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This post is republished from with permission.

By Brandon

Years before a coroner pronounced 31-year-old Jermoid Wheeler dead after trying to break into a home, he had been sentenced to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit robbery. He was given credit for time served and released in June 2014, after serving just half of his term. According to court documents, Wheeler’s criminal record dates all the way back to 2004 and includes drug charges, domestic abuse and armed robbery . . .

Just eight months out of prison, Wheeler found himself at the back door of a home in Baton Rouge with a crowbar.

Deputies reported that the homeowner was sleeping when he heard a noise at his back door. He grabbed his gun and yelled at the intruder to stop multiple times as they tried to pry open the door.

The owner told deputies that Wheeler entered the house with a crowbar and was walking towards him when the man shot at Wheeler.

Wheeler was pronounced dead at the scene, and his wife was taken into custody and charged with second degree murder, aggravated burglary and theft of goods.

This career criminal would have undoubtedly found his way back into the prison system since he couldn’t seem to control himself. This time however, he broke into the home of an armed citizen who refused to be a victim.

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  1. Jermoid’s wife, Deneatrice Cage Wheeler, has been arrested for 2nd degree murder. She was with him at the time. After he was shot, she grabbed the crowbar and hid it, then told the cops they weren’t doin’ no burglarizin’, they were… in her very words.. “looking for a new home, and she was waiting inside the truck when she heard the gunshot.”

    • Long ago I knew a guy whose father was a Lt. in an urban police force. He used to call people like this “Who me’s”. Meaning they were caught with burglar tools on the roof of a building, told by the responding cop to stop and put their hands up, and they would respond “Who? Me?”

  2. Such an awesome law. The one that charges the accomplices with murder when one of their own gets killed. I didn’t know it existed until recently reading about a similar story.

    • That was a big part of how the muslim terrorist extortionist/murderer john allen mohammad got the death penalty. Scumbag thought he could escape that by having his child prostitute/sex slave protégé doing the wet work.

    • As always the psychopaths come out in support of a ridiculous law.

      By parity of logic, would you be in favor of charging an entire police department with murder when one of them commits a murder?

      • If a cop drove another cop to intentionally commit a crime and the first cop dies in the attempt, yes the first cop is facing felony murder.

        In the next case you bring up, if that child, burned because the meth-dealing out their house parents jammed the play pen against the door, had died after the cops tossed the flash bang in there, the parents should be up for felony murder.

        FYI, we sue bars who serve more liquor to drunks who then murder by DUI. We should start executing drug dealers who sell to criminals who then are high when they murder.

        • No cop has ever been charged with murder for transporting another cop to commit a crime. If the scenario you describe actually happened, every SWAT van driver would quit immediately.

          I do like how you completely distort the Georgia baby-burning to defend the cops. Screw the truth, the cops just want to go home at night. After burning babies in their cribs. Right?

          LOL @ executing drug dealers. Because the US needs to stoop to the same level of barbarity as China and muslim countries.

        • “We” do execute low level pot dealers:

          More interesting to me is your assertion that bars should be held liable for selling a lawful product when the consumer commits felony DUI/DWI. Screw personal responsibility, eh?

          @Blain, absolutely a criminal cop’s partner needs to be charged when present during the commission of crime, unless he does his job and stops said crime and arrests his partner. Does it happen? Probably only under the most egregious and high profile cases where the department doesn’t investigate itself (something else that needs to change post haste).

        • Of course it’s not representative. How many departments across the US alone times how many cops x the few reports in the paper probably is 0.1 of 1% – if that. But after the media gets hold of something and Sharpton and his cronies take off with it, they skew those figures. What I want to know is why do people here discount MDA’s stats yet so readily jump on the “killer cop” bandwagon? Use the head given to you!

  3. This happens all to often in this country. When will we sit down and have an honest conversation about common sense legislation to reduce crowbar violence?

    • Bravo Allen!

      I thought you were going to say something about how the homeowner should have invited the home invader to sit down and have a conversation. I like your statement with “crowbar violence” much better.

  4. Another senseless gun tragedy. If only there hadn’t been a gun in that home, then Mr Wheeler would have been able to complete his murder and burglary in peace and return to his loving prison home for another partial sentence.

    If only there had been some kind of zone or more signs…

  5. Let’s not forget the REAL criminals here: the people who thought “Jermoid” was a legitimate name to call their son. Why have those monsters not yet been brought to justice?

    • Yeah. I was thinking with a name like that, a (short) life of crime was pretty much a foregone conclusion.

  6. “This career criminal would have undoubtedly found his way back into and out of the prison system since he couldn’t seem to control himself. This time however, he broke into the home of an armed citizen who refused to be a victim and the criminal will not be harming anyone else ever again.”

    There … fixed that for you.

    Yet another example where government utterly and totally failed to stop a criminal from harming We the People … and yet another example where We the People actually fixed the problem. This is why statists and elitists hate us: not only do we not need the almighty state, we actually expose how impotent the state really is.

  7. The Citizen Administered Death Penalty (CADP) is cheaper, more effective, more accurate, and requires less paperwork than the state administered one. Good job, citizen.

  8. Ah, charged with murder without killing anyone.

    Meanwhile the Georgia cops who burned a baby to a crisp with flashbangs didn’t even get charged with assault.

    Such is life in the police state.

  9. Another punk gone! Pardon me if I don’t cry. He should have tried to change his life. Instead, he thought it would be easier to steal! Wrong choice!

  10. Once again the law abiding gun owners saves the tax payers a lot of money. Of course the idiots at #momsdemandaction will claim that this never happens.


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