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With Hurricane Matthew bearing down on the southeast coast of the USA, here’s a hypothetical . . .

desantis-blue-logo-no-back-4-smallYou live in Florida, Georgia, or the Carolinas and you’ve got some do-gooder friends (or perhaps neighbors) in the path of this monster. In the past they may have mocked you for buying guns for self-protection (“Are you a racist or something?”) or that gun ownership isn’t really necessary (“Oh, the police will protect you!  They are just a phone call away.”)  Maybe they think you’re a certifiable inbred, redneck lunatic gun owner.

But no matter how crazy, wrong-headed or misguided you have been in the past, they have called you.  They finally come out and say it:  “We know you’ve got guns.  We’re worried about looters and other criminals coming after the storm moves through.  Can we borrow something (or several somethings)?”

Do you share some of your firearms with them, or do you let them “call the police” as they’ve always said you could do when they previously suggested that you didn’t really need all those guns you’ve got.  We might be talking about a brother- or sister-in-law.  It might just be an acquaintance or a friend of your own or your domestic supervisor.

So do you share, or do you suggest they go salute some lampposts?  If so, what do you share with them?

Post your thoughts in comments.

Sharing guns

I’ll go first:

I’m blessed with a lot of friends. Really good friends. How many friends?  They say really good friends will help you move. Let’s put it this way, when I moved three plus years ago, I had between thirty and forty people helping on each end. Yeah, about half helped in both places, but still.

Not only did they help us move, they put together shelving for us and moved most everything down into the basement once we arrived at our new destination…  including a bullet or two. That’s amazing friends. The moving company guys shook their heads and said they had never seen anything like it before.


If their boat capsized and my gun friends lost their collections, as has happened to my former collections on a number of occasions (see above), I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to engineer a temporary loan to them, along with all the requisite gear – holsters, mag pouches, spare mags, ammo, tac light, etc.

I’ve done it before (a gun goes down in class and we can’t have them walking around without a heater!) and I’d do it again. I know these people are competent with the gun(s) and putting a firearm in their hands would be a net good for society and them.

I have only a couple of friends (both through my lovely bride) who aren’t gun owners, but they share pro-gun attitudes. I barely have any acquaintances who aren’t gun owners. These people? It depends(TM).

Let’s say it’s that one friend, the maid of honor from the wedding, who is asking for help. She’s got a husband and a 16-year-old cheerleader daughter and a 13-year-old son. And a big dog appropriately named Zeus.

I’d probably hook them up with a pair of shotguns, including a 20-gauge Remington 870 riot gun, tricked out with a side-saddle, a tritium front sight insert and a nice sling for the ladies and a similarly suited 12 gauge for dad. With appropriate buckshot and slugs, of course – of the reduced recoil variety for the 12 gauge.

If they had to have a handgun it would be a 4″ K-frame Smith & Wesson .38.  They would get a crash course in firearm safety and how to make said blunderbusses go boom and how to make them safe. Don’t have time for a crash course?  No problem.  We can do it sometime after the storm and I’ll be taking my toys and going home.

Sorry, no semi-autos for untrained people I care about.

As for the acquaintance through the wife who is a dyed in the wool lib who proudly proclaimed support for Bernie Sanders, and now Hillary:  Call the police or maybe Bernie or Hillary. They will help ya. And no, you can’t come to my house. I might give them an airsoft pistol or an airsoft shotgun.

I could tell them it was a real gun and they wouldn’t know any better, and would surely treat it like handling fresh dog feces. That would be the extent of what I’d trust them with and even then, they might put their eyes out.

Everyone else?  Forget about it.

Why am I generally opposed to giving guns to completely untrained people unfamiliar with shooting?  The answer should be obvious.  A gun is a tool to be respected and treated with care.  There’s a lot that can go wrong mishandling a firearm.  Negligent discharges rank right up at the top of things that can go wrong.  How would you feel if they shot themselves or a family member with a N.D.?  Or what if one of their smaller kids fingered that loaner gun and popped off a round and hurt someone?

Then there’s the whole judicious use of deadly force thing.  Some people think it’s okay to threaten or actually use deadly force for scenarios where the law doesn’t permit such actions.  Interloper won’t get off your front lawn?  It ain’t like Clint Eastwood’s character in Gran Torino.

Threaten someone with a rifle- or any gun – to get off your lawn without seriously extenuating (sometimes they call it ‘aggravating’ in law schools) circumstances, even after a hurricane, and don’t be surprised if five-oh doesn’t pay you a visit.  You might even get a free tour / stay at the local gray bar hotel.

That would suck for them as well.  What’s more, they might even sue you if they do something stupid with said firearm.

It’s kind of like giving a generator to someone who is clueless about mechanical and electrical things.  What could go wrong?  Well, let’s see: fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, electrocution, suicide cord issues, more fire risk and on and on.


In my opinion, be safe and be prudent as you prepare for Hurricane Matthew.  And let those who have chosen to ignore the proven, life-saving benefits of firearms ownership live (or die) with that decision.

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  1. I don’t think I would give a gun to anyone who doesn’t have some familiarity with them. That being said, if they do, I wouldn’t hesitate. Guns are just things and I don’t really have emotional attachment to them (well, maybe a few of them).

    In the case of an anti-gunner. I wouldn’t give them one for reasons above, but I would try to help them stay safe.

    • Too every leftist/open border/gun grabber sub human I would give them nothing.

      I would say to them “Hey, isnt this what you wanted? All sorts of people/cultures living together, depending on the government for everything, and completely disarmed as to insure your dreams (or nightmare) can be secured?”.

      I do not help my enemies.

      • Aside from the sheer pettiness of that attitude, I think you (and the many others here that share it) might be missing an opportunity to turn an enemy into an ally.

        • I would apply the same rule of a fickle fair-weather Friend as I would to a impending-hurricane gun-borrowing acquaintance, NOPE.

          Anything more complicated than a Mosin-Nagant they will likely jam up or break anyways. Or shoot themselves or a loved one. Giving a gun to a non-gun orientated person is waaaay more likely to do more harm than good.

          Speaking of mosins, this would be a great time to have a crate of them in the storage room, complete with bayonets. give em a loaded mosin with mounted bayonet and they have a 5 shot rifle, oar, pike, club and tent poll all-in-one. and if it gets lost or destroyed, your were out only $200.

    • I would kindly inform them the laws they pushed for made it a felony for me to transfer a gun to them without an ffl and a background check and that the police should only be minutes away when they need them .

  2. Nope. Legally, I can’t even do it, thanks Illinois… Now if a gun buddy of mine wanted to borrow a more reliable self defense rifle than his feather weight race gun? Well, I might be convinced to open up the armory.

  3. Hell NO!–Any anti-gun people will be on their own–after all, 911 is only 11 minutes away–but after a meltdown, probably not at all–if they harp on relying on the government, that is what I will let them rely on

  4. My brother, my mom and dad live just south of Jacksonville, fortunately west of the St. Johns. They are well armed, and so is most everybody in the neighborhood. It used to be rural when I lived there, not so much anymore. Right now my brother is more concerned about his trailer blowing apart than loaning out any guns.

  5. as with most things, if you are even somewhat reasonably intelligent, you go by a case by case basis. some people i would lend one to, while others i would not. REGARDLESS of their political standings, its up to us as responsible gun owners to not play THEIR games, put all that crap aside when someone needs help. if you can’t help someone you disagree with in a time of emergency, THEN YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. its shows you are close-minded, apathetic, and immature.

      • Lol, maybe they also made they will help you strap witches to your table in your quest for religious compliance. You have much in common with the liberals you pretend to hate.

        • Serge, we all enjoy the internet tough guy character for entertainment value, but understand you deserve to be exposed and called out when you post foolish things.

        • Which part was foolish? I must have missed something.

          There’s a big difference between people not bright enough to have a generator for use after the hurricane. But liberals and their anti-gun nonsense? No guns for you.

        • Still planning on riding that Orlando train to gun confiscation, eh? Tell me, how’s that working out for you. Time to wake up and smell the Folgers, ‘Pro gun squared”. 🙂

      • I’d hand them a cup of gas and tell them to have a good day.

        Loan a lib a weapon? Not even if he promised to use it on himself.

        I’m not averse to helping people when they need it or ask, but you can bet your life I’d never help a lib defend themself if they’d ever mentioned to me that I do not have the right to self defense weapons or that the 2A should be modified or abolished.

    • “REGARDLESS of their political standings, its up to us as responsible gun owners to not play THEIR games, put all that crap aside when someone needs help.”

      Yeah, no. I do not help my enemies for ANY reason. You think because reality bites you in the ass the people you have spent over 116 years trying to enslave, disarm, dilute (thru immigration) and destroy in every way that we are going to cuck ourselves into helping you by allowing our morals to be hijacked and used again us?

      No, No more Mr. Nice Right Guy anymore.

      You play with fire, you will be burned
      You support Diversity and Disarmament, you will be killed by your “pets” ( both Native and imported via your fetish of Immigration) while those with the means will survive and thrive without them or you getting in our way.
      You reject facts, logic, reason, science, human nature, and history you will lose every time, only the cost of being will will increase every time and this time around you will leftist will lose everything.

      Time to let the justice of nature, and Nature`s God to be done on those who have wrong use, and limited the gifts he and he alone has bestowed upon us.

  6. Nope. Colorado considers that to be a crime. If I want to loan a gun to a neighbor or friend, we would first have to go see an FFL to run a background check and document the transfer.

    • Yep. I live in CA. FFL and waiting periods. The waiting periods shocked a lot of people during the rodney king riots.

      It’s earthquakes we have to worry about. And just like after Katrina law and order will be restored and you can bet the DA’s will go after a law abiding gun owner that loaned a protection piece to a liberal, who no doubt would rat them out, harder than a looter.

      Everybody I care about are already armed.

    • Washington made it illegal as well, and many of the people who would come asking voted to make it so. So, no, there are no circumstances under which I share my guns. Before I-594 I would have considered it in very limited cases, but no way in hell after.

      • Same here. fPlus, I don’t have enough guns or ammo to be loaning anything out anyway. I only have enough to arm me and mine.

    • Yep, Coloradan here too. I’m not friends with many people who aren’t gun owners, but if a non-gun owning acquaintance were to ask to borrow a gun, I’d tell them as a law abiding citizen I can’t. The liberal politicians they elected to run the state passed legislation making the loaning of firearms illegal.

    • You guys bring up a good point: Progressives pushed for universal background checks — let them discover the implications of their initiative.

      Since it is quite literally illegal to loan a firearm to a neighbor in places like Washington, Colorado, Illinois (only illegal if they do not have an FOID card???), and who knows which states on the Eastern Seaboard, you tell your Progressive neighbor that it is illegal to loan them a firearm. If they survive, they will be ready to hit their politicians hard to repeal the silliness.

      • I wish that were true. But a lib that survives the shtf in spite of not being armed will only use his experience as proof you don’t need a gun. And he’ll be pissed cause you turned him away.

        No more guns for you will be his life long goal.

  7. I agree completely with your thoughts. Anyone who is anti-gun deserves their fate and will get no help from me or mine. Take it to the next level, say TEOTWAWKI or zombie apocalypse, I’ve actually discussed with all of my family members who they should associate with, who not, and who to shoot right away; for if you don’t they will get YOU killed.

  8. I am more than willing to help my neighbors out and since I live in Florida, many of them are elderly and sometimes infirm. I have picked the old gal across the street up off of the sidewalk more than once and all you have to do is holler and I will come help. That being said, as a general rule, I don’t loan out guns and I don’t let anybody else shoot my reloads.

  9. I have a maverick 88 a friend/neighbor could borrow. Any of my close friends/family could have anything they needed, probably wouldn’t be a gun, more likely gasoline/water. Anyone who hates guns or would call someone a racist just for owning a gun? I would let them borrow a pocket knife to make a sharp stick.

  10. Idk RF, that’s a perfectly serviceable cord in my opinion; you know it’s energizing by the tingle you feel when grabbing it. IMO nothing beats seeing functional cloth insulated wiring in a house, sans the insulation of course.

    While the collection may be large, excess is not present for a significant portion of it so there isn’t much to be lent or given away. if need be I’m sure I can scrounge something up, but fortunately most of my friends/family are well armed so that makes for a large pool to spread any necessary lend leases amongst.

      • Linemen tend to *hate* cheater cords, and I am unable to confirm or deny if I have ever used such a device in the past.

        (Just pull the main breaker, kids…)

      • Yep. That cord hookup is called a “hot-leg” where I’m from.

        Have used them before after Camille, Fedrick, and Helena.

        To even approach being safe, you have to pull your meter face to prevent back feed into the lines. After most hurricanes, line workers hearing generator won’t start work until they know it’s not charging the line.

        Nowadays it easy enough to have a cutoff to separate yourself from the grid and use a generator with a proper hookup into your house. I still have a heavy duty hot leg but have used it in 20 years.

        • Oh, I get it now. At first I didn’t understand what the significance of the cord was. I was thinking about the time I walked into my high school shop teacher’s office in early December and he was making one of those. I looked at it and said, “Strung the Christmas tree lights backwards and can’t plug them in?” “Yup.” was all he said.

      • My eyes immediately picked up on the sketchy look insulation and the poor quality plugs. 2+2 did not equal 4 until later (after the comments), to see we were talking about feeding into the system and frying some poor linesman not the crap cord. Derp. I just ran an extension cord to the fridge and a single light bulb when we were without power for 7 days(or was it 10?) after Sandy.

  11. i’d grab four. the rest would be better purposed by being utilized, so yeah. like when the new madrid fault swallows the merchandise mart and certain parts of hyde park.
    i lend them out pretty often anyhow.

    • New Madrid will be an “interesting” one to live through. I’m deep enough in the Ozarks and far enough away from rivers/sediment channels (amplify seismic waves) to not really need to worry about direct effects, but the aftermath will be hellish.

  12. No, and not because I have “a you should have thought of that beforehand instead of calling me a gun nut” attitude. I wouldn’t do it for that good old fashion American reason — legal liability. If your neighbor screws up with your gun it is going to cost you.

  13. Good article. I think everyone should consider this question carefully, so they have thought it through and made a decision in principle before they are approached by an upset friend.

  14. I’l help them get up to speed before disaster strikes and I’ll help them afterwards, if a can, but I’m not giving newbies guns and ammo without being there to supervise them. If they wanted to be prepared, well, they should haven done so.

    Semper Paratus

  15. Everybody in SE GA is pretty well stocked for the post storm wave of “Reparation Sweeps”. Usually we just check in to loan shotgun shells so everybody has an adequate load out.

  16. After Sandy, a number of neighbors approached me about the loan of a gun. I turned all except my next-door neighbor away. He was the only one with any experience handling a firearm. Lent him an S&W Model 64 no dash.

    • Right. An experienced gun-owner who got rid of them when he retired because he doesn’t hunt anymore?
      A brief quiz and familiarization session, and I’ll lend him a spare if he needs it.

      Somebody who doesn’t know a trigger from a hammer?
      Nope, I’d sooner give a chimpanzee a hand grenade.

      Same goes for the 90 year old Chinese guy down the street who’s ridden in cars since he immigrated but never driven one. Would you hand him the keys to your car and turn him loose on the streets?

  17. All my good friends and really good friends don’t need my loaners.

    And, BTW, it’s GOOD friends that will help you move. REALLY GOOD friends will help you move a body. 🙂

  18. About the only people in my life who are anti-gun are my parents, who I would of course loan a shotgun and maybe a handgun to. Other then that, I have one friend who doesn’t own a gun, but is interested, so of course I would loan him one.
    Even in the midst of downtown, where I live, enough of my neighbors are gun owners (including things like ARs) that we could get a pretty serious neighborhood watch going.

  19. Lend a gun to a neighbor?

    Do you mean the neighbor who borrowed your hedge clippers in April and still hasn’t returned them?

    Do you mean the neighbor who calls you a gun nut behind your back and doesn’t mean it as a compliment?

    Or do you mean the foxy neighbor in the cutoff denims and crop top who practices yoga in her back yard?

  20. Sorry I’m not loaded down with guns to loan any.IF I was I still wouldn’t. Besides that as serge stated “thanks Illinois “. Never been in a hurricane but I have experienced some wicked winter outages and tornado fun. I see my FB prepper groups going nuts the last few days.

  21. Matthew has a small compact eye about 12 miles across thankfully. This will keep the surge smaller and a smaller area will have the highest wind speeds. Katrina though weaker had an eye about 40 miles across which pushes a lot more water to create a much larger surge. And the east coast of Florida isn’t that susceptible to a large surge.

    I was in the lower Keys for a half dozen storms since Georges including Wilma with wind speeds of 123 registered a mile from my house. The wind wasn’t that bad though the house was breathing in and out. Kind of weird. The surge sucked many people lost their cars and boats. My whole yard had seaweed and junk all over. A couple kayaks part of someone’s roof and other garbage. Even had a fish in the pool!

    If you live in a CBS house with hip roof and shutters your good to go up to and including a cat 3 if you have the elevation to stay dry. It sucks after the storm. I would leave for a 140+Mph hurricane coming at me like Matthew. There is a huge difference between 120 and 140 mph winds. It’s exponentially more destructive.

  22. Excellent question. Many of us are more likely to have to survive a natural disaster than some of the more popular scenarios. Most of my family have firearms. My brother doesn’t due to a lack of ongoing interest, but I would loan him one in a heartbeat as he knows how to use them. I would assist the neighbors I trust, but I would not lend firearms.

    • One of my sons is like your brother, just really doesn’t have enough interest to spend any money. But he’s been going shooting with me (and enjoying it) for over 20 years, he can handle anything I have safely.

      Otherwise, I can’t imagine supplying anyone, as I would need to know the person could handle firearms safely, and I don’t see how I could know that. Maybe propose classes after the crisis, but most likely, if they survive, they will again be convinced they don’t need guns.

  23. I would. My current neighbors are hard core Hillary supporters (their son even works on her campaign) and anti-gun. They are good people though, and I respect them. We are made up of more than just our political views. If they came to me in desperation, I would do what I could to help. Loaning guns even if it is considered “illegal?” Yes, I would.

  24. My guns and ammo will be rationed among my Republican neighbors, if they take turns guarding my generator.

    My Democrat neighbors may get some water, if I’m feeling generous.

  25. I’m not lending out my guns to anyone. All my close family and friends already own guns, so the people who would be asking won’t be anyone I would lend to anyways.

    And if I know you’re anti-gun, not only will you get a hell no, but I’ll likely taunt you while you leave.

    “How’s that gun sense working out for you now, chump… Nobody needs an AR15, huh… Maybe Obama will come to save you…” and such.

  26. Normally, I would love to protect some liberal from his own stupidity, but Colorado law does not allow me to loan guns without transferring them through an FFL. These common sense laws are there for all our protection (think of the children) so you wouldn’t expect me to break them would you?

  27. I really don’t have a big enough arsenal that I’d be comfortable letting anything go, but in a pinch I suppose I could loan a close friend or trusted neighbor a pump shotgun or a revolver. For the ones who’ve told me I should rely on the government for protection, well, those folks have their answer.

  28. We have some good friends in other parts of the state. If we need, for whatever reason, to leave our home area, we know what we can bring that’s compatible with what they already have on-hand. And they know that about us, too.

    Re our neighbors, one couple just moved in so I don’t know enough to say yet. The other neighbors are good folks and I would probably say yes, depending on the situation and their perceived need. You can learn an awful lot about someone’s “gun sense” by simply handing them a “pre-cleared” gun and seeing what they do and/or ask.

  29. Neighbors and friends who are more-or-less ambivalent about firearms and never bothered to acquire any: I would loan something to them if I thought they could learn the basics and handle them responsibly. In that case I would probably loan an inexpensive pump-action shotgun and maybe a revolver.

    Neighbors and friends who oppose our right to keep and bear arms and never bothered to acquire any firearms: I would be extremely reluctant to loan something to them … so reluctant that I cannot think of a reason off the top of my head where I would loan them something. First of all, they are irrational/hysterical if they oppose firearm ownership and I am not keen on handing a firearm over to an irrational/hysterical person. Second of all, they may not be able to actually focus and learn safe/responsible firearm use. Example: the soccer mom who found a modern sporting rifle in the trunk of her rental car and claimed that she almost vomited at the mere sight of the rifle in her trunk. Is a person like her really capable of focusing and learning in that environment? I doubt it.

    If I had a fairly good friend/neighbor who had historically opposed firearm ownership (hard to consider someone a fairly good friend/neighbor if they oppose firearm ownership but that is a different topic), realized the utility of firearm ownership because of the current situation, and expressed the error of their previous ways, I would probably be inclined to loan them a firearm if they were competent/capable and responsible in my estimation. That would ensure that they stayed on our side from that point forward.

  30. I have a couple of neighbors I would loan guns to, but since they already have some I wouldn’t need to. But I’ve also got a couple of neighbors who can rot in hell with their Hillary yard signs.

  31. Depends on the situation. It’s really a judgment call and how well you know the person.

    One good loaner gun is a 410 pump shotgun. Very little recoil, and still packs 5 pellets of 00 buck per shell.

    Circuit judge is another good, super simple loaner shotgun.

    A good loaner pistol would be a 38 snubby or a taurus judge, again, very simple guns.

    • I’d be hesitant to loan a Circuit Judge. A revolver long-gun is just begging to have someone put their hand next to the cylinder when firing only to have a finger or two removed by the blast from the cylinder gap.

  32. It would depend.

    If I judged them competent and level headed then yes I would loan out guns on the condition that such a thing were legal.

    If those three criteria are met, sure. If not, you’re on your own.

  33. Hurricane bearing down on Florida? Sounds like there’s gonna be a whole lotta boating accidents. Tragic boating accidents.

  34. A few years ago, I lived in an apartment complex, and my neighbor was was a young SJW who hated guns (one of the first things she ever said to was “which school you going to shoot up?”, as she pointed to the NRA bumper sticker on my truck). Long story short, apparently an abusive ex-boyfriend was back in the area, and she came to me asking if she could borrow a gun. I kindly told her to go pound sand, and I don’t regret it.

    • Buy the cheapest crappiest polymer handgun in 45 w/ unsupported chamber

      Load a triple/quadruple charge with the fastest powder

      Lodge a bullet just ahead of the chamber so it doesn’t leave a ring in the bore

      Make sure that round is identical to all the factory round loaded in the mag

      Fix the mag in place so the path of least resistance is the grip itself

      Take her to the range and enjoy from afar. Oh don’t tell her about eyepro.

  35. I’d certainly loan a gun to friend in need. I don’t have any friends that would mock or deride me for having many firearms. As far as people who I know who are anti 2nd amendment, defending them with my gun is out of the question because there will still be legal bills to pay and they sure aren’t going to it. Bottom line – Fuck them, the cannibals can eat them as far as I’m concerned.

  36. Lend an anti-gunner a gun? No way.

    Look, we all were read the story of the three little pigs as small children. I guess we all drew different conclusions from it. To me, brickhouse pig was a sap for bailing out the slacker pigs.

  37. “We know you’ve got guns. We’re worried about looters and other criminals coming after the storm moves through. Can we borrow something (or several somethings)?”

    Hahhhhaaaahahaha. Get off my lawn.

    Seriously though. Like food, water, and any other items that I had prepared for me an mine, when little zombies come a calling they can piss off. You chose to be oblivious. You chose to not own a gun. Enjoy your latte-drinking, pajama-wearing liberal utopia as it burns/floods/blows away, etc.

    If you are a friend or family that I care about, AND you are known to me to be able to safely handle a firearm, then yes, assuming it is not impacting the safety and security of my immediate monkey circle. That said, they all own and carry so barring an earthquake swallowing their own homes, this scenario is unlikely.

    Yes, it sounds harsh. Yes, I am a jackass. Yes, there are always exceptions, and I am not ‘completely’ heartless.

  38. My meager armory is expressly for the protection of me and those with me. Unless they’re offering something I need in return, these hypothetical hypocrites can either find themselves a dealer, hole up in their domiciles, or give handies for bus fare out of town: I don’t care.

  39. Don’t we have a moral obligation to see that firearms don’t fall into the “wrong hands”?

    Some sort of background check for Democrats and Liberal Republicans seems essential.

  40. I’ve got a few friends who don’t own guns but have no issue with them and know how they work. For them? Maybe.
    I’ve got a cousin who is so far to the left she makes Fidel Castro blush, absolutely despises guns, thinks gun owners need reprogramming and recoiled in shock and horror (HORROR!) when I politely told her she was speaking of me. She can play a happy game of “hop and go f*ck yourself”.
    So, for this guy the answer is it depends…

  41. I wouldn’t unless they knew how to use them. I don’t want a neighbor firing a bullet through their wall into my house when they don’t realize a round is still chambered after removing the magazine…

  42. No. Unless they are close family or real dear friends whom I’m willing to risk my life for, no.

    They have no fu<kin idea about the laws regarding the use of force. And when they stand trial because they shoot somebody unjustifiably, you know what they blame?

    The blame the guns, like they always do. And you who "facilitate" that murder.

    So no, I'm a selfish asshole. They are the people who actively rally against 300m americans' most basic human right. They are worse than I am.

  43. I’m going to take a more moderate stance here… Assume the lib is somebody I can reasonably trust, he or she is coming to you in full acknowledgement of the fact that in a time of crisis, you and your firearms are the only safe harbor for them. At some point, official state resources, be them FEMA, law enforcement and/or the state government has failed them or is simply unreachable.

    Sure, I guess you could be that guy that says screw off you anti-gun libtard… Or you could be that person that shows them that guns aren’t mysterious, sentient death rays without any legitimate purpose. In the situation this article is purposing, I would find it hard to believe that anybody would walk away from it and not have their outlook changed.

  44. In general, no. First because of the host of safety and liability issues with giving an untrained person a firearm. Second because my armory isn’t very large and “equipping the ignorant and misinformed at the last minute” is not one of its designed purposes.

    That said, if WROL hit and I had information that roving gangs were headed for my neighborhood, I would give my neighbors a crash course and loan them a weapon. More armed people are a bigger deterrent, and if something actually goes down it’s good to have allies. My neighbors will have to make due with my hunting rifles and shotguns in that case, because I don’t have enough of the “good stuff” to arm people outside my household.


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