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courtesy Wyndage


See all of the “I Am A Gun Owner” portraits here.  Please send your statement photo to [email protected] with the word PHOTO (all caps) in the subject bar. Let us know if you want us to use your name, a screen nic or remain anonymous.

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  1. Nice, got all artsy with the monochromatic scheme.

    The last statement on his paper is very true and I wish the anti gunners would understand that.

    • The “I Am A Gun Owner” series has gone a long way toward showing that Second Amendment supporters and detractors don’t fit neatly into the right and left of the political spectrum, respectively, and I’d rather not have an argument about it (especially on the Internet). Citizens who cherish their right to keep and bear arms need to come together right now regardless of their party affiliation.

      With that being said, I did not vote for Obama.

      • Don’t mind TangledThorns, Wyndage… he seems to troll all of the “I Am A Gun Owner” posts about who he believes did or didn’t vote for Obama in the last election. Maybe TTAG can give him a donation to buy a ticket and hang out with Mitt Romney instead of reading this blog. They can have fun together in San Diego running around, pointing at people in Starbucks and froyo joints yelling, “ANOTHER OBAMA VOTER!”

        Thanks again for speaking out, Wyndage.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, everyone, and thanks to Robert & Crew for giving all of us this opportunity.

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