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End of Disqussion
End of Disqussion

After listening to readers’ warnings, complaints and kvetches about the Disqus commenting system we’ve decided not to implement the solution with our new theme. In other words, we spiked the idea. Nick will opt for something less “obtrusive,” such as the system we’re currently using. Thanks for the feedback.

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  1. I almost — ALMOST — put it up on GA, but didn’t pull the trigger after seeing the high level of “Yecch” over here.

    From a site-visibility standpoint, it’s helpful. But content gets endangered.

  2. sorry but if your going to use that other white theme don’t, it looks terrible. New doesn’t always mean it’s better.

  3. One of the many things I love about this site is that it actually listens to its readers. Keep on keepin on guys.

  4. Nice. One of the reasons to keep coming back and supporting you guys with page views is the response to readers’ concerns with Disqus, the annoying ad banner from last year, etc.

    Keep it up.

      • A-HA! That must have been your nefarious plot right from the beginning! Suggest something so bad that the lesser evil looks positively rosy by comparison!

        See right through you like Uncle Moneybags looking through his monocle.

        • Profit motive?

          Enh, who cares: they’re doing a great job and it’s gotta be worth their while. I’ve personally found the current format to be relatively easy to use and challenge free. A glitch here and there, but so what; that’s life.

          Keep up the wonderful work, gentlemen. You guys are usually right on the “cutting edge” of the envelope.


  5. As always thanks for listening to your audience. But also remember we’re always willing to see you guys succeed and implement things that make your life easier! So long as it doesn’t overly burden us. Keep up the good work!

    • Most of my recreational web browsing is through a mobile device these days, and while Disqus may technically “work” on my very new Android phone, it works so poorly that I end up ignoring the comments sections of every site that uses it.

      What I’m saying is, hurray! This means I get to keep reading the comments here!

  6. Thank you guys. Your responsiveness is really impressive, and a big part of building the “community” (hate using that word, but…) that I enjoy so much about TTAG.

  7. You guys rock because you steadily strive for improvement, and you listen to your viewers, instead of just shoveling things at us.

  8. I don’t want a third party, especially one wrapped up with facebook and twitter, to be handling my correspondence. I just don’t trust them. Good call.

  9. See, kids, bitching and whining gets results! (grin)

    Seriously, though, there’s got to be a better solution out there that balances user experience and spam prevention without a lot of manual moderation effort. Hope you find it, and thanks for listening to our concerns! You guys rock.

  10. By all means avoid Disqus. Although I’ve no way of knowing for certain it’s likely they’ve censored a number of my comments on CNN. Either way it’s a despicable tactic. Guess they just can’t handle the truth…

    • I know they did on politico.

      Now they wont let me post on there at all. No explanation whatsoever.

      I guess dropping some knowledge about guns without insults and hyperbole was a bit too much for their sensibilities.

  11. Thanks for listening! I could never trust Disqus, especially considering how incognito I made myself on the controversial topic of guns in America.

  12. Robert, what is the perceived need for a new commenting system? This one seems to work reasonably well IMO. If you really need to change then please for the love of God don’t use some Facebook, or Google account sign-in type system. Nothing turns me away from commenting more than that.

    • I think it’s mostly spam control. I’ve seen about 20 slip through the spam filter just in the last 24 hours. They’re all gone now, but they all had to be manually deleted.

      • Big whoop.

        Keep deleting them manually, guys. Don’t change this wonderful comment system just because a few goddamn bots make it through.

        That’s stupid.

    • I have no idea. People seem to be afraid to comment because they will be tracked or something…

      Use Disqus on AmRen, Engadget, Droid Life, and Russian Machine Never Breaks.

      The only problem I have with Disqus is with the down voting crap. The leftists love it. Its crack to them. Don’t demand a hockey player be suspended for 20 games for innocent no homo tweet, prepare for the comment to be nuked.

      • Agreed. Up and down voting is ridiculous. It should be removed so low information people are forced to make their own opinions.

        • One way to avoid that is to disable down-voting. Quality comments rise to the top, but controversial ones can’t be overwhelmed by negative feedback.

  13. I’ve pretty much given up on using or commending on ANY site that uses Disqus. Hate it beyond words.

  14. I wouldn’t mind Disqus. I already use it at many locations to combat low IQ individuals (otherwise known as anti-gun prop). Because if they had a high IQ – they would have a gun.

  15. Yup, Disqus is a frustrating nightmare, and given how much folks here like to chatter on various comments on various posts… you chose wisely!

  16. Maybe this would be a better alternative than Disqus which I also dont like. I dont think this requires you use a social login at all but might be expensive. Ive used it on some other sites and I liked it well enough.

    And no, I dont work for these people so this isnt a sales plug. Of course by stating that everyone will assume this is a sales plug lol.

  17. I have to use disqus on several places I comment regularly and from experience I can say it is a pain. Depending on how the specific blog/site owners set it it can block comments according to word content, and it lets A LOT of spam through. WordPress and I have had problems in the past, they seem to have straightened out most of their problems in the last few months though.

    Glad to see you guys do want input from readers, so many blogs don’t care just throw out their content and not really bother with listening to anything readers have to say.

  18. I see an experiment in opening comments at the blogfathers place-

    I wonder if there might be some lessons learned on how PJMs vendor is working out for them…as I recall there was a bit of consternation at Belmont Club during the switch, due unfamiliarity and threading issues, amongst the foreign policy literati and old wise ones there. Similar in some ways to TTAG gun-folk.

  19. I wonder if there might be some training discovered on how PJMs source is operating out for them…as I remember there was a bit of consternation at Belmont Team during the change, due unfamiliarity and threads problems, amongst the international plan literati and old sensible ones there.

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