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Honestly, I’m just testing some new settings on the site. But, as an added bonus, you guys get a peek inside my “happy place.” And for some reason it involves a man wearing pink . . .

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  1. I saw the headline in my email subject line, and I didn’t even have to look to know that Nick would be the author.

  2. I must be in a pissy mood: What’s with looking at the safety when going to and from ‘auto’? What’s with lifting your cheek from the stock when you cycle a bolt action while shooting off-hand? And as for machine guns: It’s just different when (a) there’s a machine gun shooting back, a .50 or .51 cal., or (b) when you can see the bodies you are hitting. Discount my bleak view on machine-guns-as-fun. It just reminds me of local SWAT guys who have never experienced A and B. Hope you never experience A or B.

      • That’s natural. They enjoy it in a different way, though, if they’ve used them in combat. I’m too serious tonight….

        • Thank you for your service RP. Glad you made it home safely and you can share sober wisdom with those of us who haven’t”seen the elephant”.
          I treasure the one time I got to”rock&roll” on a range. But we need to be reminded that these are practical tools for the shepherds of our nation too. We need to honor you shepherds who have kept us free to have this kind of fun.

    • Rope, I shot the AR-16 in combat in Viet Nam. I did not like the combat, but on the range, an automatic weapon just rocks. I can’t afford the ammo for one now, but they are a lot of fun to fire.

      • I understand machine guns are fun, exciting. Sorry to be heavy about it. Perhaps my message is “if you want to keep machine guns totally fun, avoid spending months using one against similarly armed enemy. It adds ambiguity or perspective to the fun, and makes it merely (for me, at any rate) training. The only auto item I’ve shot recently is a G36 German rifle at the State Police range. It was faultlessly reliable and accurate. If I had to pull the charging handle four times in one 30 round mag, I’d be deeply bothered, for example, and want to tear the thing down immediately. If you need auto, you absolutely need it not to jam or fail to go into battery. OK, I’m no fun on this issue. I get it. They are fun. Enjoy. I’m getting old. Laugh.

    • Front Sight has a lunch-break machine gun shoot. $30 to fire a mag.

      FS marketing is horribly annoying (worse than NRA, if that’s possible), but once at the facility it is all business, and all enjoyable. Not a peep of FS hype to be seen or heard.

      I have no affiliation, just a pleasantly surprised student.

  3. You haven’t shot an MP5 until you have shot one that is inside a briefcase. That is fun. Have to see if I can find a picture of it.

  4. Hell yeah! Lets get NFA repeal and the manufacture of new civie class 3 firearms on the agenda ASAP. We need to take back the rights of ours that have been eroded over the years. Forget holding off gun control where it is. We need to go on the offensive and roll back the BS we’ve become accustomed to being subjected to!

  5. You look like a giant middle schooler:

    -out of shape
    -oversized bright polo shirt
    -shorts and white socks

    Do you even lift, bro?


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