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Safety check you gun. OK, so, in part one, I wrote about the importance of slowing your breathing whilst under or unleashing fire. In part two, I highlighted the effects of time distortion, and counseled you to factor this natural phenomenon into your pacing, which will increase your accuracy and, thus, your chances of making the other die for his country (or your wallet). In the third installment of this series, note that there are only two ways you’re going to think clearly—and not freak the f out—in a gunfight. One: if you’ve done it before. The more you’ve been in battle, the easier it becomes to keep your wits about you when all others are losing their heads. Literally. Unless you were shot or otherwise traumatized by the experience. Ahem. Two: if your subconscious has been programmed to think clearly in a gunfight . . .

Actually, that’s not quite it. Your subconscious doesn’t think. It reacts. You can only think clearly if your subconscious mind doesn’t elbow your conscious mind out of the way. That’s what usually happens during a high stress event. Which works really well. Unless it doesn’t. Ideally, both parts of your mind should be working together. Highly skilled reactions (there’s your firearms training) in conjunction with clear-headed strategic directions (conscious calculations in response to changing conditions).

This hypnosis video is designed to get both mental processes to work in tandem. Bonus! It creates a stimulus – response pattern that triggers calm confidence whenever you hold your gun (great for competition or target shooting).

Safety check your gun again. Separate the bullets from the gun so that they are well away from the weapon. Leave the empty, safety-checked gun by your side, within easy reach. Make sure you are in a sterile (distraction-free) environment. Keep the gun pointed in a safe direction at all times. If someone comes into your space, stop the video until you can be sure that you are safe and alone.

I’m thinking about creating separate videos for various defense scenarios and capabilities. The main idea here, though, is “anchoring.” Stimulus – gun. Response – calm confidence, with a soupcon of time distortion (in your favor). Listen to the video, go the range, take a deep breath, let it out and see what happens. Let me know how it works.

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  1. So this website is just an elaborate ruse for you to hypnotize us and use us as your heavily armed minions? Hypnotoad approves.


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