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 Anti-Open Carry cartoon (courtesy

Saul Alinksy, Rules for Radicals: “Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have.” That’s why so many TTAG commentators think we should dial back our coverage on Shannon Watts. They know that Shannon’s anti-gun group, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America—formerly One Million Moms for Gun Control—is a sham. MDA doesn’t have anywhere near that level of grass-roots support (hence the name change). But the mainstream media treats Watts as if she has power, thus giving her power. Our readers think we’re doing the same thing. Which is true. But just like the MSM, we get something out of the deal . . .

“Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”
“A good tactic is one your people enjoy.”
“Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”
“Keep the pressure on. Never let up.”
“The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.”
“The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition.”
“Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

Also Alinsky. Also true. Truth be told, if Shannon Watts didn’t exist, we’d have to invent her. The gun rights movement needs a living, breathing target that we can expose, personalize and ridicule. And I don’t mind her knowing it because she works from the same playbook. See that cartoon up top? Like that.

That said, like all good philosophy providers, Alinsky covered his *ss: “A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.” Which raises the question: are we all Shannoned-out? Should TTAG stop or ease-up on the Watts bashing? Or have we not yet begun to demonize?

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  1. I think we’re approaching the peak, for sure. If she says something that’s provably false, knock that shit out of the park. But I don’t think every instance of her fantastical lunatic ravings should get a headline.

    • I agree with you Matt. Personally I am Shannoned out. She is a blip on a big radar screen. Lets focus on the task at hand, not the fly hovering over the disarm button she cant push.

      • Yeah, I think I dozed off while the blip was on the screen.

        One Hundred Thousand Moms for Gun Control. Ten Thousand Moms for Gun Control. A Hundred or So Moms for Gun Control. A Dozen Moms for Gun Control Making a Large Racket. Mom’s Gun Control Racket….

        • I would argue that their building the “disarm button” in order to get to the point where they can press it but that wasn’t you point was it?

    • I agree with all of that and would add that it gives some people a reason to act like 13 year olds who just discovered their first pubic hair.

      That har-har-she-really-needs-some-action bullshit is immature, unhelpful and disrespectful.

      Every time someone does that crap, it’s just one more example for her to use to “prove” that we’re all misogynistic cretins.

      Is she right? If not, than cut it the hell out.

      And no, it’s not just a bunch of “harmless jokes.” What if I said that stuff about your sister/wife/mom?

      • I think there’s probably some correlation between the boys you cite and the swaggering smartasses looking to pick a fight. The most recent confrontation I saw a video of here, the cop says, “Can I see your ID?” and they refused. That’s dumb and counterproductive. Why should I withhold my ID? My name is a matter of public record, for heavens sakes!

        But, in the interest of truth in reporting, I’ve NEVER had a bad experience with the cops, other than the fact that they wrote me up for violating the law I was violating. But they’ve always been professional and respectful, probably because I don’t challenge them.

        It’s like one of the methods for acquiring free grass, also one way to avoid any kind of fight: “Be very very nice to everyone you meet.”

        Works for me!

      • Those are some entertaining and harmless jokes. I’ve heard more about Watts than I ever wanted too (I’ve in fact never heard of her other than on TTAG . . .conspiracy?). However if everything said about Watts had been said about my mother after she shot her mouth off like this I’d have to counsel my mother to stay out of the public eye. I wouldn’t take any of it personally.

        • You say that as if you think only you and your locker room bros read this blog. Smarten up.

          That aside, she does.

      • If you think we need a living breathing target, dump Shannon and focus on Senators Schumer, Feinstein, and reps. Pelosi, and all the other politicians trying to disarm America. Ms. Watts looks good on TV and she knows it, but she does not represent any larger faction that we should worry about. In my opinion, she does not deserve the space she gets here.

    • +1 here… the error of her lunacy is known to others now so … I think we can turn down the focus… IMO they’re a non-entitiy….

      • Ditto: I’ve never heard of MDA until I heard it here. . .let it go already, you’re giving them more coverage than anyone else is.

    • As boring as the grabber mantra has become, Watts and her ilk never cease to entertain with their outrageous lies and rhetoric.

      We of the pro gun tribe aren’t going to be swayed by the ultimately humorous BS she, MAIG, Bloomie, the Bradys and others like them put out, and articles on their latest exploits and festivals of lies and emoting serves to keep us informed and on our toes.

      I say keep up the pressure and the updates. It keeps us educated and humored at the same time. Plus, from among the anti crowd, Watts and MDA being as totally irrational and stupid as they appear to be, make great targets for ridicule.

    • I agree in concept. I also think these astro turf groups need dragged out in the open for the fakes they are including both of Gabby’s PAC’s. The other thing is she or some of her minions show up with about half a dozen of them to a 2A event and then cry foul like at The Alamo.

      • I agree with the drawing lines and exposing the astroturf. If you can get through the schizophrenic nature of the writing, conservative treehouse is really good at that sort of thing. Don’t give her press every time she belches out a new stupid comment, but if you can follow the funding that’d be a good use of column inches.

    • Her potential is directly proportional to the attention she receives. Take away the source of her power (the fact that she can get pro-2A types all in a tizzy by tweeting some inane bullshit), and she’ll have to get a real job.

      There’s got to be something or someone out there more interesting and more relevant that we can talk about here.

      • So if you and I ignore her, she’ll go away? I think you are victim to a mistaken understanding of human motivation.

        • She will go away, because the only reason she’s getting money from Bloomberg and attention from the media is because she’s a useful distraction. While we’re all pissing and moaning about her idiotic tweets, they’re doing actual harm elsewhere. If we ignore her, she loses her value as a diversion tactic, the checks stop coming in, and she has to go back to peddling poisons for Monsanto.

          Ask ten people at random who Shannon Watts or Moms Demanding Action are. If you get anybody who’s heard of her, it’ll probably be because they’re a gun person. The average person has never heard of her.

    • I am still in the sadness phase . . . . but like my first marriage, I will get over this and rebound. Of course, if she ever responded to any of my messages and things progressed after dinner, a movie, and a few bottles of wine, hey. . . . all will be forgiven. or not.

      • You run out ideas haven’t you dirk? oh we’ll guess we’ll have to live without your weirdness until you find another person to be obsessed with at which time you can make all the same jokes again by just inserting the new name into where “sunshine” used to be will that make you happy? I sure hope it does dirk because that’s all that matter your happiness, forget about the credibility of those around you make your jokes it’ll be fine no worries.

  2. I’m ready for it to stop, but hey, whatever floats your boat on a slow news day.

    Besides, I’d rather look at her face than Di Fi

    • the cartoon makes me lol since it’s the ladies who are trying to use the brute force of the state to enforce their will & project their fear on an entire country

      • I thought it was also funny because the expression on one of the lady’s faces basically makes it seem like she believes the gun is going to jump up and bite her…

      • I think the cartoon cut off the left side, behind the moms, the SWAT teams, helicopters, bigger weapons than those of the folks on the right side of the cartoon. “Compassion” my backside.

        THAT’s intimidation.

    • If you are referring to the two “ladies” on the left, you are absolutely right.

      Aside from the unlikely “quote from the OCT guy in the back, the cartoon was absolutely inaccurate in that these guys never confronted the quartet of MDAs, so far as I know, who were holding their “meeting” inside a café. Should we point out to these Moms that outside that café were not 40 OCT guys with guns, but several hundred million guns also not actively trying to shoot them or anyone else. They would probably still be in there cowering if they gave that a moment’s consideration.

    • There are so few of those particular people and make up such a small percentage of us that they are statistically insignificant.

      The fact that Statist lamestream media and their zealous sycophantic tools like Watts have to continually dig deeply and in exactly all the wrong places to find them only speaks to the fact of how oh so very desperately they are looking for reasons to demonize us, and for literally no other reason that we just so happen to own guns.

      F ’em.

      We have not yet begun to demonize them.

    • i feel it represents a lot of the people on Doomsday Peppers. some of those people hurt out cause than some politicians do.

  3. I get the point of open carry demonstrations. What I’m wondering is, wouldn’t it be more effective if we injected some humor into it to deflect the criticism. My thought: instead of carrying rifles and shotguns openly (it’s your right but not politically savvy), carry super soakers or nurf guns. You can make the same point without giving aid and comfort to the other side.

      • Call me naive, but somehow this strikes me as an incredibly intelligent thing to do.

        What kind of headline would it generate if we held a huge open carry demonstration where each demonstrator had a flower down the barrel of his/her gun? Such a well-known sign of opposition to violence and bloodshed while simultaneously demonstrating the right to bear arms…. I foresee two outcomes:

        1. The media would totally ignore it, because it doesn’t fit their agenda. Their kool-aid-drinking minds would still be blown though.

        2. They’d just call us hypocrites. “Do you even know what the flower thing MEANS?! How can you carry those scary death machines and be for non-violence!?”

        • ” 2. They’d just call us hypocrites. “Do you even know what the flower thing MEANS?! How can you carry those scary death machines and be for non-violence!?” ”

          And then we reply “Because we ARE for non-violence!”. That would sound so bizarre to the media, that they could never get their minds around that concept. However, if it appeared on TV, the people might finally get it.

        • I will state unequivocally that every weapon I own is “non-violent”. Never seen one commit one a volitionally evil act.

          The gun-haters actually do understand this; they simply are put-on artists.

        • I was only 10 at the time, but I remember when that happened. Such a poignant statement, it was hard to forget.

    • Now you’re getting it! That would be hilarious!

      If the whole point is to normalize firearms ownership, what better way to do it than through humor….

  4. So far everything she posts have been a winner for us so lets ride this “thing” for a while yet.

    You know if they feel so intimidated perhaps they should get guns of their own to protect themselves.

    • “perhaps they should get guns of their own ”

      They’d much rather use the guns of government, that way they don’t have to get their hands dirty. It’s called violence by proxy.

      • Yes. As noted here and so many other places, when anti-2A types and pacifists feel intimidated by people with guns (not just criminals, but anyone with a gun) what do they do? they call 911 and wait for a government official with a gun to show up to “save” them.

  5. Yes, we should start ignoring her. Take our fight to people that matter.
    I also think everyone reading should think a little before posting comments. This may be the internet, but if you wouldn’t get up and say it in front of your neighbors/friends/family, perhaps it ought not be said.

  6. My personal opinion is that the media coverage moms demand attention gets outweighs whatever pull and clout they actually have. Shannon Watts going on the Ed Show really isn’t going to reach a lot of people because nobody watches it. The top 4 or 5 gun channels on YouTube have exponentially higher subscribers. I don’t think they are that organized nor do they seem to push any cohesive, unifying action. Sometimes it is about universal background checks, other times it is about complete disarmament. They project a noise of static that seems pretty garbled and all over the place to me. They will eventually fade into dust I hope.

  7. RF: I think we can continue to refute, rebut, and remove credibility to MDA’s so-called facts and other general misinformation. The #gunbullies is a perfect example. Just because someone does something you don’t like- and it’s completely legal- calling that action intimidation is fear-mongering at best; lying at worst.

    As long as we stick to logical facts and evidence, we can stand above reproach, as her and her ilk routinely insult and berate gun rights people. That’s not to say we’re doing right, either. There are a lot of gun rights people that are doing harm; playing the same game as Shannon. We have to be better than them.

      • No, I don’t agree. On the surface, nothing the Texas group did could be called intimidation (I wasn’t there, all I’ve seen are the pictures and read some articles). The mere presence of a firearm doesn’t qualify anyone to think they are being intimidated. That would mean anyone on Facebook or YouTube at the local Starbucks must be a cyberbully.

        The possibility of someone doing harm just because they have a firearm, is a negative prejudice.

        Standing around, taking pictures, and smiling does not constitute intimidation.

  8. And I feel open carriers should stick to handguns. Everyone’s going to think you’re weird if you’re open carrying a long arm around just to do so.

    Yeah, it’s your right but it’s strange and unhelpful.

    Especially that douche-bag who open carried an AR-15 into a mall.

    Handguns are more associated with defense than rifles are.

    • On the one hand I agree, it is weird and seemingly unnecessary unless you live in a rural area. On the other hand it seems rather ironic they disagree with open carrying rifles as to them openly carrying muskets was the only privilege of the Second Amendment. They’re afraid of the presence of any firearm, it would be the same story if they only carried pistols, but now they can also ride the “big bad assault rifle” wave they created.

      • I don’t care what they think. They’ll never be convinced and they’re the enemy.

        I care what the undecideds think.

      • Courting the general public is like going to a job interview. You want to put on your best face.

        A good message, good duds, and good behavior wins out over shrieking leftist gun-grabbers.

        People open carrying long arms generally have good behavior down and a good message, but they could stand to get some good duds (and trade the rifles and shotties for handguns). PR is important.

    • I would be pleased if more and more people open carried their pistols. The more the better.

      I personally prefer the open carry pistol as a sociological device to normalize Second Amendment acceptance and long guns to be limited to places where such a weapon has at least some logical reason for its carry. But I also understand that people who Open Carry long guns are intentionally trying to instigate a law enforcement and hoplophobe over-reaction because THAT is the only thing that opens the dialogue in the media. Some may say that it makes them/us look like extremists and so hurts our cause. I suspect the results are more likely either neutral or they result in people actually investigating the issue and coming away with important facts about their and our natural, civil and Constitutionally protected RKBA.

    • Texas has a law that does not permit the open carry of pistols. In regards to what spurred this issue, long guns were their only option for an open carry demonstration.

  9. One cannot “intimidate” someone who doesn’t want to be intimidated, and that’s a fact. However frightening they may legitimately be, “intimidating” requires the cooperation of the intimidated.

    • MDA has trained all their lives to play the victim. Regardless of what actually happened they’re the victim, it’s the only role they can bring to the stage.

  10. Some of you may be sick of hearing about what Shannon Watts said or did, but think about it in terms of exposure. Not everyone follows The Truth About Guns every day, Shannon Watts fights to disarm us every day. If someone stumbles on what Shannon Watts says and does a google search of her there’s a pretty good chance they’ll find something from The Truth About Guns and one of the write ups. Go ahead and test it. Imagine the aggravation that would be caused if half or more of the search results for MDA is anti-MDA material. That is message suppression to the greatest degree. Then consider TTAG has a varied lineup of posts while MDA has the same one over and over. It reinforces our side is balanced and normal while they are fanatics foaming at the mouth. I know stumbling on TTAG from a gun-related topic has worked in the past to gain more readership because that’s how I found TTAG.

    • A quick google of “Shannon Watts” had only two references to TTAG in the first five pages. Second on page two was yesterday’s TTAG article about Thaiban. Page four had an anti 2A blogger calling RF a liar, and that SW only said the Taliban would have liked the OCT actions. There were three comments to the blog (busy place). First said that it was hyperbole designed to drive views, and you do it all the time. Second comment was the blogger saying “I do not.” Third was another commenter saying yes yo do so STFU. [The above is paraphrased from the actual messages.]

      Interestingly enough, after filtering out the false hits (there are a lot of Shannon Wattses out there, including a pediatrician in Texas and a guy out west who turnes junked cars into “art”) fully half the hits come from pro-2A sites taking Ms. Watts to task for her assorted utterances.

      Methinks we (the pro-2A webisphere) may be a significant part of Ms. Watts’ publicity.

  11. I have been hitting my limit. We don’t want to give her press for her stupidity. I think more importantly we need to look at the comments on the items they push. Their followers tend to be, well nuts.

    They say we are terrorists and bullies. Well some of the folks that claim to be anti gun have some pretty strong feelings they are vocal about. Exploit those that her followers want us dead, etc.

    Sure we can hit back against the obvious, high capacity clips etc, but you discredit them when media picks up on their comments about the death and destruction of our families.

  12. ‘Housekeeping’ is right, she needs to go back into that kitchen and make us all some sammiches. Hehehe

    Assholery aside, I think it depends on ‘them’. If they can find a new champion for their cause, we can go after them. Shannon/DiFi/Bloomberg are getting somewhat stale.

    I enjoy a good righteous flaming as much as the next guy, but it’s gotten rather monotonous of late. More Rebecca ‘Nice Head (TM)’ Schoenkopf’s help our side, while being all the more satisfying.

    That said, SigGuy has a point. I originally stumbled upon TTAG looking for a good review of the FN FiveSeven. I stayed to look through the other reviews of gear and obscure guns and eventually decided to stay, enjoying news and opinion pieces such as this.

  13. MDA is insignificant. Shannon Watts is insignificant. The recent incident would have been nothing if a bunch of people didn’t show up to a meeting of four MDA members (pretty typical; seems like all their events score single digits even including the children they bring) and provide a photo op for MDA to spin. Starbucks would probably have ignored MDA completely if a bunch of people didn’t show up open carrying rifles to “show appreciation” (when Starbucks had basically asked nicely not to be drug into any political debate). Ridicule them if the urge strikes you, but don’t take them seriously.

    • “MDA is insignificant. Shannon Watts is insignificant”

      INSIGNIFICANT? When’s the last time you were asked to give your opinion on national television?

      • if enough people reacted emotionally to everything you said, and blogged about it ceaselessly – you too would probably be on national television. We are feeding energy into the cycle.

        • Do you actually believe her media exposure is because of anything said here? Please tell me you don’t; she’s on because she’s pitching the media message, and there isn’t any other reason.

        • William, do you really think a meeting of FOUR members of her organization would have gotten media coverage without the 40 open carry demonstrators outside? That’s just one example of how we’ve handed this tiny group of nobodies a bunch of free publicity.

          Also, your argument cuts both ways: if TTAG is so insignificant that its coverage doesn’t raise her profile, then by the same logic, TTAG isn’t big enough to help combat her message, either.

        • @ William – no not singly – but the cumulative reactions of all of the usual pro-gun channel and blogs, yes, absolutely. She is an agitator….she is succeeding in her mission precisely because of our reaction. Her reaction to the OCT demonstration gave us a glimpse of her wet-dream scenario. She wants to provoke an incident, and until she gets it, she will make do with faking it. And in the meantime, we are all playing along.

      • WB-the other responders covered it, basically. By insignificant, I mean unlikely to tip the gun control scales much one way or another if left to her own devices. She’s a professional sh!t disturber, an agent of Bloomberg/Soros etc. She’ll fling feces at us whatever we do. Blow it off.

  14. I think TTAG is fine to refute any idiotic, bad “fact” she spits… otherwise, I’d rather more coverage been given to other things.

    She’s a small, shrill, unreasonable Monsanto hack. Let’s not make her into the Goliath of the Gun Control lobby.

  15. Doing 4 stories a day on TTAG about SW and MDA only increases “buzz” and get’s her more TV interviews. This isn’t a real debate it’s a marketing campaign.

    Unless you want her to get REAL power, ignore her.

    Don’t put her on TTAG until you have naughty pictures she thought her college roommate threw away years ago.

    • She’s getting more power because of anything that’s been said here? Slide some of that potion over my way, will you?

        • And it made her more powerful? Why, because you say so? Where’s the PROOF of her suddenly-boosted power that she got from this site?

  16. A Weekly Review w/the Comment Filter kicked-up a bit (there are a number of Progressive Communists in Gunny Clothing who delight in going all Misogynist to the detriment of our cause

  17. I’m sick of hearing about this woman.

    She is one of millions of moms – her opinion counts for no more or less than theirs.

    She cannot make policy.

    She is not an elected representative.

    Shes not even married to an elected representative.

    She has little support or membership.

    She will not engage in rational discourse.

    She is not an expert on any relevant field of study.

    Shes not a victim or authority of any kind.

    In short, she is merely a trauma celebrity – and how much credibility to we give celebrity?

    Why then do we give her the time of day? Energy spent on her is wasted and could be better used elsewhere and it lends her more credibility than she merits (see all the above reasons). My vote is cease and desist.

  18. It is getting to be the same old, same old. Debunking her is fine, but anything on this site is pretty much preaching to the choir. We know she is a manipulative liar. It’s other people that need to know it, if they have even heard of her. (I am not convinced she has much of a following within the general public.)

  19. No matter what tactic you favor (ignore or follow) we should all be cognizant that we have crushed an innumerable number of idiots like this in the past and MDA will just be added to the pile untimately. Truth almost always wins out.

    Shannon baby….your 15minutes will expire soon enougb….if Bloomies millions can’t do it your screecbing ain’t gonna do it.

  20. While I do agree she’s been covered all out of proportion, I don’t want her to skulk about beneath the radar and do some damage while we’re not looking. Maybe keep up the MDA watch, but summarize it weekly?

  21. OMG! The people protesting our anti gun group have guns! OMG!

    We fully expected the protesters of our gun abolition group to come unarmed, the irony, OMG!

  22. I think it would be better to exile Ms. Watts to daily summary. That way we know what’s she is up to but is not displacing more important stuff.

  23. Giving Shannon time just gives her more power. More attention the more legitimacy we give her. Marginalize her. Act like she does not exist. In responses, never mention or elude that this woman or her “organization” said anything. Answer as though a private citizen asked a question. No more, no less. But respectfully. Minimize as they are of no consequence.

    Do this for all these pretend organizations.

  24. I think maybe too much of her. She’s easily identified by anyone with a little google-fu as a liar. She’s shameless, overplays her mom card and her woman card trying to play the victim card (how’s that for piss poor feminism? act like a victim to get your way?).

    But she’s just another turd in the herd. If she wasn’t relying entirely her pretty white lady privilege she’d not get ANY media attention. Her group has no turn out and barely any social media following. She’s a boring anti-gun extremist.


  25. Less is more. On the other hand I am completely puzzled as to why TTAG and its participants treat Shannon as an individual, rather than highlighting her ties to Democrat, and specifically Chicago, politics. The posts about Watts do not out her as just another flack who took on one more client, Obama et al.

    Her client base was doing fine in 2011-2012, as her firm Vox Pop gained a few new clients, notably MDdatacor, a firm tuning up electronic medical records aimed at the ACA integrated records market. A look behind MDdatacor finds it is controlled by board of directors member Paul von Ebers. Paul happens to be the recently appointed chief of Noridian Insurance, known by its subsidiary Noridian BC/BS of North Dakota. Paul is a connected democrat from Chicago, and his first two major appointments were people with democrat PR experience.

    In other words, Shannon R. Watts was already flacking for new era democrat healthcare initiatives and companies “at home” until she was recruited to do anti-gun PR. Shannon doesn’t matter. Her connections to Chicago, to Bob Creamer, to various left-dem political campaigns, does matter and is interesting. Instead, we just get sex jokes and people buying into the “Shannon is such a fearful little thing” image. She’s a very professional liar/exaggerator-for-hire PR mercenary, just like the head of CSGV and the staff supporting MAIG. We should be calling out her “just a housewife for five years” BS every time her name comes up. We should be tying her to Bob Creamer and Valerie Jarrett every time her name comes up.

    • Very good point. Keep up the good work. The quick background check discredited her and I am quite sure cost her support among well meaning PTA mommies. Finding and telling the Truth about Guns is what the State Run Media does NOT do and is what more independent voters seek especially when it comes to *gasp*;buying that first gun for self defense. More aticles on training pls.

    • I’ve gotta ask – where were you with this information when she first grabbed to spotlight?

      Just curious. And can you provide links to references? We don’t need rumors, just facts behind our “feelings” that the “moms” are being duped.

      • It’s not news. This info as well as her ties to Monsanto were talked about pretty heavily around here when she first hit the scene.

        • Perhaps if TTAG decides to pay less attention to MDA, they could do a small article about this information for those who missed it or weren’t here then. If there already was a past article then it could simply be updated and re-posted.

  26. I say blow up the dangerous crap like her “gun facts” tweets, and made-up stats, as happened today, but ignore everything else connected to her. Every rally, blog post, outhouse, doghouse, etc.

    Ignore her at every moment, except whenever she presents a credible threat; even a broken clock is right twice a day.

        • But the article isn’t about how they see us, it’s about wheather or not Farago should post every muttering of the long necked one.

        • Based upon the comments I’ve read on TTAG alone; that’s how some in our own gun community demonize OCers. That cartoon could have been created solely just by reading what some of the more anti-2A gun owners have written in comments. Practically every element of that cartoon, I’ve read described throughout the different pages. It exemplifies the false image that our own people have created out of their fear and loathing.

  27. Once we’d run the gamut of double entendres around her group’s name, which was fun, that neatly marked the outer bounds of my interest in playing with her. When it moved into Twitter tweet tit for tat, I started skipping reading entries referencing her group.

  28. You here are trying to dismiss Ms. Watts by whistling in the graveyard. She is much more powerful today than she was just a few days ago, and all because the OC zealots decided to make her so. She can lie, cheat, steal, eat babies, and spit on the Boy Scouts, and no one will believe you when you point any of it out–all because some zealots tried to intimidate her in public while carrying guns.

    The cartoon is the reality, gentlemen. THIS is what the mainstream, citizens and media, sees when they think of ‘OC Zealots,’ and soon it will be what they see when they think of the rest of us. It is not pretty. It will only take a few of these incidents to start swaying the voters away from us, and toward Ms. Watts, Ms. Feinstein, and Mr. Schumer.

    If this is what you want, support the OC Zealots as Guardians of Your Rights. Me, I don’t want such fools anywhere NEAR me, let alone representing me.

    Call me a Fudd, but at least I’m not out there intimidating women and the non-gun-owning public.

    • No, you’re in here whining about it, and you sound just like them. Do you really think that any of the Moms realistically, legitimately think that someone is going to shoot them? Because I don’t. I think if you ask them, and force an answer, very few if any will say “Yes, I was in fear of my life being ended right then by one of those guys.” I think that if you press them, their argument will be something along the lines of “don’t need to” or “shouldn’t be able to.” But if they’re not legitimately in fear (and presumably that fear is caused by an action of one of those folks with guns), then they’re bitching about an inanimate object, and their fear is on them, not on me. They’re not scared of the guns because those guys will do something wrong, they’re scared of the guns because those guys might do something wrong. Well, I’m scared of the idiots I share the roads of Orlando with every day, but that’s just life, and I don’t try to restrict the driving privileges of any of them if they haven’t done something wrong to deserve it.

      You don’t want those “fools” near you, but I don’t want you near me, because your type of gun ownership is an insidious rot that saps our cause from the inside. I might think what they do is stupid, but I respect their right to do it. You, on the other hand, seem to be OK with restricting their activity simply because you think it’s a bad idea, and at that point the distance between the restriction that you’re OK with and the restriction that MDA wants is only a matter of degree.

      • I generally agree with you here, Matt, but wouldn’t you agree that there’s a right way and a wrong way to do this sort of thing? The open carry rally at the Alamo was a win for our side (no matter how hard Alex Jones tried to tank it with his screaming), but this OCT vs. MDA rumble was definitely a tactical error for the good guys. We handed them another mantle of phony victimhood they can wear around in their pathetic bid for sympathy. How many TV appearances did Watts manage to milk out of it this week?

        I fully support OCT’s goals (I’d love to open carry around town and not just on my property), but they need to be smarter about how they play the game.

    • You do realize by NOT carrying guns the “OC zealots” would be giving the “anti gun zealots” exactly what they want, right?

      I’m not saying I would be there with them, it doesn’t seem like an effort that would yield any benefits. However, it’s ridiculous to think gun rights protestors won’t be carrying guns to their protest, it kind of goes along with the point.

    • John is spot on. Even yhe cops were relaxed at the open carry rally at the Alamo and MDA got no traction eith the ridiculous claims against Robert for talking with the one conflicted Mom because his cocern was real and respectful. One the other hand at a similar event with equally low turnout by Moms the OCD OC Youtubers got pawned. Wake up kids…use some common sense and if you arent paying attention to the adults in the room here you will cost all of us our rights just as you did in CA.

  29. Well he didn’t do a very good job of making the pro gun side look intimidating. I mean, they are quite fat and full on derp face. It may make people laugh at us, but it sure wont scare anyone.

  30. She’s the enemy. Her and the asstronaught and his meat puppet. Bloomberg, frankenfeinstein, et al.

    Sledge hammer them with the truth. The Truth About Guns.
    Flame her up with the rest of the communist, socialist, Marxists, gun banning, anti-Constitutional liars.

    When my dog used to bark, I’d hit the beep button. If she barked again, I’d hit the shock button. In due time, I had a nice quiet Rott.

    Shannon deserves every arrow we sling her way.

  31. +1. Im bored w MDA. The sexual comments on day one were funny on a 15 yr old level but were misogynistic after. Dont need it and dont want to be associated with that even as a viewer here. The point about how you’d feel if someone spoke same about your daughter sister or Mom applies.

    Stick to the facts and she self destructs on her own.

  32. If she rears her head then by all means bash her, but im simply sick of seeing the burlap sack in every other post. How about some gun reviews or more overheard at the range?

  33. MDA ripped off the MDA for the acronym…. Jerry’s Kids should be upset that SW wants to ride piggy-back on their visibility and “Household name” status. The Muscular Dystrophy Association Should say something…. Oh, wait, the MDA hasn’t heard of MDA??? Probably means most of America doesn’t know about them, or care about them.

    That said, I have to agree that we may have a little too much SW here. Monitor SW’s MDA and expose the lies, but don’t sound off every time she opens her mouth crying for recognition and validation.

    I’d ask are we guys here as immature as she is? She makes her decisions based totally on feelings… and SOME of you guys are acting like you’re in puberty… as you can see, I’ve answered my own question on that one.

    • She makes her decisions based totally on feelings…

      Cash is not an emotion and banking isn’t romance.

      She makes decisions based on money. She’s a professional at these games. Please read the excellent upstream comment by ropingdown.


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