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By Nicholas Porter

Many people grow nostalgic for their first gun, and again when they receive their first NFA stamp. I cannot deny that that is the case with this suppressor. While it was not the first I had purchased, it was the first to come back approved due to the expedience of an E-Filed Form 4. For those who are not familiar with the manufacturer, Huntertown Arms is a small company building suppressors in Fort Wayne Indiana. Suppressors are basically all they manufacture, and they do so at a price point that easily trumps most other competitors.  In fact, the Guardian 9mm suppressor in this review has an MSRP at only $349 . . .


The first thing you’ll notice about the Guardian is that it is fairly basic. It is a true case of function over form, which is to be expected at its price point. This approach lends itself to most other features of its construction. It is manufactured almost entirely from aluminum, with the exception of the booster and stainless steel blast chamber. The booster and end cap are both easily removed with standard wrenches, as opposed to a custom made tool other suppressors require. This allows the suppressor to be easily serviced by the user.


Inside it you’ll notice a very simple stacked baffle configuration. This gives the user two main benefits. First, because all the baffles are identical (except for the end one) they can be re-arranged so that once the blast baffle has taken too much abuse, it can be moved further down the stack and allow a less battered one to take its place. This allows the baffles to last considerably longer than a mono-core baffle structure, however it does so at the cost of slightly reduced internal volume. Second: In the event of a baffle strike, individual baffles can be replaced. In the case of this suppressor, the company will do so at minimal cost.


On the range it’s a joy to shoot. The added weight (only 7.5 oz) to the front of the host weapon is comfortable and balances the weapon well. It can be run either wet or dry and reduces the noise level to well below hearing safe levels even when dry. Obviously it’s far more effective wet, however I have noticed that I tend to leave the range with a blackened face after running it wet since the water/oil inside is usually blasted out the back of the booster when its fired. As always, safety glasses are a must.

Should you choose to fire it with a fixed barrel host weapon, the manufacturer offers replacement caps that take the place of the booster. I was quoted $50 for one to fit a 9mm SBR’s ½”-36 thread pattern. They also offer adapters for common .22 caliber pistols such as the P22 and SIG Mosquito.

Finally, the warranty. For the low price, I never expected such a good one. Huntertown warrants all of their suppressors for life “against anything but stupid”. What do they consider stupid, you may ask? Things such as never cleaning it, using it for an unapproved caliber, running on too short a barrel…. Well you get the idea.


All in all, it’s a stupendous suppressor for a first time buyer. It’s cheap, lightweight, and easy to maintenance. They also offer other lines of suppressors including multiple size .22 caliber models as well as 5.56 and 7.62 models including some in titanium.


Supported Calibers: 9mm, 17 Mach2, 17 HMR, .22LR, .22 WMR
Full Auto: No
Overall Length: 7.6 inches 8.5 with the booster installed)
Diameter: 1.250 inches
Weight: 7.4 ounces (10.2 ounces with the booster installed)
Blast Baffle Material: Stainless Steel
Material: Stainless steel, Aluminum
Booster: 1/2-28 (13.5x1mm LH available as an option)
Finish: Hardcoated Matte Black Anodizing
Threads: 1/2″ – 28
MSRP: $349.00 (includes booster)


Ratings (out of five stars):

Style: * * *
It’s simply plain, but its anodized finish is smooth with no noticeable flaws.

Reliability: * * * * *
Apart from user error (very lower power ammo), it has not failed to cycle the host weapon.

Sound Reduction: * * * *
It’s not as effective as more expensive models, but it definitely holds its own, and does so at a fraction of the price.

Customize This: *
Apart from getting it DuraCoated or CeraKoted, forget it. But that’s basically true of most suppressors.

Overall: * * * *
It’s an ideal suppressor for a first time buyer, and its reliability, ease of maintenance, and superb warranty make it an excellent choice for anyone wanting a no-frills 9mm suppressor.

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    • Save your money, buy quality. It looks impressive at the range. Put it on a gun you don’t intend to fire, it looks good for show.

  1. Why don’t you write about how they duck their customers on warranty issues. It’s well documented that they are impossible to get ahold of when there is a problem.

    And don’t say it’s because they’re busy. It’s also well known that they are not supplying silencers to their dealers. Sounds more like a company spiraling down the toilet.

    Buy quality cans people. From quality manufacturers.

    • I was about to ask this. I’ve heard more complaints about HTA’s customer service, poor quality cans, and uncompetitive sound reduction than probably all the major can designers combined.

      I root for the small guy, but Huntertown’s reputation is an example of “you get what you pay for”.

      Do research before getting an HTA can and if you actually buy one don’t complain when it fails or they won’t return your emails and phone calls.

      • You are correct. Bought several a couple years ago. Left a message about purchasing many and he called right back. Have not been able to get a hold of them since. You can forget that lifetime warranty; they’ll just change names I think. This guy is a low life that lied to me on the only call/contact. Which means they’ll screw anybody. I’m so pissed I went with his suppressors. Never buy one of this guys suppressors; because he is a dick. Spend the extra couple hundred on a known player that will be around for awhile. Sadly, the govt helps to fuck us up with years of waiting if you’ve played this game. I wouldn’t give this guy one fckg star. Phone calls over the years; about a hundred. Number of times my calls have gone thru; just once for purchase. Fck this little company.

    • All my dealings with them thus far have been smooth, although somewhat slow response time is normal. That said, I haven’t had any warranty issues with my can so I can’t speak for how they are on the warranty claims.

  2. Anybody looking at 9mm should compare against a Liberty Mystic2 as the benchmark and the range of calibers it supports.

    • I’d have to agree. Sure, maybe I spent an additional $300 to get a Mystic but the customer support, build quality, and HUGE range of calibers I can use it on were well worth it. Considering the $200 tax stamp and the many-months wait for approval, I’m particularly glad in this case to have gone with something top notch right off the bat that I can use on 5.56, .300 BLK, 7.62×39 (assuming concentric threads on the host rifle), absolutely any pistol caliber with a bullet 9mm or smaller in diameter, etc etc…

      BTW last January I paid for a Huntertown Arms Guardian SS, the newest 2014 version of their stainless steel Guardian rimfire suppressor. Come late June, I gave up on them as my dealer NEVER heard from them and couldn’t get any stock. They were totally radio silent during this time. I cancelled the order, got an AAC Element 2, and never looked back. The stamp for the AAC came in just after Thanksgiving and the thing freaking rocks. It definitely has the solid reputation of being one of the quietest, nicest rimfire cans on the market for a reason. I can’t wait to use it on the Kel-Tec CMR-30 that’ll hopefully be arriving for T&E fairly soon.

  3. Another vote for the mystic. Every time i’ve called with a question they answer the phone, take the time to fully explain the answer to make sure i understand. I havent needed the warranty part yet but i bet of i do it wont be a problem. The two shops i buy from wont even carry huntertown arms stuff because of the low level of noise reduction.

  4. What I’d like to know is why silencers are so damn expensive here. I can recall seeing silencers on sale at a Stockholm sporting goods store for what I calculated was about $40-$50 USD.

    Why are silencers up to 20x more expensive here?

    • Because of the restrictive laws they are not very common. If the NFA was done away with, then major manufacturers would get into the business and prices would drop rapidly.

    • Because no one what’s to wait 6 months and pay a $200 transfer tax just to get a cheap $30 suppressor that isn’t very quiet and won’t last very long.

      Considering the red tape, longwait times, and high fees, it makes sense that American suppressors are built to very high standards.

      If you want something cheap, fast, easy, and disposable, then get one of those oil filter adapters. Of course, it’s illegal to use them as a suppressor, unless you file a Form 1 and pay the $200 tax.

  5. I have to agree with the poor customer service. I have this can and I am happy with the performance but I have tried several times to contact the company and haven’t gotten a reply. Take it from someone who has the Guardian 9 and the Kestrel 556 ….DON’T BUY THEM……I since have purchased a Tirant 9, Specwar 556 and I am waiting for my SilencerCo OMEGA….pay for the customer support, quality, and performance

  6. This can weighs 12.5 ounces with the booster and first two stainless baffles. For its price it is an Ok suppressor on subsonic 9mm and 22 rimfire. Marginal on 300 Blackout subsonic on a semi but great with gallery loads on a handi rifle. Thread adapters are frequently unavailable and HTA won’t sell direct and in my experience has been slow to service distributors and dealers. An ok first can but an Octane 9 or 45 or Mystic or Tirant are superior in suppression, utility, robustness, and service/support. Many of the complaints against HTA are due to their first gen centerfire cans. All in all the G-9 isn’t a bad value.

  7. I’ve been waiting almost 1 year for them to ship a Kestrel to my dealer so that I can start everything I need to do on my end. I haven’t heard anything from them since June ’14. No one answers phones or returns emails. At this point I’m thinking they took my money and ran. Any suggestions on how I can get either my money back or the can I ordered?

    At the same time, I think that The Truth About Guns is a great website and puts out good information. However, in the case of Huntertown, I feel that giving a positive review about a product associated with such dismal customer service is steering it’s readers in the wrong direction. I purchased my Kestrel based heavily off of the reviews I read here. My recommendation is that TTAG verify these complaints, and notify it’s readers about the truth of this matter.

  8. Avoid Huntertown Arms like the plague. I ordered a Kestrel 5.56 in late March 2013. My tax stamp arrived in Feb. 2014. My suppressor didn’t arrive until September 2014! Huntertown Arms customer service is the worst in the business!!! Many calls and emails went unanswered. Occasionally, they would send a vague excuse or outright lie. I own 4 other suppressors from 3 other companies. The folks at Huntertown Arms deserve to be put out of business because of their crappy business practices.

    • You are correct. Bought several a couple years ago. Left a message about purchasing many and he called right back. Have not been able to get a hold of them since. You can forget that lifetime warranty; they’ll just change names I think. This guy is a low life that lied to me on the only call/contact. Which means they’ll screw anybody. I’m so pissed I went with his suppressors. Never buy one of this guys suppressors; because he is a dick. Spend the extra couple hundred on a known player that will be around for awhile. Sadly, the govt helps to fuck us up with years of waiting if you’ve played this game. I wouldn’t give this guy one fckg star. Phone calls over the years; about a hundred. Number of times my calls have gone thru; just once for purchase.

  9. I have two cans made by Huntertown Arms: Guardian 9 and Kestrel .308. The cans are ok for the price, but the company itself is complete garbage. I emailed their sales back in February where I could purchase a fixed barrel adapter so I can mount my Guardian 9 on my .300 BLK SBR. I got an immediate email response, where they told me to “send a check to XXX address”. They received and cashed my check over 2 months ago, and I still have not received the adapter. I’ve left them many, many voice messages (in all departments), and I’ve sent them countless emails, but they will not respond to me. I’m going to make a call to the BATFE before filing suit in Indiana state court. F***ing c**ksuckers.

    • It took me a few more phone calls, but Huntertown Arms finally responded (by phone), was very apologetic, and shipped my 5/8″-24 TPI fixed barrel mount post haste, plus they threw in a free 1/2″-28 TPI fixed barrel mount and a case for my Guardian 9. Bottom line, they eventually made it right and took good care of me. I am now, once again, a very happy customer 😀

  10. DO NOT buy from them.

    try this number if it hasn’t been disconnected 813-474-5368

    ask for victor. you can find my reviews on utube under bwp777

    I sent my Kestrel 762 to Curtis tactical to have a new core made for better suppression.

  11. I suggest that everyone do a lot of checking before you buy a suppressor. Sometimes one will rush into something because of price or trusting what someone has said. You might pay half the price for something but, you get what you pay for. Ask for their published noise reduction figures. If you notice some manufactures will publish the db loss and stand by that number. Remember the loss of 1 db is a reduction in noise. Everyone remember Reagan, “TRUST BUT VERIFY”. Someone wrote, “suppression marginal”. Suppression on any caliber and that is using subsonic is crap. Pay a bit more and buy quality.

  12. I purchased a Kestrel 5.56 in Oct. ’13 and have been pleased with it, especially the ability to disassemble it for cleaning. Haven’t fired more than a couple of boxes of rounds thru it. Late last week I moved it from my AR to a new Ruger rifle and fired about 15 rounds. Cleaned the rifle and tried to clean the can, but the front two baffles would not come out, even after soaking it overnight in bore solvent. Called and left voice mails and sent emails to Huntertown – no replies. After about 9 separate attempts, I did get a young man, who told me to simply remove the front cap; I said it doesn’t come off, and he insisted “Yes, it does.” I double-checked the can, the end cap on this can is not removable. I was finally able to reach Seth, who said I must have a gen 1 can, so the end cap isn’t removable. He said he’d send me info on how to return the can to them, which I’ve yet to receive, even after following up with more emails. I really wanted to like these guys, but their customer support is horrible. I won’t purchase anything else from them nor certainly not recommend them to anyone who asks about their products.

  13. I don’t see any reports concerning loss of accuracy while using this product. I have a Guardian 22 suppressor which fits my Walther P22 and my Ruger 10/22. In both cases the firearms are perfectly zeroed without the suppressor and cannot hit the side of a barn with it in place. I couldn’t believe my eyes and kept increasing the size of the target paper up to 18″ and the rounds do not hit the paper at 50 yards for the rifle and 20 feet for the handgun. Without the suppressor both firearms are dead-nuts on target.
    This condition exists both before an after sending the suppressor to Huntertown for service.
    Initially I was unfamiliar with suppressors and failed to clean it having put perhaps 20 rounds through it just to hear and get the feel for it. I just fired in a safe direction and paid no heed to accuracy. There was no user manual with it and I did not think about cleaning it. I kept it on the Walther as an “inside the house” self protector that would not make me blind and deaf after firing the first round, as this is why I purchased it.
    After a year or so I did take it to the range with my scoped 10/22 and discovered the inaccuracy described above. I communicated with Seth Butterfield and after I was unable to loosen one of the end caps to the point where I had scored the finish I sent it to Huntertown for service. Subsequent communications with the manufacturer have gone unanswered.
    The end result of this story is that I have a $400 ($200 for suppressor and $200 for Obama) paper weight on a shelf in my closet. What a piece of junk! I can’t sell it or use it for anything, a complete and utter failure.

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