President Trump: If Synagogue had Protection Shooting Would Have Ended Differently
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“The grounds for disclosure of the Trump license applications under New York’s Freedom of Information Law are very strong. The Trumps have long been outspoken advocates for gun rights, and spoken publicly about their own gun ownership. The president is the chief law enforcement official in the country and has said he is reviewing the current gun laws in the wake of the school shootings in Parkland and elsewhere, and his sons serve as advisors to him on gun-related issues.

“In light of their very public positions and many public statements on these issues, we don’t believe any of the exceptions the police department claim to the general presumption of openness enshrined in the law are compelling or legally valid with respect to the Trumps’ own gun records. These records should be made available to the public.” – Attorney Jim Rosenfeld in Why we’re suing the NYPD for Donald Trump’s concealed carry application [via]

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  1. “How Did Donald Trump and Sons Get Their NYC Carry Permits?”


    They got their ‘permits’ the old-fashioned way.


    Meaning – You, peon, don’t get one…

      • Only problem with that is NYC was “NO issue” for much of that time, as was TX for example, since the Donald has said he’s had a NYC carry license for over 35 years. I suspect, if truth be known, that he was somehow made some version of a reserve police officer, since handgun carry was completely illegal for anyone else.

    • Bat Masterson once wrote, ” The rich get their ice in the summer while the poor get theirs in the winter “.

    • Yep. In a corrupt political system like NYC, “realpolitik” rules. The bottom line is they got the damn permits. Trump and family didn’t create the political environment in which they lived and it will no doubt exist, or be even worse, long after they’re gone. With that kind of corruption you do what you have to do because it ain’t gonna change on your watch.

      • And I am certain there are just as many of the influential who are strapped in Chicago, as well, probably including every (read, EVERY) mayor for the past 75 years.

        • Most likely true prior to 2014. Now that Illinois has shall-issue concealed carry, and Chicago is (regrettably) part of Illinois, even us peons can tool up in the windy city.

  2. Am I to assume that Mr. Rosenfeld cares about the little man and equity of bureaucracy?
    lol. Of course not. It’s just more TDS.

    • TDS or they still see Trump through lense of traditional politicians for some reason. I thought he put that to rest during the debates….

      Clinton – “Trump only pays 3% taxes. He needs to pay his fair share.”

      Trump – “You’re the one whose been in politics for 30 years. You had all that time to change it. You didn’t change it, because you’re only paying 3% too. I’m just taking advantage of your system.”

      Like Geoff said above: good old fashioned “influence”. This idiot (D) lawyer isn’t going to blow the lid off anything; Trump will shrug and say, “So what.”; and, we’ll all agree with Trump, except some of us will say to NYC, “I want mine too.” ….. another (D) miscalculation/backfire. The news will ignore the backfire and try something else equally stupid. The world will continue to go around.

  3. “The Trumps have long been outspoken advocates for gun rights, and spoken publicly about their own gun ownership. ”

    If “long” means “ever since Donald decided to run for election as a Republican”, then yes.

    What I find interesting is that the fact somebody is a 2A activist is considered ample grounds to publicly air his CCW application, in the words of counselor Rosentfeld. Aaron Zelman would dismiss him as another Jew with a gas chamber mentality.

    • EXACTLY!!!

      Fraud Trump, has been a life long Gun Control Supporter and Registered democrat most of his life, until just before he ran for President as a “Republican”.

      Trump just gave us more Gun Control through his bump stock bans, age restrictions and ‘Fix Nics’ all hidden in the last NDAA, then Obama in eighth years as President ( Not that I support Obama )

        • This is always the only thing I hear around here when people bring up what a shit stain of a human Trump is.

          “B-b-b-but maybe Hillary!”

          Screw that shit.

        • I’m confident in Tdiinva and Swarf’s righteousness that they will be returning their extra Pelosi “crumbs” to the IRS that they are receiving in their paychecks from Trump’s taxcut.

          Or in other words…
          Screw that extra takehome money shit.
          Better paychecks is the enemy of smaller paychecks.

        • Had Hillary been elected with a democrat Congress, we would have Australian Style Gun Control.

          And, NO, the government would not roundup your guns — they would have banks, mortgage companies, insurance companies & utilities do the dirty work. A gun in your house is too dangerous and gets your insurance cancelled and utilities disconnected. No Insurance gets your mortgage called. A gun in your car gets your auto insurance cancelled. If your house burns down and the remains of a firearms are found, the insurance company will refund your premium and deny all claims. Only the very wealthy and outback hermits will still be armed.

        • Hillary supporters really, truly believe she was honest and right. This is dumb, but understandable.

          NeverTrumpers KNOW how bad the Clinton Machine is… KNOW the consequences to America if Hillary had been elected… KNOW what would have happened to the country they hoped to hand down to their children if Hillary had won.
          But they WANTED HER TO WIN ANYWAY because they had a personal pique over how the primaries turned out. They wanted to punish all of America because their guy ran a lousy primary campaign.

          Don’t ever think NeverTrumers are patriotic. They hate America. They’d hurt the United States just out of their own spite.

        • I think you missed my point. Since we don’t Farago in the White House Trump is as good as we get at the moment. Wishing for Farago and electing Hillary is pretty dumb.

    • Umm, guys . . . Trump is a hired gun who was contracted by the conservative insurgency to do a specific job. The shocked-shocked disclaimers about his former political affiliations and alignments are a bit laughable to those of us who support him. He clearly articulated (several times, in fact) that he clearly understands his relationship to the insurgency and to American politics. That he is or is not “of” us, is irrelevant. He (and we) understand that he was hired to do a job, something he’s doing with skill and alacrity.

    • Not completely true. I watched an interview of Trump 10 years ago. He was asked how he felt about gun ownership. He replied he supported civilian ownership of firearms. Then he was asked if that included “Assault Weapons”? His reply “Not so much”.

  4. Beware of the people you make your enemies, in the end you will be just like them…or worse.

    • So kind of like .308 vs 6.5CM? 5.56 vs .300blk? 9mm vs .45 acp? Or .9mm vs reality?

  5. I don’t see how Donald Trumps record on the matter is any better than Bill Weld’s. Both are recent and probably not reliable converts. I’d like candidates to be evaluated on a 2 gun course and have a pro-gun rights advocacy record going back at least 20 years.

    • I’d prefer a candidate who can beat Hillary Clinton when she had a 1.2 billion dollar war chest. The fact that he carries is just a bonus.

      • The value of the free publicity the stupid press gave Trump was estimated to be over 1 billion in the campaign, if he had to pay for it.

        And they will do it again *cheerfully* the next time…

        *snicker* 😉

    • Trump hasn’t done much to advance our cause, sadly. He’s playing the system and seeing where things go.

      Had Vegas and Parkland not happened, I suspect he would have held true to his promise to sign any pro-2A legislation that reached his desk. Unfortunately because of the two events, no pro-2A bills have reached his desk.

  6. Wow, a gun hating Democratic New York lawyer, and he wants to find a way to bash Trump over how he got a license to carry in NYC. This is why we need national reciprocity, so lots of folks can give this guy (and Bloomberg, etal) the finger. Just think how fun it would be to post your picture with a New York landmark in the background with you holding your coat open to display your discreetly carried gat!

  7. Why should anyone have to excel at shooting (or any other) sports to hold a permit? Are you a Nascar driver, pro skateboarder, skier?

    The fact that you want to carry and can read the manual that came with the firearm should be enough. I would expect any responsible person would shoot the firearm and be comfortable with it, but that is not and should not be a law.

    The 2nd Amendment is what you need. The “Well Regulated Militia” only means that you may get rounded up for a posse by your peers.

  8. Funny (and not funny ‘ha ha’) how they ask why his family’s constitutionally protected rights are not infringed, rather than why most people’s rights in NY are.

  9. Its bad enough in NYS to get a permit to carry takes 9 months to a year and then you need some really good reasons to carry. Self defense is a death wish to claim. It all in who you know in NYC. The “main” criteria in NYC is actually having to carry lots of cash or valuables on your person. Never claim self defense or death threats.
    If you think the scrubby looking Sephardic diamond merchant isn’t packing, trust me he is.
    In my case I knew at the time a NYS Supreme Court judge personally. He got mine for me.
    20 grand a day wasn’t good enough. Alone in my case.

    • Outside of NYC, there’s not really a “necessity” clause in NY pistol permits being issued.

      As to carry, here’s a dirty little secret: in the NY penal code, there is no such thing as a non-carry permit (EXCEPT in NYC). If you get a permit from one of the non-boroughs, it IS a carry permit, no matter what ‘administrative rules’ get applied extra-legally. Such rules have no force of law.

      • I know its carry or premise. But most counties add on restrictions. In some places after a year or 2 you can get them removed. In Orange County my permit was restricted to “while carrying large sums of cash”.
        I asked the judge whats a large sum?? He said when and if your before me. Ill determine it at that time. Wink and a nod followed. NYS wont make everyone happy with a permit. All depends on who signs it on that given day. A Family court judge may restrict you. A criminal court judge may not?? Its a crapshoot.

  10. How did Donnie and sons git their gat license’s?!? $ and influence. I don’t begrudge them for money and power. Nor do I have any suggestions about “fixing” NY/NYC. Nor do I see Donald Sr. as a “reliable” ally. The kids yeah but they aren’t President…

  11. He’s probably angling to find out who Thedonald bribed to get his permit. Not to take down the corrupt NYC bureaucrat who took the bribe but because he thinks he can bring down the president for paying the bribe.

    • If you’ve got enough money you don’t even have to ‘ bribe’ someone (legally speaking).

      • No, if you’re rich enough you can also threaten, not just bribe. Usually it’s your team of lawyers that carry out the threat.

  12. Bottom line is New York citizens keep voting for liberal politicians who are disarming them. And yet they continue to put up with it. So be it.

    PS – Liberals_Love2_Hate

  13. This is a bad road for them to travel down. It would expose the truth about cc permits in May issue areas.

    • Yeah, let’s not stop with Trumps application, but let’s open up ALL the applications.
      I agree, lets drain the Leftist, statist, courrputed swamp.

      “The bigger the government….the smaller the citizen”…..Dennis Prager

  14. Actually, NYC issues a lot of CWP’s, comparatively speaking, to say, CA, NJ, etc. The main criteria seems to be that you can pay the right people to get you in front of the right judge, who will rubber stamp your application.

    John Stossel, did a story about his efforts to get a carry permit without all of the special treatment , despite being told how he could easily get one with the “right people” greasing the skids for him. He simply applied as a public figure who regularly got death threats for his work as an investigative consumer reporter, back when he was still working for ABC, and had documentation of those threats. His application was denied.

  15. “The president is the chief law enforcement official in the country…”
    Stop making baby Jefferson cry

    • In cases of treason, piracy, or counterfeiting that is a correct statement. Those are the only crimes the Feds have constitutional authority to deal with.

  16. The amount of vitriol being addressed to The Donald by Democrats and RINOs does nothing but confirm that I made the right decision voting for him in the first place.

  17. Let the records come out. It’ll show that you must have political ties and money to get one in NYC. Sure, it might make a bad headline for a day until he says or does something else, but it might show the entire country that fact, and may push for change.

  18. Why are you berating the Trumps, we SHOULD be chastising NYC, NY state, and the communists, Cuomo and DeBlasio. Cuomo won’t admit he’s a communistic socialist but basically, Bumbling Bill does.

  19. Can we sue to see Obama’s college transcripts? After all, the left keeps telling us how smart he is. We’re just trying to quantify it.

  20. I agree with Mark 1955 ,
    President Trump has passed more gun control in his one year in office then President Obama was able to do in eight years.
    The bump stock ban comment period has ended. After the office of management and budget reviews the proposed rules they going into force and we have a national bump stock ban.
    Trump is encouraging these gun violence restraining orders with prior confiscation of your property before any defense can be made.
    Obama could only dream of passing these kind of laws and rules .
    Yes he is better than having Hillary as president, but he is no friend to the people of the gun

  21. Back in the 80s I was asked if I want to get a CCW, the only requirement at the time was that I join JDF (Jewish Defense League) and provide my time at rallies/gatherings of Hassidic community. Also, I know of some friends of mine, in jewelry business, with daily issues of carrying lots of rocks/cash/etc. Also permitted to carry. A friend of mine had a run in once with a known to cops Russian thug (Brighton Beach), also had CCW issued. There were and are ways, same as they are in Kaliphornian Khaliphate these days.

    Not common, but there were ways of obtaining CCW in NYC, despite all the crap that said no way. I am sure Trump being the guy who rebuilt NYC and having lots of enemies was able to get CCW, legally and without pushing too many buttons. I was not Trump, but had I wanted to I’d be able to get CCW permit (per above) somehow.

  22. The reason people say “We could have had Hillary” is because we had two choices. It’s a simple fact. And we got a R Congress too, for now.
    We’d be screwed on the SCOTUS right now and the bans would be tied to essential legislation forcing them through with or without a D Congress because she would insist on it.
    So, once more, he beat her and that makes everything else about him acceptable to me.

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