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By Emily Taylor

The federal government collected $3.5 trillion in taxpayer money in 2019. How much of that is being spent on demonizing guns? How much is being spent on advertising campaigns and public programs that are trying to take away your Second Amendment rights? How much of your taxpayer dollars are being spent on research that will be used to slowly erode your gun rights?

The answer is “a lot” — although it’s hard to track exactly where it’s all going. Still, let’s dig into this question and try to find out how you — yes, you — are inadvertently funding gun control when you pay your taxes.

Follow the Money

Thanks to the devious nature of politics and the questionable dealings of politicians, it would be a near-impossible exercise to follow one individual’s taxpayer dollars directly to what we would call a “gun control” organization. Remember, we are paying the government (with our taxes) to do and make things that are supposed to serve our interests as a society. It may not always feel like this in practice, but that’s the theory.

In reality, it’s easy to see how the government misuses the dollars you provide as a taxpayer. Take education, for example. Often the organizations that receive funds from the government use those funds to teach ideas in schools, create textbooks and videos that are promoted in libraries, and push ideologies that might strongly go against your individual values. All of which is done with funds that you send to the IRS every year.

A similar thing is happening with gun control. In the same way that the money you spend is funding textbooks, your tax dollars are funding gun control. Here’s how.

Research Dollars

Each year, a large portion of our taxpayer dollars goes to government-funded research. Research and development are essential to the growth, prosperity, and flourishing of our nation. It’s what keeps us at the forefront of the world’s military powers and at the top of world economy rankings.

Organizations that are funded by our tax dollars include the Department of Defense, the Department of Education, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Justice—and many, many others.

The department that will be of primary interest to Second Amendment supporters who are concerned with the infringement of their right to bear arms is…the Department of Health and Human Services. This department includes within it two noteworthy agencies: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) and the National Institute of Health (“NIH”).

According to the missions of each agency, the NIH seeks to “enhance health, lengthen life, and reduce illness and disability.” The CDC works “to protect America from health, safety and security threats.”

Centers for Disease Control CDC
(AP Photo/David Goldman)

If you worked at either agency, would you assume that researching gun control would fall under your job description? Does gun control count as a health threat? Until recently, it didn’t due to “the Dickey Amendment,” which is a 1996 federal omnibus bill provision that forbade the CDC from putting research dollars towards anything that advocated for or promoted gun control.

Gun Control Research?

However, things changed in 2018 when lawmakers edited the language of the Dickey Amendment to allow gun control research to begin.

How much of your tax dollars went to the CDC and NIH in 2020? Twenty-five million, to be exact, split down the middle between both agencies for allocation to gun control research.

What do we know about how the money is being used? The CDC says that it has committed “$7,836,869 to fund sixteen research awards under RFA-CE-20-006: Research Grants to Prevent Firearm-Related Violence and Injuries” and that “[t]he purpose of this initiative is to solicit investigator-initiated research to understand and prevent firearm-related injuries, deaths, and crime.”

The NIH says they have allocated $8.5 million to “research to improve understanding of the determinants of firearm injury, the identification of those at risk of firearm injury (including both victims and perpetrators), the development and evaluation of innovative interventions to prevent firearm injury and mortality, and the examination of approaches to improve the implementation of existing, evidence-based interventions to prevent firearm injury and mortality.”

We’ve yet to see where the rest of the $25 million will go. Those are your taxpayer dollars at work.

An “Epidemic”

Much of the taxpayer money being funneled toward gun control is happening because of the shifting terminology of “gun violence.” The current federal administration has labeled gun violence a “public health epidemic.” And the re-labeling of the Second Amendment as an issue that touches on public health is allowing the administration to allocate funds in new places — which could affect gun owners and their constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

For example, buried in President Biden’s 11,700-word plan for revitalizing the infrastructure of the U.S. is one sentence that allocates $5 billion over eight years to “evidence based community violence-prevention programs.” These programs treat “gun control” as a public health crisis and would continue to send your tax dollars toward programs aimed at demonizing firearms, whether purposefully or inadvertently.

“Charities” at Work Against the Second Amendment

Another way your tax dollars could be inadvertently funding gun control is through charities — 501(c)(3)s and 501(c)(4)s, for example — that promote gun control agendas. Charities, of course, get substantial tax breaks or don’t have to pay taxes at all. There are 29 different types of 501(c) organizations, and one of the most well-known is the tax-exempt 501(c)(3), which is usually a non-political religious, educational, or scientific organization. That’s one of the big requirements of a 501(c)(3): they aren’t allowed to get involved in politics.

Next down the line are 501(c)(4) organizations, which are social welfare charities that can touch on and lobby political issues as long as politics don’t become the primary purpose of the charity.

You may have heard of one of the most prominent anti-gun organizations out there: Everytown for Gun Safety. Everytown purports to be “the largest gun violence prevention organization in America.” But did you know this organization is actually registered as a dual charity under the IRS? It’s a sly way of operating, both as a tax-exempt charitable organization and a political lobbying power.

Shannon Watts
Courtesy Twitter

How do they do it? According to their website, the organization is split into two entities. The Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund is a 501(c)(3) organization, “which focuses on awareness and educational work related to gun violence prevention.” This is the organization that’s not supposed to get into politics.

Then there’s the Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund, which is registered as a 501(c)(4) organization. It’s this “Action Fund” organization “which focuses on advocacy and legislative work.” So, you have one organization that’s cleverly using the system to demonize firearms and law-abiding gun owners while getting huge tax breaks in the process.

Is That Where It Stops?

Those are just the dollars you can track. But what about the ones you can’t?

In a recent story, an investigation by Fox News showed that banks and financial institutions across the country are slowly severing their ties with the gun industry. In fact, 19 senators wrote and sent a letter to Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, voicing displeasure that “several of the nation’s systemically important financial institutions (“SIFI”), including Citibank, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, and others, continue to use their market dominance to financially discriminate against legal and compliant businesses for political reasons,” including “the firearms and ammunition” industry.

“Financial activism by banks is by far one of the largest emerging threats against Second Amendment rights,” Philip Watson, founder of Washington Public Relations, told Fox News. “The federal government allows the financial industry to receive vast amounts of federal funds; however, those exact same funds free up their balance sheets enough to discriminate and play politics.”

And it doesn’t stop there. See the case of the mom-and-pop store selling replica, non-workable, vintage guns that were banned from “Square,” which is a credit card payment platform. All of these seem like parts of concerted efforts to demonize the use of guns and firearms, a constitutional foundation of our country. Where will it stop?

The federal government seems set on moving “gun violence” into the bucket that counts as a public health concern. President Biden continues to call it an “epidemic.” And that means you can expect more and more of your tax dollars to be funneled into research for gun control and against the Second Amendment. Whether you like it or not.


Emily Taylor is a partner with Walker & Taylor, PLLC



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  1. That’s right…Provide taxpayer money to a bunch of biased pompous azzhats whose focus should be strictly on medical malpractice. Instead the incompetent azzhats are trying to dig up dirt on the 2A.
    If the azzhats had once ounce of integrity they would study the history of Gun Control for free and discover how deep its roots are in racism and genocide. And again…If they had an ounce of integrity they would readily conclude, “Homie Don’t Play Dat Sht.”

    • avatar I'm pro 2A, but this mo ron above (debbie does the ghetto)won't stop playing the race card


      • If “Homie dont play that sht.” Is about races and blacks Debbie W is wrong. Bubba Wallace races cars, and the list of Athletic Track records is endless.

      • Got a point idiot? “Racist” is worn out by the loon progs so try something else.

    • Shouldn’t these organizations be required to publish each year a list of the violent firearm crimes they have prevented? You’ll have to forgive me, but I don’t even believe this has anything to do with 2A or gun control, it has to do with corruption. Billions go into the pot and every jackass gets to request “research” funds in a variety of topics which have been researched repeatedly before, just put your name and party credentials on the list and they’ll send you a few hundred thousand for being a good apparatchik. There may already be several thousand “Studies” ongoing with the same topic as yours, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have several thousand more. All result in the same conclusions (whatever the administration wishes them to conclude), and many probably simply plagiarize a previous study and pocket the money. I was told years ago by a MD relative that there had been 50,000 studies on the effects of smoking tobacco on your health, and all came to the same conclusions. I asked if he was exaggerating and he swore he was not. I could see 50, maybe 500 would only be a little stupid, but 50,000? Corruption.

    • The author quotes a story from Fox News but how can you believe Fox News when they called the election for Joe Biden and have apologized for saying the Dominion voting machines where rigged? Can’t the author find reliable sources like NewsMax? NewsMax would never apologize to Dominion.

  2. The Federal Government employs about 2 million people. The states and district with the highest concentrations of Federal employees are: DC, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, California, and Texas. Note the concentration in Anti-2A states. Texas is the exception and most of the counties in Virginia are exceptions, but I will wager most of the Federal employees in VA are in the anti-gun counties.

    That is a lot of folk they can have working against us, at our expense. And that is just the Feds. Add in the State-level employees in all the anti-gun states and ir becomes clear we are fighting an army….and winning. The number of Constitutional Carry states is growing.

  3. Many years ago I had a conversation with Marion Hammer about the government declaring guns a heath epidemic just as they had done to motorcyclists funding study after study on how not having helmet laws cost society money. Compared to motorcycles the illegal use of guns costs are massive and DC knows how to wield that sledgehammer against citizens all too well.

    • yeah….”winning”…..ooohhhhkkkk…..

    • massive as in three people died in a mass shooting or massive as in did you see the size of that jumbo shrimp

  4. “So, you have one organization that’s cleverly using the system to demonize firearms and law-abiding gun owners while getting huge tax breaks in the process.” – Clever, or merely following the example of the NRA and NRA-ILA in setting up a non-profit and a separate lobbying organization?

  5. The State and Federal government pays the salary of cops. What clearer example of your tax dollars funding gun control do you need?

    • haha….

      I think some of these fudds and race baiters who post here think if they can convince enough people that everything is alright and we’re winning, which we’re not, not by a long shot
      … then they can continue their sedition and fantasy life while the real world falls into utter 2A decay…..
      The time is over for waiting…. it’s time to act now!!! call your senator
      …… or something 😉

      • I did call my Senator, they ask me why I was calling and then transferred me to a woman named Karen

  6. Hello their from the government and here to screw every right you may still have!
    Warning danger danger Will Robinson!!

  7. Much of our tax cattle dollars are also going to fund all of the drills passed off by the news media as mass shootings, which only lead to increased gun sales. These fake shooting hoaxes that get 24/7 news coverage like Sandy Hoax, are legal propaganda so basically we the people are paying for government terrorism against ourselves. That is not right.

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