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“’Political courage’ is easy when you’ve run your last campaign or when you’re writing editorials for the New York Times. It can be downright dangerous to your career when you’re facing the voters in Arkansas and have to explain why you decided that because some Yankee psycho shot up a school they need to disarm themselves to please that guy in the White House and the gang at the New York Times.” – Kurt Schlichter in Let the Democrats Shoot Themselves in the Foot [via]

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  1. “…surrounded by moms and kids who protected themselves from scumbag criminals through the magic of firearms. Ask why the liberals are willing to sacrifice women to be raped, gays to be bashed, and minorities to be intimidated, all in order to disarm law-abiding citizens. Maybe some of the kids can even read their letters talking about how thankful they are that Mommy was able to use her Glock to keep her family from being murdered…” FINALLY. For every horrible Newtown, there are dozens of these stories.

    • Yes, you are correct. But, like the pictures being posted here by TTAG of readers, where are these stories? where are the faces on TV and media telling of their survival story. We need better PR and we don’t have it.

      Next week in Hartford the Newtown Task Force meets, those are the stories and people who need to come forward because those are stories that cannot be put down. nobody will yell “murderer” to a mother sitting with her child explaining how they survived an ordeal and survived by her gun that they want to take away.

      • That’s because the NRA is too busy putting ads out with Obama’s daughters in a game of tis to/taint so. There needs to be PR highlighting the role that firearms play daily in defending innocent people from criminals, and getting the FACTS out about violence in this country. Such as the dramatic drop in crime since 1992, and the 50 year low homicide level.

    • Don’t be so hasty Rokurota. Remember, the citizen disarmament advocates don’t want to disarm you. They simply want to regulate firearms for criminal public safety. And all regulations are common sense. For example it is critical for public safety that a mom, defending her kids in her attic closet, have no options other than a revolver. The fact that she needs all 6 rounds in that revolver just to dissuade one attacker — and she would have been in grave trouble had there been two attackers — is not important. Oh, and the fact that her revolver operates only with a double action trigger after the first shot, which reduces accuracy compared to a single action trigger on a semi-automatic handgun, that is somehow important for public safety as well.

      Oops, I forgot about rifles. If she wanted to use a rifle for improved accuracy — especially a semi-automatic rifle with low recoil and an adjustable stock so it fits her properly, both of which improve her accuracy — well that is some how bad for public safety, especially if that rifle holds more than 10 rounds in California, more than 7 rounds in New York, and more than 1 round in Connecticut (if their recently proposed legislation passes).

      Come on Rokurota, get with the program. Your betters know what is best for you and the public.

  2. “It can be downright dangerous to your career”


    Is there anything more dangerous to the cause of liberty than a politician fixated on re-election?

      • I would think that the danger lies in those who have no need to worry about re-election (See Obama’s “more flexibility in 2nd term” quote). Yes, they may lie and support things they don’t believe in to please their constituents, but at least that keeps them somewhat accountable to the people.

        In Japan, virtually every public office is subject to intense scrutiny all the time. Anyone in any official capacity who messes up or fails to deal with someone else’s mess in a manner the people agree with is canned. Impeachment is swift and sure. This makes for an extremely high turnover rate in government officials, but at least the people get their message across. If Americans weren’t so apathetic towards these issues, we’d exercise our same powers to vote people in, vote people out, and fire in between. Of course, most of our fellow Americans would probably rather watch Honey BooBoo than work for government reform.

  3. This is not really the right post for this, but I just had to share the story.

    I duck hunt with a friend who votes straight democrat and with the liberal ticket, but he does have a few redeaming qualities…his gun collection.

    His line in the coffee room this morning while joining the rest of us normal conservatives in demonizing the anti-gun culture…”I voted for a leader, not a dictator.”

    I now have coffee on my cuff from where I spit it out.

    Later, and I am paraprasing, he said something like “The actions of Congress and the President – regardless of their affiliation – have very little impact on how I live my daily life, but when they put the life of my family at risk, they force me to rethink what is important when I pull the lever in the booth.”

    Like Bill Clinton warned the Democrats, this is not a “gun nut” issue. For many, it is about the ability to protect their families. EVERY other political consideration comes in second when that is at stake. I hope it bites them in the ass.

    • Unfortunately, for every one person like your coworker, these days there seem to be about ten young urban hipsters who are completely oblivious to the notion that the power you award your leaders to punish the people you hate today, will surely be turned against you tomorrow or the next day.

      • I think the reason many of these urban hipster idiots are anti-gun is because they usually live in places with high-crime because it’s hip.

        God, I HATE HIPSTERS…for this and many other reasons.

        • I’ve lived in NYC since I was born unfortunately, just within the last few years I have become aware of an actual shared mentality (not sure how many people share it, I should mention) that high crime is one of the signs of an “up and coming” neighborhood that you should definitely buy in, in hopes that the gentrifying masses will follow, thus displacing the annoying poor we care so much about that we want to steal from others to give to but ridicule anyway. I can’t even fully explain the depths of self contradiction in the typical leftie ny’er hipster mentality, my train of thought just goes off the rails and I re-center on how desperate I am to escape this mantrap.

          Some people actually use this as a factor in picking where to move within this rats’ nest. When I first realized this in the middle of a conversation I just stopped talking and stared at the wall in shock for a minute.

  4. Until we stop re electing the same politicians over and over and over in this country, we’ll never get common sense decisions from Washington. Their first priority is always re election. Term limits would put an end to that (which they will never impose on themselves) so it’s up to the electorate (who continue re electing them!). So, point being, we get what we voted for as a nation. Hence, the re election of our nations biggest failure as president.

  5. I’m one of those Arkansas voters that he named. It’s good finally to see people in the media offering some genuine sense, common or not. Gun control will sell in a handful of states–in the face of gun owners and rights advocates who live there, alas. But most of the country will refuse to go along.

    Gridlock will be our savior, and a sad commentary on our country that is.

    • Gridlock will be our savior, and a sad commentary on our country that is.

      ‘Twas ever thus. “Government is best which governs not at all” — Thoreau.

    • Greg,
      Being an Arkansas voter and a Veteran myself I see every day how much our voices can impact government, at least at our level.
      Even though we did not have the turnout I had hoped for at the Jan 19th rally at the State Capitol we definitely go heard. Have received numerous emails and phone calls from various politico’s in the state asking what we need to change to save our 2n amendment and our state laws from Federal heavy handed bully tactics.
      The church law should be signed by the Governor by Monday we hope!! Removes ccw restriction from churches and leaves it up to individual church/pastors for concealed carry.
      Please join us Feb 8th on the Main Steps of the AR State Capitol for our 2nd Amendment Rights rally. Dave Elswick of KARN Radio is the MC and all State level politicians, to include Governor Bebee, down to local LEO and district reps have been or are in the process of being invited!!
      We are on their doorstep so they can hear us even better!!!


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