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TTAG Five--Star Firearms

When Andy at Florida Gun Supply started talking to TTAG about a joint venture we set three preconditions. 1. FGS would only sell TTAG-approved guns: firearms we’d reviewed and recommended. 2. The pricing would be transparent. ALL guns for sale at the TTAG LGS would be priced 15% over FGS’s cost, plus $14.99. shipping. 3. FGS would maintain their first-rate customer service. Done, done and done. I’m pleased to announce that The Truth About Guns Gun Store is open for business. Click here or on the Gun Store tab topside to see what firearms TTAG blesses on your behalf. If you have any trouble with any aspect of any sale – and FGS doesn’t resolve it completely – email [email protected]. Your firearms purchases through the TTAG LGS help keep this website in business. Thank you in advance for putting food on our table.

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  1. Is there a discount for MDA members who suddenly have their Road to Damascus conversion?

  2. Just checked the price on one firearm I just purchased recently.

    List price: $599.00

    You save: $52.75 (9%)

    I got the same handgun for $449 from Primary Arms in Texas.

    I might have considered buying from your store, but would not have been willing to spend about $100 more.

    • Thanks for the info. We used an Excel formula to set up the pricing of the products. We need feedback from users like you to make our pricing perfect.

      • Your prices are consistently 15% above my all my LGSs +shipping + local transfer fee, basically you’re in the same price range as Cabelas.

      • The prices we have set up are not 30% over wholesale. They are 15% over what it costs us to get the gun. So if we paid $300 for the gun, and it cost us $5 to get it shipped to us, the formula to get the TTAG price is: $305 * 1.15 (adding 15%), and the TTAG sale price will be $350.75.

        Then, TTAG and Florida Gun Supply split the 15%.

        • I think this needs clarification. I also read it as 15% more than you would ordinarily charge, not over the wholesale price you paid for it (which sounds very reasonable).

          • I don’t understand. I think that “priced 15% over FGS’s cost” is pretty self-explanatory. “Cost” is usually understood to mean “dealer cost” as in “what the dealer pays for the item.” Was there different, less-clear language earlier?

          • Understood – we’ll try to be more clear in the future. Yes, we meant 15% over wholesale. Some of the prices may need to be adjusted as we go, but we felt that was pretty fair.

  3. Wow. There’s some pretty decent deals on there. Been wantin a 30-30 for a while

  4. Buying guns through the interwebz?
    Are you trying to induce a heart attack in the mighty midget???
    Make Shannon hysterical?

  5. RF,

    Please post links to the TTAG review for each gun under the description of the gun or as a sub-heading. For instance, if I pull up a Glock brand Glock G19 in the online store, I’d love to have a link right there to the TTAG review of the G19.

  6. You can always do like Budz and sell used range guns as new. Then insult and threaten anybody who complains.

    • Waiving the Bull-oney flag on Del’s remark. Sounds like another Bud hater, or a LGS who hates the competition. I’ve purchased many firearms from Bud’s. If you are looking for hand-holding Bud’s not for you. If you want some of the lowest prices anywhere, well…this Bud’s for you.

      • Second that. Main caution with Bud’s is don’t count on the picture to be exactly what you get (go by the model info not the pic). When in doubt, call them. Otherwise they are great. Sorry, not what was wanted in the thread, I expect 🙂

        • Not saying you are wrong about the complaints. I’ve seen some myself on my internet travels. One thing to remember, though. Satisfied customers generally don’t bother to seek out those comment sites, so you are going to get a one-sided account with all such sites. I’ve had nothing but good experiences, as have the friends I have referred to Buds. YMMV, it seems.

        • Bud’s Gun Shop is the largest online retailer for firearms. Will they get complaints? Sure.

          But many more of us have purchased from Bud’s with ZERO issues.

          Here’s a hankie, Del, to dry your tears.

          : )

          • Sweet baby Jesus, Paul, why must you? That was a perfectly acceptable comment you had going there, but then, as you always seem to do, you had to go and prick it up at the end.

            I just really don’t understand.

      • Here’s what I “don’t understand,” Matt in FL. Why do you obsess over my comments when there are more than enough people you could castigate for over-the-top remarks on this forum, but you rarely do.

        Instead, you choose to indulge in blasphemy and vulgarity to whine about a comment I made about a guy who is clearly intent here on trashing Bud’s.

        That’s what “I don’t understand.”

        • Sigh. So your answer is “but they did it first?”

          Why do I notice your comments more than others? Because a higher percentage of your comments exhibit dickish behavior than most people’s. Just like a higher percentage of William Burke’s comments are vigorously argumentative than most people’s.

          I don’t go looking for your comments specifically or on purpose, honest to God I don’t. But due to what I said above, it works out that when I do see a comment by you, there’s a better than average chance that you’re being a prick to someone else. It’s just math and the law of averages.

          As for the “blasphemy and vulgarity” comment, piffle. The only times I’ve ever heard someone say something about blasphemy were when I was watching a docudrama about the Catholic church in the middle ages, and when you bring it up because you’re trying desperately to regain the moral high ground. Because this isn’t the first time you’ve attempted to play that card on me. You can’t say shit (whoops, there’s that vulgarity showing itself again) about my point, because you know you’re being a prick, so you attack the language I use to point out your shitty behavior. The fact remains that you’re generally a condescending asshole to anyone you disagree with, and I’ll continue to call it out when I see it until it stops, one way or another.

          • I’m kind of cute all the time. And I’m not all spooled up yet. I’m still coasting through the neighborhood, looking for the onramp.

            I notice you still didn’t actually address my point, you just retreated to paternalistic condescension, which is your usual modus operandi when confronted.

        • Matt, let me make this entirely clear to you: I simply do not care, at all, about your opinions about my comments, it is amusing that you are so selective with your criticisms, that’s all. Now you have a good evening.

        • Based on McCains remarks, since HE has not been ripped off at Budz, thats all that matters. Never mind the HUNDREDS of online complaints, which is only the tip of the iceberg in reality because most people who get stiffed never bother to complain at all. Team Budz pulled the switcheroo on me for the record, and obviously I am not the only one who got used for new since there are many complaints about their switcheroo tactics with just a cursory search of “Buds gunshop sucks.”

          McCains logic is like any libtards, since THEY dont have a problem with Obamacare, higher taxes, gun grabs, privacy invasion, etc etc you name it, anyone who complains must be a whiner. Majoritarianism and all that.

          “Paul McCain” you have shown your true colors. Stay off my posts with your tripe. Better yet get off Obama welfare and get a job, youre on here 24/7.

      • Matt isn’t being insulting, he’s just keeping it real. Some of us around here may know Paul T. McCain from his antics on more than a few other gun forums and any websites that allow comments. He also goes by Amsdorf, and ptmccain. Search around…

        • He is known to regularly indulge in that solipsism Mina was talking about in another article.

  7. ” 1. FGS would only sell TTAG-approved guns: firearms we’d reviewed and recommended.”

    So why is the Remington R51 on there?

    Edit: Doh, jay1975 beat me to it (just barely)

  8. Ouch. If the prices I saw are accurately listed, your dealer cost is pretty high.

  9. $586.50 for a gen 4 17. Does that include shipping? After transfer fee I’m at near as damnit $650 for a glock.

    Sorry dudes. This is one venture that shouldn’t have happened.

      • If you are in california, you have:

        $25 dollar DROS fee
        Buying lock for firearm fee (varies)
        then whatever the dealer charges (Lowest I have seen in my area is $50) Its pretty high due to the dealer having to store the firearm for 10 days because of the stupid “cooling off period)

        • In my area (far northern California) everyone is charging $75 for a transfer for a gun they didn’t sell. Add the DROS, and it is an even C-note, which totally kills any benefit from shopping from an internet guns store. And then there is another 8.5% tax on the purchase price. this rule is applied even to guns they do not sell and cannot get/order.

      • I dream about $25 transfer fees. I have found that most of the gun stores in the Cook County area charge between $45 and $75.

        • Hate to sound like a paid shill but marengo guns is worth the drive and has 10$ ffl transfers

        • Thanks for the heads-up, Mjn. Little late for the CZ 527 that is being delivered this week. The lack of sales tax and free shipping made me feel a little better about the ridiculous transfer fee.

    • Hmm. Minimum advertised price on Glock Gen 4 is $539. We just came back from a gun show were the Gen 4 17’s were selling at $590. People were buying them.

      • I’m in the process of opening a gun store and I’d like to ask – why do you sell to government employees? In my eyes, that’s like selling to gang members or a drug cartel – you know what kind of people they are and what nefarious purposes they’ll use the guns for. Is money really more important to you than doing the right thing?

        Edit – I’m sure Matt will delete this in 3..2..1..

        • “…what kind of people they are and what nefarious purposes they’ll use the guns for…”

          I think that’s an interesting question, but the phrase above makes me wonder: Are there, in your opinion, any good cops? And what nefarious purposes do you imagine for the gun? Are you assuming he’s buying it to carry as a duty weapon, and would your opinion change if you knew he wasn’t carrying it at work, but buying it simply because he’s a gun enthusiast?

          Edit – and you’re wrong…

        • Are there any good cops? Probably not. Theoretically a cop would be good if he actually stood up for citizens rights and would also stand up against corrupt police officers. Those of us who know the police (I worked as a contractor for the NYPD for three years) know that none of them give a rats ass about your rights and will gladly lie to protect the most psychotic and violent of fellow officers.

          Are you implying that a cop will only commit violent crimes while on duty?

          If he was buying a gun simply because “he’s a gun enthusiast”, he wouldn’t be buying a prohibited item just because he’s “superior” for doing the dirty work of politicians.

          Edit – We’ll see. You love deleting comments of those who fail to fall in line with your views. With great moderator power comes great intolerance for differing views – it’s universal to all forums, not just TTAG, and has been since the dawn of discussion forums.

          • If you were a cop (I know, it’s a stretch), would you forswear buying a gun that wasn’t available to everyone? Just curious.

            For the record, I think very, very few people would answer yes to that question, and fewer still would be telling the truth.

            Edit – People can differ all they like, even heatedly, and I don’t care. I moderate very, very few comments. I’ve gone literally months without touching a one.

        • If I were a cop, I’d abide by the laws of my state as they apply to civilians (which a cop is). I’d also refuse to serve a state that didn’t respect the rights of the people, so I’d live in a state that didn’t ban ordinary semi-auto pistols. If my friend who earned an honest living couldn’t buy it, I wouldn’t buy it even if the government told me I was “special” while patting me on the head and giving me a treat.

        • Thanks so much for the assumption that I’m an anti-gun political servant. You clearly aren’t aware of my Facebook posts linking to TTAG, my letters to politicians opposing gun control, or my donations to pro-gun politicians and organizations. Further, handguns purchased off-roster can subsequently be transferred to non-LEOs. I’ve done that. Some of the posters on TTAG have actually asked me to do that for them, but the time line was too close and I didn’t want to be considered a straw purchaser. I’ve helped plenty of people purchase, build, and train with their firearms who are both police and non-police.

          But by all means, disparage pro-gun police officers that you don’t know. I’ve got better things to do – I’m off to a double Finlaggan on the rocks.

        • If I were a cop and had special buying powers I would buy all the LEO guns I could buy and sell them to any non-LEO private party for exactly what I paid for them. That is really leveling the playing field, and making all purchasers equal under the law.

          I know straw puchaser and all that but you gotta decide walk the walk or just talk the talk.

        • @Accur81

          I never said that you were anti-gun, but you ARE a servant of politicians. It’s literally your job description to use violence to force people to obey the will of politicians. Your advocacy is irrelevant to the realities of your job. Also, your advocacy highlights the hypocrisy that I was mentioning – you claim to support everyone’s right to keep and bear arms, yet think that your status as a violent enforcer means that you should be allowed to purchase items that are banned to your fellow civilians. You’re OK with people having the right to bear arms, as long as you maintain superior rights due to your obedience to the politicians that you serve. I’ve also seen you comment on countless articles and can’t count a single time that you spoke out against LEO’s who commit crimes, which is part of my previous comment about an otherwise “good” cop being a bad cop due to protecting bad cops.

          Don’t worry, I know that nothing I say will impact you. “Thin blue line” and all that. Just keep in mind that IF a civil war were to break out, the American people would go after the police first. This isn’t a threat, Matt in FL – so no deleting over hurt feelings, it’s a simple fact of the sentiment towards the police and a suggestion for some self-reflection and re-considering your life.

          • I really do think you dramatically overestimate how often I moderate things. One yesterday, and one or two (from the same person in the same post) about a week ago, and not a single thing for two full months before that. Stop being such a drama llama about it. It wasn’t even your comment that got deleted yesterday.

    • I see the posts criticizing LEO discounts have been sanitized. Apparently little Robbie got offended…


      • It wasn’t “Robbie,” it was me. I don’t consider things like “Wow, “look at me, I’m part of the privileged class in California that can get things that law-abiding, tax-paying citizens can’t get. I’m special” to be civil or necessary or constructive to the conversation. So I deleted it. Deal with it.

        • Nice to see who you side with when it comes to the citizens vs the government. That’s a class act right there.

          • This isn’t citizens vs the government, at least as far as who I’m siding with. This is one commenter being a jerk to another commenter who has represented himself to be a cop. I don’t give a shit about the politics of the situation, I’m just keeping the peace. If he’d called the writer of the original comment an asshole for that comment, I’d have deleted that, too.

            Nice try, though.

        • No, it was a reader criticizing a government employee for supposedly being pro-gun, yet gladly viewing himself as “special” and deserving of ordinary guns banned to the public because he swore an oath to obey politicians. The commenter (I didn’t pay attention to the name) was not flaming or breaking any other TTAG policy – he merely offended you by not worshiping a government thug.

    • Really? I’ve bought several at mine and looked up the “street price” later….I’m pretty sure I was bent over the counter and COMMENT MODERATED 😉

    • You must live near the only Gander Mountain in America that has realistic prices… The store here is consistently the highest around on most guns. Damn near full “new” retail price on used guns, too.

      That said, the TTAG gun store prices aren’t that great, either, compared to LGS prices around here. Especially once you factor in the shipping and FFL fee. As someone else said, maybe you guys need a better distributor, or to negotiate better prices with your current one.

      I will check it out for my next purchase, though, and if the price is roughly competitive, you can have my money. 🙂

      • Now see, I’m down with that idea. My own LGS is 5 stars all across, but if I am looking for something they don’t have, and the TTAG shop price is reasonable, I’d rather spend the money that way.

        But yeah, most Gander prices are insane. though, I did find an HK P7PSP in the local one for 650.. couldn’t make myself buy a discontinued gun though.. For what I looked at on TTAG’s link, and what I have seen at the local Gander, Gander was running a bit under.

  10. Well sadly I’m kind of out of work due to medial reasons. No new guns for me for… some time.

  11. @paul $25.

    So more like $600. But that’s to wait for it to get here and then drive to my FFL.

    I can save $8 and get it today at my LGS. So perhaps my math was wrong.

  12. Canik55 Stingray C got a 5 star review from TTAG… but its not in your store. Why for?

    Does Century Arms have something to do with it?…

      • Nutz.

        I believe Century Arms has exclusive distribution rights to this cool little gun. And everything Canik55. Which might be unfortunate. I have not been hearing anything but frustration from gun shops concerning Century Arms’ distribution and communication skills.

        But thank you for the TTAG Gun Store! My loyalties will probably lead me to look here first when shopping for my next gun. 🙂

  13. Well, the store doesn’t have *insert obscure firearm here*, so the store obviously sucks.

    That was sarcasm, by the way.

    Intrigued to see where this goes.

  14. This is a great idea, and I commend you for being so transparent with the business decision and markup. You didnt have too, but it goes to show that the prices will be fair.

  15. my next purchase will be from you guys, but at those prices it won’t be until next year. unless there’s a sale coming up soon on a colt socom *fingers crossed*

    • When your broke ass can afford to buy something?

      Since you’re deleting everything today, delete that.

      • Pretty much. Moving into a new apartment is a process full of expenses, both expected and not. When the dust settles from that, I’ll get back to work on my list.

        I’m not deleting everything, though you can be forgiven for thinking that, based on the amount of whining about it. It was actually one (1) comment that I deleted. One.

        • Matt, seriously bro get out of here with your facts. You should know its all about emotion with us gun grabb…..err…….gun support……errr….gun activists?????……eeeerrrrrr…….wait what are we talking about???? oh ya EMOTION FTW!!!!

          I sometimes wonder who really has the time and energy to disparage a site/posters/visitors when you chose to come here and post!!! I think I have posted maybe 7-8 times in 2.5yrs reading the site daily and it cracks me up when people post hate because its an absolute waste of time and accomplishes nothing. It’s even better when it gets moderated because they then spend the time to get angry that you shut up their anger! Awesome. Keep on Keeping on.

        • I post a lot, often multiple times per day, and at times I’m pretty edgy. I’ve never had a comment moderated by anyone, including Matt. However, I have seen some comments that I would have moderated, I’d have moderated the commenter right out of the forum if it were up to me. I suggest that the few of you who are experiencing Matt’s ire, those few who consistently post things that are questionable, offensive, rude, trolling or just otherwise without value thank TTAG for not taking me on as a moderator and thank Matt for his forbearance.

          Matt: I’ve read a good many of your posts and find little if anything I can disagree with, and I can be a highly opinionated person much of the time. I suspect that if it were not for geographical differences we might be friends. As for the complainers, as above, some of them would have been banned by now if it were up to me, not saying that’s how it should be, just saying that’s how little patience I have. Kudos to you and thanks for doing a (largely) thankless job.

        • I’ve never had a comment moderated by anyone, including Matt.

          I can’t say that, but usually they’re ad hominem and I know that going in. Some things just have to be said….

          I do occasionally get auto moderated by WordPress. Usually for things like using FOAD (I still can’t edit, but I’ll bet this one will be “awaiting moderation” because of it). I’ve only had one, in my memory, that was awaiting moderation for something I couldn’t see…

  16. Robert: I was thinking about purchasing some new guns. The ones I have are fine, but adding to them, some lighter, easier to conceal, for myself and family members. I was putting it off, sitting in my easy chair and putting it off. Now you have motivated me into action, albeit slowly. I will be getting one or more. Now I have to educate myself on what is available today and fits my present purchasing needs. Thanks Robert, as always!

    • Call us at the number on If you have a gun in mind that’s not listed on TTAG, we’ll still make sure TTAG gets revenue from your sale.

    • AR15s are coming. We wanted to launch the site with the guns that TTAG gave 5 star reviews, and work the stars backwards from there. We’ll be adding the 4 star reviews next.

  17. My next two pistols will probably be an HK P30 and HK USP 45. Any chance you guys will be adding those? Maybe those would be ones I would just have to call you on, as I think you mentioned in one of your comments. Can you post those prices here for me? I would like the P30 with the LEM and the USP with the standard DA trigger.

  18. Sales tax for FL residents I’m assuming? And can FL residents pick up in person rather than ship to another FFL?

    • Yep, sales tax in Florida, but not any other state, and yes, people can pick it up in Florida. No shipping required. We are located in Inverness, FL and we even have a shooting range on site.

  19. JeffR $35 flat transfer from Borderline Guns in Crete,il. Across the street from Cook County,Illinois . And NO 25buck juice tax.

  20. Aww no S&W SDVEs, didn’t you guys give it 4/5 or something? Anyway, I’m lookin’ for a new roundgun, I’ll add this rag to my personal online gun mall.

    P.S. Yes I own a SD9VE

  21. Have you thought about trying to get some FFL’s on board to do transfers for you at a reduced rate for the TTAG community? I am an FFL in San Antonio and would be willing to help out.

  22. I don’t see an Hi-Points on the site. 😉
    I do see some Tauruses. Does TTAG really recommend those? Not the one that fires when shaken, I hope.

    And the CZ prices are pretty high. My local fancy gun boutique sells them for about the same. Add in transfer fee, shipping, sales tax, and sales tax on the shipping–compared to just sales tax on the local buy, and the internet gun is more expensive.

  23. Love the idea, but some of the prices make me cringe. You list the Gen 3 Glock 23 at $546.25, my LGS sells them for $499.99

    • I was going to say the same thing. Gen 3 Glocks are pretty much 499 everywhere. Anything more is a rip. (Not including any ffl transfer fees or taxes).

  24. Personally I find the prices high, and while I understand the flat 15% over cost, I think that will cause you to move the lower end firearms vs mid to higher end. I would change it to a flat $60 over cost + shipping and only kick $10 back to ttag, if that would work for you and ttag I think you may generate a lot of business.

  25. You have a gun I was interested in but I went back and looked at your review at that gun. You basically gave that gun vigorous thumbs down so I decided not to buy. Only a fool would buy from a seller who says “don’t buy”. Thanks for keeping it real.

  26. Wow! So much controversy! I think this is a great way to troll Everytown for stupidity.

  27. I’ve been browsing around the site and it looks like there’s a decent selection, it seems the firearms that are on thier are the ones I want but haven’t been able to find. So that’s cool

  28. This thread was great entertainment. It featured multiple hot button issues … and a Lutheran pastor. But it could use more Ralph. And maybe a caliber debate.

  29. @ Andrew Hallinan. Congrats. Looks great. This is a good deal for TTAG. Prices are fine. I am sure I could go piece by piece, and percentage by percentage, and complain when something isn’t as cheap as I could find elsewhere, but I am not an insufferable nickel-and-diming douchebag. One of the reasons I gladly pay a little more at the local gun shop, is because I want them to stay in business and they give fantastic service. They do not buy trainloads of guns to get me the cheapest price. I get that. They get me what I want, and they support causes that mean a lot to me. I also tip wait staff generously when I eat out, reward people who go above and beyond, and have a tendency to reward my allies. The reality is that the price of a gun pales in comparison to the whole price when looking at it from the perspective of ammo and accessories, so whatever. Thanks for partnering with TTAG. I hope it makes our community stronger.

  30. Retail markup of 15%? I was under the impression gun business was low margin but that is pathetic.

  31. The Harrington & Richardson NP1-P18 would not be out of place in the shotgun section, hardly a better buy exists in the firearms cosmos. Pretty much puts the buzzname models already there to shame IMO, especially it’s archetype, the 870: solid as an anvil, reliable as hell and ~ ½ to ⅓ the price.

  32. I didn’t find the prices to be particularly good for the things I know the going rate for. I bought a Kahr CW9 for $370 at a LGS, and saw it for slightly less at the LGS in the range where I shoot.

    I think you will have to do better to entice the smart shoppers.

  33. big sigh……always disappointed when a group of enthusiasts spend the bulk of their time sniping at each other. it is the same everywhere i go. what’s the point? all the rants and virtually nothing changes in our world. it is enough that we spend so much time confirming our committment to the second ammendment, but all this squabbling?


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