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When I launched The Truth About Guns three years ago (to the day), I imagined the site as an electronic gun magazine: a tell-it-like-is blend of news, reviews, tips and rants. As the months rolled by and our traffic increased, I began to suspect that TTAG was becoming something more important than a simple gunzine. While no-holds-barred firearms reviews are our staple, firearms-related news and editorials started doing the heavy lifting. And then Newtown. Suddenly, TTAG became the canary in the Constitutional coal mine. We asked you, our readers, if that was OK. You said yes. And so here we are, posting hourly updates from the firearms freedom front, helping you defend and extend your Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. It has been—and continues to be—our honor and privilege to do so. Thank you for reading.

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  1. TTAG is a great site. I came for the gun reviews, stayed for the commentary. Good group of writers and readers

  2. Many thanks for being there when we needed you most. Keep up the excellent work. TTAG is the best, period.

  3. For me, it’s a win-win deal. I came here for the gun rights stuff, but you’re turning me into a gear geek.

  4. One of the best things about the site is how you ask for feedback from the readers and actually listen to it. Thanks!

  5. Came for a gun review. Watched for a while then had my wife show me how to post. Mostly, it’s been fun. Thanks RF and crew and commentators.

    • Ditto that.
      As a chick I get a lot of variety of information about weapons, ammo, shooting technique, gun issues. Wishing you and support team many more years of success. Best gun site on the web!

  6. Don’t forget gun stuff! It can’t all be politics. You’ve been doing OK the last couple weeks after a pretty depressing couple months, so keep it up!

    • Ditto Matt. Plus all the gun stuff doesn’t have to be about AR’s. Pellet guns, crossbows, muzzle loaders, there’s a whole world of topics out there that would appeal to the varied crowd we have here.

        • That’s why I came here for, stayed for the gun and gear reviews, and now keep coming back for the political updates.

          Is there a chance of seeing knife reviews in the future? I like them and have as many knives as firearms, just don’t have pricey ones yet.

  7. I too originally began visiting because of the reviews and have stayed for the community. There are some great comments on this site and I have learned quite a bit from some of the fine folks who frequent TTAG (I am talking to you Dypeptic Gunsmith. I got your gun lube recipe saved.)

    Thanks for being here.

  8. HEY! We should celebrate by having Ralph reveal his Cornbread Sage Stuffing recipe!

    RF, you have the gold, you make the rules. Make it happen.

  9. Congrats RF and to the whole TTAG team!

    First found you thanks to an Insta-launch link for the ATF Death Watch series.

  10. Keep it up! TTAG’s birth came about just about the time I recognized the joy and utility of firearms and found a new way to spend the money I had been spending on racing stock cars. I just got a CZ75D Compact recently, my third CZ. Now it will be my TTAG 3-year Commemorative 9mm!

  11. Found the site when I was researching the Ruger SR9c. Liked the review, and love my SR9c, which was the first gun I purchased in 45 years. Now I spend to many hours reading the site each day, but feel I am learning a lot from reading it. Thanks Robert.

  12. Robert, your ‘Fast and Furious’ coverage was second to none. I hope y’all keep up the good work in the future for the other gov’t screw-ups, cover-ups, and abuses that are sure to come.

  13. The efforts of everyone is much appreciated. Sometimes patriotism takes the form of typing, Randy

  14. In as much as the abomination of Slavery created President Lincoln
    the abomination of Obamanation has created TTAG, and for all the same reasons.

  15. I’m really surprised to so no one wearing gloves in these scenarios. What does a simunition round do to a bare finger or back of the hand?

  16. Congratulations on your 3 year milestone! While I missed roughly the first 2-1/2 years, I quickly learned that TTAG was a unsurpassed resource for gear & gun reviews. The political coverage has consistently been top flight, and I’ve come to expect insights and wisdom to be regularly mined from the comments. “Armed intelligentsia” indeed!
    Thanks for the vision and work behind TTAG.

  17. TTAG plays a central role as a gathering point for defense of individual freedom in the form of defending 2A native rights in these United States.
    The U.S. is the last place on the planet essentially for this level of freedom. Every other country follows the U.S. lead – towards more freedom, or towards more fascism. (To wit – scanners now world wide, etc.)
    By carrying the flag for the U.S. pro-2A community, you have hoisted the flag representing freedom for those currently suppressed, and those who already died fighting this same battle.
    Your performance has self-selected you for this mythically important task. May you continue deserving this heroic responsibility.

  18. I’m like juliesa… I found TTAG searching the internet for intelligent credible info regarding the post 2012 election gun/ammo sales surges but am digging the gun reviews. I also read the comments of each article because some really great minds reply and they help this new shooter out. Thanks TTAG for consistently being a beacon in the fog of all things gun.

  19. I thank you heartily! Of all the gun sites I visit (OK, it’s just two) TTAG is by far the best. You guys are right there on the cutting edge defending freedom in a sane and rational way! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that.

    The reviews are good too!


  20. I’ve lost countless hours posting and drinking scotch which could have otherwise been used in a productive manner like weeding, washing the dogs, or watching sh!tty American Idol episodes with my wife. I can’t thank you guys enough.

    • Missing out on dog washing and Duhmurrican Eh-hole?

      In other places people would pay money for this treatment.

  21. Great site. And, let’s be honest, with how violent and sociopathic progressive fascists and gun-grabbers are, and how tyrannical our government has become, you guys are putting your lives on the line by keeping this site up.

  22. Everyone and everything evolves. TTAG has evolved into a great place, to find all things of the gun and in a lot of ways, the people of the gun. The fun stuff, the gear, the guns are all great. The politics, extremely important too. Because as we see, we are in the fight of our lives today. If you don’t sleep with toothpicks under your eyes, the anti gunners will catch you napping and take it to you. Keep up the great work!

  23. As a relatively new gun owner and CWP holder, I can’t thank you enough for the content you have provided on this site. The gun reviews are most helpful, and the news and 2A commentary have strengthened my resolve and understanding of MY rights as a United States citizen. Bravo!

  24. Congratulations!! & Happy Birthday! Happy Anniversary! About the school simulation video above. I’m from NYC & almost all the elementary & high schools I have been to; about half of the classrooms have 2 doors and all of them have a 6″x6″ safety glass window on them. And colleges can be mixed either 6×6 or 4×24 safety glass. Just my observation. Again All the best to the site…

  25. Happy bday! Keep on preaching and fighting the good fight! We’ve lost some ground in states with “newtown inspired” AWBs and mag cap limits, so we dearly need to recover that in the states that have lost it.

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