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Last week, revealed that the DHS considers an AR-15-style rifle “suitable for personal defense.” Ya think? I wouldn’t want to attack anyone armed with an AR-15 any more than I’d like to spill a glass of red wine on Nivit Bash‘s white knitted thingie. That said, if she asked me nicely . . . Yes, there is that. Circumstances dictate acceptable options. By the same token, our needs are situational. If you’re hydrated you don’t need water. If you’re not you do. Which brings me to my main point. I wish someone would say to Piers Morgan “a person needs an AR-15 whenever someone is trying to kill them.” The radio host in the above clip got so close—but failed in the final furlong. Never mind. Piers “I Never Shot an ‘Assault Rifle’ But I Want Them Banned” Morgan doesn’t get it. Nor have I, recently, but I remain hopeful. Meanwhile, there’s news . . .

Good luck with that. “The lawsuit contends police were ‘grossly negligent in not waiting to confront Johnson until he moved to a location where innocent bystanders were not present.'” NC Woman Sues NYPD Over Empire State Shooting

We called this one (many times): the media portraying law-abiding gun owners as proto-terrorists. This is going to get worse before it gets better. If it ever does. Check out Gun Rating: Good Fun or Treason? at

When, however, you announce that the current duly-elected president and his administration are precisely the tyranny against which you are amassing weapons, this — while risible in some respects — should not be shrugged off as a healthy exercise of constitutional rights. It should be seen for what it is, and dealt with appropriately.

You truly intend to take up arms against a sea of imagined troubles? You’re in for a world of pain.

I don’t think “fight” means what thinks it means. “We are not against those who are distributing drugs. That’s a way for them to earn a living. Let anyone who wants to poison themselves with drugs do it. What we are against is them messing with the local people.” Vigilante groups spring up in Mexico in fight against cartels

Not large enough for a grenade launcher methinks., Las Vegas

A list of the exhibitors who’ve withdrawn from Reed Exhibition’s Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show due to their ban on “assault rifles” and “high capacity” ammunition magazines [via]:

  • Abner Druckenmiller
  • Ambush Firearms
  • American Whitetails of PA
  • Antler Insanity
  • Appalachian Big Game TV
  • Arrowhead Outdoors
  • Athens Archery
  • Atlantic Tactical
  • Avian-X Decoys
  • Bangin Redhedz
  • Bear Archery
  • Blitz TV
  • The Bear Whisperer
  • Bob Mercier
  • Bohning Archery
  • Bone Collectors
  • Boondock Outdoors
  • BowHunter Planet
  • Cabela’s
  • Campbell Cameras
  • Camo Addiction
  • CanCooker
  • Chris Brackett
  • Cold Steel Knives
  • Continental Divide Outfitters
  • Cross Canyon Arms
  • Cutting Edge Bullets
  • Dead Ringer
  • Direct Action Tactical Firearms
  • Domari Nolo Defense Consulting
  • Dominator 365
  • Down N Dirty Outdoors
  • DuckWater Boats
  • Eastern Chapter Wild Sheep Foundation
  • Eastern Outdoors
  • Eddie Salter
  • Family Traditions TV
  • Farmland Trophies Outfitting
  • Firearms Industry Consulting Group
  • Foiles Migrators
  • Forbes Turkey Calls
  • FoxPro Game Calls
  • Fred Eichler
  • Full Circle Outdoors
  • Ghost River Outfitters
  • Gone Wild Outdoors
  • Gut-N-Tag
  • Haley Heath
  • Heartland Whitetails
  • Hevi-Shot
  • High Lonesome Outfitters
  • HookHunt
  • Hunters and Guides Connection
  • Hunter Safety Systems
  • Hunter’s Specialties
  • International Bowhunting Organization
  • IceHole Coolers
  • IScope
  • Jay Gregory
  • Jim Shockey
  • Keystone Country Store
  • Keystone Elk Country Alliance
  • King of the Mountain Inc.
  • Kinsey’s Outdoors
  • KodaBow
  • Lancaster Archery Supply
  • Larry Weishuhn
  • Lee & Tiffany Lakosky
  • Major League Bowhunter
  • Midwest Whitetail Adventures
  • Muddy Outdoors
  • Dominance is Everything Hunting System
  • Matt Morett
  • Mountain Dog Chews
  • NasHunt Outdoors
  • Nature Blinds
  • Northern Hideaway Outfitters
  • Open Season TV
  • Outdoor Channel Outfitters
  • Outdoor Edge Knives
  • Ozonics Hunting
  • PA Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs
  • PA Taxidermy Association
  • PA Trappers Association
  • Pat & Nicole Reever
  • Pat Strawser Custom Calls
  • Pipeline Ridge Hunting Preserve
  • Primal Urge Outdoors
  • Primos Hunting Calls
  • PSE Archery
  • Radical Hunter
  • Ralph & Vicki Cianciarulo
  • Ranew’s Outdoor Equipment
  • Revolution Hunting
  • Rhino Outdoors
  • Rick White
  • Rougeaux Taxidermy
  • Savage Outdoors
  • SecureIt Tactical
  • Skull Shine
  • Southern Game Calls
  • Spook Spann
  • Sportsmen of North America TV
  • Stan Potts
  • Stay Ready Inc.
  • Stokerized Stabilizers
  • Susquehanna River Waterfowlers Association
  • Smith & Wesson
  • Table Mountain Outfitters
  • The Warmbag
  • TNT Archery
  • Tom Dokken
  • Tough Country Products
  • Trent Cole
  • Trijicon Inc.
  • Trop Gun Shop
  • Turnbull Manufacturing
  • Whitetail Bosses
  • Whitetail Freaks
  • Whitetail Heaven Outdoors
  • Wild Outdoors
  • Wired Outdoors
  • Woodcock Limited of PA
  • Wyvern Creations
  • X-Stand Treestands
  • Zink Calls
  • Zook Cabins
  • 2 Million Bullets
  • 24-7 Hunting TV

How does that work? “I am a hunter and have always owned guns, and I support the Second Amendment. But assault weapons such as AK 47s are intended for killing, not hunting.” Senator Bill Nelson’s letter to a pro-2a constituent

Gun owner are the new Jews. Gun Owners Must Contact Schools In Proposed Legislation

My name is Robert Farago, I own a SCAR 16 and I approve this message [above]. Parental discretion advised. In a BIG way . . .

“They weren’t under lock and key,” said the friend, who last saw the guns months before the Dec. 14 rampage. “She kept her stuff (the guns) all together in a closet.” Exclusive: Probe of Newtown shooter Adam Lanza focusing  on murderer’s ‘psychotic break’ and unlocked guns

Would Martin Luther King Have Approved of Gun Appreciation Day? Three guesses what says

Stunning new $849.95 TASER X26P integrates TASERCAM HD (review coming). Click here for specs.

Who’s sorry now? I’m thinking . . . no one? “I was a Republican at the time, but less than one week after the buyback, I chose to switch parties.” Guns were last straw for me with GOP

In fact, gay men and women have more reason to carry than most. Although no one needs a reason to exercise a Constitutionally protected right. See what I did there? [h/t DrVino]

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  1. Wow, that’s one hell of a “withdrawn exhibitor” list. I had no idea it was that big. Good on them.

    • Darn, I was really looking forward to going to the “Bangin Redhedz” booth just to figure out what they do. 🙂

    • Reed’s is getting exactly what they asked for. After the backlash against Ruger and S&W that continues to this day you have to be one dumb son of a bitch to think that would fly.

  2. While over 140 have pulled out of the Eastern show, that is only about 12% of the total exhibitors they planned on. I salute the pullouts but …………………………..
    Quote: “We are proud to celebrate these pastimes by featuring 1,200 exhibitors offering a diverse range of products from outfitters to fishing boats and RVs, from archery to art and from clothes to cabins. ”

    A lot more need to get out.

    • While I agree that more is better, one in eight is a pretty healthy number. In hindsight, it’d have been better if many of these companies had not announced their intention to pull out, but instead had simply no-showed. That way it would have been one in eight booths being empty, scattered randomly around the show. With this many, the exhibition company can simply rejigger the show floor layout to sequester many, if not all, of the withdrawn companies so that their absence is not nearly as notable.

      • Having put on an outdoor fishing show in a smaller-medium size venue 37,000 sq ft approx 110 vendors, the problem is that as soon as the customers start seeing holes in the booth spaces and an inability to fill said spaces with anything other than fluff or the tub liner supplier down the street, the customers start getting the impression of a less than stellar show.

        It has a cumulative effect, whether it is due to the economy, or some inappropriate actions on the part of the show sponsor.

        May in some instances cost them money this year as larger shows contracts have a door & parking fee split with the owner of the venues, wonder what that is for this show, lol!

        No a 12% reduction is indeed a nasty little blow and there is another week and a half to go!

  3. in the pierce morgan vid, he showed he was against using a gun on the 7 thug. the victim was not beat to death so no gun should have been used? if he was killed would it be ok to use gun on the thugs? seems a little strange that to be able to use a gun in self-defense, you need to be dead first.

  4. Is it just me or is the Las Vegas gunrange-girl trying a little too hard to keep her finger indexed along the frame. Back in my day a fingers-married vee grip was perfectly adequate for all variations of present arms or a full fisted grip for port arms.

    And as to the grenade launcher: I hope they DO rent it out. Lobbing an inert 40mm would be a nice way to cool off after a full auto burst, and they shoot pleny flat enough for the 10 yrd range she’s standing in.

  5. “Nivit Bash‘s white knitted thingie”

    Is there a software application that can peel-away the outer clothing from a bikini model?

  6. No one can guarantee that there will never be a riot in my densely populated earthquake-prone city. This is why I need to own an AR-15.
    No one has the right to decide what another person may need in the future to defend themselves.

  7. Why the hell would ANYONE go on that trolls show? He has made it abundantly clear no dissenting opinions will be tolerated and no sentence will go uninterrupted.

    • Unless you’ve got a horrible case of foot in mouth and make yo urself look bad while talking. Then he’ll let you go on.

  8. A nice, true-to-life peek into the black heart of huffpost (and statist media in general). They would absolutely jump for joy if anyone who dared to have a dissenting opinion were simply labeled a traitor and killed in the night. Facists. If that was written by a fellow American then for the first time in my life I am ashamed to be one.

  9. in the dailynews link

    “Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) said the importance of securing weapons is “well recognized by responsible gun owners.”

    If Nancy Lanza’s failure to secure her guns played a role in the Newton tragedy, he said, “Maybe it serves as a lesson for people who may not follow those basic rules of safety that responsible gun owners follow.”

    WTH! I am not used to Blumenthal calling any gun owner responsible — ever! Can anyone check if he has a dagger behind his back? I find it hard that he and the other CT senator Murphy will not vote for Fienstiens bill if it comes to a vote.

  10. I couldn’t get through the whole video with this douche bag wanker piece of shite interrupting every other second. The country really is *^&% since there is an audience for this type of stupidity from this a$$ fuk clown.

    • Someone once told me that “profanity is the lazy tool of the weak mind.” I don’t necessarily think that’s always true, but I think this is what he was referring to.

  11. Anyone else notice how many archery companies pulled out? I think it’s great that archery companies are joining in the fight. I think we have more support than we could have imagined.

  12. Gun rights might indeed be civil rights, but gun owners are not the new Jews.

    You are not being repressed, you are not being prohibited from the political process, and you are not being hunted down and killed in the middle of the night.

    You are not being discriminated against because of your age, religion, gender, race, or national origin. In fact, you are not really being discriminated against at all.

    Even in the rare case where you might get criticized (gasp!), it is not because of something you are, it is because of something you do. And you can choose to stop doing it at any time.

    Please stop playing the victim, put on your big boy pants, and make your arguments without hysterical name-calling, and without comparing Obama to Hitler. It is tiring and dishonest. And did I mention tiring?

    • Dave:

      For once I agree with you. Obama is not Hitler, he’s not man en0ugh to exterminate the Jews. He wants to outsource the job to the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran.

      But who is this Barak Obama guy most like.

      Benito Mussolini? That’s unfair to Il Duce. Mussolini was well read, multi-lingual, intellectully curious and had 30 IQ points on the Prez.

      Hugo Chavez? That’s unfair to Barry. While, Chavez probably also has 30 IQ points on Barry, he is a drugged out nutcase.

      I think our President is most like Juan Peron. A charismatic personality in Opera Buffo style, a medicore intellect who has real power to destroy a nation. Michelle is our Evita.

      • INVA: In your mind, I am sure you believe that name-calling is a devastating argument that reduces your opponent to tears.

        In actual practice, you are proving Obama’s point. Instead of engaging in the political process to try to find a solution, you just launch personal attacks and insults.

        Imagine if Gandhi had spent his time publishing personal insults about British leaders. I bet that would have put them in their place.

        I am sure you can imagine how much I think about your opinions.

        • Dave:

          You obviously don’t know what name calling is.

          If you don’t believe that Obama is outsourcing his anti-Semitism to the MB and Iran then you are sadly misinformed about the course of this Administration’s Middle East Policy.

          If you do not understand my comparison of Obama’s intellect to Mussolini’s you do not know that Mussolini was quite the intellectual and haven’t noticed that our President is poorly read, misinformed on many issues and intellectually incurious. If you read his second Inaugural address you would see that he follows Rousseau and not Locke or Burke which puts him squarely in Mussolini’s camp.

          If you were knew anything about Chavez you would be able identify the commonality between Obama’s and El Commandate’s rhetoric. You would also know that Chavez is alleged” to be a coke user (not the drink) and mentally deranged.

          Finally, If you knew anything about Peron you would see that exact correspondence between Obama’s policies and those of Peronists. Before Peron took over Argentina it had the 7th largest economy in world. Not so much anymore.

          But since you don’t know any of this you assume I am simply name calling.

          And finally, if you were more cosmopolitan you would have known that I was using long honorable debating technique employed in the House of Commons.

          • TDI: Just because you look up a bunch of bacjground stuff in Wikipedia does not make your arguments any better.

        • Wikipedia? Is that all you got. Little, if any of this information can found on wikipedia. You actually have to do things like read newspapers and books to know this stuff.

        • obama anti-semite??? LOL

          that is utterly ridiculous. ill actually agree with dave on this one.

          the only reason why the US and the west doesnt get along with iran is because iran doesnt want to play into the western debt-based banking paradigm and is not afraid to shed blood in protection of its sovereignty.

          obama has legitimate criticism, no doubt about that. however, it is our duty as gun owners to not play into the politicians’ games and sink down to their level.

  13. The National Wild Turkey Federation has also withdrawn from the Eastern outdoor show. They have also canceled the scheduled calling competition.

  14. Bimbo’s with long hair talking about what a lethal engagement is about and proportionate force.

    Peers Morgan still wears his crooked nose, while these harpies for the Right are plastered with fake masks and ever so clever talking points.

    Air heads.

  15. Suzanne is a nice lady & should not have bothered with limey boy. One of these days I’ll be able to understand why its bad to save a persons life, but for now I need to quick send $2000 so someone can deposit $50,000 into my bank account, Randy

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