I Am A Gun Owner


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  1. avatar great unknown says:

    Male, Christian, Gun-Owner. In left-wing ideology, that’s three strikes.

    1. avatar BlinkyPete says:

      Haven’t seen any lefties criticizing him for any of those things yet, and I know there are a few around. Sadly, I can’t say the same for my friends on the right, which is a real shame, what with this unity project we’ve got going on here.

    2. avatar Joke & Dagger says:

      Family Man (not gay): Strike 4

      Was smart enough to get a college degree that would actually lead to a well paying job (one percenter): Strike 5

  2. avatar EagleScout87 says:

    And he doesn’t know how to position the American Flag

    1. avatar Bill says:

      First thing I thought. Does it make it a bad person? Probably not. Doesn’t change the fact the Flag is hanging the wrong way, even if it a picture of one.

      1. avatar BlinkyPete says:

        PROBABLY not? Since when is a minor error (I’m not even aware of it) evidence of someone potentially being a bad person?

        Tough crowd indeed.

      2. avatar Randy Drescher says:

        Probably not? We might not need to call obama on this one, Randy

    2. avatar Foster says:

      Easy guys there’s a reason he positioned it that way. The flag is moving forward in that position. Always forward.

    3. avatar In Memphis says:

      Maybe we should be flying them upsidedown to signal distress. Because thats what our elected leader is causing plenty of.

  3. avatar JJ says:

    Cripes…tough crowd. Thanks Daniel.

    1. avatar Bill says:

      +1, still with ya.

    2. avatar Thomas Paine says:

      thanks bro

    3. avatar BlinkyPete says:

      No shizz. I thank you for your post, Daniel, and critique you for exactly nothing.

  4. avatar JJ says:

    At least he made the effort to head to a protest…with his family. I guess its easier to be a critical keyboard commando.

  5. avatar Aharon says:

    Daniel, thanks for being with us. You have a cute kid.

  6. avatar EagleScout87 says:

    No it doesn’t make him a bad person at all, and +1000 for him sending in his picture and for protesting… but the flag the symbol of our nation and our freedoms, men have died for that flag and it is due a level of knowledge and respect. Jeez, it seems people get more upset when a mag is called a clip.

    1. avatar BlinkyPete says:

      So basically he went out to stand up for our cause, in a cold with a small child, went to the trouble of participating in a pro-gun movement designed to unite us, and the only thing you can think of to say is “the flag isn’t facing in the right direction.” You didn’t even bother to thank him in your initial post.

      I’ve seen American Flag thong bikinis… I don’t think there will be too many people rolling in their graves at the National Cemetery over this.

      Oh, and to be clear, I’m not upset, I just think you’re nitpicking on an ally and deserve to be called on it.

      1. avatar EagleScout87 says:

        We’ll have to agree to disagree. I did thank him for his support (I’m sorry I didn’t thank him in the first post, if that would have made it better, well then I apologize). The Flag Code is actually federal law as well, for us law abiding citizens, though there’s no penalty for breaking it. I’m not upset with him either, or with you. He looks like a stand up guy, a good father and a patriot. Again, huge thanks for his support during these troubling times while our freedoms are being assaulted. Look, all I’m saying is as a proud American, take 3 minutes to learn how to display the American flag correctly. It’s not hard to do.

        1. avatar BlinkyPete says:

          You actually didn’t even take your own advice and tell him how to present it correctly. It could have been a quick, helpful note after the requisite thank you, but instead it was a thankless holier-than-thou statement on your part, followed by several useless posts of dip-shittery on mine.

          Maybe be nicer next time.

      2. avatar 16V says:

        I agree with Eagle Scout to the limited extent that it can add to the perception of being sloppy or amateur. Just like my objection to the sign with the apostrophe for a plural, why give them more rope to hang us with? Is that fair? Hardly. But sometimes ya gotta play the game a little bit, without compromising your position one bit.

        You’re right, BlinkyPete, it’s just a piece of cloth. Drawings are even less important. It should be handled with a certain amount of decorum and propriety in certain situations that call for it. Otherwise, it’s a gosh-darned patriotic thong bikini. Which I know my grandfather who did WWI & WWII was very much in approval of.

        1. avatar BlinkyPete says:

          At this point I’m almost trolling. My point was that a “helpful hint” would have been a lot more constructive than what was said.

        2. avatar 16V says:

          I agree, we just all get overly enthusiastic sometimes about minutae that rustles our jimmies.

      3. avatar Aharon says:

        ‘I’ve seen American Flag thong bikinis…’

        — Those women really love their country.

        1. avatar BlinkyPete says:

          I didn’t say anything about women.

  7. avatar g says:

    Thanks Daniel for speaking out! Love the sign, but this pic of you and your child is even better. Glad to see yet another fellow dad representing our community!

  8. avatar jwm says:

    Thank you Daniel. Cute kid. I have 6 cute grandkids. We both understand that what we are doing isn’t so much for us as the little ones that trust us to do right.

    1. avatar EagleScout87 says:


      I think that every time I look at my kids.

  9. avatar In Memphis says:

    Thank you for sharing Daniel

  10. avatar Lance says:

    Bless you and may you and your family be blessed.

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