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(Melina Mara/The Washington Post via AP, Pool)
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President BidenHarris didn’t deliver a state of the union address after he was inaugurated in January, as laid out in the Constitution. If his handlers didn’t think he was up to it, he could have delivered a state of the union report to Congress on paper, but we couldn’t find any evidence that he’s done that either.

Technically his speech tonight to a joint session of select Congresspeople wasn’t a state of the union address either, though it had most of the same trappings. But the President used the occasion to mark his first 100 days in office and to lay out his rationale for a massive $1.8 trillion spending spree and government expansion, while calling on Congress to pass a raft of favorite Democrat wish list items.

But this is a gun blog where we focus on issues affecting the right to keep and bear arms. So let’s talk about the President’s fleeting reference to firearms and gun rights in tonight’s speech.

Biden once again called “gun violence” an epidemic in America. He said no one needs a gun with a 100-round magazine and joked that deer don’t wear Kevlar vests. As if the Second Amendment has anything at all to do with hunting.

He then bizarrely reminisced about the good ol’ days in the 1990s when Congress passed not only an “assault weapons” ban, but also a universal background check bill. Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert looked like her jaw would hit the floor at that one.

The President then repeated his call to Congress to give him an “assault weapons” and “high capacity” magazine ban bill he can sign.

He told the legislators he wants to see the two background check bills that are pending — outlawing private gun sales and expanding the number of days the FBI has to complete a background check — passed and sent to him for his signature. Neither, though, has much chance of getting through the current Senate.

He repeated many of the same lies he told in the Rose Garden weeks ago when he claimed that nothing he was proposing regarding gun control is radical or violates the Constitution.

In short, nothing President BidenHarris said regarding guns tonight was new. He laid out the most anti-gun agenda in American history when he ran for the office and in the last few weeks, he’s begun to try to put some of that agenda in place.

He’s done that through orders to the AFT ATF that would reclassify many if not most AR pistols with arm braces as short barrel rifles, as well as attempting to DO SOMETHING about “ghost guns” by requiring 80% lowers and build kits (which he said kids can assemble into a working firearm in 30 minutes) to be serialized and go through a background check before being sold.

In short, tonight was just more Biden being Biden, repeating calls for many of the Democrats’ long-held desires to roll back Americans’ gun rights while using lies and half-truths to bolster his case. It may not have technically been a state of the union speech, but it was every bit as useful and memorable as any of the others we’ve suffered through over the years.






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      • How many times did you vote in Nov? The average per demtard was more than once in getting that useless beedy-eyed SOB “elected”. You holding up your end of the progtard program?

      • Another idiot self-identifies. We are all aware of your extremely limited mental capacity, enuf. Bragging about your political ineptitude indicates a lack of self-awareness, as well as reaffirming your limited cerebral function.

  1. Depends on your definition of Gun Control. I don’t think there is a clear agreement on what that means. For some it’s a legal term, others an ability term.

    • US History clearly defines Gun Control as an agenda rooted in racism and genocide. Anything outside of that definition provides standing for Gun Control.

  2. 8 Trillion dollars of proposed Leftist pork delivered by a lying sack of shit.
    Got to get out of the market before it tanks.

  3. My remote quickly terminated Jim Crow Gun Control joe and the two bozos seated behind him wearing the face diapers.

      • your momma must have dropped you on your head when you were a baby. That’s the only thing I can think of that would cause your brain damage.

        • Oh, Chuckster, let me help you – possible reasons for enuf’s brain damage could easily include tertiary syphilis, excess use of “street” drugs, getting his lights punched out on the daily by people who can’t stand his irrational blather, trying to learn to use nunchaku and having more persisence than skill (kinda like his commentary on this blog), autism often presents to the uninformed as retardation, or he’s just mentally deficient. I’m sure there are others I haven’t thought of, but any of those could be possibilities.

      • “Thank you to the never trump gun owners.”

        You talking about me Chris?

        The orange man wanted gun control, and open borders, and deficit spending.

        • Sigh…here we go again.

          Whatever gun control Trump may have wanted, it was a hell of a lot less than what the Bidenbot and the Democrats are after, and you know it.

          Re: open borders, does “build the wall” sound familiar at all? And have you been watching the border news lately? Current events do not support your claim.

          And lastly, deficit spending…ALL of our politicians thrive on deficit spending. All of them, whether they admit it or not.

    • For fuck’s sake. Which one is it? Did the election get “stolen” or did I doom the country by voting libertarian. You can’t have it both ways.

      • You doomed the election. Now for your penance say three Hail Mary’s and two
        Our theBidens.
        Hail Mary full of grace,,,,,,,,,,
        Our Biden who art in delusion, If I could have one wish wreck the gun industry.

      • You can have it both ways. NeverTrumpers could have cut an, otherwise insurmountable, lead down to stealing distance.

        • got it, so by voting for the “lesser evil” we will save the republic… Seems like we’d learn our lesson after this many decades of corrupt leadership. Another 4 years of Trump would have meant we circled the drain for longer. At least the current dimentia patient appears to be doing his best to bring this to a head. Let the Balkanization commence.

    • I blame socialists voters like you. Not people who didnt want to vote for the better central planner

  4. The constitution doesn’t say anything about when State of The Union speeches are to be given, just that they be made “from time to time”.

  5. ….It’s great to have a real President again after four years of that ridiculous cartoon character that got fraudulently crapped on these United States.

    • A “real” president who can’t climb stairs, can’t form complete sentences, lies habitually, has benefitted from decades of international grift, and undermines his own pandemic messaging (not to mention well-established scientific understanding and common sense) by social distance virtue signaling, wearing layers of unnecessary masks, and foisting ignorant guidelines upon the public even though he, ALL other people he comes into contact with, and increasingly huge numbers of Americans are vaccinated.

      If Trump was a cartoon, then also call Biden what he is: an anti-vaxxer puppet who should have been shuffled away into retirement ages ago.

    • Wait a minute…was that sarcasm? People are getting so stupid about politics these days that it’s difficult to distinguish real political opinions from satire.

  6. Biden (and his administration) is becoming less and less relevant to the States and the general population, especially as concerns firearms. 20 States (with more on the way), have essentially told him to pound sand by passing permitless carry, preemption laws, and/or declaring themselves 2A sanctuary States.

  7. Everyone keeps talkin like Biden’s really the president!! All of this s**t is coming from the alternate White House from the evil, vindictive mind of Barry O. Prove me wrong!

    • He is not the President, you are correct. The regime at the helm is there illegitimately, so if you ask me, none of the Unconstitutional shit they have Unconstitutionally executive ordered and sectioned is legitimate either.

    • You are the one making the claim, the burden of proof is upon you.

      I suspect the doctor needs to adjust your medication again.

      • And let me tell you, I know all about the frequent need for medication adjustment.

        Oh boy!

        Ha ha!

        • “I know all about the frequent need for medication adjustment.”

          Yeah, we all kinda had already figured that out, Minor IQ, but thanks for your honesty.

    • the Biden said when he was president, then corrected himself and said vice president. Maybe it was theBiden who had the puppet masters strings.

      • Actually the best part of all this is he is trying to start with Putin. The same Putin who made Obama his bitch. Biden “thinks” (in a very loose sense) that he holds the launch codes for the USA like former POTUS’s did.

        The fact that Biden and company don’t have the real codes kind of proves that he’s really not the POTUS doesn’t it? The “nuclear footballs” don’t actually look like footballs, they gave him one of those old football phones.

        “Joe the code is written on the “nuclear football” in sharpie, it’s 867-5309″.

        There’s your burden of proof

  8. Civ Rev 2 is gonna be LIT!

    Grampy McUnity is pouring shots.

    DC wants to be its own state, that sounds like fun.

    Cancel culture is out of control.

    One thing I’ve learned through all of this is that no matter how corrupt you are in politics, the worst that happens is someone shakes a finger at you and says “oh you…”

  9. Klan lauding, segregationist POTUS Biden pining for the days of his landmark mass-incarcerating crime bill?

    Burn, Loot, Murder must be so happy.

    • Well election cycle is an off time so they really don’t have the funding unless they have an outrage bus to get on.

  10. Hey, little demented troll –

    Did you see what happened to your comment?

    TTAG erased it! *Poof*! Gone!

    What a loser you are!!!

    HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa… 😉

  11. Since Biden keeps saying that no amendment is absolute, I’d like to know when I can go buy slaves at auction. I could use some help around the house, in keeping with the exemptions to the 13th Amendment. /S

    • All I watched was drugg er slow Joe ranting about free Jr. College. I saw he was on full retard mode. Hope to pickup a new gat in a few day’s!

  12. Yeah, Biden’s speech was full of lies, which was ironic because he started the speech by saying that although his opponents tell lies, he claimed he was going to tell the truth. No, he just told DIFFERENT lies, but he still lied!

    To Dan Zimmerman: FYI, new incoming Presidents NEVER give State of the Union speeches. That is the responsibility of the OUTGOING President, who may also choose not to do so. “In years when a new president is inaugurated, the outgoing president may deliver a final State of the Union message”, however, Donald Trump chose not to give a State of the Union speech this year, which is okay, well within his rights, as “none [no outgoing President] has done so since Jimmy Carter sent a written message in 1981.” I won’t hold it against Trump that he didn’t give a State of the Union speech this January. Just don’t try to claim that it was Biden’s responsibility, because it wasn’t — new incoming Presidents NEVER give State of the Union speeches.

    “In recognition that the responsibility of reporting the State of the Union formally belongs to the president who held office during the past year, newly inaugurated presidents have not officially called their first speech before Congress a ‘State of the Union’ message.”

    I would provide the link to the Wikipedia article that I’m quoting, but I can’t because I’ve found that TTAG labels comments with links in them as “spam” and bans them.

    • I’ve long thought we should go back to the “letter to congress” version of the State of the Union. Presidents (all politicians) deserve much less attention and air time than they get, and the State of the Union is just one more example of a constitutional duty having been warped into a propaganda moment for the party in charge.

      This year’s nothingburger of an address, easily ignored and well-worth ignoring, was kind of a relief.

      • I’m confident that the nation gave Obiden about as much attention last night as they did to the BS Hollywierd award show last Sunday night.

  13. There is no constitutional requirement for a State of the Union address. The President “shall from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union, and recommend to their Consideration such Measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient; he may, on extraordinary Occasions, convene both Houses, or either of them, and in Case of Disagreement between them, with Respect to the Time of Adjournment, he may adjourn them to such Time as he shall think proper”
    He can do it in writing, or any manner he chooses, at whatever time interval he sees fit. TV has turned it into the circus it is.

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