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The Truth About Guns (TTAG) has reached another milestone: 1M unique visitors per month. While I wish the circumstances surrounding this accomplishment were different I’m not going to apologize for our success. TTAG earns its audience through hard work, persistence and passion; we’ve published 11,330 posts in less than three years. And counting. But it’s not just about volume. TTAG provides a safe, sane gathering place for the firearms community to read and share their opinions on gun news, views and reviews; updated hourly from 8am to 8pm EST (and then some). In these challenging times for gun rights, TTAG remains dedicated to providing the highest quality, most timely firearms-related information possible. We thank you, our Armed Intelligentsia, for giving us the opportunity to fulfill this mission.

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      • Me too. When I read the word ‘hits’ I shiver and think of all the people liberals Bill and Hillary Clinton ordered assassinated.

        Mission Success. Great job on the numbers and congrats team!

      • A “hit” can be generated not by just the page itself but by all the resources loaded with it, meaning every image will be a hit. Some people with failing Web sites like to advertise thousands of hits but it only means sometimes a dozen visitors a day.

  1. When you say updated hourly, does that mean I don’t have to click refresh every three minutes checking for new articles?

    • If you tick the two boxes under your reply, you can stop abusing your F5 button. You’ll get an email when a new post goes up. I recommend a filter of some kind, because it can get overwhelming.

  2. Since TTAG claims to tell the truth, then tell the truth about LIBOR. Be the first to publicly reveal why the Aurora, and Newton shootings occured. Both Lanza, and Holmes were connected. Find how and why the fathers were to testify before Congress. This goes deep into the Senate and House. They needed a shooting to clear the news on LIBOR from the media, and the public. This was initiated by a group of people that cannot be exposed.

    The government and the banks have swidled trillions of dollars from us, and to expose this would bring the down fall of the present regime. Don’t take my word for this, read about LIBOR, before it gets covered up. Innocent lives were lost to cover up criminal activity.

  3. Good work. A million U.V.’s per month? That’s a strong voice for the pro gun, pro civil rights movement in this country. I look forward to the day when freedom comes to Ca., Chicago, NYC and New Jersey. The fight goes on.

    • I also like how we are running a 50% return rate. We are also running about a 3 million page view which means folks are poking around not just hitting one page and going away.
      Although for you, me, Ralph, Matt, and some others, I am sure our numbers are pretty high. I would hate to think about that actually! 😉

  4. Great Job! Keep up the good work…my wife and have been following your posts avidly in recent days. Our only hope is that those poor misinformed souls who buy the spin from papers like the NY Times broaden their horizons and learn from websites like these.

  5. Like the polls show not all americans are anti gun and many want you to give them the correct info thanks RF and Nick!!!!!!!!


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