you “knowingly” ignored the law.

    Laws are complicated Dude!
    How am I supposed to be aware of one stupid law out of the tens of thousands of laws and regulations made nationwide each year?

    • Ignorance of the law is never a positive defense. – Law 101

      The only way that would save you is if someone slipped an AR into your possessions somehow and you never saw it and one day your house gets raided and they find it. A high unlikely scenario. They knew what they were doing.

      • But protection from ignorance of the law is built into the law. Basically, play dumb and get a warning. Then, you have 30 days to dispose of, surrender or bring the rifle into compliance.

        • The wording of the law seems to suggest that, once a warning has been issued, you no longer have the option of disposing of it through an out-of-state sale or transfer. It specifically only says you have 30 days to register or surrender it. I wonder how that would play out in the real world, if this stupidity were ever to be enforced.

        • You cant register or surrender what you don’t have. It would be idiotic (yeah I know…normal condition of politicians) for someone not to be able to transfer or get it out of state after the 1st warning.

      • True story:

        My wife was in a trade show in Virginia where the main customers were various armed forces. She sends me a text the night before she flys home. “I am bringing you back a freebee from the show!” She sent me a picture of a 30 round PMAG that Magpul was handing out. We live in NY. I had to quickly make sure she didn’t fly home with it. She would have been a felon if she made it back here. Magpul was handing them out to people who walked by their booth.

        • A felon. Because of a piece of plastic and a metal spring.

          That makes as much sense as being a felon for growing a certain kind of plant.

      • Ignorance of the law is never a positive defense. – Law 101

        Well the Supreme Court says ignorance is an excuse….if you’re a cop.

        The “no excuse” rational was a reasonable position when law was based on the idea of “do no harm” and commonsense.

        In the era of 10’s of thousands of laws made every year then “ignorance of the law” is to be expected. If I was on a jury I’d easily acquit on a majority of obscure laws.

        • I don’t have specifics handy, but I did some research once that turned up a whole string of cases where ignorance of regulations was upheld as a legitimate excuse, the judges repeatedly stating that the existence of a vast multitude of regulations makes it impossible to expect that every person should know them all. There were a few cases where the same was applied to actual, i.e. legislated, laws equally successfully.

          Abraham Lincoln warned about the proliferation of laws breeding disrespect for all law. He should have added that piling up stupid laws makes it worse.

      • Ignorance of the law seems to be working for Hilary and her emails. Doesn’t work for us peons though.

      • “Ignorance of the law is no excuse.”

        That reasoning has always pissed me off.

        Ignorance of the law damn well should be an excuse. The onus of educating the citizenry of the laws they are supposed to abide by should be on the society that created them.

        If that is an impossible task, then there are too many f’ing laws. Get rid of them until they are learnable.

        Breaking a law that you knew about because you were taught them all in high school is no excuse.

        • Even in ancient Rome, where laws were far fewer than what we have, the principle that ignorance was no excuse was limited by the principle that law should conform to what people should naturally understand is right and what is wrong.

      • “Ignorance of the law is never a positive defense. – Law 101” is repeated like a mantra, but as the number of laws and regulations that seem to have the effect of law is reaching into the 10s of thousands of federal, state and local laws, no individual can realistically know them all, unless one is a lawyer and even then it can be a stretch. In NJ, even the cops that are supposed to enforce the law are quite confused about the detail, since in the case of “gun control” the NJ laws are a maze of conflicting and nonsensical regulations that are bewildering to everyone. I would hardly be surprised if the nanny state of NY is different. In the end the government that governs least, governs best is the only real truth, which we are now very, very far away from

  2. They’re not going to knock on doors and grab guns. (Unless they have a warrant).

    What they will do is pull people over coming home from the gun range, etc…

    They’ll pick the low-hanging fruit and make an example of them.

    • Not even that. They will pick up a few gun owners during searches that they conduct for other reasons unrelated to the SAFE act, and then test the waters on prosecuting the gun owners and making examples of them. In this way, they will be appealing to the masses that they are not, as the powers that be, such evil people after all, and be able to villanize the gun owners for the “Arsenals” that get brought to light.

    • (Excuse the interrupted reply)

      …in this way, it will seem very innocuous as the velvet jaws of the increasingly less-soft tyranny tighten up bit by bit.

    • Yes, they will do that and meanwhile 40% or so of violent crimes go unsolved and the cowardly police choose to go after peaceful citizens including pot smokers, the most peaceful people on earth.

      This is absolute proof that cops are cowards.

    • It may not be an excuse, but excuses have no place in a court room. It is essentially an affirmative defense that you did not know about the law, or did not understand it, or mistakenly thought your arms were all compliant.

      It’s still a bull shit law, but at least they didn’t go the ‘strict liability’ route with it.

  3. I’m telling you what’s hard to imagine: NPR placing the “so-called” qualifier in front of the “assault weapons” phrase–and more than once, at that. Are some POTG finally getting thru to the mainstreams that they are betraying bias, ignorance, or both by continually using the unvarnished “assault weapons” moniker?

    • That’s what stood out the most to me, too.

      The idea that this is “civil disobedience” is a stretch… Civil disobedience is to stand up, be seen, and be counted in defiance of evil.

      Hiding your guns in a hole or having a tragic boating accident is not civil disobedience. It’s weak and it doesn’t accomplish anything.

      • Disagree also.

        If NY tries to enforce this law up-state they will have to face jury nullification. Are they willing to risk this.

        It’s one thing to stare-down the face of a citizen who refuses to register his boat or all-terrain vehicle; it’s another to stare-down the barrel of a citizen who refuses to register his gun.

        One thing a government can’t tolerate is a citizenry that is willing to defy its laws. Any such broad defiance undermines the aura of authority. States have already officially defied Federal law prohibiting pot; and, the Feds have had no choice but to acquiesce.

        The difference with guns is that it’s not the evidence that goes up in smoke. At risk is the iron fist in the chain-mail glove of State power. The problem facing any governor is whether he is prepared to call the peoples’ bluff.

        If the people are bluffing; he can survive the outcome. If the people are not bluffing the outcome is apt to be politically devastating. The governor’s constituents are apt to respond: ‘But guv; you never mentioned anything about the civil war YOUR law started!’

        • Ya, + illegal dug use can’t be stopped -> legalize marijuana (the stuff a considrrable amount of gun crimes are perpetrated for).

          Legal gun possession can’t be made illegal where it’ll stick -> Make their owners enemies of the state.


        • “If NY tries to enforce this law up-state they will have to face jury nullification. Are they willing to risk this.”

          This is a very good point.

          Perhaps we should make an effort to educate the masses of the power of jury nullification.

        • Great idea; and, moreover, that introduces a “cost” to the gun-grabbing statists for passing this law. The reaction is that we invest in educating the public who will – sooner or later – be chosen for jury duty. Those jurors will then know that they can defy the laws their government passed with which they disagree.

          Undermines the rule of unjust law.

        • MarkPA,

          I believe New York is willing to risk jury nullification for three important reasons. First, most jurors have no idea that they are supposed to judge the law as well as the facts of the case. Second and more importantly, every judge in the United States will tell the jury that they have no choice but to find the defendant guilty if they are confident beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant broke the law. This is so bad that judges even forbid attorneys from merely broaching the subject of jury nullification. Finally, the powers that be in New York have nothing to lose … why shouldn’t they try to prosecute someone? While a jury may nullify the law in that case, the next jury in the next case may very well convict.

          With this being the situation, I would say emphatically that we need to operate a public information campaign to inform the public of jury nullification. They will never hear about it from the courts or attorneys, that is for sure.

        • +1 – so true. Both sides often use peremptory challenges to eliminate those appear to be reasonably well-informed. Temping to leaflet cars in the jury reserved parking area about nullification.

        • Yes, absolutely. A public information campaign is ESSENTIAL. And, the effect will be DEVASTATING to the State whether or not there is a FIRST trial under the SAFE act.

          Up-staters are fed-up with their State government and the fact that it is run by NYC. Up-staters are probably itching to flex their muscles in self-government. Jury nullification must be explained as covering ALL forms of poorly-founded laws, not only gun laws.

          The State government is probably NOT deeply invested in gun laws; the people getting killed by guns are of no interest. The people who are attacked by criminals are of no interest. Gun control is purely a political toy. There is no real money involved. It’s not pork.

          What if jury nullification were used widely – in every other State or Federal trial in up-State NY? The liberal agenda would be jeopardized. It’s not going to have much effect on common law crimes (murder, robbery, etc.) but it would threaten all the environmental and regulatory “crimes” that are “malum prohibitum” – i.e., “crimes because we say-so”.

        • @GayGunOwner-

          I’m not talking leaflets. I’m talking crowdfunding billboards, eventually radio spots.

          And not make it about guns. Make it about all unjust laws. The ACLU may be able offer some insight into this.

          Introduce the ‘concept’ of jury nullification, encourage folks to Google it and research on their own.

          It’s equally owned, both the left and the right have this problem.

          It’s something to think about…

        • Thanks – All good ideas GeofPR. I find it helpful to ask what can be done on an individual level to promote things we support in addition to longer term efforts.

          Do know two local judges and will ask what prevents nullification from being included in jury instructions. Maybe some on this site have some insight.

          Had a case here where a an adult man punched out a retired priest for sexually abusing him as a child. No permanent damage to his abuser, but it did appear that the priest’s conduct was known, and he was being shielded by some. Bishop was blindsided – unlike some others, he’s been intolerant of such behavior among clergy.

          Jury used nullification on the assault charge with an elder abuse enhancement. First I’d heard about it and an appropriate use.

  4. Why do I get the feeling Joseph Fuller of Cohoes, N.Y. will be having a visit with the Custapo in short order?

  5. Only sheeple voluntarily register their guns. Smart folks find ways to hide them from the authorities, even though they may otherwise fall under the category of “law-abiding citizens”. Because gun registration laws should NOT be “abode (abided?) by”!

    • Ya, except EVERY firearm puchased under a background check form are defacto REGISTERED if the ATF cares to do a quick comparison between the telephone approval time stamp, and the FFL’s records, which the ATF says need to be surrendered to the ATF if the gun store ever ceases to do business.

        • Your not paying attention. The dealer has to maintian the 4437’s, but the also have to keep a SERIAL NUMBER TRANSFER LOG in and out of their inventory.
          The feds can’t find Hillary’s Benghazi communications on her server because it’s hidden amongst some scans of the documents taken out of the national archives in an aide’s underwear, that was also used to safeguard the president’s birth certificate and Columbia University transcripts. BUT THE FEDS CAN SURE AS SH_T PUT THAT TWO-AND-TWO TOGETHER and figure out (even if you purchased a firearm at a big box sporting goods store on that store’s biggest ‘SALE’ day) what firearm you purchased. Even quicker if NSA taps into Chinese-hacked bank records to check your credit card purchases on any ammo and accessories that you might have purchased that same day. But ALL without needing to access any of your US government nexus information that YOUR F-ING A-HOLE NEIGHBORS NEEDING JOBS (your POS GOV’t) GAVE THEM.

        • Joe, you are absolutely right. And, the 20-year retention period is the biggest threat to us in the whole gun-control system. (20-years becomes perpetuity for any gun bought from a dealer who closes his business; which essentially means almost all dealers records go to the ATF).

          The 4473 retention provision constitutes a proto-national-registry. Only one small incremental step is needed to close the loop entirely: Install UBC on the FFL sales floor. If the Antis can just get enough States to force UBCs to be officiated by FFLs then the historical “leakage” of guns from the record-kept primary market (FFLs) to the no-records-kept secondary market (non-dealer transfers) then we are toast. Some States already have laws requiring some guns to be transferred via FFLs; e.g., handguns in PA. State-by-State, gun-type by gun-type, the pathway to leakage narrows.

          So, Mr. Smith, we see you bought Glock 18 # 1234567 in Alaska. Then you moved to Alabama, and from there to Colorado and then to South Dakota. Do you still have that Glock? No? To whom did you sell it? Don’t remember; well then did you sell it in Alaska, Alabama, Colorado or South Dakota?

          If all those States you lived in had a State law requiring an FFL to officiate a transfer then you are toast. You just get to pick which State you want to stand trial in.

          Naturally, a Federal UBC on FFL premises would close the leakage instantaneously.

          The only way to counter this inevitability will be to foreshorten the record retention period to something like 10 or 7 or 5 years. Then, FFLs would have an opportunity to purge their files before they accumulate to 20 years.

          Another step is to authorize “registered archivists” to whom FFLs could turn-over their records when they go out-of-business. These archivists would undertake to purge aged-off 4473 forms such that these records would disappear.

          Law-enforcement traces would still be supported. Indeed, FFLs and archivists need be in no hurry to purge aged-off records. Rather, they would be at liberty to instantly purge all the records they had voluntarily kept past the retention minimum should Congress ever dare to debate a bill to re-extend the retention period or call-in all FFL records.

  6. They failed to mention CT, with another hoist of the middle finger.
    Washington State, Oregon, Colorado, Maryland (mostly Western region)

    Seems the Sheriff’s are not making it a priority either. Remember, Officer Safety likes to go home after his shift. Rural NY is not the place to start doing house to house raids, and they don’t know whether to defecate or go blind in Albany or Hartford.

    • In WA there is almost complete non-compliance with the part of the law that makes it illegal for two non-married adults to shoot the same gun without a background check.

      • @Scrubula: Yep, that part of the law is a total joke and will never be complied with. Proves the lawyer who wrote the language of that law is an idiot and should be disbarred.

    • HOORAH space between neighbors, and good fences, and people who remember who the f they are. If they take a step back, they might be able to see a larger threat from the rest of the world (i.e., China) who ain’t even slated to get disarmed by this short-sighted piece of ignorant-as-sh_t legislation, so they’re not going to comply either you stupid f-head evil blue state fn Liberal (D) heads.

  7. Hope our CA electeds take notice. Gov. “Moonbeam” Brown, our ever lovely AND talented Attorney General, and both senators are drooling over the prospects of a sham SAFE act here too.

  8. Boat accident. Yep. All gone. I’ve already made plans to move my guns out of CA if the grabbers start grabbing. But I saw one study that said there are 6 million gun owners in CA. That’s a lot of grabbing.

  9. The tragic boating accident theme is funny, but useless… True civil disobedience is to stand up, be seen, and be counted. To do the right thing even though you know there’s going to be hell to pay.

    • Hey, my name is Joe Fuller, this is where I live, and I refuse to obey this tyrannical treasonous travesty of a law.
      –Now that’s Civil Disobedience.

      The other half million or so are just silently failing to comply. They’re disobeying, but they aren’t really taking a stand (yet).

  10. Man am I glad I am not up there anymore… I escaped to a gun friendly state, Kentucky. At least here I can have my “assault weapons” and if i choose get a concealed carry permit if I so choose.

    It will never change up there due to the liberal voters that control the state in NYC.

  11. This “law” is meant to chill and cull the gun culture in New York to a fudd culture. It will succeed. This is just the next logical step after their first “assault weapons”.

    • Yeah, once they have the Fudds in the disarmament fold, “NOBODY NEEDS TEN BULLETS TO KILL A DEAH!!” will become “Nobody needs to hunt. We have supermarkets. And if you can’t afford to buy food, turn in your guns and we’ll give you an EBT card.”

      • Some people do .
        1 shot through the top of the ear …………. track 3 miles , reacquire
        2 shot through the end of the tail …………. track 1.3 miles , reacquire
        3 shot over the torso …………………………. track 2 miles , reacquire
        4 shot into tree just below tail …………….. same
        5 shot just behind …………………………….. 1/2 mile , target getting tired , reacquire
        6 repeat 2nd shot …………………………….. target refuses to move , stares in disbelief , reacquire
        7 repeat 4th shot ……………………………… target approaches cautiously , reacquire
        8 shot in air ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, do to increased respiration and heart rate and 1/2lb. Savage trigger
        9 shot through heart …………………………. target down , photo taken with deceased target , incredible one shot
        story begins for family and friends .
        WAIT , SHIT , that was only nine , alright , the win . Peace out .

  12. ” They are actually putting their freedom on the line for their rights and ours — regardless of whether we reside in the Empire State or not.”

    Serious moral fiber from the same people bringing you the need for serious moral fiber. Way to go evil house of (D) head blue. Be sure to remind me to thank you when we save you, by civil war, from your neighbor a-holes needing jobs (your gov’t), because you also nearly had us fettered too, by your a-hole neighbors needing jobs.
    Ecclesiastes 10: 1-20

  13. The NPR article goes on to report that some GOP members of the legislature are still trying to repeal the ironically-named act, As I recall this sailed through the GOP controlled Senate, but then you have to define the “some”.

    • “They (ny GOP) are from the same cloth up there, the could call themselves SCOTUS members, hell, they could call themselves GOP from Indiana” they’d still be liberal a-holes from a pissant small state, hoping to f-up America.

      If you live in a blue state, you may be part of the problem. If you have a (D) after your name, a liberal, or a rino, the problem is part-of-you, you are permanently and irreperably damaged, and you mother (one of your five fathers who wears the dress more often) owes us an abortion.

  14. Citizens of New York – Local nor State Law can be contradictory to federal law, and the 2nd Amendment is federal law. To those who are so ignorant as to believe the 2nd Amendment pertains only to a ‘militia’ read The Federalist Papers, specifically Hamilton’s #28, 29 and 46 if memory serves me correct. Read them all and you will also know the federal government has its limits, and what they are. Though these Papers are called “essays” have no doubt they are law. They sit upon the desk of federal judges and supreme court members who deal with Constitutional issues. Furthermore, when VA’s university opened the states first school of law, one of the founders were there (Hamilton, Madison or Jay, one of them), and the Dean asked him, “What do we base laws upon?”. The founder replied, “The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and The Federalist Papers, for these are the law of the land.” Your governor cannot outlaw guns, for it is against the 2nd Amendment, which “shall not be infringed upon.” Only the people as a whole I the nation can do away with these laws, the government has not the authority to do so and this is made plain in The Federalist Papers. Read and learn.

  15. “…shall be given a warning by an appropriate law enforcement authority about such failure and given thirty days in which to apply to register such weapon or to surrender it.”

    Help me New Yorkers – does this statute mean that the warning is a prerequisite to prosecution? If the government somehow didn’t know about your evil black rifle, it sounds like you’re good as long as you haven’t received a warning. That I am even asking this question shows what a dog’s dinner this law is…

    • Let’s see, they are going to send you a letter to register your “assault rifle” . The one that they don’t know you have because it is not registered yet, right ? Guess they would have to send a letter to everyone in the State that says something like “If you have an assault rifle you must register it”. However, as there is no legal definition of an “assault rifle” guess they would have to give everyone that definition as well. That is THEIR legal definition, if they have one.

      • Oh, NY has a definition for “assault weapon”, all right – a definition so broad that a Ruger SR22 plinker pistol with a factory-threaded barrel is considered an “assault weapon”.

        The people that wrote NY SAFE should not be considered mentally competent to tie their own shoes.

  16. I too would ignore this ignorant piece of legislation. It is nothing more than an illegal infringement on my Constitutional Right. How can one state ignore the very right that other citizens are openly enjoying in other states of this same country? Why am I being treated as a second class citizen, when I live in the same DAMN country were all men are supposedly created equal?!? No I would refuse to register my rifle, f**k Cuomo!

    • I’m with you John , no registration all the way , and as pissed as I would be for his even asking me to register , I still wouldn’t f__k him , that’s nasty . I got your back brother , figuratively of coarse .

    • They let their stupid neighbors needing jobs (their gov’t) forget who they was. That shit is theirs, they gotta fix it before they need to be fixed. History has already spoken. There are too many examples from even within the last 100 years. Sh_t bags get to thinking they need to be in power, so they can get you to bend over and take it until history barely records the act. Then people wake up, go ass-golashers on them, and we buy a few decades of ‘peace’ until the evil liberal crap coalesces again.

  17. Anyone that tries to enforce this unconstitutional law will become a target of a patriot.

    Good shooting everyone.

    • I think you’re confusing cowardice with intelligence.
      We should all do as Joe Fuller did, but most of us are afraid to.
      Some of us feel guilty about it, so we shore up our self-esteem by making fun of those who still have a spine in their bodies.

  18. Reminds me of what happened in Canada with our Long Gun Registry. Government approved it and while many did in fact register their firearms, untold numbers didn’t. Federal government was spending billions to maintain a registry that was increasingly becoming useless. It was just a few years ago that the conservative government got rid of it.

    And as useless as it was, the usual suspects squawked about the LGR being shutdown. Trust me, if the SAFE Act is repealed, expect an enormous political and legal battle.

    • That’s correct.

      Canada had the registry, it had nearly zero convictions during its lifetime, and was scrapped.

      We need to loudly point out Canada tried it and it was a dismal, expensive failure.

    • The difference is that your Liberal party is not filled with individuals all too willing to use force to accomplish their goals. I remember one of the Liberal PM candidates wanting to reduce the penalty for not registering a long arm to a traffic citation.

  19. They can’t arrest everyone. Besides, “assault weapon” is a Frankensteined word and has no specific meaning.

  20. Start spreading the news ………….. We’re leaving today
    These gun owning dudes ………. aren’t going to stay
    Don’t want to wake up …. in a city …. that isn’t cheap
    and find they’re … top of the list … A # 1 , their guns in a heap ah

    I miss Frank
    New York New York

  21. In all seriousness, consider that not just the NY politicians are reading that article and paying attention. NY is merely the first to try it, I suspect California will be next and all the alphabet agencies of the Federal government are watching and considering how to proceed if and more likely when, a similar Fed law is enacted.

    Every local, county, State and Fed agency has had a number of years to practice SWAT raids and training on how to conduct those raids is ongoing in every region of the country. I have not trusted any level of government for years and I spent my life working for local, County, State and even a Federal agency. I have no problem admitting that what is going on nationally, is scaring the crap out of me.

    I watch TV news, read newspapers and visit news sites on line and I keep asking myself, “what happened to my country? Where in hell am I?”

    • Wait a minute …………… drum roll please …………….You’re in Barry Land baby . This is the new world , founded by ‘ Block Insane Hobama ‘ . This is a world where everyone shares , no one creates anything on their own and Barry Land takes care of everyone from the cradle to the grave and maybe even after …. Where up is down and down is up ……. Where everyone can admire the great Golden Globes of our great transformer , who draws his strength and power from the drizzle off my pizzel .

  22. The important thing to take away from this is that REAL NYers have sent a resounding FU to the agenda driven progressive governor and his ill-conceived, ineffective, unConstitutional, draconian legislation.

    andy cuomo wants to make law abiding NYers criminals all while NYers are in the process of compiling evidence that proves he is nothing more than a crook himself.

    • Sadly, that bad plumbing job is what NYers devised to circumvent cuomo’s safe act. No pistol grip therefore that abortion is legal where a “typical” stocked AR is not. Please feel our pain!

      They are less “controllable” and therefore actually less safe than an off the rack AR in any other state. Progressive gun agenda lunacy at it’s best.

  23. Cool. Going to make felons out of several hundred thousand ammosexuals. It might take a few years but that will get guns out of the hands of crazy right wingers who should never have had them in the first place.

    So much for that “rule of law” nonsense because clearly ammosexuals think that it doesn’t apply to them.

    • To God be the glory , great things He hath done .
      So loved He the world , that He gave us His Son ,
      Who yielded His life , our redemption to win ,
      And opened the life gate , that all may go in .

  24. What I am surprised is that Cuomo has not resorted to mass arrests or raids on non compliant gun owners. He still has the NY State Police to do his bidding even if the sheriffs refuse to enforce the SAFE act. Cuomo strikes me as someone who doesn’t like dissent.

  25. Conservatives are known for following the law. That is the sterotype. Now conservatives, or I should say white people with guns are refusing to follow the law. The liberals or progressives will have a very difficult time understanding this. In their warped mind only people of color are suppose to resist a law they believe is unjust.
    I would hope these progressives would read about the gun confiscation in the Lexington Concord area about 230 years ago and the end result.
    When ordinary people with guns came out to defend recruiting stations, this is a sign there are in fact people willing to fight using deadly force.

  26. The sad fact remains……”they” have won. Oh, you can spout non-compliance all you want, and you can hide in the basement with your guns which may never see a day at the range again; but you are just another statistic just waiting to happen when you get caught. PS – Has the onerous Sullivan Act ever been repealed? The SAFE Act was the next high-water mark, and it will stand the test of time just like the Sullivan Act. I hope all the sensible people flee New York, for the state is lost in a sea of liberal logic.

  27. This is just another reason to flee NY and particularly NYC . The main reason is the coming conflagration that is rapidly approaching , when MH 70 drops her pay load of her Enola Gay type bom boms and all the merchants of the world throw sand on their heads and cry , saying who will we trade with now that the great merchant city is burning .

  28. the ar-15 was NOT USED in the sandy hook shooting.. that was false reporting and lies.. no AR was used in that hooting.. get your reporting right

  29. I didn’t know too much about the safe act but just yesterday I was arrested for protecting my family against a mob of people I never shot but they got it plus the fact is I only grabbed it cause someone was yelling in the mobb “my gun goes off”
    And I have it all on camera so they came and retrieved my weapon under the safe act E felony guys!!!!!!! What do I do I feel like the system is going after the good guy BTW I just registered my weapon on the nys trooper something but geez I have court in two days and feel like I am being punished for doing the right thing and also my wife was struck also…..the kid was never arrested but instead got and order of protection and ideas please feel free


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