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The staff here at The Truth About Guns (TTAG) have been working hard to keep-up with the tsunami of post-Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre news. It’s a Sisyphusian task that continues apace. But those of us on the other side of the WordPress software realize that, ultimately, the fight for firearms freedom is a culture war. The pro-gun culture depends on enjoying the exercise of our Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. (Yes, enjoying.) Reflecting that reality, there’s a new theme running through the comments section: bring back the gun stuff. The non-political posts about firearms, firearms-related gear and strategies for armed self-defense. Although that kind of info has (understandably) dried-up after the killing, we’re doing our level best to maintain our editorial equilibrium. In this new gestalt, what should the mix be? Are we getting it right? Your feedback is most appreciated.

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        • Word? Accur, aren’t you in your 60s? if I’m confusing you with JWM I’m sorry, but it’s like I heard my grandmother say yo.

          Ya, try to throw in some actual gun stuff everyday, but the whole avoiding the repealing of the second amendment is more important.

    • Bingo. Too damned important to talk about anything but the gun grabbing and freedom reducing lib tactics going on this last week. They aint slowing down so we shouldnt either.

  1. This is too depressing. Throw in a bit more ‘gun stuff’ for the next few weeks. Just to take to provide a tiny diversion to the assault on our rights. You guys are doing an amazing job though.

    • I agree with this point here.

      I want to stay informed on the latest information involving this mess and I am sure you guys are REALLY busy with that alone but it seems like everything else is on the backburner. Maybe it just feels that way I dont know.

      Keep up with the politics and the hard work, its very appreciated. But please, please throw in what positive stuff you can when there is time.

      Maybe more photo captions? I like thoes. By the way I have the perfect picture for a photo caption contest, where can I submit it? I am only on here via a mobile site.

  2. As much as I love the reviews, IGOTD and the like, times are tough. We need you to provide us with the most up to date information about the defense of our way of life. Otherwise a lot of those gun reviews are going to be no good to use.

    • +1
      Drooling over the latest kit right now would be like Nero fiddling while Rome burns.

      Whether you meant for it to happen or not, TTAG has become the focal point for the pro-gun movement on the Internet. Now is the time to provide the facts, figures, arguments and ammunition to resist the massive assault on our safety, rights and freedom that has started post-Sandy Hook.

      If anything, it may be the time to be even MORE activist – to organize letter-writing campaigns, to film and screen videos on YouTube of people whose lives have been saved via DGU – to give voice to the massive majority of honest, law-abiding gun owners, who make themselves and the country safer through responsible gun ownership and whose safety and rights will be irreparably harmed should the current trend continue. Now is not the time to stick our collective heads in the sand.

  3. You guys are doing a great job! The times we are in require political coverage. Maybe someday we won’t need so much. But for now, keep up the good work!

    Merry Christmas to all of you at TTAG!

  4. When the politics are especially hot or relevant, they belong on the front page with everything else.

    Let’s just not milk it.

  5. We, the People of the Gun, need to be kept up to date on what the grabbers are up to. Keep up the good work.

  6. Hay we need to know both we cannot rely on the anti-gun and anti-fredom media for info we rely on you too.

  7. I would love to read fun gun reviews all day but i dont think you guys have a choice right now. You have to keep writing about whats going on in the gun world. If its going to be political for a while it is what it is.

  8. Sisyphusian? And all this time I thought it was Brobdingnagian.

    Obviously we know what the most important subject isright now. I for one, want all the news in all it’s frustrating detail. And since it invites the trolls here, I can make a pastime of making them look as foolish as they are.

  9. Unfortunately, we live in a world of politics, and guns are a very hot political issue. When an event like Sandy Hook occurs with all the political frenzy around it, I think a period of a greater percentage of political posts is appropriate. So far so good.

  10. The politics are just front and center right now, they can’t be ignored. This is a different round of anti-gun action than what’s ever occurred before. This needs to be front and center. Keep up the good work Robert and team, and Merry Christmas!

  11. I think you need to keep on doing what you’re doing….I understand that it can get depressing at times, but the RTKBA is in a heap of trouble right now, and the other side ain’t stopping for a second to catch their breath. Information is power, and so I say, keep the information flowing! We can get back to the “good stuff” when (if) we can keep the building anti-gun “tsunami” at bay….we need to have a singular focus (like they do) on educating the other side, offering real, effective solutions, and stemming their calls for more laws and regulations. The media is on their side, we need to fight that much harder. I find your posts informational, and a big help when dealing with those who see the “easy” fix as banning the tool…keep doing what you’re doing…

  12. The content to me has always been pretty evenly divided as far as politics and gun stuff but with the magnitude of recent events (what happened, is happening and might happen) I appreciate the slant towards politics at this point.

  13. Do a TTAG writer shooting competition.

    50 yards, AR15 (any caliber), 30 rounds, normal target.

    A lot of us can’t shoot now due to the fact its flipping freezing, or there is no ammo, or any other of a huge number of reasons. In absence of being able to shoot, watching others to shoot is fun. A friendly competition would be cool. “Top Shot TTAG!” without the drama BS.

  14. I gotta admit here lately i been skimming past articles on TTAG when i never have before because of all the political articles. I realize that after the sandy hook shooting and with everything going on it is unavoidable, however I also subscribe to like 4 other gun blogs and follow at least 6 gun reviewers on youtube and honestly I’m a bit overloaded almost like i cant avoid hearing about how obamas going to take our guns, anti-gun sentiments and quotes, and how supplies are drying up and ill never see a box of 9mm again and its really depressing. I mean its like when i want to read and hear about political things i know their is not a shortage of information on breaking news or changes, however its gotten to the point that I cant even read anything about just guns anymore or techniques when i could a few weeks ago.

  15. Well, you had posted a long reader’s comment, and I felt like it was right on, as well as the perspective you made in your own recent personal post.

    I noticed there were a few comments deriding the “editorial direction.” I couldn’t disagree more. I thought the viewpoints were right on and accurate. I was about to say as much, when I noticed you took the post down, perhaps due to the negative comments. I was disappointed. It seemed to me that the long reader’s response that was posted was a libertarian-minded post that ruffled the feathers of your readers who perhaps didn’t like how criticism was made against both political parties, and not just one. Or perhaps I’m wrong about their reasons.

    However, it seems you are going through a period of self-examination and are not sure yourself what direction you want to go. I’ll probably be a reader in whatever case, but I would be more of a reader if you, when dealing with political matters however often you do, that you adhere to a position of individual liberty rather than to a partisan political party position.

  16. we’re coming up to a massive assault on our rights by a government and media that have been more adept at taking them away than any other we’ve ever had. the call for the true american patriot is louder than ever.

  17. Espescially in a news situation like this, it’s important that you guys give us the straight scoop. As Kipling advised, we count on you to”keep your wits about you, when others are losing theirs and blaming it on you(us).” You do an outstanding job. The guns and other goodies will still be there after the madness passes. Keep up the good work.

  18. I think politics are ok, but as i posted on a previous update, I feel that accusations such as “anti-gun people pray for events like Newtown” are over the top and ridiculous, especially coming from contributors to the site. When I hear garbage like that the image of a middle aged guy wearing a tin foil hat sitting in moms basement pounding away at a keyboard…

  19. So what you’re saying is that the truth is pissing off the leftist kooks that hangout here.

    “Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish.” Euripides

  20. Anyone who wants to purchase a gun and “feel” what it’s like to own a gun can do that without TTAG. This site is about what it “means” to be a gun owner and I think you do a great job covering all aspects in this sense. There should be plenty of other avenues to satisfy those looking for two dimensional, glossy gratification of their interest. Keep up the good work.

  21. It had to be done. But please don’t become yet another political blog.
    Of course I am biased against talking about politics.
    It is like arguing religion.

    • In what way do you mean that talking about politics is like talking about religion? What similarity do you dislike?

    • Talking politics is entirely appropriate when it’s the politicians who are discussing damaging or destroying the 2nd amendment. I think what most people are sick of is the arguing between liberal/conservative or Dem/Rep.

      I have questions I have to always ask myself, do I trust either party? Is there anyone in Federal government that I can feel confident will stand the line and protect or at least defend the 2nd or 1st amendment? Can I honestly say that the results of either party in power has mattered in driving this nation into debt, or is it just a power game to see who gets to spend the money?

      I am conservative, but not stupid enough to believe the politicians of either party. Oh! And Dan, tell your mom’s friends that I have all my teeth – both original and paid for.

  22. I wonder if there were Jews in Warsaw Poland who complained about all the talk of those Nazi bastards? Folks we just happen to be in the fight of and for our lives. I would not mind total all day coverage of the battle.

  23. The avarice and gouging by gun dealers and individual sellers alike, is the real story here.

    Everytime Obama speaks about something, the price of it goes up, the the thrill of the vendors and the chagrin of the consumer.

    The govt banned drugs, and I daresay they are available within 20 minutes to everyone who reads this. If the govt bans magazines they will just go up in price. This is the result of socialist predatory govt. Just wait till the new VAT taxes Obama would like hit your wallets. Gun bans are the least of our problems right now.

  24. Without a united defense right now there won’t be much left to review later so I think you keeping all of us current on what is going on is important. Perhaps a more direct call to action? Something outlining exactly what people need to be doing and how to present our stance on issues. Honestly I feel that gun owners across this nation need to be reaching out to anyone and everyone who might be “on the fence”. This isn’t the first attack on our rights. We lost the right to buy new full auto guns in 1986 because we didn’t present enough of a united front. Now they are coming after semi-automatic rifles. Handguns will be next followed by bolt action rifles. Anyone who bothers to look at the steps they have taken in other countries can see where this is going to go. Reach out to bow hunters because while they aren’t taking them today they will be coming for them in the near future. Impact weapons like those used in martial arts, knives, even older people with a cane are all people we need to reach out to now. Explain to them what has happened in England and Australia and that it is coming here if we don’t unite and stop it now. I think we can gather a lot more support than we currently have if we present our argument correctly. Provide a list of talking points people can use when contacting our law makers. Post the web address of the site to contact our congressmen every chance we get.

  25. Normally I’m in the “tone it down” crowd. But this last week or so has been filled with anger, emotion, and misinformation (both the antis spreading agitprop, and wild rumors in the gun community). TTAG’s efforts to keep everyone straight have been phenomenal. It’s strengths lay in being an uncompromising source of knowledge. I think I’ve retweeted more articles this week than ever. Articles like “the truth about AR-15” and Tim McNabb’s “Myth of…” series. TTAG is very much a part of the fight shaping up, and I think it’s role is that of purveyor of cold hard facts like Bruce Kraft’s statistical breakdowns and Foghorn’s technical expertise with all things AR. And always, RF and DZ will be on the lookout for those trying to disarm us.

    That said, I wouldn’t mind an Ask Foghorn or gear review tossed my way ever so often. I want to remember why I enjoy exercising the most important right.

    • Lloyd, I am delighted you found my work tweetworthy. I love to write for TTAG for the robust feedback we writers get, and I especially appreciate your comment. It’s like saying “oorah” to an infantryman.

      • Tim, add me to the list of folks who have really enjoyed your article series. Great stuff.

        It was exactly your writing I was thinking of when I encouraged the TTAG staff to write more articles about refuting arguments from confiscators. Hope you guys will be able to offer some of those ASAP.

      • Tim, I consider your series and Bruce’s writings to be in the same group of must-read “You’re Wrong and Here’s Why” articles.

  26. Right now were in a “transition period”.Thats corporate speak for we don’t know what’s next.In 90 days we could be back to the same status quo pre Sandy Hill,or we could be asking UK residents’ advice for self defense with a baseball bat.Theres no way to know what awaits us until the Antis make their move.

    Meanwhile,I hug my Beretta and await the dawn.Considering the outcome of our last election and the chatter I’ve been hearing locally from gun and nongun owners alike we’re toast. I hope I’m wrong.

  27. It is the worst of times, but toning down the rhetoric a bit would be good. The last thing you want to do is to start reading like the other side.

  28. I think you keep a great balance. Right now if we don’t know what is going on we can’t respond to our elected officials, many I hope will be voted out of office depending on the outcomes of the current issues, you and we are trying to manage. There have been some other reporting like….”what do you have if the worse things occur” and you can re-tool. Keep up the good work and reporting. I have used a lot of the information, data you provide talk to others. Can’t say it has changed any opinions but it at least has made them think about it.

  29. keep the politics stuff coming. if we don’t focus on that for the next few months, we won’t have much gear to worry about.

    what i’d LOVE to see is a list of our own Talking Points. common things we can either say or respond with.
    homicide rates in london, australia, EU, etc. vs US.
    violent crime rates in same.
    same stats for major gun controlled areas like chicago, san fran, nyc.

    the “sporting purposes/hunter” lies

    the gun free zone fallacies

    etc. etc.

    all on a card that we can easily print out and carry around.

    i’ll help – tell me what is needed.


  30. I think that the information you guys have been posting since sandy hook is important and need to continue posting that. The guns and gear help break it up.

  31. Please continue your excellent coverage of the battle in front of us. I have been checking your site at least 6 times a day for new information, views and opinions. Your site has been the headquarters thus far for gun owners and protectors of the second amendment. Thank you for you hard work and dedication, I for one truly appreciate your efforts.

    I was at my local gun gun shop today and like most it was packed to the gills. All I could think about as people happily bought guns and ammo was that most of those folks were clueless of the freedoms they were about to loose. If all those people would join the fight like you have it would be a much more even battle.

    Again, thank you! Continue your work sir!

  32. I think the balance is good. A lot more politics lately, but it is timely. There’s always TFB if you want zero politics (which I read anyways), but I usually like most of the political stuff on here. I think it is important to have both.

  33. I like the political, social, and current event pieces. Since most gun and accessory posts @TTAG cover tactical gear, semi-pistols and the AR/AK scene they do not relate to me. I would like to see more posts that cover survival, prepping, civil unrest that don’t just review modern sporting rifles. Chris Drum’s piece today “What Will A Post-Ban Rifle/Shotgun Arsenal Look Like?” was great.

  34. The political coverage has been great.

    I’d like to see more point-by-point guides to answering confiscator arguments. Many of the folks reading this, if not most, will be challenged to support 2A rights in conversation, and it is HUGELY helpful to have a range of responses ready to go.

    All that said… A minimum of 1-2 reviews of products, services, or training options per day would be much appreciated. Some manufacturer profiles would be great, too — I’d love to see more about Windham, for example.

      • That’s great to hear, Nick. Hopefully one of them is the SRC, though any review of the Windham line will be good to see.

        I have two Kaiser Defense AR lowers waiting at my transfer FFL, all sad and lonely until he gets back from vacation on 2 Jan. I’m pretty sure I have the Windham catalog of complete uppers memorized at this point, and I’ll definitely be looking forward to your review(s).

  35. It’s important to have both. We need to be kept aware of what is going on regarding potential new gun laws just as much as we need to know about the 10,000th different striker-fired semi-auto 9mm pistol that just went on sale.

  36. Yes more gear reviews and if you must write about the imminent AWB how bout more tips on what to buy in case it passes and what to do if it does. Reviews of Lowers, pistol grips, foregrips, stocks, magazines etc. Should I apply for a class 3 license, will it allow me to still purchase “assault” weapons and gear? If I stock up on stripped lowers what other parts will be hard to come by that I should get now? Is fighting to find ammo pointless, AWB wont affect ammo…or will it? Daily updates on places where this gear is in stock, current market pricing etc. Interviews and official statements from gun manufacturers.

    In short, assume your preaching to the choir, politic arguments are unnecessary

  37. Thanks for asking, but for gun owners, the CT massacre was 9/11-ish, so stick with your instincts at TTAG and the politics and gun & gear reviews ratio will return to normal in due time.

    • The 9/11 comparison is apt, there are parallels to be drawn between being a law-abiding gun owner post-Sandy Hook and an American Muslim (the 99.99999% that aren’t terrorists) post 9/11.

  38. What happened in CT was a tragedy and the fallout affects us all.
    Grieving together helps us get through this faster.
    Some of us get through it faster than others and that’s okay.
    It’s also okay to be patient for those who need more time.

  39. Of course we would all love more gun reviews, and stuff. It is important to remember that this is a critical time for us all. There are powers at work here, and for us to turn our heads, and simply ignore it would be well.. Stupid!
    Our site as shown is getting a lot of page views, and getting out the word on what is going on is important. If or hopefully when the AWB goes down in flames we will then focus on all the other feel good legislation that is taking place on a state by state basis.
    TTAG should remain at the forefront of dispelling the lies, or half truths, and providing ample statistics and real world analysis of crime, and the effects of legislation on the gun community.

  40. Right now we need to be kept informed. We are at a watershed in gun rights. We may have no use for future reviews if we don’t do what we are able at this time. Come back with many reviews after we know that we can keep what is being reviewed. As much as I like reviews, I have not really wanted to read any reviews since that prick (I won’t use his name) shot up the school.

  41. Keep the political stuff coming. We are at a crossroads of gun ownership rights in this Country. I find the comments written about the post Sandy Hook conflagration as usefully informative as the posted articles being commented on. The benefit of sharing experiences and points of view is immense.
    The gear reviews, self defense tips, IGOTD’s, DGU’s and so forth won’t be worth the electrons it takes to post them if we lose our 2A Rights. Once the smoke from SHES has cleared, there will be plenty of time for the other stuff.

  42. I appreciate being kept up to date about the threats to our 2nd Amendment rights. Without the politics and opposition, the anti gun crowd would have our right to bear arms reduced airsoft guns. I prefer this to the other blogs who offer little if any coverage. Do they not realize that they will be out of work? How can you blog about a firearms industry if it no longer exists? I believe that a traditional (paper) firearm magazine’s coverage would have been too little too late. As this administration sure doesn’t waste anytime pushing for gun control. Or let a good tragedy go to waste. And even if one said traditional firearm magazine put out a whole issue just about news and politics who would buy it? It wouldn’t sell without any “cool” pictures of guns and gear reviews. I have been urging everyone I know to stay informed. Some are what I would consider only casual gun enthusiasts. (I guess i’m married to mine). These people are also part of the problem. Some just hunt and think that they are safe. Gun control is a slippery slope. Just watch the news. Every magazine is a “clip” and every semi auto is “fully automatic” to the anti crowd. I agree with James Yeager that it is therefore not a stretch for them to assume that any rifle with a scope is a scary sniper rifle. If the new AWB passes they will go after them next, and so on. CHANGE indeed.

  43. Carry on.
    Just be sure to review the XDs 9 & .40 when available.
    Oh, and don’t neglect the DGUTD. I refer my fence sitters.
    The more there are the more they impress.

  44. I, for one, get tired of the liberal comments. I am a severe liberal, to the core. BUT I SUPPORT 2A , the DEATH PENALTY, CASTLE LAW, and STAND YOUR GROUND. So don’t put us all in the same boat. This BS about gun control makes me sick to my stomach. I don’t live in fantasy land where I could throw roses at a madman to hurt him. When it all happened they called the PEOPLE WITH GUNS. Why not have them there BEFOREHAND????

  45. For my part, no. The current state of gun politics is wearing me down because so much of it is bad news but I like the angle and the reliance on facts that I find here. We may not be getting much good news these days but whatever happens I say keep it coming.

  46. I was one of those who publically cringed at the “proto-fascist” post, which I think is part of what prompted this, but I suppose I didn’t specify why I was cringing. I just get turned off when “fascist” starts getting thrown around. In my experience, discussions start sliding into the abyss of ranting, insults, and emotion when they start taking that turn. Easy and really natural to do, yes. Focusing on the facts, on the other hand, and keeping calm is going to be more persuasive to fence-sitters. As has been pointed out repeatedly in regards to the NRA event, public relations and appearances matter these days. No, I don’t particularly like that. I come from a science/engineer background, and we usually are pretty terrible at that sort of things, but the results speak for themselves.

    The politics do matter, especially right now since it seems like the anti-gun people are determined to make Sandy Hook the new turning point, the new catalyst. I’ve also appreciated the articles directly rebutting some of the blatantly bad information out there, just as I appreciate Bruce Kraft’s very pointed essays. I just get burned out when there isn’t anything else to read about. I’ve got my limit for stuff this emotional. Yes, I have starting skipping over articles since I do have the capability of doing so (“you don’t have to read everything!”), but I do like having something not-as-political to read. Yes, guns are always political these days, but there are degrees.

    Also, editorials could use some basic editing, too. :p I say that as someone who comments from a phone normally and usually ends up cringing whenever I read a comment I previously made.

    Edited because I just caught a bone-headed grammar mistake.

  47. Well, politics are part of the truth about guns, so your current coverage is certainly in line with the theme of the site as well as current events. However, keep in mind that you’re preaching to the choir here and that not everybody comes here for the politics. My suggestions:

    * Continue to report on what’s going on out there. We need to know what we are dealing with.
    * Continue to provide factual information that helps us have informed and rational discussions with people.
    * Provide more info about what we can do to counter the rantings and demands of the clueless liberals and protect our rights.
    * Increase your focus on DGUTD. This is very important right now. In fact, an article that provides facts, stats, and links about DGU to use as discussion material would be very useful.
    * Balance your posts with more non-political content that’s about hardware and gear, training, events, and humor (very much needed right now). Some of us are getting very tired of reading all this depressing crap.

  48. Typing on my phone. Here goes.

    I first came to TTAG for reviews. I am actively posting the last week because of politics. There is nothing more important at this point IMO.

    I think we need more people commenting to generate as many good ideas as possible. Just like we need to make our voices heard with our Representatives and Senators we need to refine our talking points. You can bet the anti-2A groups are.

    A few weeks back there was a post about site redesign. I had no input at the time. Given the current challenges to 2A rights and the role that TTAG could play as a resource in that fight it may be a good time to reconsider.

    I think some permanent links could be very helpful for general resources. This could include gun facts, breaking legislation, gun rights, or whatever you think makes sense.

    The current format means that some important information is getting buried due to the normal flow of new posts. It might also be helpful to add a “thumbs up” counter or posts as a way to track responses that are hitting a nerve. This could be vital in refining the pro-2A message.

    TTAG has changed in the last couple of weeks. This is a necessary change, as we didn’t choose this particular fight but I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit quietly while my right to keep and bear arms is stripped away.

    Thank you for your work, diligence and, especially, for creating a community that lets us know what our opponents are doing.

  49. You do what you gotta do…

    Not too many companies are going to release any grand press releases (Dept of Redundancy Dept) touting their new gun or gun related goodies now. You either post the political stuff that’s relevant now or you dry up and blow away.

    As for me, if you’d also like to write something to help a novice hunter get out for the first time, I’d read very intently. Info on mentoring programs, how to find hunting locations, what happens after the smoke clears (i.e. how do you get that big honkin’ carcass back to the freezer), etc.

  50. I think increased gun control coverage is reasonable given the renewed energy that these people who are utterly ignorant of how guns are used and traded have found in the recent tragedy in CT.

    They don’t realize that what they promote is at best laughably useless toward the goal of making anyone safer, and at worst distracting and consuming of energy that could be put into making us actually safer. Or putting guards in schools. Or setting a budget (any f*cking budget please, business will adapt, they just need to have something to adapt to). Or competing academically and technologically with the rest of the world. etc. etc.

  51. Your coverage is excellent. My only complaint is that in several cases, posts were rapid-fired out that could have been combined for a more condensed and informative presentation.
    The personal retrospectives are valuable. I would simply like to see 1 well written daily entry on a news issue than several smaller bites and bits.
    Owning a gun today is a political issue, passive or otherwise. I don’t wish to pretend differently.

  52. Since this is a housekeeping post, I’ll just mention that the (lack of) speed in posting comments, loading stories, etc. has caused me to start keeping two tabs open on TTAG and alternating between them.

    Also, at least half the time, the comment system is slow enough that posting comments using the mobile version of the site times out on my iPhone and tells me (incorrectly) that my comment wasn’t posted.

    I’m sure the site is experiencing record traffic, and stress on the comment system, but performance is perceptibly slow these days…

  53. I’ve seen YouTube videos of people in England and Australia who were around during the gun bans in their countries who advise every American who wants to retain their rights to become politically active and fight.

  54. Lower quantity, higher quality on the politics posts.
    Take your time, and avoid unforced errors on fast breaking news.
    You dont want to be like the MSM in that way.

    You dont have to originate everything- theres lots of good opinion out there you can link to and provide the same networking effect, for the education of those viewers that follow the ping-backs here.
    Instapundits writing on constitutional issues and social gestalt from a libertarian view, Atlantic piece by Goldberg, Larry Correia’s piece thats gone around the gun forums, are examples.

    Focus on what you are doing differently well- the reviews, the training from a customer perspective, the witty and generally cheerful commentary from experienced and credentialed and newbs alike.

    Its a good brew here- smart to ask, and listen, dont try to be all things, and when your hair starts to catch on fire, slow down.

  55. Continue as you are – Reporting on what is current and important, with some reviews thrown in here and there!

    Thank You gentlemen!

  56. The gun grabbers are making a full court press to snuff out our 2A rights. You are doing a tremendous job covering it- stay on it.

  57. Some more guns and gear reviews would be nice. Safe gun handling articles would be good too. We can argue all day long about gun control but nothing will change. We can’t argue using logic or reason because liberals have neither. We can’t argue using the Constitution because Liberals either do not know what it is or simply do not believe in it. We can’t even argue using the merits of freedom and personal responsibility because liberals don’t believe in those principles either! The best thing we can do is increase the number of like-minded gun owners by providing education, training, and experience.

  58. The NY Times isn’t worried about such things…….. They have had about 6 articles DAILY, since the tragedy, all spouting anti-gun rhetoric. Where exactly is there ANY balance of reporting anymore?
    Just keep doing what you guys are doing….. somebody needs to be on our side of the debate, and by our, I mean ALL AMERICANS whether they know it or not.

    Our own beloved NRA Waynester, after a week of silence, decided to come out and recommend that the ‘government’ step in and protect our schools? Is he aware of how many police officers have been and are still, being fired monthly in America? There is no money to protect citizens going about their daily business at their work and homes, much less EXTRA money to police schools. Armed responsible citizens on the other hand, are plentiful and FREE.

  59. No criticism meant, but perhaps a political tag on the heading at top of page along with the rest of the categories?

  60. I think that right now the emphasis on the political is a good thing. We are deep in the fight right now and the exchange of ideas amongst our community is what is needed to keep up our morale and counter the idiots. We know they are hopeless, but there are still a lot of people on the fence that need to see that we as people who enjoy firearms and shooting are not crazed sociopaths.

  61. We’re in the fight of our lives here & I’m not much interested in new gear, tactics, etc. at this point in time. One thing to consider is if we’re to carry the argument with our gun-averse friends and acquaintances (already lost one long term friendship to this issue….), we need all the facts and information we can muster. TTAG is by far the most superior source for both the pros & cons of 2A…there’s no balance in the MSM.

  62. I personally think that it is important to focus on the greatest threat to firearms ownership at any given time, even if that threat is some of the firearms owning community itself. Given recent events, it would seem obvious that the looming AWB should be what we focus our attention on. If the NRA isn’t going to stand up to the current political pressure to restrict firearms ownership, then someone else should. Otherwise we unnecessarily risk loosing rights, which would be bad for this blog as far as both website traffic, and personal freedom are concerned.

    Right now if I want to source pro-gun rights arguments from this blog I have to go searching through dozens of posts to find what I’m looking for. May I suggest (If it’s possible given your ability to customize your blog) that we have a sticky post at the top of the blog dealing with addressing all of the arguments in favor of gun control. Ideally this sticky post would be updated and expanded upon as the conversation evolves. This would provide all concerned with an easily accessible, one stop thread, for learning about how to talk about guns, AWBs, and crime in America, in order to shift the cultural mindset towards one in favor of increased firearms ownership and responsible firearms use. Maybe call it “Gun politics 101”? If we wish to exercise the rights we currently have, in the future, we (all of the readers of this blog) need to be able to discuss gun rights/politics with friends, family, and the general public whenever the topic arises. That’s the only way we will survive this storm in the long term; with well reasoned arguments delivered from as many people and media outlets as possible.

    With that one sticky post (Or maybe a publicly available link to a google doc maintained by the TTAG staff? ) at the top of this blog all other gun posts (reviews, IGOTD, etc) would be right underneath, and those not interested in firearms politics could get to their content by simply skipping the first blog post.

    I’m just thinking that a centralized post on this topic would make it easier on your staff to cover all of the bases of the current gun control debate, give us easy access to counter arguments, and give those not interested an easy way to skip it.

  63. I think that you have it right. As others have mentioned, this is a time that requires everyone to be vigilant and aware of the political issues being raised.

  64. I came here for the reviews, stayed for the shooting tips, and sometimes chuckle at the humor. But I’m tired of the politics. Condense it. Please stop bringing up every other anti-gun editorial and every loony thing that Bloomberg does.

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