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“You’re no more secure with a firearm than you are without one, OK? And we have to think about the end result here. How do you know that there’s going to be a positive outcome? How do you know?! You don’t. If there’s not a firearm there, you got a helluva lot better chance of it.” – Ed Schultz in Gun Owner Ed Schultz Flip-Flops on Guns in 24 Hours [at]

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    • I was thinking along the same lines. All of our law enforcement officers should immediately begin answering calls without any firearms.

    • Exactly. Ask Obama why he surrounds his daughters with armed men.

      It’s because deep-down he understands what actual ‘security’ is. And it doesn’t include mutual disarmament.

      • Shotgun Joe and Barry can re-assign weapons to there details via Executive Orders. They get nerf bats and have to retreat.

    • So basically it’s the same line we heard after Sandy Hook:

      “Well, a gun doesn’t completely guarantee that a mass shooter or home invader will be stopped so we might as well just throw our hands up, abandon all hope and ban guns.”

      Well sh*thead, I know for a f*cking fact that there won’t be a positive outcome without one. What a hateable, vapid, tired, predictable, spineless, weak-minded HACK argument. Ed is a cookie-cutter anti-RKBA tw@t: he’s a quitter, a coward, a liar, an ideologue and a douche bag. Eddie do us a favor: next time use a real gun and make sure it is loaded you fat f*ck. A massive .45 exit wound could only improve your dumb rocky horror haircut.

  1. He should go ahead & pull the trigger on that bad-boy! He’s rockin one of those 5-round pro-manicured models!

    I should listen to him because I got dirt under mine from my REAL job.

    • Not only is (was?) he a gun owner, he shot his dog in the head while pheasant hunting years ago. He’s from my state and is the constant butt of jokes and ridicule around here.

  2. I see that he hasn’t read the latest CDC report that states the opposite. Meh, who needs the truth anyway.

  3. This guy, and other radical lefties, are a reliable source of entertainment for me. God willing Ed will always be on the air!

  4. People still watch MSNBC?

    More people will see this quote because of TTAG than actually watch his show! Let’s just ignore these nut jobs.

    • MSNBC is on my cable box as blocked, I could care less what these idiots have to say and their ratings show I am not alone.

  5. Replace the word “firearm” with “Democrats” or “Big Government”, and he’s actually saying something profound and truthful. Or, “Ed Schultz”.

  6. For a gun grabber, generally a liberal/progressive; this is a true statement; for them, a gun WOULD be useless. They are claiming loud and proud that they are complete incompetents, unable to respond to the most basic that life demands; the ability to be willing and trained to defend that life.

    They have claimed loud and proud that they are overgrown, immature, irresponsible and emotionally stunted children in adult bodies and they want the rest of us to be just like them.

  7. The only thing that would make that picture better would be for Ed to be sporting a pair of tampon earrings. Maybe somebody should photoshop that in.

  8. “How do you know there will be a positive outcome?”

    Well, in truth I don’t know, but if I am armed, the chances of a positive outcome in my favor are far greater than the almost certain negative outcome if I am not armed. It’s not about a certainty of safety it’s about evening the odds, because the bad guy will surely have a weapon and will be intent on using it. If I don’t have a weapon, I am just a victim, helplessly waiting to be attacked. No thanks to that.


    • See the key is to understand what he means by “a positive outcome.” To him and his ilk you as a helpless victim is the positive outcome. First because it means they have another criminal statistic to justify larger government. Second because if they are really lucky you are dead and there is one fewer conservative voter.

    • Don’t go to work tomorrow; there might no be a positive outcome. Don’t eat tomorrow; eating has obviously not had a positive outcome for Ed.

      Don’t drink because…..

  9. Is he on TV? Check.
    Is he paid to espouse opinions, not disseminate facts? Check.

    Is everything he says irrelevant in the real world? Check.

    We’re done here.

    • Got one more,

      Is every personality on MSNBC a complete utter douche? Check.

      About 20 seconds of that video was too much.

      • Like all channels, MSNBC has it’s target audience. We can all be glad that audience is small and seems to be getting smaller. I think Alex Jones gets more views than anything on MSNBC.

  10. Ahhhh, special Ed along with Chrissie Matthews. Somehow, two fat, drunk, and stupid guys end up on teevee. Of course special Ed lost his daily gig and was relegated to weekends on MSDNC. Chrissie just lost his syndicated weekend show, but yet the brainiacs at Comcast just re-upped his contract while pulling about 600K viewers for each of his shows? In the 25-54 demo, he’s in 3rd place for both time slots. Good ROI Comcast…

  11. You know, he’s right about one thing. A firearm doesn’t guarantee I will be able to successfully defend myself. BUT, it does give me the best odds in doing so. And, every single person has the right to defend themselves as best they can so I can’t blame them for picking up a gat. Thanks for insinuating that its better to not even try to defend yourself or your family, now kindly kick rocks and spew your garbage elsewhere, m’kay?

  12. I watched this Buffoon one day for about 10 minutes,was the most wasted 10 minutes of my life!He is just as communistic as Boobama,just more loud trying to get the agenda across,runs over anyone that speaks out against the left.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  13. If all his “You’re” and “you”s we just “I’m” and “I”s, I would have no problem with that statement, and it would apparently be absolutely true.
    “I’m no more secure with a firearm than I am without one, OK? And we have to think about the end result here. How do I know that there’s going to be a positive outcome? How do I know?! I don’t. If there’s not a firearm there, I got a helluva lot better chance of it.”

    I sincerely believe this loudmouth fatass is considerably safer without a firearm.

  14. This guy should get one of those PrimeGuard Pistols from Wal-Mart. Hopefully he’ll accidentally shoot himself with it.

  15. Every time I hear of one of Eddie’s rants I’m reminded of the song from Dr. Demento:
    “and now you see
    I’ve gone completely out of my mind.. And..
    They’re coming to take me away, ha-haaa!!
    They’re coming to take me away, ho-ho, hee-hee, ha-haaa
    To the funny farm. Where life is beautiful all the time and I’ll be
    happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats and they’re
    coming to take me away, ha-haaa!!!!!”

    • Napoleon XIV aka Jerry Samuels. He’s now a talent and booking agent in Pennsylvania. I think his specialty is Elvis impersonators.

      • Didn’t know that Jerry was still alive. My credit was in reference to the album of those songs from Dr. D. Thanks for the update.

  16. Cause to wonder why they bother to pay a talentless talking head to do a show when putting a horse on stage with his ass toward the camera and letting an eight year old kid rant and rave in the background would serve their purpose just as well?
    ( Not to mention be far less insulting, far more entertaining and probably increase their viewing audience as well?)

  17. Hence all the crimes prevented by people with guns every year (eye roll). But it’s Ed Schultz, so what do you expect?

  18. true you do have a better chance in winning a fist fight with 6 home invaders than you do stopping them with a gun.

  19. See why I disconnected my tv from cable and satellite. I play movies on my set that I buy used from second hand stores. Hollywood and the MSM get zip from me.

      • Yep. You want to bring this house of cards down? Go debt free. Don’t carry over a balance on your plastic. Don’t buy new when used will do. Pay as you go and if you have to use credit for it you probably don’t need it.

  20. All I can think of looking at the still from the video is my grandfather saying

    “go ahead, pull my finger”.

    Don’t I wish someone would pull his finger.

  21. Foolish or dishonest man, the police generally try to deter or punish to deter crime nationwide, the fate of individuals doesnt come into it, you are therefore individually responsible for your own defense eg. SHTF seconds count, the police are minutes away.
    The state just rolls on accumulating powers to itself and its Agents and finds immutable constitutional rules and armed citizens opposing that mightily inconvenient, it has nothing against guns or he application of force as long as it is applying it, an extreme example being if all Germans Jews had been Armed the holocaust could not have happened, Hitler would indeed have been mightily inconvenienced as is Hizbollah similarly at the moment, fortunately.

  22. So does this mean that the police have the obligation to retreat if someone threatens thier lives? Whether you go down or the perp goes down the outcome is not good for somebody. I am in my 60’s and I if something happens I want the odds on my side.


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