BREAKING: Minnesota Assault Weapon Ban Bill HF 241 Revealed

President Obama in Minnesota to promote civilian disarmament (courtesy

We had a heads-up on Minnesota’s looming gun control legislation. In the wake of the President’s visit to the Gopher State to promote civilian disarmament, Bill HF 241 has dropped [click here to read]. The summary says it all: “Assault weapons; crime established for manufacturing, transferring, or possessing assault weapons; existing assault weapon disposal or registration provided for; terms defined; data classified; language clarified; and penalties provided.” If passed, the bill’s provisions would go into effect on September first. Breaking the law would be a felony, punishable by five years in jail. As we’ve said before, the states are the front lines in the battle to defend and extend Americans’ Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. With gun rights falling prey to red state – blue state partisan politics, the country is being rent asunder. One state at a time.


  1. avatar jerry says:

    “One state at a time” So far, only the blue states.

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      There’s your trouble.

      1. avatar Tex74 says:

        It’ll be a long process but, after all the laws are passed and the ensuing lawsuits are prosecuted against said laws, if these unconstitutional laws end up standing, can we THEN divorce the blue states?!

      2. avatar Accur81 says:

        These bans need to be fought at all levels. Clearly the democrats are most of the problem, but the more states have AWB the worse our nation will be. I also can’t help but think that such things will make matters worse on the federal level. The antis want to *normalize* the term assault weapon and the concept of an assault weapons ban. Then, they will “improve” each AWB by expanding definitions for our safety.

        News media will gleefully report how normal people were caught with caches of “military style” assault weapons. Budget cuts will release real criminals back on the streets.

        Stupidity, ignorance, and emotion continues to fuel voters who are led by misrepresentation and outright lies. Meanwhile, the budget still doesn’t get passed.

        If I was an enemy if the US, I would sit back and watch the US implode. There is no reason for a terrorist to attack us when we are spending ourselves to death and disarming ourselves. Indeed, a terrorist attack of any sort might run the risk of demonstrating the inability of the government to protect private citizens. Good Lord, people might consider arming the selves.

        If you live in a pro-gun (red) state, please oppose these measures. Call out of state reps, join the FPC / NRA / Support films like “Assaulted,” and demand the Truth about Sandy Hook.

        After the antis dispatch easy targets, you will be next in line. This organization does not care about your rights or your safety. Feinstein and Obama are fighting to incrementally remove your hardware from your hands. They have no qualms about withholding facts, raising taxes on ammo, or signing a ridiculous UN Treaty. They will destroy or weaken businesses which are currently successful. The antis can and will make matters worse in even the most staunch red states, and are currently brainstorming how to do exactly that. They hate your freedom, and may literally stop at nothing to remove it from you.

        1. avatar Old Ben turning in grave says:

          What we need most now is money, that’s what wins legal battles. If you were planning on buying a new gun, send the money to 2A foundation, GOA, or NRA. Or whatever you can afford. The sons of the opposition have some deep pockets on their side, and those deep pockets don’t have America’s best interests at heart.

        2. avatar Ralph says:

          Accur81, every paragraph of your comment contained an accurate punch in the guts of the civilian disarmament movement. You said more truth in a couple of paragraphs than we’re used to reading in all the polemics by all the writers in the MSM. Brilliant.

  2. avatar Rob Pincus says:

    I’ll be in Minnesota this weekend for the Gander Mountain Academy Concealed Carry Expo (Lakeville, MN… Saturday)… no doubt that THIS will be a topic of conversation.

    Not Cool.

  3. avatar stateisevil says:

    There is no provision for RKABA in the MN constitution. I am dead serious when I say the authors of blatantly unconstitutional bills need to be sentenced to public corporal punishment in the case of other states.

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      There is in Rhode Island. That won’t stop them from banning modern sporting rifles.

      1. avatar S.CROCK says:

        RF, please move to Texas.

    2. avatar ChainsawWieldingManiac says:

      You don’t need one. McDonald incorporated the second amendment, so it applies to all states.

      1. avatar Ralph says:

        Yes, but the RKBA embodied in state constitutions is often more direct and straightforward than 2A. For example, I like Delaware’s constitutional provision that “A person has the right to keep and bear arms for the defense of self, family, home and State, and for hunting and recreational use.” PA says “The right of the citizens to bear arms in defence of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.” Combining strong state provisions with 2A is far better than either provision alone.

  4. avatar tdiinva says:

    I wonder if the Democrats in their ideological blindness understand that this bill turns teachers, doctors, lawyers (no jokes please), hard working farmers, honest working people and ordinary housewives into felons? Will they have the nerve to put someones mother in jail for five years over this?

    1. avatar Tim says:

      They do, and they don’t care.

      They want us all under their oppressive boot, at their mercy.

      1. avatar tdiinva says:

        I’m not so sure. These people are prisoners of their own stereotypes. They see gun owners as retarded swamp people and not their neighbors. If they did, they would see things differently. Perhaps Robert should send each member of legislature the full listing of the “I am a Gun Owner” series. It might be a revelation to them.

        1. avatar Accur81 says:

          I agree with Tim – I really think liberal progressive antis don’t care about who they imprison. You see, they just know better than you and me. Just as they are strident about expanding and “improving” each AWB, they will have no problem expanding their concept of gun owners.

          All gun owners are potentially the enemy. They will save hunters for later because they don’t have the solidarity to disarm them at the moment. Given time, your sniper caliber bolt action .308 will soon also be an assault rifle.

        2. avatar Joke & Dagger says:

          This is what Progressives do. Period. End of story. Get used to it.

  5. avatar Brandon says:

    DPMS is located in MN. I guess they will be relocating soon or becoming felons. From what I understand they employ a lot of people, way to go MN state legislature.

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      Put a call in . . .

    2. avatar Logan P says:

      Same with SOTA Arms.

    3. So much for job creation in MN.

      If anyone knows someone from DPMS, let them know that the state of TN is friendly to guns. We have no state income tax. The city of Clarksville is the 5th largest in the state, and 5th fastest growing cities in the US. Clarksville built an industrial complex with power grid in place waiting for industry. I think you get a great deal on property tax as an incoming company. DPMS, this could be a good thing for you, warmer weather, friendlier state, less tax.

      1. avatar Moonshine says:

        Congrats. You all now know someone from DPMS.

        1. avatar UnapologeticallyAmerican says:

          OK Moonshine, Ill bite…. If I were in the upper management of DPMS or other gun manufactures for that matter, I would look into spreading the operations of a plant to other states. NOT saying you should close up shop there in MN. But open up another. That way if MN did do something stupid, you could ship your inventory to the “other location” that way the state couldn’t outlaw your product and the FEDs/ATF come in and then confiscate your entire stock and melt it.

          And it wasn’t BS about the town of Clarksville, TN either. There are huge tracks of land, wired and zoned for industry, waiting for you. No state income tax, fair property tax, cost of living very nice. Worth a trip from your execs to investigate.

          And if you don’t’ pick Clarksville, there are other towns I am sure that would do most anything to get you in there. Politicians need to get people jobs more than they need to appease gun control nuts. How hard would it be to get a guarantee from a Governor that they wouldn’t pass a stupid law if you moved your operation there and brought a bunch of jobs? If the Governor of MN, though you were moving it could entice him/her to give you the same. You are the employer. You have the jobs. You have the power…. use it.

        2. avatar Moonshine says:

          “….If I were in the upper management of DPMS…”
          I am not, nor do I claim to be. Nor do I claim to represent DPMS on this blog, either as a whole or in part. I’m afraid any official questions will need to be directed to DPMS itself. I’m just a guy who has handled just about every rifle we ship. I can say that the mood at work has been rather, shall we say, “charged” as of late.

  6. avatar Soccerchainsaw says:

    How many will refuse to comply if passed? If 10% or less they will be seen as fanatics. If >70-80%, then perhaps the anti-gun crowd will be seen as the ones off their rockers…

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      Tell that to the SWAT team.

      1. avatar Old Ben turning in grave says:

        This. Think Ruby Ridge. The main question I have is how people will react to that.

        1. avatar Phydeaux says:

          The main diff between a situation like MN and Ruby Ridge is that the enforcers live in the same communities as those they’re going after. They shop at the same stores, their kids go to the same schools.

        2. avatar Joke & Dagger says:

          The TSA gropers are also our neighbors. So are the Post Office drones. The Feds will recruit the same type personality. Finding people to take guns away won’t be much different.

  7. avatar Mike S says:

    Am I reading right that their magazine bill limits to ten, but this declares something with a fixed mag over seven an assault weapon? Oy, these people.

    1. avatar JSW says:

      If you read it more closely, you’ll see it eliminates all semi-auto handguns (of course, that’s how I’m reading it, but others may not).

      1. avatar Tim U says:

        Also, revolvers. Since they redefine shotgun so it’s ultra vague, and then on top of it they ban “any shotgun with a revolving cylinder.” There’s a lot of shotshell cartridges available for revolver calibers.

        So…. there goes the revolvers too!

        1. avatar Mike S says:

          Yeah but ill bet elsewhere in MN law, there is a definition for shotgun that uses the lack of rifling as an identifying characteristic.

      2. avatar Mike S says:

        The way I read the section on handguns, it appears that SA handguns are safe, so long as the mag inserts into the handgrip, no forward handgrip, no stock, etc. So, the usual stupidity (and characteristics that would make it an NFA regulated item anyway).

        1. avatar BummedinMN says:

          So, there are a few bills floating around. HF241 addresses the above comment with regard to characteristics making a handgun and ‘assault weapon’, among others. But HF243 has that a ‘large capacity magazine’ is any detachable device holding more than 7 rounds. Possession=felony, no grandfathers.

  8. avatar Tim U says:

    I’m in Minnesota, and I am fighting this with everything I can bring to bear.

    It’s going to be a tough fight, but our strategy is to concentrate our fire on the rural district representatives. We have ZERO hope of impacting the Twin Cities area districts (of which I am in one, unfortunately).

    The grabbers see blood in the water, and they are going insane to try for it. The wording is so vague and expansive it could quickly be used to encompass any and all revolvers, most every other handgun, and damn near all rifles and shotguns that don’t fit their very limited standard. Dayton, his minion Mayor Rybak of Minneapolis, and the Dems here are marching full force.

    They declared war on us. We’re fighting back through any means we can.

    If this fails, I am leaving the state. Simple as that – better to flee as a refugee to somewhere we can make a real stand than to stay and die here. I will not comply with any of these restrictions.

    1. avatar dom says:

      If you do become a refugee, South Carolina is a great place to live. Unless you enjoy snow.

    2. avatar JSW says:

      “…our strategy is to concentrate our fire on the rural district representatives….”
      Sorry, Tim, but Bakke is from my neck of the woods and he’s as for gun control as any commie can be. And the bill co-sponsor Simonson is from Duluth- and a life-long tit-sucker from the working man’s bank account (ass’t fire chief in Duluth). Tommassoni, from Chisholm? That Chinaman- Fat Chance- has a better attitude than he. And Rukavina’s replacement, Tom Anselc… gun owner and personal acquaintance, but you ain’t gonna change his mind, either. And that slut Lt Govenor Prettner-Solon… from Duluth, was a city councillor there for years.
      Then we have that socialist Donnie Ness as mayor of Duluth- everyone loves that skanky shit, ran unopposed last election. And then there’re the mayor and county mounties up here who are all anti-Second- county sheriff allows CCW because he was forced to, so don’t count on any help from him stopping fed intrusion.
      Let’s move to the union loving ‘I’m voting democrat because my union tells me to.’ and, ‘I’m a life-long democrat’ voters who wouldn’t go against the union even in a secret ballot and who think no one needs more than their thutty-thutty for deer hunting.
      Good luck changing the minds of these sonsofbitches. If you think the ‘Cities are going to be hard to ‘impact’, you ain’t been north of Hinckley in a while.
      Yup, you can tell how much I hate these stupid shits. I’m trying to figure a way to sell out and move south.

      1. avatar Accur81 says:

        Wisconsin isn’t far, the weather still sucks, and it has a great NFL team! Standard capacity mags are legal, CCW is up, and you can get a suppressor with NFA approval.

        1. avatar Tim U says:

          I am seriously planning that as plan b.

        2. avatar Tim U says:

          Oh, believe me. Wisconsin is my current backup plan, since it’s close enough that I can move there without changing too much infrastructure. I can look at houses without having to change jobs (yet) and I don’t have to move until I have somewhere to go.

      2. avatar John Locke says:

        I am so glad I left that state years ago. Bred, born and raised in that state, left after 30+yrs and moved south. I have never missed MN, would never want to go back either. Been trying to get the rest of my family and friends to move from that god awful state.
        Now reading what is going on back home, just cements my belief that MN just plain sucks and has a hatred for the individual and personal freedoms.

  9. avatar Sertorius says:

    Interestingly, I didnt’t see a law-enforcement/retired law-enforcement exemption. There is an exemption for government workers carrying out their official duties (I.e., on the job) but that’s all I saw.

    Normally the disarmament lobby throws in those exemptions to prevent to politically unwise spectacle of local law enforcement opposing your gun grab.

    Will be interesting to see what happens.

    1. avatar Tim U says:

      Oh, they have the retired LE exemptions hiding in there. They’re just buried deep enough that we the people have to work hard to find them, but they can assure the LEOs they are there.

      1. avatar Tex74 says:

        That’s not always the case. Before Bush pushed through the EO allowing off duty LE to carry in any state, there were some departments where once you were off duty, you turned in your gun before going home.

        1. avatar Accur81 says:

          True, but those “problems” are easily fixed. Look at how NY was able to save its bastard SAFE Act. The antis can’t yet go after hunters and off-duty LEOs. Those are a few waves down the road.

    2. avatar ST says:

      As I recall, New Jersey’s AWB and magazine limits apply to Law Enforcement too.

  10. avatar DB says:

    As a general rule, people deserve the governments that they get. Add on the fact that, in America (still, at least), you can vote with your feet when actual voting fails to deliver the will of the people. So, I have no sympathy (nor do I ask for any since I live in NY state, which I plan to leave within a few years). Fight the good fight against these laws both legislatively and legally, but, ultimately, if you don’t prevail, then move. In a way, voting with one’s feet is more powerful in America today than voting with one’s vote. That is where true accountability lay. If you can’t vote the petty tyrant bastards out, then let them preside over a hollowed out, economically moribund state. That’s what Detroiters did, that’s what NYers are in the process of doing.

    1. avatar araomd says:


      The federal system was designed for just this purpose by the same founders who protected our second amendment rights.

      There are many ways to govern, and states can do things differently to see what works. Given CA and IL are proving how not to do things, the way we “vote” is with our feet.

    2. avatar ST says:

      The trouble with this strategy is the “Californication” syndrome. Anti-gun voters don’t associate high crime and economic stagnation with their pro-Democrat voting patterns, so once life gets too miserable in their Socialist utopia they pack up and move to a state with better economic prospects-like Texas or a business-friendly Red State with low taxes and Constitutional laws.

      The newcomer(s) then settle down and complain about the weak gun laws and lack of public services in their new home, and proceed to vote for the same party which ruined their last residence. Once the current Red State turns Blue and becomes another Socialist abyss, the process repeats itself again like a virus.

      For proof of this concept, here’s a link to a map compiled by Forbes which shows the migration patterns of Americans in 2012 , based on tax return data. Punch in “Harrison County Tx” …..and please be seated before you do.

      1. avatar Evan says:

        This is happening in Texas in the big cities. Look at the voting breakdown by district of the last election. I live in Dallas, and I was surprised to see that north Dallas(where all the people who get stuck paying for everybody else live) is red, but is completely surrounded by blue voters. We have a lot of northern transplants who move here, and like you said, they start complaining about wanting more public services etc. More and more of them are making their way into north Dallas as well. We also have a lot of RINOs in Texas. The mayor of Dallas Mike Rawlings is a huge RINO. But the republicans in Texas that I know tend to not look past the red v blue and what they actually stand for, and instead they just vote blindly because they happen to be wearing a red button.

  11. avatar Alex Peterson says:

    Guys, this is the playbook. A state by state domino effect. There’s a reason why Obama went to Minnesota and not Texas. His agenda is already a lock in those states that have the strictest gun laws – New York, California, Illinois, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. Who’s next? These states will all end up with a comprehensive AWB and magazine limits of 10 rounds max. To those in other states….wake up! The aforementioned states represent ONE-THIRD OF THE POPULATION OF THE UNITED STATES!!! Yes, one out of every three Americans will be prohibited from owning a modern sporting rifle and/or a magazine capable of holding more than 10 rounds. This is on top of the other “feel good” legislation these states get away with.

    And, guess what? The anti’s know these laws will do nothing to prevent the next Sandy Hook. So, all they have to do is sit back and wait for the next mass shooting to happen. Maybe next time, it happens in a gun friendly state like Texas or Florida. Just remember to clear the runway at that time, because good ‘ole Obama will be landing Air Force One at DFW or MIA. He’ll probably even surround himself on stage with children while shedding a tear.

    Obama doesn’t need a federal AWB. He’s already begun the disarming of 100 million Americans via state legislatures.

    1. avatar Joke & Dagger says:

      This ^. Read again.

  12. avatar Moose says:
    They will be streaming the hearing on these bills at 10am. I know I will be watching.

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      Watching it now.

      1. avatar Moose says:

        Sorry I didn’t realize they had broken it up into 3 days. FYI HF241 the AWB and HF242 the capacity ban will be heard Wed. @ 10am CT

  13. avatar Slowburn says:
    “To seek justice, protect civil liberties, and uphold the constitution”

    “To equip sheriffs, peace officers and public officials with the necessary information and public support to carry out their duties in accordance with their Oaths of Office.”

    1. avatar Robert says:

      I don’t care what law they pass I will not give up my ARMS/WEAPONS this is going to far sorry .

  14. avatar gearhead231 says:

    Next Stop Iowa…and I bet you money that he comes to Iowa City (which happens to be one of the most liberal cities in the world.)

  15. avatar إبليس says:

    Interesting. Registered modern rifles are subject to inspection to ensure “safe storage.”

    1. avatar Mike S says:

      Yeah- well when you’re already ignoring the 2nd amendment, why not throw the 4th in too!

  16. avatar Carl says:

    Those brown shirts in the Peanut Gallery speak volumes.

  17. avatar Ropingdown says:

    Obama can’t fix Chicago or Illinois, and he thinks he knows what’s good for our states? “If it saves just one child…” Face it. Almost every college major requires a statistics course. Do the grads think statistically once they have their diploma on the wall? No. Your tax dollars at work. An emergency moratorium on 4th Amendment rights for two months in South-side Chicago would save more children than any 2nd Amendment restrictions. But that would start riots. So he can’t do that. “Let’s take the guns from the polite folks. It’s a hell of a lot easier.” It’s like extorting the wussy kid’s lunch money. “But, hey, he’s a wuss. He deserves it.” Nice. Very Chicago.

    1. avatar pat says:

      Wouldnt you breath anthrax spores or a nerve agent if you were told to, if they told you it would save ‘just one child’? Listen to ‘Big Gov’ and the libtards….in the name of the……children.

  18. avatar Lance says:

    All right all you Minnesota residents call your reps and State Senators kill Obama’s turd he left behind.

  19. avatar Dave says:

    Can we all just paint our black guns pink so they’re not as scary?

  20. avatar Tim says:

    All manufacturers need to organize and ban any weapons sales to local, state, and federal governments. If we cant’t have them neither can they.

  21. avatar pat says:

    If anyone voted for these libtards, ya got what ya got. Next time, dont vote libtard.
    Elections matter.

  22. avatar niceguns says:

    I am 50 now but I can remember when I was A freshman in high school, I was being pushed around by a senior. I was scared, one day I could take it anymore and I beat the bigger older senior bloody. He never approached me again. All I can say is I was pushed to far, Keep it up, keep pushing. Enough said

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