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Remington 20/20, c Nick Leghorn

Remington made a HUGE deal out of their 2020 line of rifles, their joint venture with TrackingPoint to bring a “precision guided firearm” to the lower end of the commercial market. They had an elaborate marketing campaign leading up to the announcement, a big SHOT Show launch and featured the guns in the local Cabelas shops (as we saw above). But in the end, it looks like no one actually bought the things. According to our sources, Remington has decided to eliminate the 2020 line after less than six months on the market. This marks the third major setback this year involving Remington and their firearms . . .

First came the disaster that is the Remington R51. Next came news that Big Green is recalling their Model 700 rifles over a trigger issue at a cost of tens of millions of dollars. Now, they are canning an entire line of very expensive rifles after less than six months of sales.

You could see the writing on the wall for this gun even before they went on sale. There wasn’t really anything special about the scope that the Burris Eliminator couldn’t do for $3,000 less. And since the Remington guns had none of the guided trigger awesomeness that really sets the TrackingPoint guns above and beyond the standard rifle it didn’t make a lot of sense to lay out $5,000 on a pale imitation.

Yet another reason Remington’s marketing and sales president was unceremoniously kicked to the curb?

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  1. Another nail in their coffin. This company can’t even initiate a recall correctly. My 700 rifle still sits in my safe. 3 weeks after calling them to get a box to send my “accident waiting to happen” back I call them and they have no record of my return request for the recall, stating something about a glitch. I then ask if and when I do get a box how long will you keep my rifle and was told at the very least 8 weeks. When I bought this POS last year I actually bought a glitch.

  2. I’m interested in this technology but will wait to buy until it is shrunk to 1/2 the size it is now. Until they can make it small enough to lug around in the field all day I don’t think they’ll get much traction in the market.

    • …it’s like watching a Frog boil itself. Big Green is in it’s death throws, unless it decides to jump out of the pot soon.

      • Almost as if Obuma is running Remington with the same level of competence as GMC and the fed gov’t

  3. Remington is running itself into the ground. Hopefully Freedom Group can get their act together before they destroy the rest like they have Bushmaster, Marlin, and Remington.

  4. So The Freedom Group sh1t on Remmy’s bed yet again. Self-firing rifles, the inept R51 and now this. Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right . . .

    • Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right
      Here I am, stuck in the middle with you

      “Stealers Wheel” for the Win!!

        • Had to remind me, can’t hear that song without thinking:

          -Crazy person
          -Screaming person tied to chair

    • New book from Remington
      “How To Destroy Your Brand and Completely Sh1t The Bed For Dummies” published in disappearing ink.

  5. I remember the electrically fired ammo/rifle system they had a dozen years back. That died a pretty quick death also. Tere are so many simple things that Remington COULD be doing, that it amazes me they invest so much in this “Buck Rodgers” technology. They could bring back the XP-100 pistol, their single action revolver from the 1880’s, or even as simple as make decent safe triggers for current production.

  6. Mean while I am out almost 500 bucks as my POS R51 has been at Para for 4 weeks now and counting, still no official word on what is going on just rumors. At this point I’ll take a full refund at MSRP with the sales tax.

  7. I’ve been a Remington guy since I was a kid and watching this train wreck in slo-mo makes me want to cry.

  8. Wow. I’m not sure I want to trust the Remmy ammo I have in the safe at this point.

  9. The only Remington I’ll ever own is my Grandfather’s, 1960’s era 870. This is a case study on when “non-gun” people (*cough, Private Equity Investors, cough*) think they can run a gun company(ies) because they got nice shiny ivy league MBA degrees and peformed other LBO’s.

    I’ll wait until Freedom group spits the bit and a real company like Ruger takes over the mess and gives us firearms we should be enjoying. The 1987 336 is still one of the favorite guns in my safe. I shed a tear on the absolute joke this mess has become.

  10. All Remington had to do was not F up. Not improve substantially, not carve out a new market niche, just not F up and continue to sell good 870’s and 700’s and maybe a few other things. But then, they grabbed their helmet and crayons and went full f*ckin’ retard. I really wanted a 700 in 30-06 too… but I don’t want one with a stock made to accommodate a retard helmet so I guess i’m SOL.

  11. Remington needs to get back to making guns for hunters and sportsmen/women, and make them affordable. Just because you CAN make something that costs $3000-5000, doesn’t mean you should. What did they expect with the 2020? That Remington loyalists would just fork over the money without half a thought? Maybe that would happen with a gun that cost $200 or less, but not with a 3 to 5 THOUSAND dollar gun. Come on Remington,you are better than this. At least you got rid of one of your problems anyway. You are one of my favorites. Wake up and smell the coffee before you burn your own house down!

    • It’s obvious looking at the picture at the top that they never checked the ergonomics of the 2020 package. The sight-line is so high you would have to use a German hold (your chin on the stock, not your cheek) to look through the scope.

      Remington should get back to basics. Look at what sells, what the market wants, and make it as well as possible without going overboard.

      • I totally agree. I loved their model 1100 shotgun ( I had a chance to use one that a friend had on a hunting trip). Sure a bit pricy for me, and a bit on the heavy side, but at least you didn’t get the crap kicked out of you when firing slugs and 00 buckshot loads. I always wanted a model 4 or 7400 (now called the 750 I believe) in 30-06 or .308 but never got the chance to get one. Now even those are getting to a price that is unaffordable to me.

  12. Based on a TTAG review I bought a Remington 597 last year. Magazines didn’t work (both the 10 and 30) and it shot so far off target I about cried at the waste of ammo. Customer service was terrible. Never will I buy a Remmy again over just a little .22. I saw the R51 and laughed thinking of the poor suckers who were going to buy one.

  13. Remington can’t build a firearm without mechanical problems anymore. Adding electronics (Even with help from TP) will only lead to a firearm with mechanical AND electronics problems. I don’t know or care if their recent problems are incompetence or sabotage. They are dead to me, don’t exist anymore. And I make sure everyone around me knows why. There are lots of great old Remingtons available. I don’t need any of their “experimental” new offerings. Reliability is the single most important factor in a firearm to me, once you’ve lost that nothing else matters.

  14. To those with Rem 700s and trigger issues, I recommend a Timney trigger.

    And if anyone has stock in Remington / FG, I’d dump that.

  15. Im going to guess that a large part of the failure of this product is that among the precision shooting crowd, half of the fun and prestige of being able to take long shots is the skill, patience, and mental ability to make long shots in the field. Whether that be on game or targets. A $6k rifle and requisit amount of ammunition is a hell of an expensive way to make it basically as easy as shooting in a video game.

    Most people see this and realize they can get a Remington 5R stainless or VSSFII or Sendero SF II top it with a very Premium (Nightforce, Zeiss, USO etc) scope and still have enough coin to buy 500-1000 rounds of federal gold metal match ammo for the price of this rifle.

    Ive known my fair share of precision long range shooters and I just dont see there being a huge appetite for a mediocre bolt gun with a high tech scope that basically makes things as easy as point and shoot, that would defeat the purpose in my mind. My longest htis were 900 yards and part of the reason I brag about that shoot is because the rifle was a Model 70 winchester 308, with a Leupold VX2 3-9x, and a trigger job. No one will be impressed if you nail a shot at 1000 yds because your scope did all the calculation and aiming for you.

    I could see a military application for this though.

    • I havent shot far but I gotta ask: Is a 1000 meter shot (1093 yards) doable with a 3-9x scope? I ask because I usually shoot at 100 meters with no magnification (diopter sights) and some of the other people i shoot with shoot at 300 also with diopter sights.

      • Sure it’s doable. In fact, you answered why it’s doable in your own post. If you can hit a target at 100 meters with no magnification, what about 900 meters with 9x magnification? As long as the glass isn’t garbage, you should be able to see it just fine. Stretch that out an extra 100 meters but still being at 9x magnification and it’s not that much harder to see the target. As long as you’ve got the elevation(in the scope plus maybe something like a 20moa base) so you aren’t trying to holdover at the edge of the glass.

        Shooting that far is all about fundamentals(as a screw up at 100 meters will be worse at 1000), and wind reading(if you can’t read the wind… good luck hitting the target. Elevation calculation is easy). Get the wind wrong(and it can change directions while the bullet is traveling down range), and you can easily miss by a couple of feet.

  16. Would have been better if TrackingPoint had partnered with Weatherby, Macmillan, or AI…or maybe even FN or Barrett.

  17. This is sad.

    You might be gone but you ain’t forgotten (even if I always prefered CZ, Zastava, Savage and Sauer rifles). If I drank I would probably spill some on the block for you.

  18. Seriously, who the fuck is running Remington?

    They said they could sell a magnesium lower + magnesium handguard ACR for around $1k to the Army, so why can’t they just turn it around, make it $1,500 or $1,700, and sell a 6.8 LB ACR to the civilian market, with barrel and caliber conversions.

    They have a money printer and they won’t use it.

  19. Perhaps I should go with a Timney Trigger and just forget about sending my 700 back to Remington for repair…

    • At least you can send your Remington rifles back for repair. No word on what is happening in my part of the world. The reply from Remington regarding rifles in overseas location would probably be NUTS.

    • Check out “Rifle Basix” triggers. $115 and up. They have many models for Rem 700, down to 2oz./6oz. for $145 to $160.
      I put one on a Stevens 22/250 a couple years ago and was satisfied.

  20. Why would anybody want to put a full size VHS camcorder on their rifle? Well, it looks like one!

  21. For those of you replacing your triggers with a Timney or Rifle Basix, you are doing the right thing. I own one of each and will be replacing my recalled Remington 700 with another Timney. Great triggers for the money, as well as Rifle Basix triggers. Sad as it is, I had family that worked for Remington until 2010 making ammo in Arkansas for them. Lot’s has changed in just a few short years, and not for the better.

  22. This hurts my brain.
    If this keeps up, there won’t be a Remington in the next 2-3 years.
    Not that I care. What does remington. Take that another company doesn’t do better?

  23. Very sad as we are long time Remington owners for nearly all of our rifles/shotguns. I purchased my son a 700 in 308 for his birthday last year. I sent in the request for the recall information as soon as I heard about it and haven’t heard a thing.

    Its too bad that they don’t simply focus on building the 700, 870 and the odd autoloader. Damn investment group having them cutting costs while innovating “me to” stuff no one wants. Skip the gimmicks and stick to your core business.

  24. check out the timney calvin elite for the rem 700. Just installed one, best trigger i’ve ever pulled.
    Had a rem 700 5r from the factory that hard a hard time closing on a live round(factory ammo std col) big green is imploding

  25. Me thinks this is all much ado about nothing. I have owned Remington 700s, 870s, 1100s, 1187s, and several ARs. Bought my first 700 over 40 years ago and still have it in the safe. I have friends that have owned Remington products for decades more. I have shot thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of rounds from said Remington products and never have I had a rifle or shotgun fire of its own volition. Nor have any of my friends. I have several old rifles, shotguns, and handguns with no safety of any kind and none of them have decided to fire on their own. As for the guy who couldn’t hit anything with his 597, you need to practice. No gun will hit a target unless you do your part. I have a 597 that will shoot 1½” groups at 100 yards; because I practice with it. I also have Ruger 10/22s, and none of them will approach that level of accuracy.
    When all of this started to show up in the news and on the internet I tried to get a 700 to fire with the safety on to no avail. But if it makes you feel better by all means put an aftermarket trigger on your 700, it will increase profits for Timney and others manufacturers.
    I have Winchester Model 70s and a Savage Model 93 BTVS but I carry a Remington 700 almost exclusively when I am hunting. I would like to know how many of you who have suddenly become Remington bashers have actually had a 700 fire by itself.

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  27. I have said this about a million times in the last 15 years. Gun companies should be round by gun people. Savage was in the dumps until a real gun guy took over and turned them into what Remington used to be, the “go to” accuracy company with real triggers.

    Ruger was almost killed when the lawyer Sanetti took over. Compare a Ruger 10/22 built when Bill Ruger was alive and the abortions they were making 5 years ago. They cased the lawyer Sanetti off and Ruger has GUN people running it. Today I took a brand new Ruger American Rifle 22 with ZERO accuracy improvements and my first 6 shots at 50 yards with good but not great ammo measured about .3-.4 inch. I had never shot the rifle.

    I have been a Remington fan for 45 years. Up until 5-6 years ago when someone asked “What centerfire bolt action should I buy for out of the box accuracy” Answer: Mod 700 Rem. Starting 10 years ago I started including Savage. Starting 5-6 years ago I just said Savage and left it at that.

    They have all but killed Marlin as well.

    I do not know if they are the same company anymore but I am VERY involved in the Rimfire scene. Remington ammo is CRAP!!

    Give Remington back to the gun guys. Remington badly needs another Mike Walker.

  28. More oopsies by remington was putting the 20/20 on the .308 with a threaded barrel.
    A can changes the poi and the scope can’t or doesn’t have anything in its software to comp for it.
    (I asked the guys at Tracking Point that question myself)
    Remington also only wanted to buy the scopes outright, so Tracking Point can’t support or update the software like they do with their own scopes.
    I bought the .308 20/20 in January and it was broken when I opened it up. I sent it back to Remington and got confirmation they had it checked in the repair shop on jan.26
    Over three months later and several calls and the only information I can get out of them is they had to replace the scope and retune it and ship it back to me.


    TrackingPoint has a deal that if they can’t turn around your rifle in 7 days they will ship you a loner rifle until they get yours fixed..
    If you are in the market for an optic like this…
    Get the real deal and get the TrackingPoint rifle.
    I’d honestly just as well have my money back as a rifle I don’t have in my possession.
    Especially with this much money involved..

    • Revision***
      I got the 20/20 back
      Case was chewed up but that’s another story.
      The can does change poi,
      But you can manually change the zero of the optic by .1 increments @100yd.
      I have no idea why they didn’t sell, this is a game changer of a rifle.
      Maybe that’s why.
      So far, the tests I’ve ran have been great success and my only problem is finding ammo accurate enough to match what the scope can dail down to. I haven’t had a chance to get over 100yards yet, but seasoning the barrel has been a great time to learn how to use it optic, instead of just try it for a day.
      Learning different ammo and hand loading consistant accurate ammo to the specs of the programmed ammo itsnt going to be as hard as I thought.
      The mil for mode is fast and simple Enough to shoot standing, but tagging targets need a pod or rest.
      So far with a bipod and federal gold match 168 gr (not programmed) the best group has been 3/8″@100yards.
      I’ll report more later. 🙂

  29. It pays to stick with just making accurate rifles….they can keep their tracking point scopes…Its better to have a good mil dot scope and the skills to hit your targets…..computers have a way of crashing when you need them the most….simple is always better….I really liked the Thompson Icon…then S&W bought the company and dropped the Icon and I just loved the quality and workmanship on the Icons…all that counts is accuracy and dependability….more so for our servicemen that depend on it to defend their life….stick with what works….and I agree…gun people should run a gun company……

  30. I have a Remington model 1100 12ga shotgun, it is heavy but the fastest pointing shotgun I have ever used, and also the lightest kicking. My 26 year old grandson loves it. I inherited it and believe it was made in the 1960’s. I recently bought a Remington model 770 in 243 win, but haven’t had chance to use it yet. One reason I bought it was that all new gun owners had only good things to say about it’s good accuracy and dependability. Really, what more could you want, a 2 year warranty, that to. Maybe I’ll have all kind of trouble with it, but I didn’t spend much. In guns, I look for better accuracy then I am capable of, and reliability. I don’t have money to spend on big name guns that offer nothing other than the less expensive ones. Everyone needs to recognize the difference between cheap and inexpensive. Look for reviews by new users that have no preconceived opinions and biases. Many of these name dropping self proclaimed experts have plenty of both.

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