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Hi, my name is Dan and I’m a gun blogger. I’ve been clean for a little over 40 hours now. And thankfully, I’m now able to jump right back off the wagon. If you’ve followed TTAG’s myface page, you may know that we’ve been the target of a doozy of a denial-of-service attack. We don’t have all the details yet; we don’t know if it was specifically aimed at this site. Anyway, hats off to our hosting company, Pressable, who’ve been working non-stop along with Rackspace to get us back up and running. You just can’t stop the signal. Not for long, anyway. Thanks for your patience and continued readership. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

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  1. Hi, my name’s Cameron and I’ve spent the last 40 hours refreshing this page. It’s great to get my fix back. Quitting’s for quitters.

  2. Ditto. I thought that might be the case last night when I tried several times to get here.

    And as an on-again, off-again IT drone, they tell us every year that IT security is the ballz and we should all learn it and live it and love it. But the PHB manglers don’t wanna hear it, ever; it’s an overhead expense and always bad nooz. Paying someone to be on top of it twists their panties into sweat- and blood-soaked wads while they grind their teeth.

    Anyway, good to see you’re back up and running.

  3. Like it has been pointed out time and time again. They hate the freedom of speech just as much as civilian ownership of fire arms.

    • Yep, first order of business for those pushing for tyranny is to silence opposition. Today, they use DDoS; eventually, if history is a predictor of behavior, it is unlikely to be this beneviolent.

  4. This doesn’t surprise me. For whatever reason on several occasions, when I click on this site it can take a bit longer to hook up. Why that happens I don’t know. There have been a few times the little wheel spins and spins and never hooks up. I have download speeds up to 35meg but there are times it’s less than stellar trying to get on this site. Are “they” watching me….or you?

    • Without a doubt. I’m certain regular readers of this site are on some kind of secret government watch list.

    • The site’s overall performance has been sluggish at best for quite a while now. When it went down I pretty much immediately figured out what was going on; a politically-charged website going Tango Unicorn almost always means foul play involved.

  5. While you were gone, I took up hookers, booze and smoking.
    Well, I tried to.
    All the good hookers are still over in Hawaii.
    Turns out, margarita mix isn’t alcohol. And I kept lighting the filter on the smokes because I thought I was drunk…

  6. I didn’t get on facebook during this time frame but had a sneaking suspicion about what was happening at TTAG. Glad to see its up and running again

  7. Another day without TTAG and I would have made it through the amateur radio study guide and scheduled the exam.

  8. Regularly scheduled? Why not doubly scheduled?

    One would think there would be a backlog of posts building up. So catch up by posting them every half-hour.

    If I’m wrong, comment “Tyler is a smelly smeller.”

    • Tyler is a smelly smeller.

      We never have more than a day’s worth of posts on hand. We keep things fresh.

    • Tyler is a smelly smeller. I had a strangely productive day yesterday. Went duck hunting, grocery shopping, vacuumed and shampooed my truck, changed a burned tail light, organized my garage, had dinner with Ms. Devil Doc, organized my gun safe…

  9. Glad to see TTAG back.. My fall back fix is Liquor and whores.. I was this close to firing up the still and calling my EX.

  10. The enemies of freedom, if they cannot take your arms, they will try to silence your voice.

    Let freedom ring and cock back and rack your slide. It’s not over yet.

    • Or a disgruntled employee.

      Will the FBI be investigating? Will we be seeing the private emails of Robert and Dan making catty comments about A-List gun reviewer and trainers?

      Inquiring minds want to know.

  11. Glad you guys are back. I’m afraid I’m a bit spoiled now, was wandering the Net rather aimlessly waiting for your return…

  12. I was guessing you’d been hacked…if you figure out the DOS was targeted specifically at TTAG, please update your loyal readership…it would be good for us all to know if the anti’s are going underground on us (and by underground, I mean the anti’s are in cahoots with a 40-year old who still lives at home and hangs out in the basement playing with his PC, Xbox and his virtual girlfriend whilst eating Cheetos and drinking Dr.Pepper all day)

    • I just finished “Stonewalled”. All I can say is I have no idea of what news really is anymore and no confidence what so ever in the MSM (Meem Stream Media) or the current administration

  13. I figured it was some sort of DDoS but I dont have da facespace so I decided to read one of the 40k books Ive been putting off for a while. I bet the hate from the antis kept you warm last night 🙂

  14. Just a thought; could this have been anonymous targeting an extremist site that was hosted on the same server?

  15. Oh good… I was really getting tired of the error messages.

    You folks see this?

    Some of the Jewish people in France want “gun permits.” Silly me. I didn’t know Jews were the only ones in France targeted! Everyone who wants to live needs a gun, and to hell with the “permits.” If they ALL just got a gun and learned how to use it, I don’t suppose the French “government” could actually do a damned thing about it. But they won’t… we know they won’t. sigh

  16. Glad to see you’re back. My wife has been making fun of me. I went through all my old gun mags and joined 5 or 6 facebook gun trading groups. My $ is on bloomie…

    • If it is, then even (or better) odds you’ll never ever find out he was behind it, given the number of cutouts he can hire.

  17. What do you know. My kindle does more than read TTAGs. Not as much fun though, glad the truth can be found again.

  18. Hey, while your at it maybe you should get them to switch out that 9600 baud modem. I hear they got them 14.4 modems now!

  19. Nice little website we’ve got here and it’s a shame something bad happened to it.
    Clearly TTAG is getting under their skin and the success of the site is not part of the plan.

  20. On Friday I couldn’t reach the site, I clicked away and thought little about it. On Saturday I couldn’t reach and thought, “Is my ISP blocking?” I ran a traceroute and saw it hop past my ISP all the way to rackspace. That’s when I knew it was a DDoS. I hope I didn’t contribute to the problem. I pinged a few times and tracerouted once.

  21. Piss off the ATF and the ATF pisses on you!

    I’m guessing they didn’t take so kindly to that crayon drawing.

  22. Other quality, politically incorrect sites have been subjected to massive DDoS attacks recently. One stopped its attack quickly using a system from Cloudflare which checks the user agent string of browsers requesting the site to make certain there is a human behind the browser. Can be toggled on and off by site administrators. Persons requesting the site get a momentary “Browser Being Checked” notice, then get admitted to the site.

    Worth investigating. Seems to work well.

    • Yep. I know that Weaselzippers got hit a couple of days ago. Someone is going around these days.

  23. I think it was aimed at you. None of the other gun sites I read were down. Check the whereabouts of Bloomberg during the attack.

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