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This might be the picture-perfect civilian defensive gun use.

A pregnant pizza delivery driver was returning to her car after dropping off a pie in Southwest Atlanta. At that moment, three teenagers approached her and started demanding her keys. One of them was armed with a handgun and started beating her with it.

The woman didn’t surrender her keys, and instead ran in the direction of a neighboring house. The attackers caught up with her and attacked her again.

Dennis Madaris, a neighbor, heard the woman screaming and came out of his house gun in hand. As soon as he saw what was happening, he said, “Drop the gun or I will drop you.”

The three assailants immediately scattered, leaving the woman moderately injured – but she and the child will most likely be fine. The teenagers were later arrested and are being charged with a stack of offenses.

Interestingly, this incident comes 11 days after a similar occurrence on the same street. In that case, a 9-year-old boy lured a female pizza delivery driver to the area, where two men then stole her car at gunpoint. The pregnant woman was extremely lucky that Mr. Madaris was there to come to the rescue.

Yet another of the hundreds of thousands of defensive gun uses that happen every year in which no shot was fired. This is why we own guns.

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  1. The teenagers were later arrested and are being charged with a stack of offenses.

    That’s the real good news. Armed robbers must be stopped before they become murderers.

    • I had to click the link to find out where this happened (something I would consider pertinent information). I was going to say they’ll be back out robbing people within a year, but turns out it happened in Atlanta. So the robbers are going to have to pick up a whole lot of trash off the Georgia freeways in their orange jumpsuits before they’re out robbing anyone again.

      • No, no. They’re just trying to get money for school and stuff. If you were from the ‘hood you’d understand. You’re just being racist. //sarc//

    • I doubt he had much. All my training sessions have said if it is time to clear leather, the time for talking is over. Of course, he may not have employed a holster being he was coming out of his house.

  2. I have so many questions. What is Mr. Madaris level of training? Did he get inside of the bad guys OODA loop? Is he aware of the effects of adrenaline on his ability to make decisions in a high stress environment? Did he have a reload? Was he carrying a back up firearm? Two knives? A 2000 lumen flashlight? Field notes ? Is he trained in martial arts in case he had to go hands on? Is he physically fit enough ? Did he utilize movement and cover? Is he aware of the legal ramifications of saying “drop it, or I’ll drop you” on his legal defense ? Finally, was he using a 6.5 creed more?

    • All pertinent questions…except for the one relating to the 6.5 Needmore.

      Seriously, thank you for the early guffaw on a Saturday.

      On a lesser note…Going to the Sun road opened at Glacier Park today…check out their webcams. Remember that while it is lawful to carry / possess a firearm in a National Park it remains illegal to carry in NPS buildings (information center / bathrooms) or to discharge one…even in a defensive situation…it is the NPS conundrum.

        • Concealed is concealed. And if I need my gun to protect my life I will use it, and worry about NPS regulations later, if I survive.

        • You’re welcome…we get lots of questions in our local sporting and gun shops from visitors about carrying in the Park and Park buildings.

    • Not a stitch of 5.11 clothing on him, no Oakley shades, no tats visible…

      I’ll bet he doesn’t even operate.

      He might have even had a revolver… what a n00b.

    • Adding to Echo5Bravo’s list-
      Next, you’ll be suggesting, since he didn’t fire a shot, he could be charged with ‘brandishing’!


  3. Those boyz should get a long term in the joint…BREAKING:Sarah Sanders told to leave The Red Hen restaurant in Lexington,VA. Let them know how much you like them!😡

    • Dean Martin said (or sang) otherwise. And he was Eyetalian. “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, it’s amore…”

  4. This same situation happened in my town in 2016. Victim was a resident of an apartment complex. Three black teens accost her and try to take her keys at gunpoint. Suspect pistol w whips her. Good Samaritan runs out of his apartment and opens fire. Teens got away but were snatched up by the 5.0 minutes later. No chargers for the good guy. And this was Illinois!

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