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Timothy Foreman

See all of the “I Am A Gun Owner” portraits here.  Please send your statement photo to [email protected] with the word PHOTO (all caps) in the subject bar. Let us know if you want us to use your name, a screen nic or remain anonymous.

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  1. Timothy, you and I agree on a lot. It’s good to show that gun ownership isn’t about left or right on the political spectrum. It’s about rights vs. control.

    • Vote for rights vs. control to begin with and we won’t have to worry about gun control. You people buy into all this Alinsky divide and conquer demonization. Not believing in abortion is different than overturning Roe v. Wade. Liberal simpletons.

  2. It’s great that you post these but let’s be honest. This guy is someone who clearly votes for the same representatives that want to take a way our rights. I personally know people like this who are also gun owners and they are not on the side of freedom.
    I think it is foolish for people to support the right to bear arms and in the same breathe don’t support the RIGHT to LIFE (yes I’m talking about Abortion).

    You either support the Constitution as a whole or you do not. We don’t get to pick and choose. That is the crux of problem in this country.

    • I understand ur point Ryan, but this guy does not say he supports the second amendment, only that he is a gun owner. Not all of them are with us.

      • If he’s taking the time to take a pic, make up a list and send a snapshot to this blog, we know where he stands on our rights. Stop being so close minded about people who are on our side. Now is NOT the time for division. We’re falling right into the anti-2A folks trap of divide and conquer.

        With the exception of atheism, I’m on board with you 100%. And just because we believe in universal healthcare doesn’t mean we think Obamacare is the end all be all. Thanks for posting Mr. Foreman!

        • Sorry Buell, but my litmus test is whether you are an Obama voter, not whether you are a gun owner.

        • The Brady Bunch loves division. That’s ok though, stick to whatever makes you happy. I think gun owners should be a big tent unlike the modern BS two-party system. Every time you write off a fellow 2nd Amendment supporter you give that much more to those wishing to erode our rights.

  3. With all due respect Mr. Foreman, you can’t believe in all the things you list AND believe in taking responsibility for your own actions.

    • I do not see the disconnect here. Civil unions (ie: “gay marriage”) = live and let live. Pro-choice is consistent with the constitution. Atheism = freedom of religion. This gentleman holds a similar worldview to mine. There seems to be lots of hypocrisy on both the right and the left when it comes to civil rights.

      • The difference between most “social” issues that divide the left and the right and RKBA is that RKBA is specifically addressed (2nd Amendment) whereas others are reserved to the states (10th Amendment).

        Abortion/choice, the definition of marriage, health insurance, etc. are not addressed: ergo they are state issues. Its beyond me how any federal legislation that touches on them gets out of committee, let alone to the floor of either house for a vote.

        It’s wise to avoid distractor issues when discussing rights that are specifically enumerated in our nation’s founding documents.

        Of course all the JDs on the hill will complicate this simple distinction with interstate commerce and the power to tax . . . .

    • Good catch. Personal responsibility is not compatible with abortion or universal health care. Both often use other peoples’ money to pay for poor decisions.

  4. This is not about attacking the person or his beliefs. As someone before me said, if he’s taking the time to make a list and let himself as a proud gun owner be known, that’s all that matters. These aren’t up so that people can pick the man apart and criticize him.

  5. I notice some condescension in there. Why do you have to specify that you accept evolution and climate change? If you read the comments you would know that we’re backwoods ignorants on here.

    I also want to mention that apparently you seem to be okay with the government using force against people in order to get them to pay for healthcare for everyone. You are in favor of having them initiate aggression on your behalf against fellow citizens just because you want “free” stuff. Do you own guns just because you think they’re fun or what?

    • You should really be the spokesman for all gun owners as you can quickly alienate people in two paragraphs. I bet if you try really hard you can get it down to one. Keep up the good work.

      • /sarcasm on

        Bill, you just don’t understand. Don’t ask me how, but it is somehow better that believing in a strong 2ndA remains the province of “conservatives.” I mean, what could possibly go wrong if all proponents of gun rights migrate to the GOP?… We certainly wouldn’t want both parties to respect gun ownership… that would be terrible. So we should just discourage liberal democrats who are also gun owners who believe in RKBA and call them names. Tell them that they hate freedom. Because “name calling” is just another term for “persuasion.”

        /sarcasm off

  6. Guarantee this guy voted for Obama. He’s for big government and high taxes (socially liberal). He believes in the discredited science of climate change, really? If asked, he’d be one of the first to turn in his firearms and he’d be turning in his neighbors. You can’t pick which parts of the constitution you want to follow, its all or nothing. The enemy of your enemy is not always your friend. But hey, maybe i’m at the wrong blog, perhaps the writers here are firm believers in big government, man made global warming that can only be fixed by raising taxes on everyone and taxpayer funded abortions on demand.

    • I missed the part where he is against parts of the constitution – perhaps you can point that out to me?

      And the next time you see a wife beater or drone strike cheerleader at the range, please video your discussion with him where you berate him for being against the 4th, 5th, 8th and 14th Amendments. You must be real fun at church – “Pastor Smith, I denounce your anti-porn sermon – you Sir are against the 1st Amendment. All or nothing Sir! ALL OR NOTHING!!!”

    • Exactly unloaded. This guy voted for Obama twice, for John Kerry, Al Gore, and bill Clinton. But because he took the time to make up a sign, he is on our side. Right. Whatever.

  7. This guy is brave. I applaud Mr. Foreman. I’m sure the Brady Bunch welcomes to derision and insulting nature we are lobbing at a fellow 2nd Amendment supporter. Divide and conquer. We are doomed as a movement with this petty infighting.

    Our future is bleak. Here’s to Victory Gin comrades. We’ve always been at war with Eastasia.

    • Where does he say he supports the 2nd Amendment? Is that on the other side of the piece of paper? Ur right about one thing, the division only hurts us, especially in the blue states where this stuff will become law.

      • Taking his time to write up the list, snap his photo and send it to a stridently pro-2a blog like this gives me some indication on where he stands.

        And very true. We are pushing HARD against the proposed stripping of our rights here in Maryland. We have more Democrats than Republicans, and we’ve managed to make our voices heard throughout the state even in the liberal strongholds. We need to show the world he are not all camo-wearing, Gadsden flying old white republican guys. Because we are not. We must be united in the defense of our civil rights.

  8. Hooray, the folk that didn’t vote Romney are coming out. Every one of these people that voted for Obama are traitors to the cause. It’ll take more than a self-pic to make up for what they did. As for the Johnson/Paul voters you really need to let go of the ego and vote for those that can win.

    • guess that makes me an enemy too huh? dont be so quick to throw that around, boss. i WONT turn in my guns and i WONT be tread on. besides, you REALLY think Romney would have handled this any different?

      good lord guys, we really need to stop and think, how old are we? name calling? bullying? i could have sworn i left this stuff back in middle school.

  9. Some aggressive stupidity going on here, as usual. What do you think the anti’s “I Am For Gun Control” photo contest would look like? You think they would bash those that included “I am a republican”, I am religious”, “i voted for Romney” in their photos, as long as they pledged their support for gun control? They would welcome them with open arms for working to change the stereotypes and perceptions from the “inside”. But this community prefers to eat their own F$#%# tails. Even if you don’t agree, keep it to yourself and let the adults talk. We’re trying to accomplish something here.

  10. Tim, thank you for posting. I used to think I was pro 2nd, but after reading all of the responses to your positions, positions I agree with (other than the atheist thing), I have discovered that I am antigun, anti-American, and in no way worthy to be part of the Best and Brightest. I propose that TTAG start using the acronym SASINO (second amendment supporter in name only) to differentiate the worthies from people like me.

  11. U guys are sooo right. You really can vote for politicians like Obama and feinstein and Schumer and still be pro-second amendment. I have seen the light. To all of u in blue states with this thought pattern, you better start knife collecting because your gun rights may well be a thing of the past sooner rather than later. Adios.

  12. Hey all. That’s my photo up there.

    I was pretty sure my list of statements would make some heads hurt. I wanted to point out that not all 2A supporters are lock-step Republicans, like so many people here think they have to be.

    Nor am I a single-issue voter. I vote for the candidates that *most-closely* align with *all* my values.

    Unfortunately, those candidates are few and far between.

    Thanks to the people who welcome me.

    As for the people who don’t, well, just keep up your dividing of the 2A supporters and see where it gets you.

    I may be a Democrat and a Liberal. I may stand for some things you don’t like. But *I am* making my views heard on both the state and national level. They are working on an AWB and a magazine capacity bill in my state and I’m letting my representatives know that I’m against them.

    Oh, and another thing: I don’t own an AR. I will probably never own an AR (I think they are ugly.) But I am still fighting for everyone’s right to own one if they want to.

    • Good on you. Don’t listen to the haters. They hurt the cause more than they help. Like Malcolm X hurt the civil rights movement. I’ll be going to a Town Hall held by my Lt. Governor to express my support for 2A and send out more emails and phone calls. I wonder what the haters are doing to advance the cause besides berating a fellow gun owner on the series of tubes who happens to be a liberal.

  13. Hey guys in the blue states, knifecenter has some good deals. U may want to check them out when u lose ur rights. Voting for anti-second amendmant politicians and then calling them and expressing your views seems rather strange to me. Oh well, ur problem not mine

    • Dude grow up. Seriously, ain’t nobody got time for trolls. You wanna big trophy cuz you didn’t vote for Obama? Get over it, we’ve got him for another four years.

  14. Question for all the haters – so how’s that “only voting for politicians who are so-called Pro 2A” who then do not support the social measures which would help reduce violent crime (which leads to calls for gun control) working out for you?

  15. Not a troll junior. I am perfectly aware of how long he will be president. My point still stands hoss.

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